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Number Band(s) Venue Date Rating Comments
1Slade Geordie Suzi Quatro (Pop Party)Brands Hatch Racetrack,Kent12.08.19739No singing just personal appearance. I can remember picking up all these Chris Jagger singles that the promo girl threw out the window.
2Wizzard + Raymond Froggart Hammersmith Palais, London11.09.19739First ever proper live concert. We met the band upstairs in the circle after the show for autographs.
3Mott The Hoople + QueenHammersmith Odeon, London 14.12.19739.5fantastic double bill .This was the first ever concert I saw at the famous Hammersmith Odeon .Freddie and Queen were great and I think this was their only proper tour as support band and it was before their first ever hit single . Mott The Hoople also did a really great set ." All The Young Dudes " and others.
4Sweet + FumbleRainbow Theatre, London21.12.19739.5"Teenage Rampage" was new single. we had seats 6 rows from the front and The Sweet were fantastic .
6CarpentersHammersmith Odeon,London.23.02.19748Two shows at 6.15pm and 9pm. i went to the early show. Their catchy songs were huge at this time.
8Harold Melvin + Hot ChocolateHammersmith Odeon, London22.03.19748Both bands did enjoyable sets .
9Bill Haley + Wild AngelsHammersmith Palais, London25.03.19747teddy boy wanted to cut me up so I hid upstairs to watch this show ."Rock Around The Clock " re-entered the charts around the time of this tour .
11Stylistics + Jimmy James Hammersmith Odeon, London04.05.19747Enjoyable soul show .
12Deep Purple + ElfHammersmith Odeon, London09.05.19749Ronnie James Dio was in support . this tour was in support of new album "Burn"with great live line up of Richie Blackmore and David Coverdale .
13Slade + BeckettHammersmith Odoen ,London16.05.19749.5Slade were massive at this stage "Merry Christmas Everybody " was a massive No 1 recently and the current single is " Everyday".
14Slade + BeckettHammersmith Odeon, London17.05.19749.5The atmosphere was fantastic All those great hit singles have all stood the test of time .
15Slade + BeckettHammersmith Odeon, London18.05.19749.5Noddy and the boys are great live . Last of 3 sell out Ham Odeon shows .
16Black Sabbath + Black Oak ArkansawHammersmith Odeon, London21.05.19749.5ozzy was still on vocals this tour as he did not leave until the end of 1977 . " Sabbath Bloody Sabbath " album had just been released .Great show .
17David Cassidy + ShowaddywaddyWhite City Stadium , London26.05.19748a girl died in the crush at this show. basically security was not as controlled as it is now 20 + years later .this was an outdoor stadium before the BBC built a new building on the plot.
18Uriah Heep + Heavy Metal KidsHammersmith Odeon, London22.06.19748this tour was to promote new album " Wonderworld" . support group had the great Gary Holton as lead singer who later starred on TV in Auf Weidersen Pen but who sadly died .
19Kevin Ayers + Nico Hyde Park, London29.06.19746when gigs were free in the park
20Charles Asnevour Hammersmith Odeon, London11.09.19744must have been a freebie "She " had just been a No 1 hit single .
21Ike and Tina Turner Hammersmith Odeon, London19.10.19748they performed together at this gig. big songs around now are "Nutbush City Limits"" River Deep Mountain High"
22Uriah Heep + Peter FramptonHammersmith Odeon, London27.10.19748Peter Frampton was still a support act and " Show Me The Way " would take off mega over a year larer from this gig.
23Sparks + PilotHammersmith Odeon, London11.11.19749.5I loved sparks at this period 1974 was a great year for Sparks with current single " Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" and 2 other big hits .
24Four Tops + TymesHammersmith Odeon, London22.11.19747lots of classic Motown tunes .
25Status Quo + Snafu Hammersmith Odeon, London13.12.19749.5Status Quo were a fantastic live band in the 1970s with lots of hit singles . Their current hit in the charts at the time of this show was " Down Down" .
26Elton JohnHammersmith Odeon, London20.12.19749elton always played London at xmas he would usually play about a dozen Christmas shows at Hammersmith Odeon and I would see a few of them.
27Elton JohnHammersmith Odeon, London22.12.19749So many great songs and his band were always fantastic live .
28Elton JohnHammersmith Odeon, London23.12.19749His stage costumes were legend when he used to play these shows .
29Elton JohnHammersmith Odeon, London24.12.19749His current hit single was the superb "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"
30Gary Glitter + Glitter BandHammersmith Odeon, London29.12.19749Gary Glitter was mega in 1970s . This concert was just brilliant fun . His current single in the charts for this tour was " Oh Yes Youre Beaufiful"
31Gary Glitter + Glitter BandHammersmith Odeon, London30.12.19749another great show by GG
32Ohio Players + John Miles Hammersmith Odeon, London01.02.19757support John Miles was yet to have a hit single but did a good show .Ohio Players were nice and funky .
33Chuck Berry Hammersmith Odeon, London06.03.19758Chuck is a true rock n roll legend .His novelty hit " My Ding A Ling " wasa massive success 15 months ago .
34HeatwaveHammersmith Odeon, London08.03.19757Heatwave were a very popular funk band a good couple of years before they started having hit singles .
35Supertramp + Gallagher And Lyle + Chris De BurghHammersmith Odeon, London09.03.19758Supertramp had been voted Melody Makers " Band Of The Year " . This was a 3 band package from A+M records .
3610cc + Fancy Hammersmith Odeon, London20.03.1975910cc are massive in the UK .current album is "Original Soundtrack" current single is " Life Is A Minestrone"
37Neil Sedaka Hammersmith Odeon, London21.03.19758Neil Sedaka had a few hit singles in the UK in the early 1970s including last years " Laughter In The Rain " .
38Lou Reed + String Driven Thing Hammersmith Odeon, London25.03.19758part of the world tour to promote Lou's " Rock n Roll Animal " album .
39Hunter Ronson Band + Jet Hammersmith Odeon, London31.03.19759both bands were great .Mott The Hoople split a few months ago and Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson put together a band to promote both their solo albums Micks "Play Donít Worry" and Ian Hunters self named debut .
40Cockney Rebel + SailorHammersmith Odeon, London12.04.19758.5current single "Come Up And See Me Make Me Smile " is a massive No 1 hit
41Detroit Spinners Hammersmith Odeon, London17.04.19757" Could It Be Im Falling In Love " was a great record .
42Sweet Sensation Hammersmith Palais, London20.04.19757UK pop soul with the lovely No 1 hit " Sad Sweet Dreamer"
43Tymes Hammersmith Palais, London22.04.19756
44Three DegreesHammersmith Odeon, London25.04.19755" When Will I See You Again " had been a massive hit single last year .
45Bachman Turner Overdrive + Thin LizzyHammersmith Odeon, London03.05.19759.5fantastic double bill. Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham had joined Thin Lizzy last year and with Lynott you knew they would be huge .
46Bachman Turner Overdrive + Thin LizzyHammersmith Odeon, London04.05.19759.5 BTO were massive in the UK at this time with the brilliant " Not Fragile " album and the big hit single " You Aint Seen Nothing Yet" .Fantastic evening .
47Yes + Ace QPR Football Ground, London10.05.19756great stage show but not my cup of tea.I was never into progressive rock at all but the gig was only a short walk away .
48Led ZeppelinEarls Court Arena, London17.05.19758not the best of venues . I remember Jimmy Page playing the guitar with his violin as being pretty cool .This tour was to support new album " Physical Graffiti "
49ShowaddywaddyHammersmith Odeon, London18.05.19757The past year had been a good one for the band " Three Steps To Heaven " was current hit for these drape boys .
50Alex Harvey Band + Skyband Hammersmith Odeon, London24.05.19759With Zal Cleminson on guitar they were a really great live r n r band ." Tomorrow Belongs To Me " was the current album release for this tour .
51Roy Harper Hammersmith Odeon, London14.06.19757could not really get into this stuff .
52Billy CobhamHammersmith Odeon, London23.06.19756too much jazz drumming for me .
53Supercharge + WigwamHyde Park, London30.08.19756not my cup of tea at all .
54Supremes + Sweet Sensation Hammersmith Odeon, London01.09.19756Mary Wilson is still here tonight as the only original Supreme as Diana Ross left about 5 years ago .
55Chi-lites Hammersmith Odeon, London06.09.19757Their " Have You Seen Her " classic had just been a hit in the UK again after its first outing in 1972 .
56Dave Mason + Streetwalkers Hammersmith Odeon, London07.09.19758he was an original member of Traffic which was good enough for me .
59Alice Cooper + Heavy Metal Kids Wembley Arena , London11.09.19759.5fantastic rock package This is more like it . Great rock songs with a great stage show . Simple .
60Alice Cooper + Heavy Metal Kids Wembley Arena , London12.09.19759.5"Welcome To My Nightmare " is the current album He played all his 4 Top 10 hit singles and it was just brilliant .
61Wings Hammersmith Odeon, London17.09.19758
62Kraftwerk,AJ WebberHammersmith Odeon, London20.09.19757
63Dave Mason Hammersmith Odeon, London29.09.19758.5
64Fatback Band,Chosen FewHammersmith Odeon, London04.10.19757
65Todd RundgrenHammersmith Odeon, London09.10.19758
66Leo Sayer New Victoria Theatre, London11.10.19758
67David Essex,Real ThingHammersmith Odeon, London15.10.19759.5every boy wanted to be David Essex
68David Essex,Real ThingHammersmith Odeon, London16.10.19759.5
69David Essex,Real ThingHammersmith Odeon, London17.10.19759.5
70David Essex,Real ThingHammersmith Odeon, London18.10.19759.5
71Blue Oyster Cult,MotorheadHammersmith Odeon, London19.10.19759.5motorhead second ever London show
72BT ExpressHammersmith Odeon, London21.10.19756
73Black Sabbath,Bandy Legs Hammersmith Odeon, London22.10.19758
74BJ Harvest,Caf? SocietyHammersmith Odeon, London23.10.19757
75SparksHammersmith Odeon, London26.10.19759
76Lynyrd SkynyrrdHammersmith Odeon ,London27.10.19759
77T. Rex ?,othersSupersonic TV Show, London28.10.19759big tv music show of the 1970s
78Baker Gurvitz Army New Victoria Theatre, London02.11.19756
79Dr Feelgood,GT Moore Hammersmith Odeon, London09.11.19758.5
80Lynyrd Skynyrrd (BBC Theatre O.G.W.T Special )Shepherds Bush Empire,London11.11.19759Old Grey Whistle Test TV Special
81Four Tops Hammersmith Odeon, London15.11.19757
82Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandHammersmith Odeon, London18.11.19759his first ever uk show
83John Cale,Nasty Pop New Victoria Theatre, London20.11.19756
84Dr Hook,AlbertosHammersmith Odeon, London22.11.19756
85Blue Oyster Cult,Birth ControlHammersmith Odeon, London23.11.19759
86Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandHammersmith Odeon, London24.11.19759future of rock n roll back for 2nd show
87Bluejays,AJ Webber Hammersmith Odeon, London25.11.19757
88Dr Hook (BBC Theatre O.G.W.T Special)Shepherds Bush Empire,London28.11.19758Old Grey Whistle Test TV Special
89Queen,Mr Big Hammersmith Odeon, London29.11.19759.5queen were on fire for this tour
90Queen,Mr Big Hammersmith Odeon, London30.11.19759.5
91Queen,Mr Big Hammersmith Odeon, London01.12.19759.5
92Queen,Mr Big Hammersmith Odeon, London02.12.19759.5
93Supertramp,Joan ArmatradingHammersmith Odeon, London06.12.19758
94Uriah Heep Hammersmith Odeon, London13.12.19758.5
95Uriah Heep Hammersmith Odeon, London14.12.19758.5
96The Who,Charlie Hammersmith Odeon, London22.12.19759.5
97The Who,Charlie Hammersmith Odeon, London23.12.19759.5
98Alex Harvey Band,Blast FurnaceNew Victoria Theatre, London24.12.19758.5
99Status Quo,Thin Lizzy,Steve Marriot Kensington Olympia, London31.12.19759
100Barclay James Harvest,Procol HarumHensington Olympia, London01.01.19766
101Bad Company,NazerethKensington Olympia, London02.01.19769
102Pilot,Be Bop Deluxe,The Walker BrothersSupersonic TV Show , London19.01.19768
103Donald Byrds BlackbyrdsHammersmith Odeon, London23.01.19767
104Dr Feelgood,RoogalatorHammersmith Odeon, London24.01.19768.5
105Tramps,DiversionHammersmith Odeon, London05.02.19766
106Fatback Band,Muscles Hammersmith Odeon, London14.02.19768
107Lynyrd Skynyrd,Steve Gibbons Band Hammersmith Odeon, London15.02.19769
10810.cc,Chas And DaveHammersmith Odeon, London17.02.19768.5
10910.cc,Chas And DaveHammersmith Odeon, London19.02.19768.5
110Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon, London27.02.19769.75quo were fantastic live in the 70s
111Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon, London28.02.19769.75
112Robin Trower,John Miles Wembley Arena, London05.03.19767.5
113Deep Purple,Strapps Wembley Arena, London12.03.19769
114Deep Purple,Strapps Wembley Arena, London13.03.19769
115ManHammersmith Odeon, London14.03.19766
116Bonnie Riatt (BBC Theatre O.G.W.T. Special)Shepherds Bush Empire,London22.03.19767Old Grey Whistle Test TV Special
117Tomita,IsotapeHammersmith Odeon, London26.03.19767
118Gong,WigwamHammersmith Odeon, London27.03.19767
119Neil Young And Crazy HorseHammersmith Odeon, London30.03.19768.5
120Neil Young And Crazy HorseHammersmith Odeon, London31.03.19768.5
121JJ Cale,ShanghaiHammersmith Odeon, London02.04.19765
122Thin Lizzy,Graham ParkerNew Victoria Theatre, London04.04.19769
123Strife,HeartbreakerMarquee Club, London08.04.19769my first gig at the Marquee club
124Camel Hammersmith Odeon, London14.04.19766
125Babe RuthMarquee Club, London17.04.19766
126Leo Sayer,Glyder Hammersmith Odeon, London19.04.19767.5
127Rick WakemanHammersmith Odeon, London21.04.19766
128Nazareth,WidowmakerHammersmith Odeon, London25.04.19768.5
129AC/DC,Captain VideoNashville Pub, London26.04.19769.5first time I saw them.just amazing.
130National FlagMarquee Club, London30.04.19767
131Neil Sedaka,Barbara DicksonHammersmith Odeon, London02.05.19766
132Strife Marquee Club, London05.05.19768
133David BowieWembley Arena, London06.05.19769.5first time I saw David Bowie
134Nils Lofgren,UnicornNew Victoria Theatre, London09.05.19768.5
135Nils Lofgren,UnicornNew Victoria Theatre, London10.05.19768.5
136Elton JohnEarls Court Arena, London11.05.19769
137AC/DC,Back Street Crawler Marquee Club, London12.05.19769.5
138Elton JohnEarls Court Arena, London13.05.19769
139KISS,StrayHammersmith Odeon, London15.05.197610first uk tour for this great live band
140KISS,StrayHammersmith Odeon, London16.05.197610tonight I had front row centre seats
141Patti Smith,StranglersRoundhouse, London17.05.19768.5the first punk gig that I ever went to
142Rolling Stones,MeteorsEarls Court Arena, London21.05.19769.5my first Rolling Stones show
143AC/DC Fulham Greyhound Pub, London23.05.19769.5played to about 100 people .
144Rolling Stones,MeteorsEarls Court Arena, London25.05.19769.5I got down the front for 2 of the shows
145Rolling Stones,MeteorsEarls Court Arena, London26.05.19769.5
146Rolling Stones,MeteorsEarls Court Arena, London27.05.19769.5
147Who,Alex Harvey Band,Little FeatCharlton F.C. , London31.05.19769
148AC/DCMarquee Club, London04.06.19769.5bon scott and angus were incredible .
149Average White Band,KokomoHammersmith Odeon, London05.06.19768
150John MilesHammersmith Odeon, London06.06.19768.5
151Dr Hook,UnicornHammersmith Odeon, London07.06.19767
152Uriah Heep,Pretty Things Wembley Arena, London12.06.19768
153GenesisHammersmith Odeon, London13.06.19767.5
154Little Feat,The OutlawsHammersmith Odeon, London14.06.19767.5
155Bob Marley And The Wailers Hammersmith Odeon, London18.06.19768.5first time I saw Bob Marley
156War,Moon Hammersmith Odeon, London19.06.19767.5
157Electric Light Orchestra,Steve Gibbons BandNew Victoria Theatre, London20.06.19768
158Ohio Players,MusclesHammersmith Odeon, London23.06.19768
159Pat Travers BandMarquee Club, London24.06.19768.5
160Carol GrimesNashville Pub, London29.06.19766
161Discotex And The SexolettesHammersmith Palais, London01.07.19768
162Flaming Groovies,Ramones,StranglersRoundhouse, London04.07.19769first ever uk show by The Ramones
163AC/DCLyceum Theatre, London07.07.19769.5everytime I saw them they were great
164Eddie And The Hot RodsMarquee Club, London09.07.19768.5Rods and AC/DC loved the Marquee
165Sex Pistols ( venue currently called the LA2 Mean Fiddler)Sundown Club, London10.07.19769first time I saw the Sex Pistols
166Heavy Metal Kids,Stray,Dirty TricksRoundhouse, London11.07.19767.5
167Pride Of TexasNashville Pub, London13.07.19766
168Strife,Soho Jets Marquee Club, London21.07.19769
169Meal Ticket Nashville Pub, London22.07.19766
170AC/DCMarquee Club, London26.07.19769.25broke the house attendance record
171Weather ReportHammersmith Odeon, London28.07.19766
172Eric Clapton,Freddie KingCrystal Palace Bowl, London31.07.19767big lake in front of the stage
173WidowmakerMarquee Club, London01.08.19768
174AC/DCMarquee Club, London02.08.19769.25
175Dirty TricksMarquee Club, London05.08.19768
176AC/DCMarquee Club, London09.08.19769.25had a weekly Monday gig at Marquee
177Eddie And The Hot RodsMarquee Club, London10.08.19769hod rods and ac/dc battle continues
178StrifeMarquee Club, London13.08.19768
179AC/DCMarquee Club, London16.08.19769.25
180Rolling Stones,10 CC,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Todd RungrunKnebworth Music Festival21.08.19769.5massive outdoor show
181Rory Gallagher,Phil Manzanera BandReading Festival27.08.19766
182Ted Nugent,Dirty Tricks Hammersmith Odeon, London12.09.19769.5motor city madman
183QueenHyde Park, London18.09.19769free open air concert
184ScreamerFulham Greyhound Pub, London19.09.19766
185Sex Pistols, Clash100 Club, London20.09.197610legendary punk rock festival day 1
186Chris Spedding, Vibrators100 Club, London21.09.19768legendary punk rock festival day 2
187StrifeMarquee Club, London28.09.10768.5
188Runaways,Surbrban StudsRoundhouse, London01.10.19769.5fantastic all girl rock band from L.A.
189Runaways,Surbrban StudsRoundhouse, London02.10.19769.5
190Hawkwind,TigerHammersmith Odeon, London05.10.19767
191Count BishopsFulham Greyhound Pub, London11.10.19767
192Aerosmith,Phoenix Hammersmith Odeon, London17.10.19769.5first ever uk tour by aerosmith
193Barclay James Harvest Hammersmith Odeon, London19.10.19767
194WingsWembley Arena, London20.10.10769
195Pat Travers BandMarquee Club, London21.10.19769
196Peter Frampton,Gary Wright Wembley Arena, London22.10.19769.5his double live album was now huge
197Patti Smith,StranglersHammersmith Odeon, London23.10.19769
198Robin Trower,Racing CarsHammersmith Odeon, London25.10.19767
199Groundhogs,UnicornMarquee Club, London28.10.19767
200Led Zeppelin Film The Song Remains The Same Premiere In London West End 04.11.19769
201Wishbone Ash,SuperchargeHammersmith Odeon, London05.11.19767.5
202Pink Fairies,MotorheadRoundhouse, London07.11.19769
203Sam Apple PieFulham Greyhound Pub, London09.11.19767
204AC/DC,Tyler GangHammersmith Odeon, London10.11.19769.5first major London headline show
205VibratorsNashville Pub, London12.11.19767.5
206Thin Lizzy,CloverHammersmith Odeon, London14.11.19769.5
207Sex PistolsNotre Dame Club, London15.11.197610one of the greatest gigs of all time .
208Thin Lizzy,CloverHammersmith Odeon, London16.11.19769.6
209Steelye Span Hammersmith Odeon, London25.11.19767
210Marshall Tucker Band Hammersmith Odeon, London27.11.19768
211NutzMarquee Club, London02.12.19768.5
212Cockney RebelHammersmith Odeon, London06.12.19769
213David Essex,Barbara DicksonPalladium, London11.12.19769
214SantanaHammersmith Odeon , London15.12.19769
215Steve Hillage,Nova Hammersmith Odeon, London16.12.19765
216Dr Feelgood,Lew LewisHammersmith Palais, London19.12.19769
217UFO Marquee Club, London20.12.19769
218Rod Stewart,Liverpool ExpressKensington Olympia,London21.12.19769.5
219Rod Stewart,Liverpool ExpressKensington Olympia,London22.12.19769.5
220HookerFulham Greyhound Pub ,London09.01.19777
221Hammersmith GorillazNashville Pub, London13.01.19777.5
222James Brown Hammersmith Odeon, London14.01.19778
223Rod StewartKesington Olympia, London15.01.19779.5
224Damned,BoysRoxy Club. London17.01.19779.5first gig I went to at this punk club
225Rory Gallagher Hammersmith Odeon, London19.01.19778
226Hammersmith GorillazNashville Pub, London20.01.19777
227ChicagoHammersmith Odeon, London26.01.19778
228John Miles ( BBC TV Special at Golders Green )Hippodrome , London27.01.19778.5
229MotorheadMarquee Club, London28.01.19778
230Lynyrd Skynyrd,CloverRainbow Theatre, London29.01.19779.5
231Damned,RejectsRoxy Club. London31.01.19779.5first of 5 Damned mondays at roxy club
232Todd RundgrenNew Victoria Theatre, London01.02.10778
233Manhatten Transfer (BBC TV Special)Shepherds Bush Empire, London07.02.19778
234Bryan Ferry AllstarsRoyal Albert Hall, London08.02.19779chris spedding on guitar
235Frank ZappaHammersmith Odeon, London10.02.19777
236Abba Royal Albert Hall, London14.02.10779
237Eddie And The Hot Rods,Ultravox Rainbow Theatre, London19.02.19779
238Damned,Johnny MopedRoxy Club. London21.02.19779
239Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex)Marquee Club, London23.02.19778
240Gallagher And Lyle (BBC TV Special at Golders Green)Hippodrome , London24.02.19777
241Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,Siouxsie And The BansheesRoxy Club. London02.03.19779
242Cherry Vanillas Police,ChelseaRoxy Club. London03.03.19778
243Ted Nugent,Steve Gibbons Band Hammersmith Odeon, London05.03.19779.5
244Ted Nugent,Steve Gibbons Band Hammersmith Odeon, London06.03.19779.5
245Iggy Pop,VibratorsRainbow Theatre, London07.03.19779david bowie was on keyboards
246AC/DC,Jenny DarrenRainbow Theatre, London11.03.19779.5
247Black Sabbath,Nutz Hammersmith Odeon, London12.03.19779.75fantastic 3 nights of black sabbath
248Black Sabbath,Nutz Hammersmith Odeon, London13.03.19779.75
249Black Sabbath,Nutz Hammersmith Odeon, London15.03.19779.75
250Pink FloydWembley Arena , London16.03.19777.5they played 5 shows at wembley
251T.Rex,DamnedRainbow Theatre, London18.03.19779.5fantastic double bill of glam,punk
252Golden Earring,Widowmaker Rainbow Theatre, London25.03.19779
253Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers Marquee Club, London28.03.19779.25
254Generation X,Gloria MundiMarquee Club, London31.03.19779
255Sex Pistols,Slits (Screen On The Green Cinema )Islington.London03.04.197710secret gig with sid playing bass
256NutzMarquee Club, London12.04.19778
257Damned,Motorhead,Adverts Roundhouse. London24.04.19779.5roundhouse Sunday gigs were great
258Peter Gabriel,Lew LewisHammersmith Odeon, London25.04.19778.5
259Lou ReedNew Victoria Theatre, London27.04.19778
260Small Faces Rainbow Theatre, London28.04.19778.5
261Detroit Spinners,Brass Construction Hammersmith Odeon, London29.04.19777
262Elton JohnRainbow Theatre, London06.05.19778.5
263Clash,Jam,BuzzcocksRainbow Theatre, London09.05.19779.75all the seats at the front got smashed
264Slade,LiarRainbow Theatre, London12.05.19779.75
265Nils Lofgren,Tom Petty And The HeartbreakersHammersmith Odeon, London15.05.19779
266Clash,Buzzcocks,Slits St Albans City Hall21.05.19779.75superb 3 band punk package
267Judas Priest,Magnum New Victoria Theatre, London22.05.19779
268Television,Blondie Hammersmith Odeon, London28.05.19779punk double bill from new york
269Rush,Stray Hammersmith Odeon, London04.06.19779.25
270Ramones,Talking Heads,SaintsRoundhouse. London05.06.19779.5fantastic triple band package
271Ramones,Talking Heads,SaintsRoundhouse. London06.06.19779.5met sid vicious at this show
272QueenEarls Court Arena, London07.06.19779tried to get on Sex Pistols Boat Gig
273Eddie And The Hot Rods,Radio StarsRainbow Theatre, London09.06.19779
274Eater Fulham Greyhound Pub ,London01.07.19778.5
275Bad Company,Racing Cars Earls Court Arena, London03.07.19779
276Damned,Johnny MopedMarquee Club, London04.07.197792nd of 4 sold out marquee shows
277999,SwordsNashville Pub, London18.07.19779.5
278Average White Band,Ben E KingHammersmith Odeon, London22.07.19778
279Jam,Saints,BoysHammersmith Odeon, London24.07.19779
280Adverts,Johnny Moped,RezillosCrackers Club, London25.07.19779
281VibratorsMarquee Club, London31.07.19778.5
282Buzzcocks, WireMarquee Club, London04.08.19779
283RadiostarsMarquee Club, London05.08.19778.5
284Boys Marquee Club, London08.08.19778.5
285Slits,PrefectsVortex Club, London15.08.19778
286Ted Nugent Hammersmith Odeon, London16.08.19779.5
287Damned,Adverts (now called LA2 Mean Fiddler)Sundown Club, London17.08.19779.25
288Damned,Adverts (now called LA2 Mean Fiddler)Sundown Club, London18.08.19779.25
289Slits,Sham 69Other Cinema, London W1 21.08.19778
290Eddie And The Hot RodsMarquee Club, London22.08.197792nd of 5 sold out shows at marquee
291Thin Lizzy,Graham Parker,Aerosmith,John Miles,UltravoxReading Festival27.08.19779.5 12 years until Aerosmith next UK gig
292Generation X Marquee Club, London06.09.19778.5
293Penetration,New HeartsVortex Club, London12.09.19778
294XTC Red Cow Pub, London15.09.19777bikers cut the wires on my motorbike
295Jonathan RichmanHammersmith Odeon, London18.09.19778.75
296Subway Sect,SlitsCamden Music Machine, London22.09.19778
297Small Faces Hammersmith Odeon, London25.09.19778
298Generation X Marquee Club, London27.09.19778.5
299Iggy Pop,AdvertsRainbow Theatre, London01.10.19779
300Brothers JohnsonHammersmith Odeon, London04.10.19778.5
301Hawkwind,BethnalHammersmith Odeon, London05.10.19778
302Ultravox,Radio StarsRoundhouse. London09.10.19778.5
303Dr Feelgood,Mink De VilleHammersmith Odeon, London15.10.19778.75
304Vibrators,999Roundhouse. London16.10.19779
305Slaughter And The DogsCamden Music Machine, London18.11.19779
306Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,Siouxsie And The BansheesRainbow Theatre, London20.11.19779.5all sex pistols went to see this show
307Bob Seger Band,Meal TicketHammersmith Odeon, London21.11.19779
308AC/DC Hammersmith Odeon, London25.11.19779.5
309Saints,Sore ThroatMarquee Club, London31.11.19778
310Stranglers,Dictators Roundhouse. London02.11.19779.5first of 5 sold out shows
311Boys,LurkersMarquee Club, London03.11.10779.5
312Chris Spedding BandLyceum Theatre, London04.11.19779members of sex pistols were there
313Stranglers,Dictators Roundhouse. London06.11.19779.25last of 5 sold out shows
314ShowaddywaddyHammersmith Odeon, London09.11.19778
315RainbowRainbow Theatre, London12.11.19778.5
316Runaways,999Hammersmith Odeon, London13.11.19779.5
317Slaughter And The DogsVortex Club, London14.11.19779.25
318Blondie,XTCRainbow Theatre, London15.11.19778
319Tubes,WireHammersmith Odeon, London16.11.19779
320Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,DepressionsVortex Club, London21.11.19779.5
321Buzzcocks,FallMarquee Club, London22.11.19778.5
322Damned,Dead BoysRoundhouse. London25.11.19779.752 great live punk bands
323Damned,Dead BoysRoundhouse. London27.11.19779.75
324999Hope And Anchor Pub, London29.11.19779.25
325Uriah HeepHammersmith Odeon, London02.12.19778
326Nazareth,MarseillesRainbow Theatre, London04.12.19779
327Tom Robinson Band,No DiceLyceum Theatre, London06.12.19779.5
328Thin Lizzy,RadiatorsHammersmith Odeon, London11.12.19779.5
329Clash,Sham 69Rainbow Theatre, London13.12.19779.5
330Clash,Sham 69Rainbow Theatre, London14.12.19779.5
331Status Quo,British LionsHammersmith Odeon, London15.12.19779
332Boomtown Rats,YachtsHammersmith Odeon, London17.12.19778
333Jam,New HeartsHammersmith Odeon, London18.12.19778.5
334999Red Cow Pub, London23.12.19779
335X Ray SpexMarquee Club, London30.12.19779
336Ramones,Generation X,RezillosRainbow Theatre, London31.12.19779.75fantastic 3 band party night
337Ramones,Generation X,RezillosRainbow Theatre, London01.01.19789.75
338Sham 69Vortex Club, London03.01.19789.25
339Slaughter And The DogsMarquee Club, London09.01.19789.5
340Adam And The AntsMarquee Club, London12.01.19788.5
341MotorheadBrunel University , Uxbridge13.01.19789
342TonightNashville Pub, London23.01.19788.5
343Frank ZappaHammersmith Odeon, London24.01.19786
344Rich Kids Nashville Pub, London26.01.19789feat Glen Matlock -debut London show
345Sham 69L. S. E., London28.01.19789.5
346Talking Heads,Slaughter And The Dogs,Dire StraitsRoundhouse, London29.01.19789.5look who were the first band on
347Johnny Thunders Allstars feat Hot Rods And Snatch membersSpeakeasy Club, London31.01.19789.5late night musicians club
348SaintsNashville Pub, London05.02.19788
349Slaughter And The DogsNashville Pub, London06.02.19789.25
350Judas Priest,English AssasinsHammersmith Odeon, London10.02.19788.5
351Adverts,Sham 69Roundhouse, London12.02.19789.25
352Rush,Tyla GangHammersmith Odeon, London19.02.19789.5
353Rush,Tyla GangHammersmith Odeon, London20.02.19789.5
354Motorhead,Lightning RaidersCamden Music Machine, London23.02.19789
355SweetHammersmith Odeon, London24.02.19789
356Be Bop Deluxe,John Cooper ClarkeHammersmith Odeon, London26.02.19787.5
357BoysMarquee Club, London27.02.19788.5
358Budgie,NutzHammersmith Odeon, London03.03.19788.5
359Alex Harvey Band,Surprise SistersPalladium Theatre, London05.03.19788.75
360Buzzcocks,John Cooper Clarke,SlitsLyceum Theatre, London10.03.19789.5
361Eddie And The Hot Rods,SqueezeLyceum Theatre, London17.03.19789.5
362999,Black Slate Roundhouse, London19.03.19789.25
363Zal Cleminson BandMarquee Club, London22.03.197898pm show start
364DepressionsSpeakeasy Club, London22.03.19789midnight show start
365John Miles,John CougarHammersmith Odeon, London23.03.19789.25
366Kansas,Jim CapaldiHammersmith Odeon, London25.03.197888pm show start
367Johnny Thunders Allstars feat Steve Jones and Paul Cook Speakeasy Club, London25.03.19789.5midnight show start with ex Sex Pistols
368MarseillesHope And Anchor Pub, London27.03.19788
369Tom Robinson Band Camden Music Machine, London28.03.19789.25
370Thin LizzyRainbow Theatre, London29.03.19789.75
371Patti Smith Rainbow Theatre, London02.04.19789
372Damned,Soft Boys Rainbow Theatre, London08.04.19789.25
373Generation X Roundhouse, London09.04.19789
374SladeHammersmith Odeon, London15.04.19789
375Elvis Costello,WhirlwindRoundhouse, London16.04.19788.75
376Television,Only Ones Hammersmith Odeon, London17.04.19788.5
377Tonight,BoysLyceum Theatre, London19.04.19788
378CommodoresHammersmith Odeon, London24.04.19788.5
379Rich Kids,White Cats feat Rat ScabiesLyceum Theatre, London26.04.19788not rich kids best gig
380ForeignerRainbow Theatre, London27.04.19789
381Rory GallagherHammersmith Odeon, London28.04.19787.5
382Tom Robinson Band,Steel Pulse,Clash,X Ray SpexVictoria Park, London30.04.19789
383Manhattan TransferHammersmith Odeon, London02.05.19788
384Blue Oyster Cult,JapanHammersmith Odeon, London03.05.19789.75fantastic double bill
385Blue Oyster Cult,JapanHammersmith Odeon, London04.05.19789.75
386AC/DC,British Lions Hammersmith Odeon, London07.05.19789.5
387Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon, London10.05.19787
388QueenWembley Arena, London11.05.19789.75freddie was amazing as usual
389Sham 69Roxy Theatre, Harlesden,London12.05.19789.75wild atmosphere at this show
390Ian Dury And The Blockheads,WhirlwindHammersmith Odeon, London14.05.19789
391Styx,Roy HillHammersmith Odeon, London15.05.19788
392Brass ConstructionHammersmith Odeon, London17.05.19788
393Buzzcocks,ATV,PenetrationRoundhouse, London28.05.19789.5
394999Camden Music Machine, London30.05.19789.25
395Black Sabbath,Van HalenHammersmith Odeon, London01.06.19789.75van halen debut uk tour
396Sham 69,MenaceRoxy Theatre, Harlesden,London03.06.19789.75
397Blue Oyster Cult,JapanHammersmith Odeon, London04.06.19789.75
398Meat Loaf,Good RatsHammersmith Odeon, London06.06.19789.5debut tour for bat out of hell album
399Black Sabbath,Van HalenHammersmith Odeon, London10.06.19789.75van halen again blow Sabbath away
400David GatesHammersmith Odeon, London14.06.19787
401Electric Light OrchestraWembley Arena, London15.06.19789.25massive stage and light show
402Darts,Late ShowHammersmith Odeon, London16.06.19788.5
403Bob DylanEarls Court Arena, London17.06.19789.25first time I saw Bob Dylan
404Bob DylanEarls Court Arena, London18.06.19789.25he was really popular at this time
405Black Sabbath,Tanz Der YouthHammersmith Odeon, London19.06.19789.5
406Bootsy Collins,RaydioHammersmith Odeon, London20.06.19789whats the name of this town?
407Bootsy Collins,RaydioHammersmith Odeon, London21.06.19789
408Mink De Ville,Rich KidsHammersmith Odeon, London22.06.19789I only went to catch the support band
409Thin Lizzy,HorslipsWembley Arena, London23.06.19789.75
410Heatwave,Hi-TensionHammersmith Odeon, London26.06.19788.75
411UFO,MarseillesHammersmith Odeon, London28.06.19789
412David BowieEarls Court Arena, London29.06.19789.25
413David BowieEarls Court Arena, London30.06.19789.25
414Heatwave,Hi-TensionHammersmith Odeon, London03.07.19788.57.30pm show start
415George McCraeHammersmith Palais, London03.07.1978711.00pm show start
416Boomtown Rats,Young OnesHammersmith Odeon, London09.07.19789
417Talking Heads,MergerLyceum Theatre, London12.07.19789.75
418Tanz Der Youth,BerlinNashville Pub, London15.07.19788.5
419Runaways,DickiesLyceum Theatre, London16.07.19789.5
420UK Subs,RapedTooting, London19.07.19789Forresters Arms Pub I think.
421Alex Harvey Band Windsor Castle, London W. road / ladbroke grove area
422Siouxsie And The Banshees,Spizz Oil,Shirts,White CatsRoundhouse, London23.07.19789.5
423Clash,SpecialsCamden Music Machine, London24.07.19789.75first of 4 sold out shows
424Clash,SpecialsCamden Music Machine, London25.07.19789.75
425Menace,RapedActon White Hart, London W.326.07.19788
426Adverts,RejectsMarquee Club, London27.07.19789
427999Nashville Pub, London28.07.19789.25
428GreediesElectric Ballroom , London29.07.19789.85feat phil lynott, steve jones,paul cook
429Magazine,ZonesLyceum Theatre, London30.07.19789.25
430Adam And The AntsMoonlight Club, London NW01.08.19789
431Vicious White CatsElectric Ballroom , London15.08.19789.85feat sid vicious, glen matlock
432Eater,UK SubsActon White Hart, London W.316.08.19787
433Eddie And The Hot Rods,HeroesHounslow Pub, Middx17.08.19789.5
434Patti Smith,Foreigner,Tom Robinson Band,Gillan,SqueezeReading Festival27.08.19789
435Adam And The Ants, Satelites,RutsActon White Hart, London W.330.08.19789
436Les Punks (punk supergroup)Electric Ballroom , London05.09.19789cannot remember who was there
437Alvin LeeHammersmith Odeon, London08.09.19788
438BlondieHammersmith Odeon, London09.09.19789.25
439Lurkers,Ivor Biggon,Johnny Moped,Stiff Little FingersLyceum Theatre, London10.09.19788
440Dead Fingers TalkMarquee Club, London12.09.19789
441Robert PalmerHammersmith Odeon, London13.09.19788.5
442Blondie,BoyfriendsHammersmith Odeon, London16.09.19789.25
443Olympic Runners,KandidateHammersmith Palais, London17.09.19788.5
44410 ccWembley Arena, London24.09.19789
445Only Ones,BusinessCity Poly, London30.09.19789
446Kinks,DodgersHammersmith Odeon, London01.10.19788.5
447Ramones,SnipsHammersmith Odeon, London02.10.19789.5
448Rose Royce,Starguard Hammersmith Odeon, London04.10.19788
449Crown Heights Affair,Kandidate Hammersmirh Odeon, London05.10.19789
450Tom Robinson Band,Stiff Little Fingers Hammersmirh Odeon, London08.10.19789.5great double bill
451Tom Robinson Band,Stiff Little Fingers Hammersmirh Odeon, London09.10.19789.5
452Weather ReportHammersmith Odeon, London11.10.19786
453Johnny Thunders Allstars feat Steve Jones and Paul CookLyceum Theatre, London12.10.19789.5
454BB KingHammersmith Odeon, London15.10.19787
455Doomed,MembersRoyal College Of Art, London19.10.19789.5feat members of The Damned
456Van Halen,BattleaxeRainbow Theatre, London22.10.19789.75
457Wishbone AshHammersmith Odeon, London25.10.19786
458Clash Roxy Theatre, Harlesden,London26.10.19789.75
459Judas Priest,Flying SquadHammersmith Odeon, London27.10.19789
469Dr Feelgood,SqueezeHammersmirh Odeon, London29.10.19789
461Lurkers Brunel University, Uxbridge01.11.19789
462Suzi QuatroHammersmith Odeon, London02.11.19788.5
463Buzzcocks,Subway SectHammersmith Odeon, London04.11.19789.5
464Budgie,StrifeHammersmith Odeon, London07.11.19788
465Alex Harvey Band Venue, Victoria , London08.11.19788
466Siouxsie And The Banshees,Spizz Oil Hammersmith Odeon, London09.11.19789.5
467PenetrationBrunel University, Uxbridge10.11.19789.25
468Rezillos,UndertonesMarquee Club, London12.11.19789.5
469AC/DC,Blazer BlazerHammersmith Odeon, London15.11.19789.75
470AC/DC,Blazer BlazerHammersmith Odeon, London16.11.19789.75
471Judas Priest Hammersmith Odeon, London17.11.19789
472Millie JacksonHammersmith Odeon, London19.11.19787
473David Johansen BandVenue, Victoria , London21.11.19789.5ex singer of New York Dolls
474Whitesnake,MagnumHammersmith Odeon, London23.11.19788.5
475James BrownHammersmith Odeon, London24.11.19788.57.30pm show start
476Magazine,NeuVenue, Victoria , London24.11.19789.2511.30pm show start
477BethnalHammersmith Odeon, London25.11.19788.5
478JapanLyceum Theatre, London26.11.19789
479X Ray Spex,Sore ThroatHammersmith Odeon, London27.11 19788.5
480Olivia Newton John,Labi SiffreRainbow Theatre, London28.11.19788.5
481Jam,Generation X,SladeWembley Arena, London29.11.19789.5
482Sham 69 Electric Ballroom , London30.11.19789.5
483Boney MHammersmith Odeon, London01.12.19789
484Devo,MembersHammersmith Odeon, London02.12.19789.5
485Devo,MembersHammersmith Odeon, London03.12.19789.5
486Eric Clapton,Muddy WatersHammersmith Odeon, London05.12.19789
487Boomtown Rats,VipersHammersmith Odeon, London07.12.19789.25
488Parliament,FunkadelicHammersmith Odeon, London12.12.19789wild and funky
489Parliament,FunkadelicHammersmith Odeon, London13.12.19789
490Boomtown Rats,VipersRainbow Theatre, London14.12.19789.25
491Greedies,ValvesElectric Ballroom , London16.12.19789.85Greedies feat Pistols, Lizzy , B. Rats
492Thin Lizzy,VipersHammersmith Odeon, London17.12.19789.75
493Darts,Chas And DaveHammersmith Odeon, London18.12.19788
494Ian Dury And The Blockheads,MistyHammersmith Odeon, London19.12.19789
495Generation X,ChelseaElectric Ballroom , London20.12.19789.5
496Rod StewartKensington Olympia, London21.12.19789.75
497Tom Robinson And Peter Gabriel BandHammersmith Odeon, London24.12.19789.5
498Public Image LtdRainbow Theatre, London25.12.19789.75first show by Johnny Rotten new band
499Sham 69,MergerRainbow Theatre, London27.12.19789.25feat Steve Jones and Paul Cook
500Rod StewartKensington Olympia, London28.12.19789.75
501Rod StewartKensington Olympia, London30.12.19789.75
503Clash,SlitsLyceum Theatre, London03.01.19799.75What a great way to start the year .Pure punk , pure sweat , pure fun .All for £2 . 50 p a ticket .
504Damned,Nipple ErectorsHope And Anchor Pub, London10.01.19799.5
505Reds,Quartz Windsor Castle Pub.London W918.01.19798.5
506Chic,Jab JabHammersmith Odeon, London20.01.19799
507Lurkers,Adam Ant,EdgeElectric Ballroom, London21.01.19799
508Raped,Lous,Pack ( venue currently called The Subterania )Acklam Hall, London W1124.01.19798.5
509OsmondsRoyal Albert Hall, London25.01.19798very short set
510Elvis Costello,Richard Hell,John Cooper ClarkeHammersmith Palais, London30.01.19799
511Roy Ayers,Central LineHammersmith Odeon, London04.02.19799.5
512Nazareth,Blazer BlazerHammersmith Odeon, London05.02.19799.25
513Crown Heights AffairHammersmith Odeon, London08.02.19798
514UFO,LiarHammersmith Odeon, London15.02.19799.5
515UFO,LiarHammersmith Odeon, London16.02.19799.5
516Frank ZappaHammersmith Odeon, London19.02.19797
517Herbie Hancock Hammersmith Odeon, London24.02.19799
518Cheap Trick,Wreckless EricHammersmith Odeon, London25.02.19799
519Van MorrisonHammersmith Odeon, London26.02.19798.5
520Magazine,Prag VecBrunel University, Uxbridge02.03.10799.5
521Earth Wind And FireWembley Arena, London04.03.19799
522Uriah Heep,Bram TchaikovskyHammersmith Odeon, London07.03.19797
523Average White Band,Inner CircleRainbow Theatre, London09.03.19798
524Darts,Late ShowRainbow Theatre, London10.03.19799
525Bad CompanyWembley Arena, London11.03.19799.5
526Bill HaleyRainbow Theatre, London17.03.19798.5
527David EssexHammersmith Odeon, London24.03.19799
528Gang Of Four,Stiff Little Fingers,Human League,Fall,MekonsLyceum Theatre, London25.03.19799.75amazing collection of bands
529Journey,Pat Travers Band Hammersmith Odeon, London26.03.19797
530Skids,DoleMarquee Club, London28.03.19799.5
531Eddie And The Hot Rods,MembersRainbow Theatre, London30.03.19799.25
532Buzzcocks,Patrick FitzgeraldHammersmith Odeon, London31.03.19799.25
533Motorhead,Nutz,GirlschoolLyceum Theatre, London01.04.19799.5
534Graham Parker And The RumourHammersmith Odeon, London03.04.19798.5
535Elton JohnDrury Lane Theatre, London05.04.19799.5
537Siouxsie And The Banshees ,Human LeagueRainbow Theatre, London07.04.19799.85
538Damned,UK Subs,SpecialsLyceum Theatre, London08.04.19799.5punk and ska 3 band bill
539Japan,Reggae RegularsRainbow Theatre, London12.04.19799.25
540Lurkers Windsor Castle Pub.London W916.04.19799.25
541Players AssociationHammersmith Odeon, London19.04.19798
542Thin Lizzy,VipersHammersmith Odeon, London23.04.19799.5
543Neil SedakaPalladium Theatre, London24.04.19798.5
544Thin Lizzy,VipersHammersmith Odeon, London27.04.19799.5
545Frankie Miller BandHammersmith Odeon, London29.04.19798
546Damned,Lightning RaidersMoonlight Club, London NW30.04.19799.5
547WhoRainbow Theatre, London02.05.19799.5
548J. Geils Band,Wilko Johnsons SendersHammersmith Odeon, London03.05.19799.5
549Penetration Brunel University, Uxbridge04.05.19799
550Rush,Max WebsterHammersmith Odeon, London05.05.19799.5
551Rush,Max WebsterHammersmith Odeon, London06.05.19799.5
552Ted Nugent,GirlschoolHammersmith Odeon, London09.05.19799.75we went to 9pm show
553Kleenex,RaincoatsAcklam Hall, London W1110.05.19798.5
554Only OnesQueen Mary College, London11.05.19799.5
555Kate Bush with Steve Harley and Peter GabrielHammersmith Odeon, London12.05.19799.5
556Roxy Music,TouristsHammersmith Odeon, London16.05.19798.5
557Scorpions,Tera NovaHammersmith Odeon, London20.05.19798.5
558Tubes,SqueezeHammersmith Odeon, London22.05.19799.5fantasic theatrical show .
559Gang Of Four,Mekons,SpecialsLyceum Theatre, London27.05.19799.5
560Judas Priest,MarseillesHammersmith Odeon, London29.05.19798.5
561Merger,Doll By Doll,John OtwayVenue, Victoria, London31.05.19798
562Steel Pulse,EclipseHammersmith Odeon, London01.06.19798
563Skids,Angelic UpstartsLyceum Theatre, London03.06.19799
564Iggy Pop,UK SubsHammersmith Odeon, London08.06.19799
565Manfred Mans EarthbandHammersmith Odeon, London13.06.19797.5
566Knack,FoldallsMarquee Club, London14.06.19799.25
567Dire Straits,MetroHammersmith Odeon, London17.06.19798
568Generation X,Private VicesMarquee Club, London20.06.19799.25we went to 9pm show
569Human League,Spizz EnergiMarquee Club, London22.06.19799.5
570SylvesterHammersmith Odeon, London23.06.19798
571Status QuoHammersmith Odeon, London26.06.19799.75
572Status QuoHammersmith Odeon, London27.06.19799.75
573Van Halen,St ParadiseRainbow Theatre, London29.06.19799.75
574Angelic Upstarts,Kids Next DoorNashville Pub, London05.07.19799.5
575Shake,BasczaxNashville Pub, London06.07.19798.5
576DuffoNashville Pub, London08.07.19798.5
577Starjets,WallNashville Pub, London09.07.19799
578Pete Townsend Band,Misty,RutsRainbow Theatre, London13.07.19798.75
579Clash,Aswad,MembersRainbow Theatre, London14.07.19799.75
580WritzElectric Ballroom, London15.07.19798.5
581Specials,Madness,Selector,ModettesElectric Ballroom, London21.07.19799.5first major 2 tone ska gig in London
582Secret Affair,Back To Zero,ModsNashville Pub, London23.07.19798.75the mods are back
583Sham 69, Low Numbers,Little RoostersRainbow Theatre, London25.07.19798.5skinheads are back
584Secret AffairBridgehouse Pub, London30.07.19799.5
585Undertones,DonkeysMarquee Club, London03.08.19799.258pm show start
586Jimmy Norton Explosion,ParanoidsMusic Machine , London03.08.1979911pm show start - feat Glen Matlock
587Stiff Little Fingers,StarjetsHammersmith Palais, London05.08.19799.5
588Ian Dury And The Blockheads Hammersmith Odeon, London07.08.19799.25ian did 7 nights at odeon on this tour
589Protex,InnocenceHope And Anchor Pub, London08.08.19799
590Ian Dury And The Blockheads Hammersmith Odeon, London09.08.19799.25
591Joy Division,Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,Certain RatioNashville Pub, London13.08.19799.5great 3 band package
592Who,Stranglers,AC/DC,Nils LofgrenWembley Staduim, London18.08.19799.5
593Members,DecoratorsNashville Pub, London24.08.19799.25
594Secret Affair,Purple Hearts,MadnessLyceum Theatre, London26.08.19799.5
595Teardrop Explodes,Echo And The BunnymenNashville Pub, London30.08.19799
596Only Ones,Toyah,Psychedelic FursLyceum Theatre, London02.09.19799.5
597Slaughter And The Dogs,V2 Marquee Club, London03.09.19799.25
598Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,Voodoo ShoesMaxs Kansas City ,New York07.09.19799.75johnny on home turf - brilliant
599Bee Gees,Sweet InspirationsMadison Sq Gardens ,New York09.09.19799went mainly to check out the venue
600Buzzcocks,Monochrome SetDiplomat Hotel, New York15.09.19799.5we were staying at this hotel
601Clash,Sam And Dave,Undertones Orpheum Theatre, Boston19.09.1979103 great bands in a great venue
602KISS,Judas Priest Amphitheatre, Chicago22.09.197910full american stage show - superb
603Adverts,Cowboys International,Cuddly ToysElectric Ballroom, London04.10.19799
604999,DonkeysMarquee Club, London05.10.19799
605Chic,Carpark Hammersmith Odeon, London09.10.19799.5
606Siouxsie And The Banshees ,CureHammersmith Odeon, London15.10.19799.57.30pm show start
607Slaughter And The Dogs Music Machine , London15.10.1979911pm show start
608SamsonMusic Machine , London16.10.19797
609Lou Reed Hammersmith Odeon, London18.10.19798.75
610Pretenders,Private VicesNashville Pub, London20.10.19798.5
611Damned Nashville Pub, London21.10.19799.5secret gig
612Girl,QuartzMusic Machine , London22.10.19798.5
613Darts,Screen IdolsHammersmith Odeon, London23.10.19798.5
614Cuddly ToysFulham Greyhound Pub, London24.10.19798
615Boomtown Rats,ProtexHammersmith Odeon, London25.10.19799
616Joy Division,Distractions,Certain RatioElectric Ballroom, London26.10.19799.5
617Whitesnake,MarseillesHammersmith Odeon, London28.10.19798.5
618Undertones,Ten Pole TudorRainbow Theatre, London30.10.19799.5
619AC/DC,Def LeppardHammersmith Odeon, London01.11.19799.75first of 4 sold out shows
620Skids,FingerprintzRainbow Theatre, London02.11.19799.5
621AC/DC,Def LeppardHammersmith Odeon, London03.11.19799.75every AC/DC show is fantastic
622Penetration,Human HeelsNashville Pub, London05.11.19799.5
623Boomtown Rats,ProtexRainbow Theatre, London06.11.19799.25
624Blue Oyster Cult,MagnumHammersmith Odeon, London07.11.19799.25
625Blue Oyster Cult,MagnumHammersmith Odeon, London08.11.19799.25last of 4 shows at ham odeon
626Buzzcocks,Joy DivisionRainbow Theatre, London10.11.19799.5great double bill
627Hot ChocolateHammersmith Odeon, London11.11.19798
628Robert PalmerHammersmith Odeon, London13.11.19799.25
629B52s,Troggs,VIPSElectric Ballroom, London15.11.19799.5
630Merton ParkasChelsea College , London16.11.19798.5
631Lurkers Fulham Greyhound Pub, London17.11.19799
632Kate Bush,Cliff Richard,Labi Siffre (all with LSO)Royal Albert Hall , London18.11.19798all artists only did 3 songs each
633Lurkers,CarpettesMarquee Club, London21.11.19798.5
634Hunter Ronson Band,Rachel SweetHammersmith Odeon, London22.11.19799.5
635Specials,Selecter,Dexys Midnight RunnersLyceum Theatre, London25.11.19799.75great sweaty ska dance package
636Motorhead,SaxonHammersmith Odeon, London26.11.19799.25
637Toyah,Boys,TeenbeatsMusic Machine , London29.11.19799
638Revillos,ExodusQueen Mary College, London30.11.19798.5
639Specials,SelecterLewisham Odeon, London01.12.19799.5
640Hawkwind,Doll By DollHammersmth Odeon, London02.12.19796
641Dusty Springfield,John MilesRoyal Albert Hall , London03.12.19798
642Talking Heads,Certain Ratio Hammersmith Odeon, London04.12.19799.5
643Echo And The Bunnymen,Expelaires,Home ServiceMoonlight Club, London NW07.12.19799
644Secret Affair,Back To Zero Rainbow Theatre, London08.12.19799.25
645Joe Jackson Band,SpitfiresNashville Pub, London10.12.19799.5
646Mickey Jupp,Peter HamillBBC Paris Studios , London12.12.19797
647Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon, London14.12.19798.75
648999Nashville Pub, London15.12.19799
649Motorhead,SaxonHammersmith Odeon, London16.12.19799.25
650AC/DC,PiratesHammersmith Odeon, London17.12.19799.75
651Dr Feelgood,Phil Rambow,Red Beans And RiceHammersmith Odeon, London19.12.19799.25
652BeatWindsor Castle Pub, London W921.12.19798.5
653Police,SqueezeLewisham Odeon, London22.12.19799
654Leo Sayer,MainlandHammersmith Odeon, London24.12.19798last of 5 shows at ham odeon by Leo
655QueenHammersmith Odeon, London26.12.19799.5Charity Concert For Kampuchea
657Ian Dury And The Blockheads,Clash,MutumbiHammersmith Odeon, London27.12.19799.75Charity Concert For Kampuchea
658Who,Specials,PretendersHammersmith Odeon, London28.12.19799.85Charity Concert For Kampuchea
659Wings,Elvis Costello,RockpileHammersmith Odeon, London29.12.19799Charity Concert For Kampuchea
660Madness,Bad Manners,VIPS,BodysnatchersLyceum Theatre, London30.12.19799.5
661Members,LurkersMusic Machine , London31.12.19799.5
662Spizz Energi,Soul BoysMoonlight Club, London NW03.01.19809very nice gig, excellent, 11am start Saturday morning special ,well worth the drive up the A40/M40
663Mods,JumpFulham Greyhound Pub, London06.01.19808
664Crass,Poison Girls Moonlight Club, London NW07.01.19808.5
665Cozy Powell Band,Simple MindsBBC Paris Studios , London09.01.19809
666Blondie,WhirlwindHammersmith Odeon, London11.01.19809.25first of 6 sold out ham odeon shows
667Blondie,WhirlwindHammersmith Odeon, London13.01.19809.25
668Ten Pole Tudor,MetroglydersFulham Greyhound Pub, London16.01.19809
669VIPSHammersmith Swan , London19.01.19808
670Blondie,WhirlwindHammersmith Odeon, London20.01.19809.25
671Blondie,WhirlwindHammersmith Odeon, London21.01.19809.25
672Secret Affair,The UpsetNashville Pub, London28.01.19809.25
673Magnum,HeadboysBBC Paris Studios , London30.01.19808.5
674Wishbone Ash,DukesHammersmith Odeon, London01.02.19808
675UFO,GirlHammersmith Odeon, London04.02.19809.5
676UFO,GirlHammersmith Odeon, London05.02.19809.5
677McGuinn , Hillman, ClarkHammersmith Odeon, London06.02.19808
678UFO,GirlHammersmith Odeon, London07.02.19809.5last of 4 UFO ham odeon shows
679Robin Trower,SamsonHammersmith Odeon, London08.02.19808
680Fashion,UpsetNashville Pub, London11.02.19808.75
681Pointer SistersHammersmith Odeon, London12.02.198077.30pm show start
682Cuddly ToysMusic Machine , London12.02.1980911.30pm show start
683Boys,GirlBBC Paris Studios , London13.02.19809.5
684Madness,ModettesHammersmith Odeon, London16.02.19809.511am start Saturday morning special
685Clash,Joe ElyElectric Ballroom, London16.02.19809.75clash played 3 venues in 3 days
686Clash,Joe ElyLyceum Theatre, London17.02.19809.75the clash loved to play live
687Clash,Joe ElyLewisham Odeon, London18.02.19809.75all 3 nights were incredible
688Athletico SpizzMarquee Club, London19.02.19808.5
689Joy Division,Killing Joke,Certain RatioTown Hall , High Wycombe20.02.19809.5well worth the drive up the A40/M40
690Ramones,Boys,Ten Pole TudorElectric Ballroom, London22.02.19809.5
691Only Ones,Simple Minds,Martha And The MuffinsLyceum Theatre, London24.02.19809.5
692Jimmy Norton ExplosionBridgehouse , London E25.02.19809feat glen matlock,danny kustov
693Joe JacksonHammersmith Palais , London26.02.19809
694Pretenders,UB40Brunel University , Uxbridge27.02.19809.25pretenders debut LP charted at No 1
695Joy Division,Killing Joke,Certain RatioLyceum Theatre, London29.02.19809.5
696Slade,DrillMusic Machine , London01.03.19809.5
697Fabulous ThunderbirdsHope And Anchor Pub, London03.03.19808
698Tourists,SnipsBBC Paris Studios , London05.03.19808
699Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers,Fabulous PoodlesHammersmith Odeon, London06.03.19809
700April Wine,AngelwitchHammersmith Odeon, London08.03.19807
701Squeeze,Wreckless EricHammersmith Odeon, London09.03.19809
702PlanetsMarquee Club, London10.03.19806
703Peter Gabriel,Random HoldHammersmith Odeon, London12.03.19808.5
704Spizz Energi,HeadlineMusic Machine , London13.03.19808.5
705Slaughter And The Dogs Camden Dingwalls, London14.03.198093pm rehearsal and record videos
706Judas Priest,Iron MaidenHammersmith Odeon, London14.03.19808.5
707Nazareth,SaxonHammersmith Odeon, London16.03.19809
708Cuddly Toys,Dumb BlondesMusic Machine , London19.03.19809
709Stiff Little Fingers,Another Pretty FaceHammersmith Odeon, London23.03.19809.25
710Pat Travers Band,GirlHammersmith Odeon, London26.03.198087.30pm show start
711Wreckless EricMusic Machine , London26.03.1980811.30pm show start
712Siouxsie And The Banshees,Subway SectMusic Machine , London27.03.19809.25
713GenesisHammersmith Odeon, London28.03.19809.25
714Wasted Youth,Last GangFulham Greyhound Pub, London31.03.19808.5
7154 B 2 Fulham Greyhound Pub, London01.04.19807
716Undertones,Certain Ratio BBC Paris Studios , London02.04.19809.5
717Jam,RecordsRainbow Theatre , London08.04.19809
718Wilko Johnson Band,Nine Below ZeroBBC Paris Studios , London09.04.19808.5
719Gary Glitter,Bauhaus,Cuddly ToysLyceum Theatre, London10.04.19809.5look at the support bands for GG
720MembersFulham Greyhound Pub, London12.04.19809.25
721Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon, London14.04.19807
722Members,DialsClarendon Pub, London W617.04.19809.5
723Sammy Hagar,Riot Hammersmith Odeon, London19.04.19809.75loads of classic Montrose played
724Sammy Hagar,Riot Hammersmith Odeon, London20.04.19809.75
725Sad Caf?BBC Paris Studios , London23.04.19808
726ZZ Top,Thieves Like UsHammersmith Odeon, London24.04.19809.25
727Cuddly ToysMusic Machine , London28.04.19809it was great following this band
728Members,RecordsBBC Paris Studios , London30.04.19809.5
729Dr HookHammersmith Odeon, London01.05.19807
730BA RobertsonHammersmith Odeon, London02.05.19806
731Ronnie LawsHammersmith Odeon, London06.05.19807
732Black Sabbath,GirlschoolHammersmith Odeon, London07.05.19809.75first of 4 sold out ham odeon shows
733Black Sabbath,GirlschoolHammersmith Odeon, London08.05.19809.75sabbath are just fantastic
734Only Ones,Athletico Spizz 80,Wasted YouthElectric Ballroom, London10.05.19809.75
735Frankie Valli And The Four SeasonsRoyal Albert Hall, London13.05.19808.5
736PackFulham Greyhound Pub, London14.05.19808
737Eric ClaptonHammersmith Odeon, London16.05.19808second of 3 sold out shows by EC
738Suzi QuatroHammersmith Odeon, London18.05.19808
739Sky Hammersmith Odeon, London19.05.19806
740Undertones,Ten Pole TudorHammersmith Odeon, London20.05.19809.5
741Thin Lizzy,LookalikesHammersmith Odeon, London28.05.19809.5
742Thin Lizzy,LookalikesHammersmith Odeon, London29.05.19809.5
743RushHammersmith Odeon, London05.06.19809.5second of 5 sold out shows by Rush
744RushHammersmith Odeon, London06.06.19809.5
745Gary Glitter,Cuddly ToysMusic Machine , London07.06.19809.75
746Madness,Desmond Dekker,Go GosLewisham Odeon, London09.06.19809.75
747SplodgeFulham Greyhound Pub, London12.06.19809
748Clash,WhirlwindHammersmith Palais , London16.06.19809.75
749Clash,WhirlwindHammersmith Palais , London17.06.19809.75
750Joan ArmatradingHammersmith Odeon, London19.06.19808last of 3 shows by Joan at odeon
751Styx,SagaHammersmith Odeon, London21.06.19808.5second of 3 shows by Styx at odeon
752Whitesnake,Gary Moores G ForceHammersmith Odeon, London23.06.19809.25
753Van Halen,Lucifers FriendRainbow Theatre , London24.06.19809.75
754XNashville Pub, London26.06.19809
755Cuddly ToysMusic Machine , London30.06.19809.5
756David EssexDominion Theatre , London05.07.19809.5david played a week of shows here
757Wasted Youth Fulham Greyhound Pub, London06.07.19809
758Members Nashville Pub, London11.07.19809.5
759Gun ControlSwan Pub , London W624.07.198010my band with me on drums debut gig
760Transmitters,Missing Presumed DeadWhite Hart Pub, London W313.08.19808
761Lene LovichBridgehouse , London E15.08.19808.5
762Gary Glitter,VIPSLyceum Theatre, London21.08.19809.5
763Wasted Youth Bridgehouse , London E25.08.19809
764Skids,Simple Minds,Pink MilitaryHammersmith Palais , London26.08.19809.75
765Gun ControlSwan Pub , London W630.08.198010packed out local pub gig for my band
766KISS,GirlBingley Hall , Stafford05.09.198010great show ,slept in train station after
767KISS,GirlLeisure Centre , Deeside, Wales06.09.198010KISS in make up with full production
768KISS,GirlWembley Arena , London08.09.198010first UK tour with Eric Carr on drums
769KISS,GirlWembley Arena , London09.09.198010easily my fave american band
770Q Tips,InmatesBBC Paris Studios , London10.09.19809paul young was singer of Q Tips
771Gary NumanHammersmith Odeon, London15.09.19809first of 4 sold out ham odeon shows
772Frank SinatraRoyal Albert Hall, London16.09.19808crap view up in the gods
773999,Spizz 80,SplodgeLyceum Theatre, London17.09.19809.25
774Gary NumanHammersmith Odeon, London18.09.19809
775Blizzard Of Oz,Budgie Hammersmith Odeon, London20.09.19809.25
776Hall And Oates,SincerosHammersmith Odeon, London22.09.19809.25
777Satelites,Scabbies FlatterlitesThe Kensington Pub,London W1423.09.19809.25lotsa nudity and chaos
778Micheal Schenker BandHammersmith Odeon, London25.09.19809.25
779Gun ControlSwan Pub , London W627.09.198010nothing like your own band
780Tourists,Barracudas Hammersmith Odeon, London28.09.19807half wmpty gig by Annie Lennox band
781Elvis Costello,Stray CatsRainbow Theatre , London29.09.19809.25great support band
782Girlschool,A To Z BBC Paris Studios , London01.10.19808.5
783Gun ControlEaling Town Hall , London W502.10.198010biggest and best gig so far
784Specials,Swinging Cats Hammersmith Palais , London06.10.19809.5missed stray cats who were first on
785Secret Affair,MechanicsBBC Paris Studios , London08.10.19809
786Crusaders,Randy CrawfordHammersmith Odeon, London10.10.19808.5
787Graham Parker,MarvelettesHammersmith Palais , London13.10.19809.25
788Gillan,Quartz Hammersmith Odeon, London14.10.19809
789Another Pretty Face Fulham Greyhound Pub, London20.10.19808.5pretenders at palais was sold out
790Skids,Ruts DC,BooksHammersmith Odeon, London21.10.19809.75great sweaty gig
791Scorpions,BlackfootHammersmith Odeon, London27.10.19809.5
792Scorpions,BlackfootHammersmith Odeon, London28.10.19809.5
793Ry CooderHammersmith Odeon, London30.10.19809
794SpecialsHope And Anchor Pub, London31.10.19809.75fantastic low key club show
795SkidsHope And Anchor Pub, London01.11.19809.5another great low key gig at the hope
796Only Ones Hope And Anchor Pub, London03.11.19809.5another in this week of special shows
797Sector 27,FlatbackersBBC Paris Studios , London05.11.19808.5tom robinsons new band
798Paul SimonHammersmith Odeon, London06.11.19808.75
799MadnessHope And Anchor Pub, London07.11.19809.5yet another big band playing the hope
800AC/DC,StarfightersHammersmith Odeon, London10.11.19809.75AC/DC just get better and better
801AC/DC,StarfightersHammersmith Odeon, London11.11.19809.75never done a less than superb show
802AC/DC,StarfightersHammersmith Odeon, London12.11.19809.75one of the best live bands ever
803Gun ControlActon White Hart, London W313.11.198010our 5th gig and another good one
804Weather ReportHammersmith Odeon, London14.11.19807.5
805Triumph,Preying MantisHammersmith Odeon, London15.11.19808
806Jam,PiranhasHammersmith Odeon, London18.11.19809
807Stray Cats,Jane KennawayBBC Paris Studios , London19.11.19809.25stray cats are really rockin
808Gun ControlActon White Hart, London W320.11.198010another great night
809Adam Ants,Cuddly ToysLyceum Theatre, London23.11.19809.25
810B52s,Au PairsHammersmith Palais , London24.11.19809.75B52s are a fantastic lively act
811Motorhead,WeaponHammersmith Odeon, London26.11.19809.25first of 4 sold out ham odeon shows
812Gun ControlActon White Hart, London W327.11.198010loads of mates dancing down front
813Gen X Suma Studios , Chelsea, London28.11.19809.5private invite only gig
814Talking Heads,U2 Hammersmith Odeon, London02.12.19809.5bono climbing all over the pa system
815Damned,StrappsHammersmith Odeon, London03.12.19809.25fast , short and chaotic show
816Gun ControlActon White Hart, London W304.12.198010the buzz is still there
817Queen,Straight 8 Wembley Arena , London09.12.19809.75freddie and band in top form
818Al StewartHammersmith Odeon, London10.12.19807
819Gun ControlActon White Hart, London W311.12.198010playing here every Friday
820Ultravox,Fatal CharmHammersmith Odeon, London13.12.19809.5
821YesHammersmith Odeon, London15.12.19808.5now include members of Buggles
822Undertones,Orange JuiceHammersmith Palais , London16.12.19809.5
823Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,Fatal CharmHammersmith Odeon, London17.12.19809.5
824Gun ControlClarendon ,Hammersmith,London19.12.19807our bass player faints after 3 songs
825Ian Dury And The Blockheads,SelecterSobell Centre , Islington, London22.12.19809.25
826Madness,Ten Pole TudorHammersmith Odeon, London23.12.19809.5
827Spandau BalletHeaven Nightclub, London29.12.19809.5party gig to celebrate first hit single
828Siouxsie And The Banshees,Altered ImagesHammersmith Palais , London30.12.19809.25
829Stray Cats,Bette Brights MadnessVenue , Victoria , London31.12.19809.5johnsons clothing new year party
830Gen X,BimBBC Paris Studios , London07.01.19819.5I think they only did 2 gigs as Gen X
831Ultravox,Fatal CharmBBC Paris Studios , London14.01.19819.5
832Boomtown Rats,AtrixHammersmith Odeon , London17.01.19818.5
833Black Sabbath,A To ZHammersmith Odeon , London19.01.19819.5second of 4 shows at ham odeon
834Black Sabbath,A To ZHammersmith Odeon , London20.01.19819.5
835Gun Control Acton White Hart , London W322.01.19818too much tuning up between songs
836Darts Bridgehouse, London E24.01.19819
837SladeHammersmith Odeon , London26.01.19819.5been away for a while but still magic
838April Wine,Diamond Head Hammersmith Odeon , London27.01.19819
839UFO,FistHammersmith Odeon , London28.01.19819.5
840Gun Control Acton White Hart , London W329.01.198110back to normal, great night.
841Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark BBC Paris Studios , London04.02.19819.25
842Japan,Nash The SlashHammersmith Odeon , London07.02.19819
843SkidsVenue , Victoria , London10.02.19819.5
844SelecterBBC Paris Studios , London11.02.19819
845Gary Glitter,HeeBeeGeeBeesVenue , Victoria , London14.02.19819.75mega valentines party night
846Fleshtones,Polyrock,Bushtetras,DBs,Raybeats,BongosRainbow Theatre , London20.02.19818.5new york bands celebration
847Gun Control Roebuck Pub, Chiswick , London21.02.198110another great gig by our band
848Bad Members,MembersHammersmith Palais , London23.02.19819.5
849Krokus,More Hammersmith Odeon , London07.03.19819.5
850Gamma,Preying MantisHammersmith Odeon , London08.03.19819
851Jeff Beck BandHammersmith Odeon , London09.03.19818
852Gun Control Roebuck Pub, Chiswick , London11.03.198110my band on tour = 3 gigs in 4 days
853Gun Control Bedford Pub , Bedford , London12.03.198110our first gig in south london
854Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London13.03.19819.5third of four sell out ham odeon shows
855Gun Control Clarendon,Hammersmith ,London14.03.198110end of tour party atmosphere
856Department SFulham Greyhound Pub, London17.03.19819.5is vic there ?
857Gun Control Acton White Hart , London W318.03.198110snare drum split but still great fun
858Nine Below Zero,Jools HollandHammersmith Odeon , London20.03.19819look who the support was
859Gun Control Acton White Hart , London W325.03.19818not many turned up for tonights show
860Elvis Costello And The AttractionsHammersmith Odeon , London27.03.19818
861Trust,RageMarquee Club , London29.03.19819
862Gang Of Four,Pere UbuHammersmith Palais , London31.03.19819.25
863Toyah,Haung ChungBBC Paris Studios , London01.04.19818.5
864Gun Control Acton White Hart , London W302.04.19819police made us finish the set early
865Gun Control Roebuck Pub, Chiswick , London04.04.198110great gig with disco till late after
866Micheal Des Barres Band feat Clem Burke and Nigel HarrisonFulham Greyhound Pub, London07.04.19819.25backed by 2 members of Blondie
867Gun Control Acton White Hart , London W309.04.198110the place was packed out tonight
868Dexys Midnight Runners,Outer LimitsDominion Theatre , London17.04.19819
869Fats Domino,ShadesHammersmith Odeon , London20.04.19818
870Spizzles,Depatment S,YachtsHammersmith Palais , London21.04.19819.25
871Light Of The World,Level 42 BBC Paris Studios , London22.04.19819
872Gun Control Clarendon,Hammersmith ,London23.04.19819not many turned up for tonights show
873Adam And The Ants,Shock,Lene Lovich,Dexys Venue , Victoria , London28.04.19819.75lots of great bands on the same bill
874Gun Control Acton White Hart , London W330.04.198110really enjoyable gig tonight
875Cure Hammersmith Odeon , London04.05.19818
876New Order,Tunnelvision,SafehouseKentish Town Forum , London06.05.19819.25 New Orders first London show ?
877Bram Tchaikovsky(The Motors),Gun ControlActon White Hart , London W307.05.19819our first gig as support to a name band
878SaintsGolden Lion, Fulham, London08.05.19819
879Gun Control Clarendon,Hammersmith ,London09.05.198110great gig and great atmosphere
880Stiff Little FingersRainbow Theatre , London10.05.19819.75
881Japan,Modern EnglishHammersmith Odeon , London16.05.19819.5started secuity job at ham odeon
882Japan,Modern EnglishHammersmith Odeon , London17.05.19819.5getting paid to see live bands from
883XTC,MembersHammersmith Odeon , London21.05.19818.5the front of the stage .brilliant.
884Undertones,TV21Rainbow Theatre , London24.05.19819.5
885Andrea CrouchHammersmith Odeon , London26.05.19819security . Did this for next 10 years
886Whitesnake,Billy SquierHammersmith Odeon , London27.05.19819.25security . Saw most major shows .
887Whitesnake,Billy SquierHammersmith Odeon , London28.05.19819.25security . Rarely was there any trouble
888Whitesnake,Billy SquierHammersmith Odeon , London29.05.19819.25security . Whitesnake were huge now
889Whitesnake,Billy SquierHammersmith Odeon , London30.05.19819.25security
890Ted Nugent,MoreHammersmith Odeon , London01.06.19819.5security
891Psychedelic Furs,Depeche ModeHammersmith Palais , London02.06.19819
892Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandWembley Arena , London04.06.19819.75fifth of six sell out wembley shows
893Toyah,DJ KaneHammersmith Odeon , London06.06.19818security
894Light Of The World,InversionsHammersmith Odeon , London07.06.19819.25security
895Whitesnake,LionheartHammersmith Odeon , London09.06.19819.25security
896Dead Damned Sham Band,Anti Nowhere LeagueClarendon,Hammersmith ,London10.06.19819.25inc stiv bators, rat.bjames and kermit
897Cuddly Toys Pips Nightclub , Manchester12.06.19819.5we went in the van with the band
898Ultravox,Madness,Ten Pole TudorCrystal Palace Bowl , London13.06.19819.5
899Classix Nouveaux,Wasted Youth,Our Daughers WeddingHammersmith Palais , London15.06.19819
900Scars,Josef KVenue , Victoria , London16.06.19819
901Roy Sandholm,Belle StarsBBC Paris Studios , London17.06.19818.5
902Teardrop Explodes,DelmontesHammersmith Odeon , London19.06.19819security
903Tubes,SpangsHammersmith Odeon , London20.06.19819.5security . Great stage show.
904Tubes,SpangsHammersmith Odeon , London21.06.19819.5security
905Marvin Gaye,UK PlayersHammersmith Odeon , London30.06.19819.25security
906Split Enz,Lee KosminHammersmith Odeon , London01.07.19818.5security
907KraftwerkHammersmith Odeon , London02.07.19818.5
908Darts Venue , Victoria , London04.07.19818
909Randy CrawfordHammersmith Odeon , London07.07.19818.5security
910Duran Duran,Animal MagnetHammersmith Odeon , London09.07.19819.25secutity . DD first headline tour.
911Bad MannersBBC Paris Studios , London22.07.19819.5
912Rainbow,Rose TattooHammersmith Odeon , London26.07.19818.5security
913Ian Dury And The Blockheads,Theatre Of Hate Hammersmith Odeon , London29.07.19819.25security
914Pretenders,BureauHammersmith Odeon , London30.07.19819.5security
915SpiderClarendon,Hammersmith ,London03.08.19818.5
916Dumb BlondesEmbassy Club , London W1 10.08.19818.5
917U2,UB40BBC Studios , London W1219.08.19819.5Top Of The Pops Recording .
918Siouxsie And The Banshes,John Cooper ClarkeHammersmith Odeon , London25.08.19819.75security . Great double bill.
919Foreigner,38 SpecialHammersmith Odeon , London26.08.19819.75security . Fantastic classic rock.
920Siouxsie And The Banshes,John Cooper ClarkeHammersmith Odeon , London03.09.19819.75security . Back by public demand.
921Joe Jackson Jumpin Jive Hammersmith Palais , London07.09.19819.25
922Hazel O'Connor BBC Paris Studios , London09.09.19817.5backing band looked totally bored
923Cuddly Toys,Drastic MeasureMoonlight Club , London NW11.09.19819
924Micheal Schenker Band,Starfighters Hammersmith Odeon , London13.09.19818.5security . Should have been better.
925Micheal Schenker Band,Starfighters Hammersmith Odeon , London14.09.19818.5security Got a Cozy Powell drum stick
926U2,After The FireBBC Paris Studios , London16.09.19819.5this studio only held 200 people
927Simple Minds,IcehouseHammersmith Odeon , London25.09.19819.5security . Got into aftershow party.
928Hazel O'Connor Hammersmith Odeon , London28.09.19818.5security .
929Nazareth,Vic VergatHammersmith Odeon , London02.10.19819.25security . 7.30pm start show
930Cuddly Toys Moonlight Club , London NW02.10.1981911pm start so we went after Nazareth
931David Essex,Top SecretHammersmith Odeon , London06.10.19819.5security .
932Budgie,Jackie Lynton Band Hammersmith Odeon , London08.10.19817.5security .
933Steve HackettHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19818not required for security tonight
934Ultravox,Eddie And SunshineHammersmith Odeon , London16.10.19819.25security . 2nd of 4 sold out shows
935Ultravox,Eddie And SunshineHammersmith Odeon , London17.10.19819.25security .
936Ultravox,Eddie And SunshineHammersmith Odeon , London18.10.19819.25security .
937Clash,Meteors Lyceum Theatre , London19.10.19819.52nd of a 5 night stand
938Hawkwind,Mamas BoysHammersmith Odeon , London21.10.19817.5security . Saw 30 mins of Ramones
939Hawkwind,Mamas BoysHammersmith Odeon , London22.10.19817.5security at Ham Palais on 22.10.
940Gun Control Roebuck Pub, Chiswick , London24.10.198110great gig and party withmy band
941ZZ Top,GirlHammersmith Odeon , London26.10.19819.25security . One off UK show .
942Gun Control Grove Theatre , London SW1530.10.198110gig for school kids in the area
943Fats Domino Hammersmith Odeon , London31.10.19818security not required
944Cuddly ToysMoonlight Club , London NW06.11.19819
945Psychedelic Furs,Flock Of SeagullsDominion Theatre , London09.11.19819.5
946Cuddly Toys,Mad ShadowsBrunel University , Uxbridge13.11.19819.25
947Depeche Mode,BlancmangeLyceum Theatre , London16.11.19819.52nd of 2 shows
948Orchestral Manoevres In The Dark,Random HoldHammersmith Odeon , London19.11.19819.25security . 7.30pm start show
949RamonesVenue , Victoria , London19.11.19819.75fantastic midnight show
950Frantix,Gun ControlMoonlight Club , London NW20.11.198110we did a brilliant support set
951Judas Priest,AcceptHammersmith Odeon , London21.11.19819.25security .
952Judas Priest,AcceptHammersmith Odeon , London22.11.19819.25security .
953Altered Images,The Sound Riverside Sudios , London 23.11.19819Old Grey Whistle Test TV recording
954Gary US Bonds,Dance BandHammersmith Odeon , London24.11.19818security .
955Thin Lizzy,Sweet SavageHammersmith Odeon , London25.11.19819.5security . 1st of 4 ham odeon shows.
956Thin Lizzy,Sweet SavageHammersmith Odeon , London27.11.19819.5security . Lizzy were always great
957Thin Lizzy,Sweet SavageHammersmith Odeon , London28.11.19819.5security .
958Nine Below Zero,OK JiveHammersmith Odeon , London29.11.19818security .
959Gun Control Travellers Rest Pub, London W1230.11.198110another really enjoyable gig
960Stray CatsBBC Paris Studios , London02.11.19819.5
961Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon , London04.12.19819security .
962Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon , London05.12.19819security .last of 4 hammy cliff shows
963Gun Control Travellers Rest Pub, London W1207.12.198110another really enjoyable gig
964James Brown RevueHammersmith Odeon , London08.12.19819.5security. 2nd of 2 shows by JB
965Squeexe,Flock Of SeagullsHammersmith Odeon , London10.12.19819.25security .
966Cuddly ToysMoonlight Club , London NW11.12.19819.25
967Joan Armatrading Hammersmith Odeon , London12.12.19819.25security .
968Joan Armatrading Hammersmith Odeon , London13.12.19819.25security .
969Gun Control Travellers Rest Pub, London W1214.12.198110we are writing enough new songs
970Duran Duran,Talk TalkHammersmith Odeon , London16.12.19819.5security . Loads of screaming girls.
971Duran Duran,Talk TalkHammersmith Odeon , London17.12.19819.5security .DD are really good live.
972Slade,Spider Hammersmith Odeon , London20.12.19819.25security . Got into aftershow party.
973Gillan,BudgieHammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19817.5security .
974Gillan,BudgieHammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19817.5security.
975Japan Hammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19819.25security . 6pm show start .
976JapanHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19819.25security . 9pm show start .
977Black Sabbath,MoreHammersmith Odeon , London31.12.19818.5security . Ist of 4 shows was average
978Dumb BlondesMoonlight Club , London NW31.12.1981811pm start so we went after Sabbath
979Black Sabbath,MoreHammersmith Odeon , London01.01.19829.5security. This is more like it .
980Black Sabbath,MoreHammersmith Odeon , London02.01.19829.5security .
981Black Sabbath,MoreHammersmith Odeon , London03.01.19829.5security .
982New Order Riverside Studios , London04.01.19829Old Grey Whistle Test TV Recording
983Classix Nouveaux,Flock Of SeagullsBBC Paris Studios , London13.01.19828.5
984Level 42Riverside Studios , London18.01.19828Old Grey Whistle Test TV Recording
985DartsVenue , Victoria , London23.01.19828
986UFO,GirlHammersmith Odeon , London27.01.19828security . The pa sound was a mess.
987UFO,GirlHammersmith Odeon , London28.01.19829.25security . Much better tonight .
988Edgar Winter,Soft CellRiverside Studios , London01.02.19828Old Grey Whistle Test TV Recording
989UB40,Night DoctorHammersmith Odeon , London02.02.19829security .
990UB40,Night DoctorHammersmith Odeon , London03.02.19829security .
991Teddy Pendergrass,BuzzHammersmith Odeon , London04.02.19829security . Had to work a bit tonight.
992Teddy Pendergrass,BuzzHammersmith Odeon , London05.02.19829security .
993Teddy Pendergrass,BuzzHammersmith Odeon , London06.02.19829security .
994Stranglers,Boys In Darkness Hammersmith Odeon , London08.02.19828security . Not a good show for them.
995Sammy Hagar,Grand PrixHammersmith Odeon , London09.02.19829.5security . Fantastic all red stage .
996Sammy Hagar,Grand PrixHammersmith Odeon , London10.02.19829.5security . Ex Montrose singer .
997Depeche Mode,Matt FrettonHammersmith Odeon , London13.02.19829security .
998Alice Cooper,SapphireHammersmith Odeon , London14.02.19829.75security. Brought the snake along.
999Alice Cooper,SapphireHammersmith Odeon , London15.02.19829.75security .Brought the dancers along.
1000Alice Cooper,SapphireHammersmith Odeon , London16.02.19829.75security Fantastic 3 shows by Alice
1001Cuddly ToysLakers Hotel , Redhill , Surrey19.02.19829well worth the 25 mile drive each way
1002Krokus,MagnumHammersmith Odeon , London20.02.19829.25security, pretty good for a Swiss band
1003Gun ControlBush Hotel Pub , London W1225.02.19829I left the band after this gig.
1004Depeche Mode,BlancmangeHammersmith Odeon , London28.02.19829.25security .
100510ccHammersmith Odeon , London10.03.19828.57.30 pm show .no security required .
1006BlondesEmbassy Club , London W110.03.1982811.30pm show start .
1007Four Tops Hammersmith Odeon , London12.03.19829
1008Cuddly ToysMarquee Club , London16.03.19829.25
1009True Life ConfessionsFulham Greyhound Pub , London17.03.19829Naughty but nice .
1010Maze,Second ImageHammersmith Odeon , London22.03.19829.5security . Surprisingly ecxcellent
1011Maze,Second ImageHammersmith Odeon , London23.03.19829.5security .the band really were tight .
1012Motorhead,TankHammersmith Odeon , London26.03.19829.25security .
1013Motorhead,TankHammersmith Odeon , London27.03.19829.25security .
1014Motorhead,TankHammersmith Odeon , London29.03.19829.25security .last of 4 sold out shows .
1015Haircut 100,Weapon Of Peace Hammersmith Odeon , London31.03.19829.25security . Loads of screaming girls .
1016Haircut 100,Weapon Of Peace Hammersmith Odeon , London01.04.19829.25security .
1017Tom Browne,Private Lives Hammersmith Odeon , London03.04.19828security .
1018Elkie BrooksHammersmith Odeon , London07.04.19827ok freebie when not working .
1019Johnny ThundersHope And Anchor Pub , London20.04.19829.25chaotic but brilliant
1020Scorpions,WolfHammersmith Odeon , London23.04.19829security .
1021Scorpions,WolfHammersmith Odeon , London24.04.19829.25security .M.Schenker on for encore .
1022Boomtown Rats,Matt FrettonHammersmith Odeon , London25.04.19828.5security .
1023Blackfoot,SapphireHammersmith Odeon , London28.04.19829.25security . 7.30pm show start
1024Johnny ThundersCamden Dingwalls , London28.04.19829.511.30pm show start (went after ham).
1025CureHammersmith Odeon , London01.05.19829.25security .
1026Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London03.05.19829.5security . A week of Quo shows
1027Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London04.05.19829.5security . 2 hour show .no support
1028Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London05.05.19829.5security .late 70s /early 80s Quo
1029Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London06.05.19829.5security shows were always great.
1030Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London07.05.19829.5security . Great atmosphere .
1031Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London08.05.19829.5security . Heads down boogie.
1032Status QuoHammersmith Odeon , London09.05.19829.5security .
1033Third World,Bumble N The Bees Hammersmith Odeon , London11.05.19828security .
1034Third World,Bumble N The Bees Hammersmith Odeon , London12.05.19828security .
1035Girlschool,RavenHammersmith Odeon , London13.05.19827.5security .
1036Rose Royce Hammersmith Odeon , London18.05.19828.5not many tickets sold
1037True Life ConfessionsFulham Greyhound Pub , London19.05.19828a lot funnier first time round
1038Jonathan RichmanVenue , Victoria , London20.05.19828.5
1039BB King,Bobby Bland,John Lee Hooker Hammersmith Odeon , London23.05.19828.5last of 4 ham shows = blues package
1040Judie Tzuke,Bloomsbury SetHammersmith Odeon , London24.05.19828
1041Johnny Thunders,London Cowboys Kensington Ad Lib ,London W829.05.19829.52 great bands
1042Altered Images,Vic Goddards Subway SectHammersmith Odeon , London30.05.19829security .
1043Ry CooderHammersmith Odeon , London01.06.198285th of 8 show run for Ry at ham odeon
1044Willie NelsonHammersmith Odeon , London07.06.19828
1045Kid Creole And The CoconutsLyceum Theatre , London09.06.19829.5fantastic band and big lavish show
1046Haircut 100,BluebellsHammersmith Odeon , London10.06.19829.5security . Lots of screaming girls.
1047Haircut 100,BluebellsHammersmith Odeon , London11.06.19829.5security . Lots of classic pop tunes .
1048Frank ZappaHammersmith Odeon , London19.06.19828security . 6pm show start .
1049Frank ZappaHammersmith Odeon , London19.06.19828security . 9pm show start .
1050Gang Of Four,King Trigger Hammersmith Palais , London22.06.19828.5
1051Toyah,Positive NoiseHammersmith Odeon , London25.06.19827.5security .
1052Rolling Stones,J Geils BandWembley Staduim , London26.06.19829.75fantastic stadium show
1053Lurkers,SatelitesMoonlight Club , London NW02.07.19828
1054Theatre Of Hate,Southern Death CultHammersmith Palais , London04.07.19829
1055Pigbag,Clint Eastwood And General SaintHammersmith Palais , London06.07.19828.5
1056Eurythmics,Hambi And The DanceBBC Paris Studios , London07.07.19827.5possibly Eurythmics first ever show ??
1057Cuddly ToysVenue , Victoria , London12.07.19829
1058Jackson BrowneHammersmith Odeon , London15.07.19829.5last of 4 ham odeon Jackson shows
1059Toyah,Positive NoiseHammersmith Odeon , London17.07.19828.5security .
1060Toyah,Positive NoiseHammersmith Odeon , London18.07.19828.5security .
1061Glitter Band,Passion PuppetsMarquee Club , London20.07.19829
1062Steve Miller BandHammersmith Odeon , London21.07.19829security .
1063Steve Miller BandHammersmith Odeon , London22.07.19829security .7.30pm show start
1064Talk TalkVenue , Victoria , London22.07.1982911.30pm show start after S Miller
1065Steve Miller BandHammersmith Odeon , London23.07.19829security .
1066Bucks Fizz,SundanceHammersmith Odeon , London30.07.19828security .
1067Light Of The World,Blue FeatherHammersmith Odeon , London31.07.19828.5security .
1068Lords Of The New ChurchVenue , Victoria , London03.08.19829
1069Bow Wow Wow,Dancing DidHammersmith Palais , London22.08.19829.25
1070Gary Glitter,Haze Venue , Victoria , London27.08.19829.5fantastic show by GG
1070David Essex,Real ThingHammersmith Odeon , London05.09.19828.75security .
1071David Essex,Real ThingHammersmith Odeon , London06.09.19828.75security .
1072Tygers Of Pan Tang,TytanHammersmith Odeon , London12.09.19828.5security .
1073Simple MindsLyceum Theatre , London13.09.19828.5vocals were very muffled
1074Billy Idol,Mat FrettonHeaven Nightclub , London20.09.19829.75brilliant one off UK show
1075Chris Farlowe,Billy FuryHammersmith Odeon , London21.09.19828
1076UB40,Mikey DreadHammersmith Odeon , London22.09.19829security .earned my money tonight .
1077UB40,Mikey DreadHammersmith Odeon , London23.09.19829security .
1078GenesisHammersmith Odeon , London30.09.19829security .last of 3 sold out shows .
1078TotoHammersmith Odeon , London04.10.19828.75security . One off UK show .
1079Stiff Little Fingers,Midnight Oil,Roddy RadiationHammersmith Odeon , London07.10.19828.5security .should have been better .
1080Saxon,CheetahHammersmith Odeon , London08.10.19829.25security .saxon are getting better .
1081Saxon,CheetahHammersmith Odeon , London09.10.19829.25security .
1082Psychedelic Furs,PassageHammersmith Odeon , London10.10.19829security .a bit messy .
1083Damned,ChargeHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19829security . Seats at front got smashed .
1084Kid Creole And The Coconuts Hammersmith Odeon , London12.10.19829.5security . They are a fantastic live act.
1085AC/DC,Y n T Hammersmith Odeon , London13.10.19829.75security . AC/DC as usual superb.
1086AC/DC,Y n T Hammersmith Odeon , London14.10.19829.75security .
1087AC/DC,Y n T Hammersmith Odeon , London15.10.19829.75security .
1088AC/DC,Y n T Hammersmith Odeon , London16.10.19829.75security .
1089Hall And Oates,Heartbeats Hammersmith Odeon , London19.10.19828.5security . Last of 3 H n O shows.
1090Joe CockerHammersmith Odeon , London23.10.19828.75
1091Depeche Mode,Matt FrettonHammersmith Odeon , London24.10.19829security .
1092Depeche Mode,Matt FrettonHammersmith Odeon , London25.10.19829security .
1093Kid Creole And The Coconuts,Impossible DreamersHammersmith Odeon , London26.10.19829.75security .
1094Kid Creole And The Coconuts,Impossible DreamersHammersmith Odeon , London27.10.19829.75security .
1095Shakin Stevens,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London28.10.19827.5security .
1096Shakin Stevens,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London29.10.19827.5security .7.30pm show start
1097MembersVenue , Victoria , London29.10.19828.511.30pm show start after Shaky
1098Shakin Stevens,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London30.10.19827.5security .
1099Diamond Head,TankHammersmith Odeon , London01.11.19828security .
1100Joan Jett,The Smart Hammersmith Odeon , London02.11.19828security .should have been better .
1101Duran Duran,The ChurchHammersmith Odeon , London03.11.19829.5security . Loads of screaming girls .
1102Duran Duran,The ChurchHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.19829.5security . DD are great live though.
1103Millie JacksonHammersmith Odeon , London05.11.19828security .
1104Millie JacksonHammersmith Odeon , London06.11.19828security .
1105Level 42,Stikki StuffHammersmith Odeon , London07.11.19828security .
1106PromisesKensington Ad Lib ,London W808.11.19828.5
1107Fashion,KajagoogooHammersmith Odeon , London10.11.19829security .
1108Shakatak,YeowHammersmith Odeon , London11.11.19827security .
1109Hawkwind,Baron RojoHammersmith Odeon , London12.11.19827security .
1110Hawkwind,Baron RojoHammersmith Odeon , London13.11.19827security .
1111Duran Duran,Le MatHammersmith Odeon , London14.11.19829.5security . 3pm show start
1112Duran Duran,Le MatHammersmith Odeon , London14.11.19829.5security . 8pm show start .
1113Duran Duran,Bloomsbury SetHammersmith Odeon , London15.11.19829.75security . Duranmania at its height.
1114Duran Duran,Bloomsbury SetHammersmith Odeon , London16.11.19829.75security .police escort after each show.
1115Japan,Sandi And The Sunsets Hammersmith Odeon , London17.11.19829.25security . First of six Japan shows
1116Japan,Sandi And The Sunsets Hammersmith Odeon , London18.11.19829.25security .they were huge at this stage .
1117Japan,Sandi And The Sunsets Hammersmith Odeon , London19.11.19829.25security .
1118Japan,Sandi And The Sunsets Hammersmith Odeon , London20.11.19829.25security .
1119Japan,Sandi And The Sunsets Hammersmith Odeon , London21.11.19829.25security .
1120Japan,Sandi And The Sunsets Hammersmith Odeon , London22.11.19829.25security .
1121ABC,CarmelHammersmith Odeon , London23.11.19829security .sound kept cutting out.
1122ABC,CarmelHammersmith Odeon , London24.11.19829.5security .ABC first UK tour.
1123ABC,CarmelHammersmith Odeon , London25.11.19829.5security superb gigs for debut album.
1124Micheal Schenker Band,VandenbergHammersmith Odeon , London26.11.19829.25security .
1125Micheal Schenker Band,VandenbergHammersmith Odeon , London27.11.19829.25security .
1126Phil CollinsHammersmith Odeon , London30.11.19829security .
1127Phil CollinsHammersmith Odeon , London01.12.19829security .last of 4 sold out shows .
1128Ultravox,Messengers,Eddie n SunshineHammersmith Odeon , London02.12.19829.25security .impressive huge grey stage ..
1129Ultravox,Messengers,Eddie n SunshineHammersmith Odeon , London03.12.19829.25security .
1130Ultravox,Messengers,Eddie n SunshineHammersmith Odeon , London04.12.19829.25security .
1131Ultravox,Messengers,Eddie n SunshineHammersmith Odeon , London05.12.19829.25security .
1132Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London09.12.19829.5security .first of 14 Elton xmas gigs
1133Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London10.12.19829.5security .
1134Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London11.12.19829.5security .
1135Iggy PopVenue , Victoria , London16.12.1982911.30pm show start
1136Slade,Cold ChiselHammersmith Odeon , London17.12.19829.25security .earned my money tonight .
1137Slade,Cold ChiselHammersmith Odeon , London18.12.19829.25security .earned my money tonight .
1138Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London19.12.19829.5security . Elton and band were great .
1139Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London20.12.19829.5security .elton spent ?10, 000
1140Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19829.5security .decorating the Odeon
1141Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19829.5security .in the colours of Watford
1142Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19829.5security .and put a giant xmas card
1143Elton John Band,StargazersHammersmith Odeon , London24.12.19829.5security . at the front of the venue.
1144ImaginationHammersmith Odeon , London26.12.19828.5security .
1145Siouxsie And The Banshees,Marc And The MambasHammersmith Odeon , London28.12.19829.25security .
1146Siouxsie And The Banshees,Marc And The MambasHammersmith Odeon , London29.12.19829.25security .
1147Haircut 100,FunkapolitanHammersmith Odeon , London31.12.19828.5security .not as good as 6 months ago.
1148Whitesnake,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London03.01.19839.25security .
1149Whitesnake,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London04.01.19839.25security .
1150Whitesnake,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London05.01.19839.25security .
1151Whitesnake,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London06.01.19839.25security .
1152Joe JacksonHammersmith Odeon , London11.01.19839security .2 hour show . No support.
1153Gary Moore Band,StampedeHammersmith Odeon , London15.01.19837.5security .
1154Pat Benatar,Brian Connolly BandHammersmith Odeon , London21.01.19839security .support was Sweet singer .
1155Pat Benatar,Brian Connolly BandHammersmith Odeon , London22.01.19839security .
1156Echo And The Bunnymen,Whimpering ChildHammersmith Odeon , London24.01.19838.5security .
1157Rickie Lee JonesHammersmith Odeon , London31.01.19837
1158Commodores,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London02.02.19838.5security ..
1159Commodores,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London03.02.19838.5security .
1160Gap Band,Yarbrough And PeoplesHammersmith Odeon , London05.02.19838.5security
1161London CowboysMoonlight Club , London NW12.02.19839
1162StranglersHammersmith Odeon , London15.02.19838.5security . Seats at front got smashed.
1163Laura Pallas Embassy Nightclub , London W124.02.1983811pm show start . .
1164Def Leppard,Rock GoddessHammersmith Odeon , London04.03.19839security . Def now massive in USA.
1165Soft CellHammersmith Palais , London07.03.19839
1166Thin Lizzy,Mamas Boys Hammersmith Odeon , London09.03.19839.5security . I really miss Phil Lynott.
1167Thin Lizzy,Mamas Boys Hammersmith Odeon , London10.03.19839.5security . Lizzy always great at ham
1168Thin Lizzy,Mamas Boys Hammersmith Odeon , London11.03.19839.5security .ex members came on stage
1169Thin Lizzy,Mamas Boys Hammersmith Odeon , London12.03.19839.5security . Lizzy farewell tour .
1170U2,NightcapsHammersmith Odeon , London14.03.19839.75security .U2 were fantastic.
1172Pat Methany GroupHammersmith Odeon , London19.03.19837security.
1173Undertones,Cook Da BooksHammersmith Odeon , London20.03.18839.25security .
1174U2,NightcapsHammersmith Odeon , London21.03.19839.75security .like last week , brilliant.
1175Roy Ayers,Morrissey MullenHammersmith Odeon , London25.03.19838.5security .
1176Roy Ayers,Morrissey MullenHammersmith Odeon , London26.03.19838.5security.
1177Culture Club,Swinging LaurelsDominion Theatre , London31.03.19839security . We worked at other venues.
1178Hanoi RocksVenue , Victoria , London08.04.19839
1179Sugar Ray Five ( winner of Battle Of The Bands comp)Hammersmith Odeon , London09.04.19838security .each group had own fans.
1180UFO,SocretesHammersmith Odeon , London14.04.19839.25secuirty . Farewell tour by UFO .
1181UFO,SocretesHammersmith Odeon , London15.04.19839.25security . They will now split up.
1182Marillion,Peter HamillHammersmith Odeon , London17.04.19839security .audience really loved it .
1183Marillion,Peter HamillHammersmith Odeon , London18.04.19839security .
1184Orchestral Manoeuvres,Cocteau TwinsHammersmith Odeon , London19.04.19838.5security .
1185Orchestral Manoeuvres,Cocteau TwinsHammersmith Odeon , London20.04.19838.5security .
1186Fastway,Rock GoddessHammersmith Odeon , London23.04.19837.5security . Should have been better .
1187Flock Of Seagulls,The Flag,Dekka DanceHammersmith Odeon , London26.04.19839.25security . Surprisingly good show .
1188Frank Marinos Mahogany RushHammersmith Odeon , London29.04.19838.5security .
1189Steve Hackett,OppositionHammersmith Odeon , London30.04.19837.5security .
1190Maze,Second ImageHammersmith Odeon , London05.05.19839.5security . Maze were fantastic live.
1191Maze,Second ImageHammersmith Odeon , London06.05.19839.5security . Maze loved Ham Odeon
1192Maze,Second ImageHammersmith Odeon , London07.05.19839.5security . 15 mins Joy And Pain
1193Maze,Second ImageHammersmith Odeon , London08.05.19839.5security 4 superb shows .
1194Orchestral Manoeuvres,Cocteau TwinsHammersmith Odeon , London09.05.19839security .
1195Orchestral Manoeuvres,Cocteau TwinsHammersmith Odeon , London10.05.19839security .
1196Thompson Twins,BlackHammersmith Odeon , London11.05.19838security .
1197Thompson Twins,BlackHammersmith Odeon , London12.05.19838security .
1198Eric ClaptonHammersmith Odeon , London17.05.19838.5security . 2nd of 4 shows by Eric .
1199Marillion,WahRiverside Studios , London W620.05.19838.5Old Grey Whisle Test TV Recording
1200Uli Roths Electric Sun,PallasHammersmith Odeon , London23.05.19838.5security .
1201Iron Maiden,Grand PrixHammersmith Odeon , London25.05.19839.25security . 1st of 4 ham odeon shows .
1202Iron Maiden,Grand PrixHammersmith Odeon , London26.05.19839.25security .
1203Iron Maiden,Grand PrixHammersmith Odeon , London27.05.19839.25security .
1204Kajagoogoo,H20 Hammersmith Odeon , London30.05.19838security . Too Shy had been No 1
1205Kajagoogoo,H20 Hammersmith Odeon , London31.05.19838security . Loads of screaming girls .
1206Motorhead,AnvilHammersmith Odeon , London04.06.19839security .
1207Motorhead,AnvilHammersmith Odeon , London05.06.19839security .
1208Magnum,SantersHammersmith Odeon , London07.06.19838security .
1209Armoury ShowHeaven Nightclub , London13.06.19838.5Richard Jobson (Skids) new band
1210Al JarreauHammersmith Odeon , London20.06.19837
1211Kajagoogoo,H20 Hammersmith Odeon , London26.06.19838security. 5pm show start .
1212King Sunny AdeHammersmith Odeon , London27.06.19838.5security .
1213Residents Hammersmith Odeon , London28.06.19837.5security .
1214David Bowie,Amazulu Hammersmith Odeon , London30.06.19839.75security . Favtastic gig for charity .
1215Nick Heyward Band,BluebellsDominion Theatre , London01.07.19838.5security .
1216Juluka Venue , Victoria , London04.07.19839
1217Men At Work,Cook Da BooksHammersmith Odeon , London09.07.19838security .
1218Men At Work,Cook Da BooksHammersmith Odeon , London10.07.19838secutity .
1219Stevie WinwoodHammersmith Odeon , London11.07.19838.751st of 3 ham odeon Stevie shows .
1220Dire StraitsHammersmith Odeon , London22.07.19839.25security .
1221Dire StraitsHammersmith Odeon , London23.07.19839.25security .
1222Armoury Show,Eyeless In GazaVenue , Victoria , London11.08.19838.5
1223Thin Lizzy,Little Steven,Steve Harley,Ten Years After Reading Festival , Berkshire 28.08.19839.25Thin Lizzy last ever show .
1224Peter Gabriel,Zerra OneHammersmith Odeon , London09.09.19839.25security .last of 3 PG shows at ham
1225Level 42,Stikki StuffHammersmith Odeon , London10.09.19838.5security .
1226Level 42,Stikki StuffHammersmith Odeon , London11.09.19838.5security .
1227Joboxers,Silent RunningBBC Paris Studios , London14.09.19839
1228Kid Creole And The CoconutsHammersmith Odeon , London20.09.1983.9.5security . 2nd of 7 shows by Kid
1229Kid Creole And The CoconutsHammersmith Odeon , London22.09.19839.5security. Fantastic live show
1230Kid Creole And The CoconutsHammersmith Odeon , London23.09.19839.5security . So much colour and fun .
1231Commodores Hammersmith Odeon , London28.09.19838.5security .
1232Big Country,One The JugglerHammersmith Odeon , London29.09.19839.25security .
1233Big Country,One The JugglerHammersmith Odeon , London30.09.19839.25security .
1234Diamond Head,BudgieHammersmith Odeon , London05.10.19838security .
1235Depeche Mode,Matt FrettonHammersmith Odeon , London06.10.19839security .
1236Depeche Mode,Matt FrettonHammersmith Odeon , London07.10.19839security .
1237Johnny Thunders,Jayne County,ChelseaLyceum Theatre , London09.10.19839.5fantastic 3 band punk bill
1238Judie TzukeHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19837
1239Clint Eastwood And General Saint,Unity BBC Paris Studios , London12.10.19838.5the reggae artist , not the actor
1240Gary Numan,Tik And TokHammersmith Odeon , London13.10.19838.5security .
1241Gary Numan,Tik And TokHammersmith Odeon , London14.10.19838.5security .
1242Gary Numan,Tik And TokHammersmith Odeon , London15.10.19838.5security .
1243Gary Numan,Tik And TokHammersmith Odeon , London16.10.19838.5security .
1244Smokey Robinson,CheckmateHammersmith Odeon , London20.10.19838.5
1245Shakatak,JJ WallerHammersmith Odeon , London21.10.19837security .
1246Micheal Schenker Group,WildfireHammersmith Odeon , London22.10.19838.5security .
1247KISS,HelixWembley Arena , London23.10.19839.75KISS without make up but still great .
1248UB40,Winston ReddyHammersmith Odeon , London24.10.19839.25security . We earned it at UB40
1249UB40,Winston ReddyHammersmith Odeon , London25.10.19839.25security . Great atmosphere .
1250UB40,Winston ReddyHammersmith Odeon , London26.10.19839.25security .
1251Wham,Gary CrowleyHammersmith Odeon , London27.10.19838.5security .shuttlecocks down pants .
1252Wham,Gary CrowleyHammersmith Odeon , London28.10.19838.5security .loads of screaming girls .
1253Paul Young,Passion PuppetsHammersmith Odeon , London30.10.19839.25security .what a great voice .
1254Paul Young,Passion PuppetsHammersmith Odeon , London31.10.19839.25security .
1255Brass Construction,New York SkyyHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.19838.75security .
1256Dio,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London05.11.19839.25security .great stage set .
1257Brass Construction,New York SkyyHammersmith Odeon , London06.11.19848.75security .
1258Auto Da Fe,The CallBBC Paris Studios , London09.11.19838auto da fe bassist was Phil Lynott
1259Saga,Cook Da BooksHammersmith Odeon , London10.11.19838
1260Comsat Angels,OppositionBBC Paris Studios , London16.11.19838
1261Eurythmics,Virgin DanceHammersmith Odeon , London19.11.19839security .
1262Shakin Stevens,Second ThoughtsHammersmith Odeon , London20.11.19838security .
1263Shakin Stevens,Second ThoughtsHammersmith Odeon , London21.11.19838security .
1264Kid Creole And The Coconuts,Second ThoughtsHammersmith Odeon , London22.11.19839.75security . back by public demand.
1265Kid Creole And The Coconuts,Second ThoughtsHammersmith Odeon , London23.11.19839.75security . fantastic 2 hours 30 mins.
1266Kid Creole And The Coconuts,Second ThoughtsHammersmith Odeon , London24.11.19839.75security . this is how its done .
1267Wham,Gary Crowley(DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London26.11.19838.5security .loads of screaming girls .
1268ZZ Top,Wendy And The RocketsHammersmith Odeon , London28.11.19839.25security . 2nd of 2 ZZ Top shows .
1269Ozzy Osbourne Band,Heavy PettinHammersmith Odeon , London29.11.19839.25security .
1270Ozzy Osbourne Band,Heavy PettinHammersmith Odeon , London30.11.19839.25security .
1271New Order,The WakeBrixton Acadamy , London01.12.19839.25
1272Eurythmics,Virgin DanceHammersmith Odeon , London03.12.19839
1273Public Image Ltd,First PriorityHammersmith Palais , London04.12.19839.25john still full of sarcasm .
1274Def LeppardHammersmith Odeon , London05.12.19839
1275Imagination,ZingariHammersmith Odeon , London09.12.19838.5security .they were huge at this stage.
1276Imagination,ZingariHammersmith Odeon , London10.12.19838.5security .5pm show start .
1277Imagination,ZingariHammersmith Odeon , London10.12.19838.5security .8.30pm show start .
1278Imagination,ZingariHammersmith Odeon , London11.12.19838.5security .
1279Robert PlantHammersmith Odeon , London12.12.19838security . Should have been better .
1280Robert PlantHammersmith Odeon , London13.12.19838security .
1281Tears For Fears,EscapeHammersmith Odeon , London14.12.19838security .
1282Tears For Fears,EscapeHammersmith Odeon , London15.12.19838security .
1283Judas Priest,Quiet RiotHammersmith Odeon , London16.12.19839.5security . Great heavy rock bill
1284Judas Priest,Quiet RiotHammersmith Odeon , London17.12.19839.5security . Support were excellent.
1285Culture Club,Swinging LaurelsHammersmith Odeon , London18.12.19839.5security . Loads of screaming girls .
1286Culture Club,Swinging LaurelsHammersmith Odeon , London19.12.19839.5security . Fantastic atmosphere
1287Culture Club,Swinging LaurelsHammersmith Odeon , London20.12.19839.5security . CC were huge now.
1288Elvis Costello And The Attractions,Prefab Sprout Hammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19838.5security .lenny henry on for encore .
1289Elvis Costello And The Attractions,Prefab Sprout Hammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19838.5security .
1290Paul Young,Fiction FactoryHammersmith Odeon , London24.12.19839.5security.live on BBC2 TV for OGWT
1291Marillion Hammersmith Odeon , London28.12.19838security . Not as good as April 1983
1292Soft CellHammersmith Palais , London10.01.19849Soft Cell last ever show
1293Pretenders,The ClimbHammersmith Odeon , London14.01.19849.5security .great start to the year .
1294Pretenders,The ClimbHammersmith Odeon , London15.01.19849.5security .
1295Pretenders,The ClimbHammersmith Odeon , London16.01.19849.5security .
1296Accept Hammersmith Odeon , London29.01.19848.75security .
1297Herbie Hancock Band,Second Thoughts Hammersmith Odeon , London30.01.19848.75security .first time I saw DJs were
1298Herbie Hancock Band,Second Thoughts Hammersmith Odeon , London31.01.19848.75security .mixing and scratching .
1299Scorpions,Mamas BoysHammersmith Odeon , London01.02.19849security . impressive stage set in
1300Scorpions,Mamas BoysHammersmith Odeon , London02.02.19849security .red, black and grey .
1301Gary Moore,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London11.02.19848.5security . Jimmy Nail on for encore .
1302Kool And The GangHammersmith Odeon , London12.02.19849.5security . No support . 2 hour show .
1303Kool And The GangHammersmith Odeon , London13.02.19849.5security .great disco party nights .
1304Blue Oyster Cult,Aldo NovaHammersmith Odeon , London14.02.19849.5security . On your hands or on knees
1305Blue Oyster Cult,Aldo NovaHammersmith Odeon , London15.02.19849.5security .here they are . BOC .
1306Gary Glitter,Glitter Band Baileys Nightclub , Watford17.02.19849.5fantastic show . 5th of 6 show run .
1307Saxon,Verity,BattleaxeHammersmith Odeon , London24.02.19849.25security .
1308Saxon,Verity,BattleaxeHammersmith Odeon , London25.02.19849.25security .
1309Ted Nugent,Air RaceHammersmith Odeon , London29.02.19848.5security .not enough old songs played .
1310Thompson Twins,Savage Progress Hammersmith Odeon , London05.03.19849security .
1311Thompson Twins,Savage Progress Hammersmith Odeon , London06.03.19849security .
1312Quiet Riot,RoxHammersmith Odeon , London07.03.19849.25security .metal health was great .
1313Marillion,PendragonHammersmith Odeon , London09.03.19849security . Fish was great with stories.
1314Marillion,PendragonHammersmith Odeon , London10.03.19849security . Fish was a great front man ..
1315Marillion,PendragonHammersmith Odeon , London11.03.19849security .
1316Manowar Hammersmith Odeon , London12.03.19849.25security . Debut album is superb .
1317ClashBrixton Academy , London16.03.19849.25mick jones gone ,now a five piece .
1318Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,Patti PalladinLyceum Theatre , London25.03.19849.25chaotic and messy but still brilliant .
1318SpiderHammersmith Odeon , London28.03.19848security .tube strike saw low turn out .
1320Slave,PyramidHammersmith Odeon , London29.03.19848.5security . More stateside funk .
1321Ian Dury,John Cooper ClarkeHammersmith Odeon , London30.03.19849security .
1322Whitesnake,Headpins,Black n BlueHammersmith Odeon , London01.04.19849.5security .john sykes now on guitar .
1323Whitesnake,Headpins,Black n BlueHammersmith Odeon , London02.04.19849.5security . great rock band bill .
1324Dr HookHammersmith Odeon , London06.04.198482nd of 3 Dr Hook ham odeon shows .
1325Joe Jackson Band,Big HeadHammersmith Odeon , London11.04.19849security . Very slick band
1326Joe Jackson Band,Big HeadHammersmith Odeon , London12.04.19849security .
1327Nik Kershaw,Belouis SomeHammersmith Odeon , London15.04.19848security .
1328Nik Kershaw,Belouis SomeHammersmith Odeon , London16.04.19848security .
1329BB KingHammersmith Odeon , London19.04.19848security .
1330Dave Gilmour,Billy BraggHammersmith Odeon , London28.04.19849security . Great musicians .
1331Dave Gilmour,Billy BraggHammersmith Odeon , London29.04.19849security . Interesting double bill
1332Dave Gilmour,Billy BraggHammersmith Odeon , London30.04.19849security . look who the support is .
1333Sade,Adrian Legg BBC Paris Studios , London02.05.19848.75
1334Motorhead,Fist,YoungbloodHammersmith Odeon , London07.05.19849security .
1335Cure,Also The Trees Hammersmith Odeon , London08.05.19848security . 1st of 3 ham cure shows .
1336Simple Minds,Silent RunningHammersmith Odeon , London12.05.19849.5security . Simple Minds are massive.
1337Simple Minds,Silent RunningHammersmith Odeon , London14.05.19849.5security . Much better live in concert
1338Simple Minds,Silent RunningHammersmith Odeon , London15.05.19849.5security . than on their records .
1339Simple Minds,Silent RunningHammersmith Odeon , London19.05.19849.5security .last of 8 ham odeon shows .
1340Cameo,PazHammersmith Odeon , London26.05.19849security. before all the hit singles .
1341Psychedic Furs,Passion Puppets Hammersmith Odeon , London28.05.19849.5security . The Furs were excellent .
1342Linton Kwesi Johnson,Dub BandBBC Paris Studios , London30.05.19848.25
1343Venom,Dumpys Rusty NutsHammersmith Odeon , London01.06.19849security . What a fantastic stageshow.
1344Qrchestral Manoevres In The Dark,Fiction FactoryHammersmith Odeon , London03.06.19849security .
1345Ultravox,MessengersHammersmith Odeon , London06.06.19849.25security . 1st of 5 ham odeon shows .
1346Ultravox,MessengersHammersmith Odeon , London07.06.19849.25security .
1347Ultravox,MessengersHammersmith Odeon , London08.06.19849.25security .
1348Womack And Womack,Ruby Turner BandHammersmith Odeon , London12.06.19848
1349Twisted Sister,Lita FordHammersmith Odeon , London15.06.19849security .great fun double bill .
1350Dead Or Alive,HellraisersBBC Paris Studios , London20.06.19848
1351Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon , London24.06.19849.75security . Worked all 7 Quo shows .
1352Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon , London25.06.19849.75security . Fantastic atmosphere .
1353Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon , London26.06.19849.75security . Everyone up for a good time
1354Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon , London27.06.19849.75security . 2 hours 30 mins set .
1355Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon , London28.06.19849.75security .not bored at all .
1356Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon , London29.06.19849.75security .rumours of last ever tour ??
1357Status Quo Hammersmith Odeon , London30.06.19849.75security . Even afer 7 shows still great .
1358Psychedic Furs,Armoury ShowHammersmith Odeon , London02.07.19849.5security .
1359Status Quo,Nazareth,Marillion,Gary Glitter The Bowl , Milton Keynes21.07.19849.5great day . Billed as Quo's last gig ?
1360Sade Royal Festival Hall , London30.07.19849security . We worked a few here .
1361AC/DC,Van Halen,Ozzy Osbourne,Gary Moore,Motley CrueMonsters Of Rock , Donnington17.08.19849.75What a great day .What a great line up .
1362Mighty Wah,Spear Of DestinyVictoria Park, Hackney, London18.08.19849free concert by the GLC
1363Johnny Thunders Hearbreakers Marquee Club , London23.08.19849.5johnny just has the X factor
1364Johnny Thunders Hearbreakers Marquee Club , London24.08.19849.5last of 5 show run at The Marquee
1365Kleer,Cool Notes Hammersmith Odeon , London06.09.19848security . More stateside funk .
1366Jethro Tull Hammersmith Odeon , London07.09.19848security .1st of 3 ham odeon shows .
1367Marc Almond,Mustaphas Royal Festival Hall , London08.09.19848.5security .
1368Little Steven And The Disciples Of SoulHammersmith Odeon , London11.09.19849.25earlier this year quit Springsteen band
1369Johnny MathisHammersmith Odeon , London17.09.19847swings and roundabouts I suppose
1370Bobby WomackHammersmith Odeon , London23.09.19848.25last of 3 ham odeon shows .
1371KISS,Bon JoviBrighton Centre , Brighton30.09.19849.75look who were the support band .
1372Qrchestral Manoevres In The Dark,Reverb BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London02.10.19849securiry .singer still does funny dance
1373Qrchestral Manoevres In The Dark,Reverb BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London03.10.19849security .
1374Dio,Queensryche Hammersmith Odeon , London04.10.19849.5security . Great heavy rock package .
1375Dio,Queensryche Hammersmith Odeon , London05.10.19849.5security .
1376Dio,Queensryche Hammersmith Odeon , London06.10.19849.5security .
1377Iron Maiden,Waysted Hammersmith Odeon , London08.10.19849.5security . Great heavy rock package .
1378Iron Maiden,Waysted Hammersmith Odeon , London09.10.19849.5security .
1379Iron Maiden,Waysted Hammersmith Odeon , London10.10.19849.5security .
1380Iron Maiden,Waysted Hammersmith Odeon , London12.10.19849.5security .
1381KISS,Bon JoviWembley Arena , London14.10.19849.75great but I still miss the make up .
1382KISS,Bon JoviWembley Arena , London15.10.19849.75make up years had better stage set .
1383Echo And The Bunnymen,Lets ActiveHammersmith Odeon , London17.10.19848.5security . Should have been better .
1384Echo And The Bunnymen,Lets ActiveHammersmith Odeon , London18.10.19848.5security . Sound was very messy .
1385Big Country,White ChinaHammersmith Odeon , London19.10.19849security .
1386Big Country,White ChinaHammersmith Odeon , London20.10.19849security .
1387Nazareth,Black Angels Dominion Theatre , London29.10.19849
1388Kissing The Pink,Adventures BBC Paris Studios , London31.10.19847.5
1389Depeche Mode,Portion ControlHammersmith Odeon , London01.11.19849security .1st of 4 ham odeon shows .
1390Depeche Mode,Portion ControlHammersmith Odeon , London02.11.19849security .
1391U2,Waterboys Brixton Academy , London03.11.19849.75took a night off for this mega gig
1392Depeche Mode,Portion ControlHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.19849security.
1393Manowar Hammersmith Odeon , London05.11.19849.25security . The bassist is amazing ..
1394Motorhead,Persian RiskHammersmith Odeon , London07.11.19849security . Motorhead love the odeon .
1395Sade Hammersmith Odeon , London08.11.19849.25security . Smooth slick band .
1396SadeHammersmith Odeon , London09.11.19849.25security .
1397The Enid,Pendragon,Stop The WorldHammersmith Odeon , London10.11.19847security .
1398Level 42,Yes LetsHammersmith Odeon , London12.11.19848.5security .
1399Everly Brothers Hammersmith Odeon , London14.11.19848.5
1400Motley CrueDominion Theatre , London19.11.19849.565 mins of fast trashy glam metal.
1401Alison Moyet Dominion Theatre , London26.11.19849last of 3 AM shows at Dominion .
1402Explorers,Private LivesBBC Paris Studios , London28.11.19848.5feat Andy and Phil from Roxy Music.
1403David Essex Hammersmith Odeon , London01.12.19849still got that charm .
1404Elvis Costello ( Solo ),T Bone BurnettRoyal Festival Hall , London03.12.19848.5security .
1405Meat Loaf,Air RaceHammersmith Odeon , London04.12.19849.5security . Still a great live act.
1406The FirmHammersmith Odeon , London08.12.19849security .feat Jimmy Page (guitar)
1407The FirmHammersmith Odeon , London09.12.19849security .and Paul Rodgers (vocals)
1408Gary Numan,HohokanHammersmith Odeon , London11.12.19848.75security .his loyal fans are amazing .
1409Gary Numan,HohokanHammersmith Odeon , London12.12.19848.75security .
1410Marillion,CardiacsHammersmith Odeon , London13.12.19849.25security .always a great atmosphere .
1411Marillion,CardiacsHammersmith Odeon , London14.12.19849.25security .
1412Gary Glitter And The Glitter BandLyceum Theatre , London16.12.10949.5GG is always a great live how .
1413UB40 Hammersmith Odeon , London17.12.19849.25security . very lively atmosphere
1414Chris De BurghHammersmith Odeon , London19.12.19847
1415ImaginationHammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19848.5security .fun filled 2 hour show .
1416NeilHammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19848.5headline show by Young Ones star.
1417Howard Jones,Strawberry SwitchbladeHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19848.5security .
1418Howard Jones,Strawberry SwitchbladeHammersmith Odeon , London24.12.19848.5security .2pm show start .
1419Howard Jones,Strawberry SwitchbladeHammersmith Odeon , London24.12.19848.5security .6.45pm show start .
1420Nik Kershaw,Scary ThievesHammersmith Odeon , London28.12.19848.5security .1984 was his big year .
1421Nik Kershaw,Scary ThievesHammersmith Odeon , London29.12.19848.5security .
1422Nik Kershaw,Scary ThievesHammersmith Odeon , London30.12.19848.5security .
1423Nik Kershaw,Scary ThievesHammersmith Odeon , London31.12.19848.5security .
1424Zerra One,Action TransfersBBC Paris Studios , London09.01.19858
1425Alison Moyet,Person To PersonHammersmith Odeon , London15.01.19859.25security. new single 'Invisible' superb
1426Alison Moyet,Person To PersonHammersmith Odeon , London16.01.19859.25security .
1427Mtume,Ruby Turner BandHammersmith Odeon , London27.01.19858security .
1428Chaka Khan,BurlitzHammersmith Odeon , London29.01.19858security .should have been better .
1429Chaka Khan,BurlitzHammersmith Odeon , London30.01.19858security .chaka only did 60 mins set .
1430Meat Loaf,Terraplane Hammersmith Odeon , London02.02.19859.5security . 1st of 3 ham odeon shows .
1431Meat Loaf,Terraplane Hammersmith Odeon , London04.02.19859.5security . Loads of big rock songs.
1432Commodores Hammersmith Odeon , London12.02.19859.25security .'Nightshift' was current hit .
1433David Johansen BandCamden Dingwalls , London18.02.19859.5fanatastic show by NY Dolls singer .
1434Roy Ayers,Tom Browne,Jean Carne,Lonnie Liston SmithHammersmith Odeon , London24.02.19858.5security . New york jazz explosion.
1435Roy Ayers,Tom Browne,Jean Carne,Lonnie Liston SmithHammersmith Odeon , London24.02.19858.5security . 5.30pm and 8.30pm shows .
1436Leonard CohenHammersmith Odeon , London25.02.19859.252 hours 30 mins set , great lyrics .
1437Commodores,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London27.02.19859security . Not as good as 2 weeks ago .
1438Joan Armatrading,Cook Da BooksHammersmith Odeon , London04.03.19859security . encore of 'Willow' superb .
1439Joan Armatrading,Cook Da BooksHammersmith Odeon , London06.03.19859security . Last of 6 ham odeon shows .
1440Uli Roth,Robin George Hammersmith Odeon , London08.03.19857.5security .
1441Accept,Exciter Hammersmith Odeon , London15.03.19858.5security .
1442Rose RoyceHammersmith Odeon , London20.03.19858security .
1443Frankie Goes To Hollywood,The PromiseHammersmith Odeon , London29.03.19859.5security .FGTH were massive now .
1444Frankie Goes To Hollywood,The PromiseHammersmith Odeon , London30.03.19859.5security support band were superb .
1445Frankie Goes To Hollywood,The PromiseHammersmith Odeon , London31.03.19859.5security. After all the hype FGTH
1446Frankie Goes To Hollywood,The PromiseHammersmith Odeon , London01.04.19859.5security . delivered a great live show .
1447Paul Young,Sugar SugarHammersmith Odeon , London04.04.19859.5security .Paul Young has the lot .
1448Paul Young,Sugar SugarHammersmith Odeon , London05.04.19859.5security . Great voice and looks great .
1449Frankie Goes To Hollywood,The PromiseHammersmith Odeon , London06.04.19859.5security . Back by public demand .
1450Frankie Goes To Hollywood,The PromiseHammersmith Odeon , London07.04.19859.5security . Lemmy came on encore .
1451Bryan AdamsHammersmith Odeon , London18.04.19859.5security . 1st of 3 ham odeon shows .
1452Bryan AdamsHammersmith Odeon , London19.04.19859.5security . Great catchy rock songs .
1453Millie JacksonDominion Theatre , London22.04.19859naughty but fun soul show .
1454Maze,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London23.04.19859.5security . My fave live R n B band .
1455Maze,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London24.04.19859.5security . Fantastic atmosphere .
1456Maze,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London27.04.19859.5security . Such a great tight band .
1457Maze,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London28.04.19859.5security . Last of 6 ham odeon shows .
1458King,Simon FHammersmith Odeon , London30.04.19858security .
1459Pointer Sisters,End Games Hammersmith Odeon , London07.05.19858.25security . 1st of 2 ham odeon shows .
1460Krokus,Air RaceDominion Theatre , London08.05.19858they should have been better .
1461Maze,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London11.05.19859.5security . Maze bck by public demand
1462Alarm,Faith BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London12.05.19859.5security . Lots of broken seats .
1463Maze,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London13.05.19859.5security . more , more , more
1464Maze,LW5Hammersmith Odeon , London14.05.19859.5security . 'Joy And Pain'
1465Rick SpringfieldHammersmith Odeon , London16.05.19858security .
1466Gary Glitter,Joboxers,Beltane Fire Hammersmith Odeon , London17.05.19859.5security . Busy ,loud , great show .
1467Ashford And Simpson,Sunset GunHammersmith Odeon , London22.05.19858.5security . last of 3 ham odeon shows .
1468James Brown,Simply Red,Gary Crowley(DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London25.05.19859.25security . Look who were support .
1469James Brown,Simply Red,Gary Crowley(DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London26.05.19859.25security . JB still got it ..
1470James Brown,Simply Red,Gary Crowley(DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London27.05.19859.5security . Tonight was the best show .
1471Reo Speedwagon,FMHammersmith Odeon , London29.05.19859.5security. John Entwhisle on for encore .
1472Fatback BandHammersmith Odeon , London07.06.19859.25security . Great dance atmosphere
1473Fatback BandHammersmith Odeon , London08.06.19859.25security .
1474Foreigner,Night Ranger Wembley Arena , London14.06.19859.25loads of great radio rock songs .
1475Motorhead,Wendy O WilliamsHammersmith Odeon , London28.06.19859.5security . 10th anniverary tour .
1476Motorhead,Wendy O WilliamsHammersmith Odeon , London29.06.19859.5security . Phil Lynott on for encore .
1477Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandWembley Stadium , London04.07 19859.754th of July born in the usa mega gig .
1478Dead Or Alive,AcademyHammersmith Odeon , London06.07.19858.5security .
1479Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,Aswad,Billy BraggBattersea Park , London07.07.19859free show from the GLC
1480BB King Hammersmith Odeon , London10.07.19859
1481Steve ArringtonHammersmith Odeon , London12.07.19857.5security . Feeble 60 mins set .
1482Queen,U2,Who,Paul McCartney,David Bowie,Status Quo,Boomtown Rats,Style Council,Adam Ant,Bryan Ferry,Spandau Ballet,Howard Jones,Phil Collins,Sting,Elton John,Kiki Dee,Wham,Dire Straits,Paul Young,Alison Moyet,Ultravox,Elvis Costello,Nik Kershaw,SadeWembley Staduim , London13.07.198510the greatest day in live music ever .LIVE AID was a very special day.11 hours of the biggest live acts . Worldwide charity fund raiser . A one off that will never be repeated .
1483Cuddly ToysEmbassy Club , London W122.07.19858.5been away a while but sadly
1484Cuddly ToysMean Fiddler, Harlesden, London24.07.19868.5not enough new material
1485Kid Creole And The CoconutsHammersmith Odeon , London05.08.19859.5security .still a great live band
1486Kid Creole And The CoconutsHammersmith Odeon , London06.08.19859.5security .everyone is here for the hits .
1487Chiefs Of ReliefThe Fridge , Brixton , London16.08.19859feat Paul Cook (Sex Pistols ) drums
1488Lloyd Cole And The Commotions,JazzeteersHammersmith Odeon , London01.09.19858.5security .
1489Captain Sensible BandEmbankment , London07.09.19859thamesday free show by GLC
1490Commodores Hammersmith Odeon , London17.09.19859
1491Saxon,Pretty MaidsHammersmith Odeon , London18.09.19859.5security . Great 2 hour UK rock show .
1492Pogues,Restless Hammersmith Palais , London22.09.19859fantastic atmosphere .
1493Adam Ant,Beltane Fire Hammersmith Odeon , London25.09.19858security . Should have been better .
1494Gary Moore,FMHammersmith Odeon , London27.09.19859security . Great guitarist .
1495Gary Moore,FMHammersmith Odeon , London28.09.19859security .
1496Gary Numan,Grey ParadeHammersmith Odeon , London01.10.19859security .GN loves playing the odeon .
1497Gary Numan,Grey ParadeHammersmith Odeon , London02.10.19859security .
1498The Promise Camden Dingwalls , London02.10.19859.25FGTH support do their own show .
1499Venom,Exodus,ChariotHammersmith Odeon , London08.10.19858security . Lots of lasers and fireworks.
1500Bobby WomackHammersmith Odeon , London09.10.19858.75security .Bobby was in demand .
1501Bobby WomackHammersmith Odeon , London10.10.19858.75security .
1502Bobby WomackHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19858.75security .
1503Bobby WomackHammersmith Odeon , London12.10.19858.75security .
1504Bobby WomackHammersmith Odeon , London13.10.19858.75security .
1505Squeeze,Tempest Hammersmith Odeon , London14.10.19859security . Re - union tour .
1506Squeeze,Tempest Hammersmith Odeon , London15.10.19859security . Jools Holland on keyboards
1507Alarm Marquee Club , London17.10.19859.5fantastic european tour warm up gig
1508China Crisis,Escape ClubHammersmith Odeon , London22.10.19857.5
1509Spear Of Destiny,Living In TexasHammersmith Odeon , London23.10.19858.5security .
1510Siouxsie And The Banshees,The Scientists,Fur BibleHammersmith Odeon , London24.10.19859security .first show was cut short as
1511Siouxsie And The Banshees,The Scientists,Fur BibleHammersmith Odeon , London25.10.19859.25security .Siouxsie injured her knee.
1512Siouxsie And The Banshees,The Scientists,Fur BibleHammersmith Odeon , London26.10.19859.25security .sat on stool for 2nd and 3rd
1513Everything But The GirlHammersmith Odeon , London30.10.19857.5security .
1514The Cult,Cactus World News Hammersmith Odeon , London31.10.19859.25security .
1515Reo Speedwagon,Robin GeorgeHammersmith Odeon , London01.11.19859.5security . Fantastic radio rock songs.
1516Robert Cray Band,Herbie Armstrong BandHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.19858.5
1517Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon , London07.11.19859security . Surprisingly good show
1518Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon , London08.11.19859security . 2 hour set , no support .
1519Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon , London09.11.19859security . Last of 5 ham odeon shows
1520Level 42,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London10.11.19859security .
1521Level 42,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London11.11.19859security .
1522Level 42,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London12.11.19859security .
1523Level 42,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London13.11.19859security .
1524Tears For Fears,AdventuresHammersmith Odeon , London14.11.19859security . Tears For Fears had a
1525Tears For Fears,AdventuresHammersmith Odeon , London15.11.19859security . great year and were huge
1526Tears For Fears,AdventuresHammersmith Odeon , London16.11.19859security . In the UK at this time .
1527Tears For Fears,AdventuresHammersmith Odeon , London17.11.19859security .
1528Tears For Fears,AdventuresHammersmith Odeon , London18.11.19859security .
1529Go West,It BitesHammersmith Odeon , London19.11.19858.5security .
1530Go West,It BitesHammersmith Odeon , London20.11.19858.5security .
1531Midge Ure,Vitamin Z Hammersmith Odeon , London21.11.19858.5security . Zal Cleminson on guitar .
1532Midge Ure,Vitamin Z Hammersmith Odeon , London22.11.19858.5security .
1533Madness,The Friday ClubHammersmith Odeon , London23.11.19859.5security . Great shows as usual .
1534Madness,The Friday ClubHammersmith Odeon , London24.11.19859.5security . F. Sharkey on for encore .
1535Everly BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London25.11.19858security . 6.30pm show start .
1536Everly BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London25.11.19858security . 9pm show start .
1537King,Drum Theatre Hammersmith Odeon , London27.11.19858security . Too many screaming girls .
1538King,Drum Theatre Hammersmith Odeon , London28.11.19858security . King were huge for a while .
1539King,Drum Theatre Hammersmith Odeon , London29.11.19858security .
1540UFO,Pallas,ShyHammersmith Odeon , London30.11.19859security .not as good as old line up
1541Blue Oyster Cult,Girlschool,StatetroopersHammersmith Odeon , London01.12.19859security .not as good as last time . .
1542Hawkwind,Dumpys Rusty NutsHammersmith Odeon , London03.12.19858security . Preferred the support
1543Hawkwind,Dumpys Rusty NutsHammersmith Odeon , London04.12.19858security . who were really good fun .
1544Lloyd Cole And The Commotions,Big DishHammersmith Odeon , London05.12.19858security .
1545Cameo,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London06.12.19859.25security . Excellent funk how .
1546Cameo,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London07.12.19859.25security .
1547Pogues,Major 5,Tall Boys Hammersmith Odeon , London08.12.19859security .we earned our money tonight
1548Sister Sledge Hammersmith Odeon , London10.12.19858.5
1549Blancmange,The HousemartinsHammersmith Odeon , London11.12.19858security . Look who were support .
1550Nils Lofgren Hammersmith Odeon , London12.12.19859security . No support .
1551Nils Lofgren Hammersmith Odeon , London13.12.19859security . 2 hours 20 mins set .
1552Magnum,IQ,Alliance Hammersmith Odeon , London14.12.19858security .
1553The Alarm,Escape ClubHammersmith Odeon , London15.12.19859.75security . The Alarm were rockin.
1554The Alarm,Escape ClubHammersmith Odeon , London16.12.19859.75security . 2 hour set each night .
1555Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London17.12.19859.25security . 1st of 7 sold out shows .
1556Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London18.12.19859.25security . They were mega worldwide.
1557Elton JohnWembley Arena , London19.12.19859.25rod stewart,george micheal =encore
1558Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London20.12.19859.25security .
1559Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19859.25security .
1560Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19859.25security .
1561Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19859.25security .touts had a great night .
1562Billy Bragg,Hank Wangford Band,Frank Chickens Hammersmith Odeon , London29.12.19858.5security .
1563LindisfarneHammersmith Odeon , London30.12.19857.5security . no support .2 hour show .
1564Madness,HousemartinsHammersmith Odeon , London31.12.19859.5security . Mega party live on BBC2 .
1565Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London08.01.19869.5security .These shows featured all
1566Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London09.01.19869.5security .the tracks from No 1 album
1567Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London10.01.19869.5security .'Misplaced Childhood'
1568AC/DC,FastwayWembley Arena , London16.01.19869.75fifth row seat from stage . Superb .
1569Sting Royal Albert Hall , London24.01.19868.75crap view up in the gods spoilt show .
1570Saga,Honeymoon SuiteHammersmith Odeon , London31.01.19867.5
1571Divine Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, London31.01.19869.25 great 55 mins set of hi energy disco .
1572Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London01.02.19869.5security Marillion fans are great .
1573INXS,Strangers And BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London02.02.19869security First major UK INXS GIG.
1574Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London03.02.19869.5security .5th of 8 ham odeon shows .
1575Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London04.02.19869.5security .Marillion were huge now .
1576Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London05.02.19869.5security .last night was a heroin benefit
1577Marillion,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London06.02.19869.5security .feat Steve Hackett,friends
1578Motley Crue,Cheap TrickHammersmith Odeon , London14.02.19869.75security .Girls, girls , girls galore .
1579Motley Crue,Cheap TrickHammersmith Odeon , London15.02.19869.75security .Great show,tilting drums .
1580Ozzy Osbourne Band,RattHammersmith Odeon , London19.02.19869.75security .Another great doule bill.
1581Ozzy Osbourne Band,RattHammersmith Odeon , London20.02.19869.75security . Ratt were brilliant .
1582Ozzy Osbourne Band,RattHammersmith Odeon , London21.02.19869.75security . Ratt were brilliant .
1583Feargal Sharkey,Fruits Of PassionHammersmith Odeon , London22.02.19868.5security .
1584Feargal Sharkey,Fruits Of PassionHammersmith Odeon , London23.02.19868.5security .
1585Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,Flaming MusoliniesHammersmith Odeon , London24.02.19869.5security . So many catchy pop songs .
1586Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,Flaming MusoliniesHammersmith Odeon , London25.02.19869.5security .
1587Ozzy Osbourne Band,RattHammersmith Odeon , London26.02.19869.75security . Back by public demand .
1588Cherelle And Alexander O 'Neal,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London27.02.19868.5security .Alex 2nd single out now .
1589Cherelle And Alexander O 'Neal,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London28.02.19868.5security .Just befoe he went mega .
1590Cherelle And Alexander O 'Neal,52nd StreetHammersmith Odeon , London01.03.19868.5security .
1591Sad Caf?,Air RaceHammersmith Odeon , London07.03.19868
1592Cramps,StingraysHammersmith Odeon , London14.03.19868.5security .
1593Cramps,StingraysHammersmith Odeon , London15.03.19868.5security .
1594Cramps,StingraysHammersmith Odeon , London16.03.19868.5security .
1595PoguesHammersmith Palais , London17.03.19869.5fantastic atmosphere .
1596PoguesHammersmith Palais , London18.03.19869.5
1597Sigue Sigue SpuknikKilburn National , London19.03.19869hyped up but pretty good .
1598Billy Bragg,Style Council,Communards,Tom RobinsonHammersmith Odeon , London21.03.19868.5security . Red Wedge young voters .
1599Atlantic Starr,PazHammersmith Odeon , London22.03.19868.25security . 2nd of 3 ham shows to
1600Ian Dury And The Blockheads,Hank Wangford BandHammersmith Odeon , London23.03.19869.25security .mark the end of the GLC .
1601Twisted Sister,ShyHammersmith Odeon , London24.03.19869security . Singer is a great front man .
1602Twisted Sister,ShyHammersmith Odeon , London25.03.19869security .
1603Big Country,Prime MoversHammersmith Odeon , London26.03.19869.5security . 2 hour set . Great crowd .
1604James TaylorHammersmith Odeon , London29.03.19868no support . 2 hours 20 mins set .
1605Accept,DokkenHammersmith Odeon , London05.04.19868.5security .
1606Detroit Emeralds Americas Nightclub , Southall 12.04.19868.5
1607Tempations,PowerHammersmith Odeon , London16.04.19868.5security . Should have been better .
1608Tempations,PowerHammersmith Odeon , London18.04.19868.5security .
1609SOS Band,Seventh HeabenHammersmith Odeon , London24.04.19868.5security .
1610SOS Band,Seventh HeabenHammersmith Odeon , London25.04.19868.5security .
1611SOS Band,Seventh HeabenHammersmith Odeon , London26.04.19868.5security .
1612Joe Cocker,Robert Hart BandHammersmith Odeon , London27.04.19869security .
1613Ramones,PrisonersHammersmith Palais , London05.05.19869.5fantastic 2 London shows .
1614Ramones Clarendon Pub , London W606.05.19869.75low key London party show
1615Talk Talk,Keep It DarkHammersmith Odeon , London07.05.19869.25security .trying to lose pop image .
1616Talk Talk,Keep It DarkHammersmith Odeon , London08.05.19869.25security .
1617Dio,KeelHammersmith Odeon , London12.05.19869.5security .Fantastic castle stage set .
1618Dio,KeelHammersmith Odeon , London13.05.19869.5security .Fire breathing dragons .
1619Dio,KeelHammersmith Odeon , London14.05.19869.5security Really good support band.
1620Laurie AndersonHammersmith Odeon , London26.05.19868.5
1621Public Image LimitedBrixton Academy , London27.05.19869.5pretty vacant,public image played
1622Johnny MathisHammersmith Odeon , London28.05.19868
1623Black Sabbath,ZenoHammersmith Odeon , London01.06.19869security .Tony Iommi is the only
1624Black Sabbath,ZenoHammersmith Odeon , London02.06.19869security .original Sabbath in group.
1625Manfred Manns Earthband Hammersmith Odeon , London06.06.19868
1626ShadowsHammersmith Odeon , London07.06.19867
1627Gary Glitter,RapiersHammersmith Odeon , London13.06.19869.5security . Great atmosphere .
1628Matt Bianco,Vaughan ToulouseHammersmith Odeon , London14.06.19868.25security .good support .
1629Matt Bianco,Vaughan ToulouseHammersmith Odeon , London15.06.19868.25security . Loads of screaming girls .
1630Psychedelic Furs Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, London19.06.19869.75Glastonbury warm up secret gig .
1631David Bowie,Mick Jagger,Rod Stewart,Elton John,Dire Straits,Phil Collins,Paul Young,Status Quo,Sting,Tina Turner,Bryan Adams,Eric Clapton,Howard Jones,George Micheal,Paul McCartney,Big Country,Level 42Wembley Arena , London20.06.19869.75massive event fot Princes Trust. 10th Anniversary. Show all acts did one to three songs .
1632Simple Minds,Lloyd Cole And The Commotions,Waterboys,Big Audio Dynamite,Dr And The MedicsThe Bowl , Milton Keynes22.06.19869.75loads of great bands on this bill .
1633WhamBrixton Academy , London24.06.19869.75Fantastic Wembley Stadium warm up .
1634Gil Scott Heron,Impossible DreamersHammersmith Odeon , London26.06.19867.5security .
1635Zapp, Steve Walsh(DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London27.06.19869security . Great funk atmosphere .
1636Zapp, Steve Walsh(DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London28.06.19869security .
1637Gilberto GilHammersmith Odeon , London08.07.19868
1638Queen,Status Quo,Alarm,INXSWembley Stadium , London11.07.19869.75all bands did great sets esp Queen .
1639Troublefunk ( venue again now called The Forum)Town And Country Club , London21.07.19869.52 hour set of great go go funk .
1640Anita Baker,Nat AugustinHammersmith Odeon , London26.07.19869security .current album was huge .
1641Anita Baker,Nat AugustinHammersmith Odeon , London27.07.19869security . 'Rapture' tour.
1642Sylvain Sylvain,Clockwork OrangeCamden Dingwalls , London29.07.19869feat New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain
1643Zodiac Mindwarp,Batfish BoysTufnell Park , London31.07.19869rock chicks galore here tonight .
1644PrinceWembley Arena , London12.08.19869.9first UK shows since his one off UK
1645PrinceWembley Arena , London14.08.19869.9debut at Lyceum 5 years ago . Mega .
1646Art Of Noise,FountainheadHammersmith Odeon , London15.08.19867.5security . Should have been better .
1647Pieces Of A Dream,Chris SuttonHammersmith Odeon , London24.08.19867.5security .pretty boring half full show .
1648Angela Bofill,Stanley Clarke,Kenny G,Dave ValentineHammersmith Odeon , London30.08.19868security . Each act did 30 mins .
1649Angela Bofill,Stanley Clarke,Kenny G,Dave ValentineHammersmith Odeon , London31.08.19868security .Encore with all 4 on stage
1650Run DMC,Whodini,LL Cool J,Beastie BoysHammersmith Odeon , London12.09.19869.5security .First ever UK shows .
1651Run DMC,Whodini,LL Cool J,Beastie BoysHammersmith Odeon , London13.09.19869.5secutity .2 fantasic sold out rap shows .
1652GTRHammersmith Odeon , London14.09.19868security .feat Steve Hackett,S.Howe
1653Five Star,I'm TalkingHammersmith Odeon , London17.09.19868.25security . Better than I expected .
1654Five Star,I'm TalkingHammersmith Odeon , London18.09.19868.25security . 3 shows all sold out .
1655Five Star,I'm TalkingHammersmith Odeon , London19.09.19868.25security . Great dance routines .
1656Metallica,AnthraxHammersmith Odeon , London21.09.19868.5security . Too thrashy at this stage .
1657Motorhead,Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love ReactionHammersmith Odeon , London22.09.19869.5security . 2 great live rock bands .
1658Cameo,CashflowHammersmith Odeon , London23.09.19869.25security . Great dance atmosphere .
1659Rod Stewart Wembley Arena , London24.09.19869.5a great 2 hour set by Rod Stewart .
1660Cameo,CashflowHammersmith Odeon , London25.09.19869.25security .
1661Cameo,CashflowHammersmith Odeon , London28.09.19869.25security . 6pm show start .
1662Cameo,CashflowHammersmith Odeon , London28.09.19869.25security . 9pm show start .
1663Jackson BrowneHammersmith Odeon , London29.09.19869security . 6 night stint at Ham Odeon .
1664Jackson BrowneHammersmith Odeon , London30.09.19869security .great band and great sound .
1665Jackson BrowneHammersmith Odeon , London01.10.19869security .2 hour set with no support .
1666Christy MooreHammersmith Odeon , London02.10.19868.5security . Lots of funny stories .
1667Jackson BrowneHammersmith Odeon , London03.10.19869security .
1668Jackson BrowneHammersmith Odeon , London04.10.19869security .
1669Jackson BrowneHammersmith Odeon , London05.10.19869security .
1670Troublefunk Hammersmith Palais , London07.10.19869.5fantastic 2 hour dance atmosphere .
1671Saxon,LoudnessHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19869.5security . Really good big rock show .
1672Fatback Band,Steve Walsh (DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London12.10.19869.25security .Frank Bruno was there .
1673Fatback Band,Steve Walsh (DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London13.10.19869.25security .'I Found Love' mega .
1674BB King Hammersmith Odeon , London14.10.19869.25first of 2 BB King Ham Odeon shows .
1675MagnumHammersmith Odeon , London18.10.19868.5security .support FM pulled out .
1676Huey Lewis And The News,Bruce Hornsby And The RangeHammersmith Odeon , London19.10.19869.25security . Huey was really popular
1677Huey Lewis And The News,Bruce Hornsby And The RangeHammersmith Odeon , London20.10.19869.25security . now after 4 hit singles .
1678Huey Lewis And The News,Bruce Hornsby And The RangeHammersmith Odeon , London21.10.19869.25security .
1679Huey Lewis And The News,Bruce Hornsby And The RangeHammersmith Odeon , London22.10.19869.25security .
1680Full Force Lisa Lisa And Cult JamHammersmith Odeon , London23.10.19868.5security . Should have been better .
1681Five Star,I'm TalkingHammersmith Odeon , London24.10.19868.25security . Back by public demand .
1682Five Star,I'm TalkingHammersmith Odeon , London25.10.19868.25security .
1683Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,Big SupremeHammersmith Odeon , London29.10.19869.25security .singer still does the dance .
1684SaintsCamden Dingwalls , London29.10.19868.511pm show start .
1685Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,Big SupremeHammersmith Odeon , London30.10.19869.25security .
1686Randy Crawford,LavaHammersmith Odeon , London31.10.19868security .
1687W.A.S.P.,WarlockHammersmith Odeon , London02.11.19869security .
1688Iron Maiden,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London03.11.19869.5security .first of 6 ham odeon shows .
1689Iron Maiden,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.19869.5security .great 2 hour rock each night .
1690Iron Maiden,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London05.11.19869.5security .
1691Iron Maiden,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London07.11.19869.5security .
1692Iron Maiden,SamsonHammersmith Odeon , London08.11.19869.5security .
1693Iron Maiden,Bad NewsHammersmith Odeon , London09.11.19869.5security .3pm show for NSPCA. Jimmy Page , Brian May and Fish all joined Bad News on stage.
1694UB40,Bloodfire PosseWembley Arena , London09.11.19869.57.30pm show start .Great atmosphere.
1695Van Morrison,Andy WhiteHammersmith Odeon , London10.11.19868.5security .
1696Van Morrison,Andy WhiteHammersmith Odeon , London11.11.19868.5security .
1697Damned,Blue In HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London12.11.19869.25security . A bit messy but still good .
1698Mamas And Papas,Gary US Bonds,Martha Reeves,Lou Christie,Scott MacKenzieHammersmith Odeon , London14.11.19868.25security .
1699Patti LabelleHammersmith Odeon , London15.11.19869security . Very glam and flashy show .
1700Patti LabelleHammersmith Odeon , London16.11.19869security .
1701Bon Jovi,FMHammersmith Odeon , London17.11.19869.75security . Always a great live show .
1702Bon Jovi,FMHammersmith Odeon , London18.11.19869.75security Loads of rock chicks tonight .
1703Owen Paul,Two People Hammersmith Odeon , London19.11.19867.75security . Loads of screaming girls .
1704Alexander O'Neal,Hindsight Hammersmith Odeon , London20.11.19869security .he only did 80 mins set.
1705Alexander O'Neal,Hindsight Hammersmith Odeon , London21.11.19869security .3 hit singles on the trot .
1706Alexander O'Neal,Hindsight Hammersmith Odeon , London22.11.19869security .
1707Alexander O'Neal,Hindsight Hammersmith Odeon , London23.11.19869security .
1708Bon Jovi,QuensrycheHammersmith Odeon , London24.11.19869.75security .'Slippery When Wet' tour.
1709Bon Jovi,QuensrycheHammersmith Odeon , London25.11.19869.75security .wish all shows were this good
1710Simply Red,Love And MoneyHammersmith Odeon , London26.11.19869.25security .He always had a great voice
1711SOS Band,Steve Walsh (DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London30.11.19868.25security . Not as good as last year.
1712SOS Band,Steve Walsh (DJ)Hammersmith Odeon , London01.12.19868.25security .
1713Status Quo,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London02.12.19869.5security .alan lascaster has now left .
1714Status Quo,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London03.12.19869.5security . Great show , hit after hit .
1715Status Quo,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London04.12.19869.5security .
1716Shakin Stevens,Buddy Curtess And The GrasshoppersHammersmith Odeon , London05.12.19868security .
1717Eurythmics,Lover SpeaksWembley Arena , London09.12.19869.253rd of 4 Wembley Arena shows .
1718Communards,SupernaturalsHammersmith Odeon , London11.12.19868.75security .
1719Billy Ocean,Ruby TurnerHammersmith Odeon , London12.12.19869security .Billy now a worldwide star .
1720Billy Ocean,Ruby TurnerHammersmith Odeon , London13.12.19869security .
1721Billy Ocean,Ruby TurnerHammersmith Odeon , London14.12.19869security .
1722Aha,Smalltown ElephantsHammersmith Odeon , London15.12.19869.25security . 6 night stint at Ham Odeon .
1723Aha,Smalltown ElephantsHammersmith Odeon , London16.12.19869.25security . Loads of screaming girls .
1724Aha,Smalltown ElephantsHammersmith Odeon , London17.12.19869.25security . Fantastic atmosphere .
1725Aha,Smalltown ElephantsHammersmith Odeon , London18.12.19869.25security .1986 was their big year .
1726Aha,Smalltown ElephantsHammersmith Odeon , London19.12.19869.25security .
1727Aha,Smalltown ElephantsHammersmith Odeon , London20.12.19869.25security .
1728Status Quo,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19869.5security . Great xmas atmosphere .
1729Status Quo,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19869.5security .heads down mega boogie .
1730Status Quo,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19869.5security .
1731Status Quo,WaystedHammersmith Odeon , London24.12.19869.5security . 6.30pm show start .
1732Gary Glitter,Larks,GodHammersmith Odeon , London27.12.19869.25security . Great xmas atmosphere .
1733Chris ReaHammersmith Odeon , London28.12.19868security .2 hour set with no support .
1734LindisfarneHammersmith Odeon , London03.01.19877security .half empty xmas show .
1735Kathy Vincent,Blah Blah BlahHammersmith Odeon , London09.01.19878security .half empty show .
1736Human League,Drum TheatreHammersmith Odeon , London12.01.19879.25security .first uk shows for 5 years .
1737Human League,Drum TheatreHammersmith Odeon , London13.01.19879.25security .80 mins greatest hits set .
1738Freddie Jackson,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London23.01.19879.25security . Much better than expected .
1739Freddie Jackson,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London24.01.19879.25security . 85 mins set each night .
1740Freddie Jackson,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London25.01.19879.25security .american soul .
1741Freddie Jackson,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London26.01.19879.25security .
1742Luther VandrossHammersmith Odeon , London03.02.19879.25security . First of 8 ham odeon shows .
1743Luther VandrossHammersmith Odeon , London11.02.19879.25security . Luther was big news now.
1744Luther VandrossHammersmith Odeon , London13.02.19879.25security .
1745Anthrax,Metal Church,Crimson GloryHammersmith Odeon , London15.02.19878.5security . Anthrax played G S T Queen .
1746Psychedelic Furs,Ward BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London19.02.19879.5security . Excellent 3 Furs shows .
1747Psychedelic Furs,Ward BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London20.02.19879.5security .1 hour 40 mins set .
1748Psychedelic Furs,Ward BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London21.02.19879.5security .
1749Europe,StrangewaysHammersmith Odeon , London22.02.19879security .all the girls love the singer .
1750Europe,StrangewaysHammersmith Odeon , London23.02.19879security .both shows sold out ..
1751Cyndi Lauper,Midnight Hammersmith Odeon , London24.02.19879security . Love that New York accent .
1752Meat Loaf,ShyWembley Arena , London02.03.19879.25entertaining 2 hours 30 mins set .
1753Big Audio Dynamite,Chiefs Of ReliefAstoria , London 04.03.19879.5ex Clash and ex Pistols . Great .
1754Megadeth,Flotsam And JetsamHammersmith Odeon , London06.03.19878security .
1755Magnum,Heavy PettinHammersmith Odeon , London13.03.19878security .
1756Cult,Gaye Bikers On Acid,CrazyheadHammersmith Odeon , London14.03.19879.5security .3 great shows by The Cult .
1757Cult,Gaye Bikers On Acid,CrazyheadHammersmith Odeon , London15.03.19879.5security . Great aftershow party at the
1758Cult,Gaye Bikers On Acid,CrazyheadHammersmith Odeon , London16.03.19879.5security . Kensington Roof Gardens .
1759Maze,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London19.03.19879.5security .4 ham odeon shows added
1760Maze,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London20.03.19879.5security .after 2 wembley arena shows
1761Maze,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London21.03.19879.5security .Sold out last month .
1762Maze,5th Of HeavenHammersmith Odeon , London22.03.19879.5security .Maze were always fantastic.
1763Simply Red,Terence Trent D'Arby Hammersmith Odeon , London23.03.19879.5security . Great shows by both bands .
1764Simply Red,Terence Trent D'Arby Hammersmith Odeon , London24.03.19879.5security . Right Thing was new single .
1765Simply Red,Terence Trent D'Arby Hammersmith Odeon , London25.03.19879.5security . Mick has a great voice.
1766Simply Red,Terence Trent D'Arby Hammersmith Odeon , London26.03.19879.5security .
1767Meat Loaf,StrangewaysHammersmith Odeon , London28.03.19879.25security .Another good long set .
1768Stranglers,HurrahHammersmith Odeon , London29.03.19879secutity .90 mins set each night .
1769Stranglers,HurrahHammersmith Odeon , London30.03.19879security Gone a bit mellower .
1770Stranglers,HurrahHammersmith Odeon , London31.03.19879security .
1771Gary Moore,ShyHammersmith Odeon , London01.04.19879security . Great guitarist .
1772Gary Moore,ShyHammersmith Odeon , London02.04.19879security . Very loud shows.
1773Southside Johnny And The Dukes,LarksHammersmith Odeon , London13.04.19879security . 2 hour set .
1774Micheal McDonald,MoontwistHammersmith Odeon , London16.04.19879
1775Eddi ArmarniMarquee Clob , London17.04.19878
1776Millie JacksonHammersmith Odeon , London18.04.19879security . 2nd of 4 ham odeon shows .
1777Slayer,Malice Hammersmith Odeon , London22.04.19879security . Better than expected .
1778Barclay James Harvest,Roy Harper Hammersmith Odeon , London25.04.19877security .
1779Spear Of Destiny,Flesh For LuluHammersmith Odeon , London30.04.19879security .
1780Gap Band,Well RedHammersmith Odeon , London01.05.19878.5security .
1781Blow Monkeys,Ed Keupper Hammersmith Odeon , London08.05.19878.5security .Curtis Mayfield came on
1782Blow Monkeys,Ed Keupper Hammersmith Odeon , London09.05.19878.5security .stage with them for 3 songs .
1783Helloween,OverkillHammersmith Odeon , London10.05.19878security . Bit too thrashy for me .
1784Alarm,Wire TrainKilburn National , London13.05.19879.75fantastic sweaty 90 mins set .
1785SantanaHammersmith Odeon , London16.05.19879security . 6pm show start .
1786SantanaHammersmith Odeon , London16.05.19879security . 9pm show start .
1787SantanaHammersmith Odeon , London17.05.19879security . 7pm show start .
1788Suzanne VegaHammersmith Odeon , London18.05.19878.5security . Luka was new single .
1789Suzanne VegaHammersmith Odeon , London19.05.19878.5security .
1790Paul Brady Band Hammersmith Odeon , London20.05.19877.5security . 2 hour set .
1791Run DMC,Beastie BoysBrixton Academy , London24.05.19879.5great tension filled sets by both acts .
1792Gary Moore,ShyHammersmith Odeon , London26.05.19879security .
1793Thompson Twins,Ten TenHammersmith Odeon , London27.05.19879security .
1794Stryper,BriarHammersmith Odeon , London30.05.19879security . Christian Rock Act .
1795U2,HurrahWembley Arena , London02.06.198710fantastic warm up for stadium tour .
1796Bruce Hornsby And The Range,Deacon BlueHammersmith Odeon , London04.06.19878security . One off uk show .
1797Manowar,Chariot Hammersmith Odeon , London06.06.19879.5security . Fantastic 75 mins set .
1798Fatback,Steve Walsh ( DJ )Hammersmith Odeon , London12.06.19879.25security .
1799U2,Lou Reed,PoguesWembley Stadium , London13.06.198710totally awesome U2 stadium show .
1800David Bowie,Big Country Wembley Stadium , London20.06.19879.5glass spider tour . 2 hours 10 mins set .
1801Husker Du,World Domination Ents,ShamenTown And Country Club , London21.06.19879Husker Du only did 70 mins set .
1802Iggy Pop,Then JericoHammersmith Odeon , London23.06.19879.5security . Iggy on top form.
1803Iggy Pop,Then JericoHammersmith Odeon , London24.06.19879.5security . Both bands did great sets .
1804Troublefunk,Society Hammersmith Odeon , London01.07.19879.5security . Fantastic 2 hour set .
1805Go West,Ordinary ManHammersmith Odeon , London04.07.19879security .
1806Go West,Ordinary ManHammersmith Odeon , London05.07.19879security .
1807Go West,Ordinary ManHammersmith Odeon , London06.07.19879security .
1808Van Morrison,ProclaimersHammersmith Odeon , London07.07.19878.5security .
1809Nils LofgrenHammersmith Odeon , London08.07.19878.5security .2 hour show without band ..
1810Chuck Berry,Steve Marriot Hammersmith Odeon , London09.07.19879security . Great double bill .
1811Autograph,DialogueHammersmith Odeon , London10.07.19877security . Russian Rock Bands Night .
1812Mental As Anything,HunterHammersmith Odeon , London11.07.19878security . Aussie Rock Bands Night .
1813Lillo Thomas,ChynaHammersmith Odeon , London17.07.19879security . Looks and sounds like
1814Lillo Thomas,ChynaHammersmith Odeon , London18.07.19879security . Smokey Robinson .
1815Terence Trent D'ArbyHammersmith Odeon , London22.07.19879.25security . What a great voice .
1816Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Jonah MayoHammersmith Odeon , London23.07.19878.5security .
1817U2,Pretenders,AlarmCardiff Arms Park Stadium 25.07.198710another fantastic U2 stadium show .
1818Society,London Posse,Romeo Street GandAcklam Hall , London W11 30.07.19878.5UK hip hop package .
1819Bill Bruford,IQ,KoogaKensington Olympia , London31.07.19878.5
1820Madonna,Hue And Cry Wembley Stadium , London18.08.19879.5first of 3 Wembley Stadium shows .
1821Hawkwind,Naz Nomad (Damned Playing Covers ),Pink Fairies,Dr And The Medics,Gaye Bikers On Acid,Pop Will It ItselfFinsbury Park , London23.08.19879.5security . Really good all dayer . Acid Daze Festival In Super Tent.
1822Wet Wet Wet,Then Jerico,Black,Rick Astley,T'PauBBC Sudios , London W12 26 08.19878.5Top Of The Pops Recording .
1823Alice Cooper,StranglersReading Festival , Berkshire30.08.19879.5great 75 mins theatrical show by Alice
1824Little Steven And The Disciples Town And Country Club , London01.09.19879.251 hour 50 mins set .
1825Roy Ayers,Cheryl LynnFinsbury Park , London06.09.19878.5security . Held in Super Tent .
1826Def Leppard,TeslaHammersmith Odeon , London07.09.19879.5security . Fantastic 3 Def Lep shows
1827Def Leppard,TeslaHammersmith Odeon , London08.09.19879.5security .
1828Def Leppard,TeslaHammersmith Odeon , London09.09.19879.5security . Brian May on for encore .
1829REM,10,000 ManiacsHammersmith Odeon , London12.09.19879.25security . One off uk show .
1830Guana BatzClarendon Pub , London W612.09.1987811pm show . Went here after REM .
1831Atlantic Starr,Look TwiceHammersmith Odeon , London17.09.19879security .slow start but got better .
1832Atlantic Starr,Look TwiceHammersmith Odeon , London18.09.19879security .
1833Atlantic Starr,Look TwiceHammersmith Odeon , London19.09.19879security .
1834GodfathersThe Wag Club , London23.09.19879.5fantastic gig by new EPIC signing ..
1835Gary Numan,West OneHammersmith Odeon , London25.09.19879.25security .Garys loyal fans always
1836Gary Numan,West OneHammersmith Odeon , London26.09.19879.25security .make his gigs an event .
1837Public Image Limited,Blood UnclesAstoria , London29.09.19879.5played Public Image and H In The Sun.
1838Squeeze,Apple MosiacHammersmith Odeon , London30.09.19879.25reall good 1 hour 45 mins set .
1839CommunardsHammersmith Odeon , London02.10.19879security . Better than expected .
1840CommunardsHammersmith Odeon , London03.10.19879security .
1841Guns And Roses,Faster Pussycat,QuireboysHammersmith Odeon , London08.10.19879.5security . Great 3 band rock package.
1842Motorhead,Gaye Bikers On Acid,SwordHammersmith Odeon , London10.10.19879.5security . Phil Taylor back on drums .
1843Motorhead,Gaye Bikers On Acid,SwordHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19879.5security .Excellent 90 mins set .
1844Regina Belle,Wayne HernandezHammersmith Odeon , London14.10.19879like Anita Baker .2nd of 2 shows .
1845Wet Wet Wet,MontanasHammersmith Odeon , London15.10.19878.5security . Too many screaming girls .
1846Rory Gallagher Hammersmith Odeon , London16.10.19879security .2 hours 30 mins set .
1847Bryan Adams,T'PauWembley Arena , London19.10.19879.75First of 4 Wembley Arena shows .
1849Bryan Adams,T'PauWembley Arena , London23.10.19879.75Fantastic 2 hour set from Block A .
1850Whispers,Keni StevensHammersmith Odeon , London25.10.19878.5
1851Ramones,Flesh For LuluBrixton Academy , London26.10.19879should have been better .
1852Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon , London29.10.19877.52 hour set .
1853Celtic Frost,Kreator,VirusHammersmith Odeon , London31.10.19877security . German thrash metal .
1854LL Cool J,Public Enemy,Eric B And RakimHammersmith Odeon , London01.11.19879.5security .only played hit single tonight ..
1855LL Cool J,Public Enemy,Eric B And RakimHammersmith Odeon , London02.11.19879.5security .Fantastic noisy atmosphere .
1856LL Cool J,Public Enemy,Eric B And RakimHammersmith Odeon , London03.11.19879.5security .Def Jam records package .
1857Little Steven,Silent RunningHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.19879security .
1858Bad News,Head Hammersmith Odeon , London05.11.19879security . spoof heavy metal band .
1859Alexander O'Neal,ZuiceHammersmith Odeon , London07.11.19879.25security . 1st of 5 ham odeon shows .
1860Alexander O'Neal,ZuiceHammersmith Odeon , London09.11.19879.25security . Short 75 mins set .
1861Alexander O'Neal,ZuiceHammersmith Odeon , London10.11.19879.25security .Huge brass bed was fun .
1862David EssexHammersmith Odeon , London13.11.19879security . Last gig of a huge tour .
1863Anthrax,TestamentHammersmith Odeon , London16.11.19879security . Thrash encore of Sex Pistols
1864Anthrax,TestamentHammersmith Odeon , London17.11.19879security . 'God Save The Queen'
1865Tom WaitsHammersmith Odeon , London19.11.19878.5security .1st of 4 ham odeon shows .
1866Alarm,The Las Town And Country Club , London23.11.19879.75fantastic warm up for american tour .
1867Style Council,Porky The PoetHammersmith Odeon , London24.11.19878.75security .
1868Style Council,Porky The PoetHammersmith Odeon , London25.11.19878.75security .
1869King Diamond,Wolfsbane,Chrome MollyHammersmith Odeon , London27.11.19878.75security . Danish thrash metal .
1870Cult,Balaam And The AngelWembley Arena , London29.11.19879.5great rock show .
1871Johnny Thunders BandTown And Country Club , London02.12.19878.5johnny was drugged out of it tonight .
1872Dio,WarlockHammersmith Odeon , London05.12.19879.5security . Fantastic rock show ,
1873Dio,WarlockHammersmith Odeon , London06.12.19879.5security . lasers , monsters , fireworks
1874Dio,WarlockHammersmith Odeon , London07.12.19879.5security . Vinnie Appice mega drumkit .
1875CureWembley Arena , London08.12.19878.5no support . 2 hours 45 mins show .
1876T'Pau,EmpireHammersmith Odeon , London12.12.19878security .
1877INXS,Sinead O'ConnorHammersmith Odeon , London13.12.19879.25security .Singer always looked so cool.
1878INXS,Sinead O'ConnorHammersmith Odeon , London14.12.19879.25security .Sineads band inc 2 exSmiths
1879Suzanne Vega,View From The HillHammersmith Odeon , London17.12.19879security .1st of 2 ham odeon shows .
1880Big Audio Dynamite Brixton Academy , London18.12.19879.5security . Encore of Prince '1999'
1881CommunardsHammersmith Odeon , London19.12.19879security .
1882CommunardsHammersmith Odeon , London20.12.19879security .
1883Jonathan Butler,Andy SheppardHammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19878.5security .
1884Boy George,Brother BeyondHammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19879security . His first ever UK solo show .
1885Fatback,Luddy AdamsHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19879security . Xmas party shows .
1886Fatback,Luddy AdamsHammersmith Odeon , London24.12.19879security . 20 mins 'I Found Love'
1887Whitesnake,McAuley Schenker Group Wembley Arena , London29.12.19879.25current 1987 went mega everywhere .
1888Whitesnake,McAuley Schenker Group Wembley Arena , London31.12.19879.25really good 90 mins set .
1889Marillion,JadisHammersmith Odeon , London16.01.19889.5security .Fantastic 30 mins encore .
1890Marillion,JadisHammersmith Odeon , London17.01.19889.5security Fish is such a great front man
1891Marillion,JadisHammersmith Odeon , London18.01.19889.5security I hour 50 mins on stage .
1892John Cougar MellencampHammersmith Odeon , London24.01.19889.5security .Fantastic all white stage . .
1893John Cougar MellencampHammersmith Odeon , London25.01.19889.5security .First UK shows for 10 years .
1894That Petrol Emotion,Voice Of The BeehiveTown And Country Club , London02.02.19888should have been better .
1895O'Jays,LevertHammersmith Odeon , London04.02.19889security Levert were sons of O'Jays..
1896O'Jays,LevertHammersmith Odeon , London05.02.19889security . O'Jays only did 65 mins set .
1897O'Jays,LevertHammersmith Odeon , London06.02.19889security .
1898Alarm,SilencersHammersmith Odeon , London09.02.19889.75security .great crowd atmosphere .
1899Alarm,SilencersKilburn National , London10.02.19889.75superb 1 hour 45 mins set each night .
1900Chuck Berry,Panic BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London12.02.19889security . Chuck did a 70 mins set .
1901Godfathers,Jack RubiesTown And Country Club , London14.02.19889.5great gig .encore of Anarchy In The UK
1902Curiosity Killed The Cat,EmpireHammersmith Odeon , London20.02.19889security . Lots of screaming girls .
1903Curiosity Killed The Cat,EmpireHammersmith Odeon , London21.02.19889security .
1904Warren ZevonHammersmith Odeon , London25.02.19888.5security . No support .I hour 45 mins .
1905Bobby Womack,ChynaHammersmith Odeon , London01.03.19889security . 1st of 3 ham odeon shows .
1906Bobby Womack,ChynaHammersmith Odeon , London03.03.19889security .
1907Wishbone Ash,Peter HaycockHammersmith Odeon , London04.03.19888security .
1908Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction,Wonder StuffHammersmith Odeon , London06.03.19889security . Both bands did good sets .
1909AC/DC,DokkenWembley Arena , London11.03.19889.75new album was 'Blow Up Your Video'
1910AC/DC,DokkenWembley Arena , London12.03.19889.75as usual AC/DC were totally superb.
1911Shakin Stevens,Red ShoesHammersmith Odeon , London13.03.19888.5security .
1912Aswad Hammersmith Odeon , London15.03.19889security . Lively atmosphere .
1913Fall,ShackHammersmith Odeon , London18.03.19888.5security . Was expecting better .
1914Ace Frehleys Comet,John Norum BandHammersmith Odeon , London19.03.19889.5security . 80 mins set inc KISS songs .
1915Ted Nugent,KrokusHammersmith Odeon , London20.03.19889.5security . Fantastic rock double bill .
1916Meat Loaf,ShogunHammersmith Odeon , London22.03.19889.5security .Meat did 2 hours 50 mins set .
1917Meat Loaf,ShogunHammersmith Odeon , London23.03.19889.5security .
1918Magnum,Kingdom ComeHammersmith Odeon , London25.03.19889security . Magnum did 2 hour set .
1919Magnum,Kingdom ComeHammersmith Odeon , London26.03.19889security.
1920Temptations,Mike StevensHammersmith Odeon , London28.03.19889security . 2nd of 3 ham odeon shows .
1921T'PauHammersmith Odeon , London30.03.19888.5security .a 4th show on 02 April was
1922T'PauHammersmith Odeon , London31.03.19888.5security .postponed to April 20 when
1923T'PauHammersmith Odeon , London01.04.19888.5security .Carol Decker got sore throat .
1924Toto Hammersmith Odeon , London03.04.19889security . 2 hour 15 mins set .
1925Joyce Sims Hammersmith Odeon , London08.04.19888.5security . 2nd of 2 ham odeon shows .
1926Def Leppard,LoverboyWembley Arena , London12.04.19889.75fantastic laser show . Great rock gig .
1927AC/DC,DokkenWembley Arena , London13.04.19889.75as usual AC/DC were totally superb.
1928Manhatten Transfer Hammersmith Odeon , London14.04.19888security . No support .2 hour set .
1929Robert Plant,It BitesHammersmith Odeon , London17.04.19889.25security . Jimmy Page on for encores .
1930T'Pau,The TruthHammersmith Odeon , London20.04.19888.75security . Slightly better this time .
1931Hawkwind,Tubilah DogHammersmith Odeon , London22.04.19888.25security . 2nd of 2 ham odeon shows .
1932Morris Day,November OneHammersmith Odeon , London24.04.19888.75security . Ex The Time and Ex Prince
1933Miriam MakebaHammersmith Odeon , London25.04.19887.5security .Lots of costume changes .
1934Zapp,Force MDsHammersmith Odeon , London29.04.19888.75security . 2nd of 2 ham odeon shows .
1935Erasure,ZipHammersmith Odeon , London05.05.19889.5security . Better than expected .
1936Erasure,ZipHammersmith Odeon , London06.05.19889.5security . 75 mins perfect pop music .
1937Erasure,ZipHammersmith Odeon , London07.05.19889.5security . Support Zip feat Buzzcock
1938Erasure,ZipHammersmith Odeon , London08.05.19889.5security . Pete Shelley on vocals .
1939Van Morrison,The ChieftansHammersmith Odeon , London09.05.19889.25security This was my fave Van gig .
1940Van Morrison,The ChieftansHammersmith Odeon , London10.05.19889.25security Joint encore by both bands .
1941Bonnie Tyler,Beltane FireHammersmith Odeon , London11.05.19888.5security .Great voice ..
1942Saxon,KoogaHammersmith Odeon , London12.05.19889.5security .
1943All About Eve,The BolshoiHammersmith Odeon , London14.05.19888.5security .
1944Icicle Works,Fire Next TimeHammersmith Odeon , London16.05.19889.25security .1 hour 45 mins set .
1945Megadeth,SanctuaryHammersmith Odeon , London18.05.19888security .Encore of Anarchy In The UK
1946Billy Ocean,BasiaHammersmith Odeon , London22.05.19888security .
1947ImaginationHammersmith Palais , London26.05.19888.590 mins 80s party night .
1948David SylvianHammersmith Odeon , London28.05.19888.5security . First solo live shows since
1949David SylvianHammersmith Odeon , London29.05.19888.5security . Japan split a few years ago.
1950David SylvianHammersmith Odeon , London30.05.19888.5security . Band inc 2 Japan members .
1951Christians,RoachfordHammersmith Odeon , London01.06.19889.25security . Both bands did good sets .
1952Christians,RoachfordHammersmith Odeon , London02.06.19889.25security .
1953Alexander O'Neal,View From The HillHammersmith Odeon , London03.06.19889.5security .short notice charity show .
1954Joe CockerHammersmith Odeon , London04.06.19889security . One Off UK show .
1955Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London08.06.19889.75security .Eric Clapton on guitar .
1956Dire Straits Hammersmith Odeon , London09.06.19889.75security .Warm up for Nelson Mandela show at Wembley Stadium 11 July 88 .
1957Judas Priest,Bonfire Hammersmith Odeon , London13.06.19889.25security Lots of .leather and chrome
1958Judas Priest,Bonfire Hammersmith Odeon , London14.06.19889.25security . Brought the Harley out .
1959Melissa Morgan,NajeeHammersmith Odeon , London18.06.19889security . Better than expected .
1960Melissa Morgan,NajeeHammersmith Odeon , London19.06.19889security . The new Whitney Houston ?
1961Godfathers,RoachfordTown And Country Club , London21.06.19889.5both bands did superb 60 mins sets .
1962Saxon,Honeymoon SuiteTown And Country Club , London22.06.19889short 60 mins set fot TV by Saxon ..
1963Stevie Ray VaughanHammersmith Odeon , London23.06.19889.25security . Fantastic guitarist .
1964Stevie Ray VaughanHammersmith Odeon , London24.06.19889.25security .
1965Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandWembley Stadium , London25.06.19889.75amazing 3 hours 30 mins show .
1966Bo Diddley And Ronnie Wood Allstars,Buddy CurtessHammersmith Odeon , London28.06.19888.5security . Should have been better .
1967Bros,Empire Hammersmith Odeon , London30.06.19888.5security . Better than expected .
1968Bros,Empire Hammersmith Odeon , London01.07.19888.5security . Loads of screaming girls .
1969Bros,Empire Hammersmith Odeon , London02.07.19888.5security . Top teen band at present .
1970Los Lobos,Word To GoHammersmith Odeon , London04.07.19888.25security .
1971Was Not Was,Joan Collins Fan ClubHammersmith Odeon , London05.07.19889.25security . Support was Julian Clary .
1972Cheap Trick,Living ColourHammersmith Odeon , London06.07.19889.5security . Both bands did good sets .
1973Al Green,Clive GriffinHammersmith Odeon , London08.07.19888.5security . Should have been better .
1974John Lee Hooker,Ted HawkinsHammersmith Odeon , London09.07.19888.5security . Blues Legends Bill .
1975Sly And Robbies Allstars Featuring Yellowman Hammersmith Odeon , London12.07.19888.5security .
1976Micheal Jackson Wembley Stadium , London16.07.19889.75fantastic show by Jacko at his best . this show was 1 of his 7 sold out shows at Wembley Stadium this summer .
1977Georgia Satellites,Broken EnglishTown And Country Club , London19.07.198892 hour set of boogie .
1978Prince Wembley Arena , London26.07.1988102nd of 7 Wembley Arena shows .
1979Horhouse Flowers Hammersmith Odeon , London28.07.19889security .
1980Prince Wembley Arena , London29.07.198810stage was in the middle of Wembley .
1981Prince Wembley Arena , London01.08.198810This 'Lovesexy' tour was fantastic.
1982Prince Wembley Arena , London03.08.198819no support . 2 hours 10 mins st .
1983Iron Maiden,KISS,David Lee Roth ,Megadeth,Guns And Roses,HelloweenMonsters Of Rock Festival ,20.08.198810Iron Maiden did a superb full 2 hour set. KISS did 75 mins set ( no make up ) David Lee Roth did a mega 60 mins . sadly a death when GnR played .
1984David Lee Roth,Great WhiteHammersmith Odeon , London30.08.198810security . With Steve Vai on guitar .
1986David Lee Roth,Great WhiteHammersmith Odeon , London31.08.198810security .This is how its done .Perfect .
1986Micheal Jackson The Bowl , Milton Keynes .10.09,19889.75another great MJ stadium show .
1987Freddie Jackson Hammersmith Odeon , London11.09.19888.5security . Last of 4 ham odeon shows .
1988Sweet,Mud,Glitter BandHammersmith Palais , London12.09.19889.5great 1970s glam rock package .
1989Bill WithersHammersmith Odeon , London18.09.19888.5
1990KISS,Kings Of The SunWembley Arena , London24.09.19889.5very good even without make up .
1991Robert Palmer,Jo JoHammersmith Odeon , London26.09.19888.5should have been better .
1992Joan Armatrading Hammersmith Odeon , London30.09.19889no support .1st of 4 ham odeon shows .
1993Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon , London07.10.19889.25no support .4th of 5 ham odeon shows .
1994Metallica,DanzigHammersmith Odeon , London09.10.19889.5security . Metallica did 2 hours 15 mins.
1995Metallica,DanzigHammersmith Odeon , London10.10.19889.5security . Danzig drummer was great
1996Metallica,DanzigHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19889.5security . Both bands did great sets .
1997Robert Cray Band,Brendan Crocker Hammersmith Odeon , London17.10.198892 hour set . 3rd of 4 ham odeon shows .
1998Spear Of Destiny,Bicycle DogsHammersmith Odeon , London27.10.19888.5security . Short 80 mins set .
1999All About Eve,The LasHammersmith Odeon , London29.10.19888.5security . Both bands did ok sets .
2000Helloween,V2Hammersmith Odeon , London01.11.19888security .
2001Kieth Sweat,Steven DanteHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.19889security . Short but sweet soul set .
2002Uriah Heep,Dogs D'mourHammersmith Odeon , London06.11.19888.5security .
2003Micheal McDonald,One Hand One Heart Hammersmith Odeon , London12.11.19888.75security .
2004David Lee Roth,ZinatraWembley Arena , London15.11.198810The number one rock show man .
2005Godfathers,Diesel Park West,Glen Matlock BandTown And Country Club , London16.11.19889.53 really good live bands , glens band included Steve New And Rat Scabies .
2006Will Downing,Clive GriffinHammersmith Odeon , London20.11.19888.5security .
2007Sade Wembley Arena , London21.11.19889.25no support . 1 hour 45 mins set .
2008CinderellaDominion Theatre , London23.11.19889singer has a great voice .
2009Jimmy Page,Dare Hammersmith Odeon , London24.11.19889.25security . 2 hour show .
2010Jimmy Page,Dare Hammersmith Odeon , London25.11.19889.25security . Jason Bonham on drums .
2011Alvin Lee,Wishbone Ash,Randy California,Steve HoweHammersmith Odeon , London26.11.19888.25security . Night of Rock Guitars .
2012Bruce Hornsby And The RangeHammersmith Odeon , London30.11.19888.75security . 2 hours 30 mins show .
2013Proclaimers,WinHammersmith Odeon , London03.12.19889security .
2014Iron Maiden,Killer DwarfsHammersmith Odeon , London06.12.19889.75security .massive stage and light show .
2015Iron Maiden,Killer DwarfsHammersmith Odeon , London07.12.19889.75security .1 hour 50 mins set . Superb.
2016Bon Jovi,Lita FordWembley Arena , London08.12.19889.751st of 4 wembley arena shows .
2017Fatback,EasyHammersmith Odeon , London10.12.19888.5security .Not as good as previous gigs .
2018Iron Maiden,Killer DwarfsHammersmith Odeon , London12.12.19889.75security .got invite to mega party after .
2019Cliff RichardHammersmith Odeon , London13.12.19889.5excellent xmas charity show .
2020Hawkwind Hammersmith Odeon , London14.12.19888security .
2021Natalie Cole,Wild WeekendHammersmith Odeon , London15.12.19889security .
2022Natalie Cole,Wild WeekendHammersmith Odeon , London16.12.19889security .
2023Gary Glitter,GirlschoolBrixton Academy , London17.12.19889.5fantastic xmas party show by GG .
2024Iggy Pop,The SeersTown And Country Club , London18.12.19889.5fantastic 90 mins set by Iggy .
2025Magnum,Stage DollsHammersmith Odeon , London19.12.19888.5security .
2026Magnum,Stage DollsHammersmith Odeon , London20.12.19888.5security .
2027Magnum,Stage DollsHammersmith Odeon , London21.12.19888.5security .
2028Motorhead,Death AngelHammersmith Odeon , London22.12.19889.5security. 'Killed By Death' was mega
2029Motorhead,Death AngelHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.19889.5security .Bomber came out at the end .
2030AswadHammersmith Odeon , London30.12.19889security . 2nd of 2 ham odeon shows .
2031Alarm,Escape ClubBrixton Academy , London04.01.19899.75 fantastic I hour 50 mins set .
2032Big Country,Diesel Park WestHammersmith Odeon , London22.01.19899.5security . Brilliant 2 hour set .
2033Big Country,Diesel Park WestHammersmith Odeon , London23.01.19899.5security . The fans really loved it .
2034Big Country,Diesel Park WestHammersmith Odeon , London24.01.19899.5security .
2035Johnny Thunders,VaynesMarquee Club, London09.02.19899.5much better than Town And Country gig great I hour 50 mins set of old and new . my first show at new Marquee site in Charring Cross Road , London
2036Ian Hunter And Mick Ronson Band,Dogs D'Mour Dominion Theatre , London15.02.19899.52nd of 2 Dominion shows .
2037Scorpions,VixenHammersmith Odeon , London18.02.19899.5security .great rock double bill .
2038Scorpions,VixenHammersmith Odeon , London19.02.19899.5security .all girl support were good .
2039Scorpions,VixenHammersmith Odeon , London20.02.19899.5security .Scorpions 1 hour 40 mins set
2040Four TopsHammersmith Odeon , London23.02.19899security . Wih 14 piece orchestra .
2041Four TopsHammersmith Odeon , London24.02.19899security . Short but good 75 mins set .
2042Scorpions,House Of LordsHammersmith Odeon , London04.03.19899.5security .support keyboards ex Angel .
2043Mike And The Mechanics,IQHammersmith Odeon , London06.03.19898.25security . Should have been better .
2044BB King,Horse Hammersmith Odeon , London09.03.1989990 mins set of classic blues guitar .
2045Anthrax,Living ColorHammersmith Odeon , London13.03.19898.75security . Support were good
2046Anthrax,Living ColorHammersmith Odeon , London14.03.19898.75security . Still a bit too thrashy for me
2047Brother Beyond,SevenHammersmith Odeon , London15.03.19898security . Loads of screaming girls .
2048Brother Beyond,SevenHammersmith Odeon , London16.03.19898security . Extra security required .
2049Blue Oyster Cult,Miss DaisyHammersmith Odeon , London18.03.19899security . Good but not great show .
2050Mike And The Mechanics,IQHammersmith Odeon , London19.03.19899security . Better than gig 2 weeks ago
2051Then Jerico,Bim Bam BooHammersmith Odeon , London20.03.19899security . 2 or 3 really great songs .
2052Europe,DareHammersmith Odeon , London01.04.19899.5security . Really good 2 hour rock show .
2053Wrathchild Hippodrome Club , London05.04.1989950 mins set with loads of pyros .
2054Kool And The Gang,ReidHammersmith Odeon , London08.04.19899security . 5.30pm show start .
2055Kool And The Gang,ReidHammersmith Odeon , London08.04.19899security . 8.30pm show start .
2056Marlena Shaw,Roadside Picnic Hammersmith Odeon , London09.04.19898.5security . Nice 90 mins jazzy soul
2057Jeff Healey Band,Johnny Diesels InjectorsTown And Country Club , London14.04.19899.25amazing blues guitarist who is blind .
2058Johnny MathisHammersmith Odeon , London15.04.19898security . With 28 piece orchestra .
2059Johnny MathisHammersmith Odeon , London16.04.19898security .
2060GodfathersMarquee Club, London18.04.19899.5fantastic 80 mins set .
2061Commodores,Dark SecretHammersmith Odeon , London19.04.19899security .crowd pleasing set .
2062Monkees,SevenHammersmith Odeon , London20.04.19899.25security . 3 originals in this fun gig .
2063Duran Duran,Thrashing DovesDocklands Arena , London22.04.19899.25Tonight was grand opening of this venue
2064Queensryche,Little AngelsHammersmith Odeon , London27.04.19899.25security . I hour 45 mins set .
2065Yazz,ReidHammersmith Odeon , London01.05.19898.5security .encore of hits was really good
2066Yazz,ReidHammersmith Odeon , London02.05.19898.5security .
2067Yazz,ReidHammersmith Odeon , London03.05.19898.5security .
2068Ozzy Osbourne,Udo,SlammerHammersmith Odeon , London04.05.19899security . Lots of sound problems .
2069Ozzy Osbourne,Udo,SlammerHammersmith Odeon , London05.05.19899.75security . Geezer Butler on bass .
2070Hue And Cry,SenatorsHammersmith Odeon , London11.05.19898.75security . Got invites to party after .
2071W.A.S.P.,Zedyago Hammersmith Odeon , London14.05.19899
2072W.A.S.P.,Zedyago Hammersmith Odeon , London15.05.19899security . Got invites to aftershow in Acton . Iron Maiden all turned up .
2073Bananarama,Perfect DayHammersmith Odeon , London18.05.19899security . First ever tour .
2074Bananarama,Perfect DayHammersmith Odeon , London19.05.19899security . Much better than expected .
2075Then Jerico,Skin GamesHammersmith Odeon , London21.05.19899.5security . Stunning 90 mins set .
2076Gary Morre,DareHammersmith Odeon , London23.05.19899security .
2077Deacon BlueHammersmith Odeon , London24.05.19898.75security . No support .
2078Deacon BlueHammersmith Odeon , London25.05.19898.75security . 2 hours 30 mins set .
2079Deacon BlueHammersmith Odeon , London26.05.19898.75security .
2080Everly Brothers,Mark GerminoHammersmith Odeon , London27.05.19898security . Disapointing 60 mins set .
2081Everly Brothers,Mark GerminoHammersmith Odeon , London28.05.19898security .
2082R.E.M .,Blue AeroplanesHammersmith Odeon , London29.05.19899.5security . Much anticipated shows
2083R.E.M .,Blue AeroplanesHammersmith Odeon , London30.05.19899.5security . by all the music press .
2084Karyn White,TissamHammersmith Odeon , London01.06.19898security . Short 55 mins set .
208510,000 Maniacs,Kevin McDermott Orchestra Hammersmith Odeon , London02.06.19898security . Not my cup of tea .
2086Stray Cats,Guana BatzHammersmith Odeon , London10.06.19899.5security . Reformed after 5 year split .
2087Stray Cats,Guana BatzHammersmith Odeon , London11.06.19899.5security . Stunning 80 mins set . on 10th show Lemmy and Robert Plant both came on for rock and roll encore .
2088Claytown Troupe,We're Going To Eat YouMarquee Club , London13.06.19898.5
2089Tom Jones,Jeff StephensonHammersmith Odeon , London17.06.19899.5security . Full Las Vegas stageshow .
2090Tom Jones,Jeff StephensonHammersmith Odeon , London18.06.19899.5security . The ladies all still love him .
2091Emmylou HarrisHammersmith Odeon , London19.06.19897.5security . One off UK show . 2 hour set
2092Youssou N'Dour Hammersmith Odeon , London22.06.19898.5security . 'Shaking The Tree' was best.
2093ShadowsHammersmith Odeon , London23.06.19898security . 90 mins set .
2094Santana Hammersmith Odeon , London25.06.19899.25security . No support . 3 hour show .
2095Santana Hammersmith Odeon , London26.06.19899.25security . Superb guitar and percussion
2096Roachford,The Four Of UsHammersmith Odeon , London28.06.19899great singer .
2097Chaka Khan,Clive GriffinHammersmith Odeon , London29.06.19898.5security . Only hit singles were good .
2098Chaka Khan,Clive GriffinHammersmith Odeon , London30.06.19898.5security . the rest was a bit messy ..
2099Chaka Khan,Clive GriffinHammersmith Odeon , London01.07.19898.5security .
2100Damned,Claytown TroupeBrixton Academy , London02.07.19899.25reunion gig with original line up captain played the encore totally naked
2101Bobby Bland,Johnny Taylor,Denise Lasalle Hammersmith Odeon , London08.07.19898.5security . Malaco blues night .
2102Blues Brothers Band,Boogie BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London09.07.19899security . Good time 60s soul .
2103Blues Brothers Band,Boogie BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London10.07.19899security .
2104Little FeatHammersmith Odeon , London11.07.19898security . 2 hour set .10th anniverary
2105Little FeatHammersmith Odeon , London12.07.19898security. since death of Lowell George
2106Peabo Bryson,Chapter 8,Lavine HudsonHammersmith Odeon , London15.07.19899security . Surprisingly good soul show
2107Simple MindsWembley Arena , London26.07.19899.75fantastic with loads of anthemic songs.
2108Simple MindsWembley Arena , London27.07.19899.75Simple Minds were huge at this stage .
2109Wolfsbane,Dawn After DarkCorn Exchange , Cambridge01.08.19898.570 mins set .
2110Bon Jovi,Europe,Skid Row The Bowl , Milton Keynes19.08.198910yet another fantastic Bon Jovi gig Steve Tyler and Joe Perry came on for encores of 'Walk This Way' and 'The Boys Are Back In Town'
2111Black Sabbath,AxxisHammersmith Odeon , London09.09.19899.5security . Cozy Powell on drums .
2112Black Sabbath,AxxisHammersmith Odeon , London10.09.19899.5security . Classic riffs by Mr Iommi
2113Jean Carne,Ronnie Laws,Lonnie Liston Smith,Norman SmithHammersmith Odeon , London16.09.19898security .transatlantic jazz festival
2114B' 52s,OneTown And Country Club , London18.09.19899.5fantastic fun filled atmosphere
2115Public Image Limited,Philip BoaHammersmith Odeon , London19.09.19899.5security .only UK show after their USA tour with New Order and Sugarcubes. First ever time PIL played Ham Odeon as since 1977 John has been banned .
2116Wishbone Ash,Spirit Hammersmith Odeon , London23.09.19898security .
2117Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon , London27.09.19898.25security . No support . 2 hour show .
2118Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon , London28.09.19898.25security .
2119Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon , London29.09.19898.25security .
2120Nuclear Assualt,Candlemass,Dark AngelHammersmith Odeon , London04.10.19897security . Far to thrashy for me .
2121Ramones,Almighty Town And Country Club , London09.10.19899.51st of 3 shows . 30 songs in 75 mins .
2122Temptations,One NationHammersmith Odeon , London11.10.19898.5security . 80 mins set .
2123Temptations,One NationHammersmith Odeon , London12.10.19898.5security . A bit too cabaret at times .
2124Joe JacksonHammersmith Odeon , London13.10.19899.5security . No support . 2 hours 30 mins
2125Joe JacksonHammersmith Odeon , London14.10.19899.5security . First UK shows in 5 years .
2126Betty Wright Hammersmith Odeon , London21.10.19898.25security . 90 mins american soul .
2127Regina Belle,Steve Williamson Quartet Hammersmith Odeon , London22.10.19898.25security . Fantastic voice .
2128Alarm,AnhrefnShaw Theatre ,Euston , London23.10.19899.5welsh benefit night . Sung 2 in welsh .
2129Junior Walker,Jimmy Ruffin,Edwin Starr Hammersmith Odeon , London24.10.19898.5magic of motown revue .
2130Gary Numan,YenHammersmith Odeon , London25.10.19899.25security . His loyal fans are great .
2131Gary Numan,YenHammersmith Odeon , London26.10.19899.25security .1 hour 40 mins set .
2132Transvision Vamp,And Why Not Hammersmith Odeon , London27.10.19899.25security . 80 mins set .
2133Transvision Vamp,And Why Not Hammersmith Odeon , London28.10.19899.25security . Better than expected .
2134Transvision Vamp,And Why Not Hammersmith Odeon , London29.10.19899.25security . Catchy pop rock songs .
2135Dogs D'Mour,Underneath WhatHammersmith Odeon , London30.10.19898.75security .good 75 mins set .
2136Fine Young Cannibals,The La'sBrixton Academy , London02.11.19899really good but short 70 mins set .
2137FM,Romeos Daughter Hammersmith Odeon , London03.11.19899security . Big headline gig for FM .
2138Maze,Mothers FinestHammersmith Odeon , London09.11.19899.75security .What a fantastic live band .
2139Maze,Mothers FinestHammersmith Odeon , London10.11.19899.75security . 90 mins pure soul groove .
2140Maze,Mothers FinestHammersmith Odeon , London11.11.19899.75security . Frankie Beverleys voice.Wow
2141Skid Row,VainHammersmith Odeon , London13.11.19899.5security . Great rock double bill . Lemmy and Steve Harris on for encore
2142Aerosmith,QuireboysHammersmith Odeon , London14.11.198910security . 12 years since last UK gigs
2143Aerosmith,QuireboysHammersmith Odeon , London15.11.198910security . Aerosmith back at the top . 'Pump' had gone mega worldwide . both bands did excellent sets.
2144Maze,Mothers FinestHammersmith Odeon , London16.11.19899.75security . Recorded for live gig video .
5Elton John + Kiki DeeHammersmith Odeon, London23.12.19739got bryan ferry autograph Elton John and his band were always great when they played Hammersmith
2168Gary GlitterBrixton Academy , London03.01.19909.5Brilliant 2 hour show .
2169Bon Jovi + Dan Reed NetworkWembley Arena , London04.01.19909.75Simply stunning I hour 45 mins show.great walkway into middle of arena .
57Santana + Earth Wind and FireHammersmith Odeon, London09.09.19758" Samba Pa Ti " had been a Top 30 UK hit last year for Santana .
58Santana + Earth Wind and FireHammersmith Odeon, London10.09.19758Both bands were on same record co .Although EWF were massive in USA they were still unknown in the UK .
6Elton John + Kiki Dee Hammersmith Odeon, London 24.12.19739This tour was to support current album
2170Bon Jovi Hammersmith Odeon , London10.01.199010security . 2 hour 15 mins set amazing small gig for this mega band .
2171Testament + Zentrix + Mortal Sin + Horse(London)Hammersmith Odeon , London13.01.19908.5security . VFM 4 band thrash show .
2172Squeeze + KatydidsHammersmith Odeon , London15.01.19909security. Jools Holland was on piano
2173Squeeze + KatydidsHammersmith Odeon , London16.01.19909security .
2174Hue And Cry + 16 Tambourines Hammersmith Odeon , London17.01.19909security .
2175Hue And Cry + 16 Tambourines Hammersmith Odeon , London18.01.19909security .
2176Paul McCartney BandWembley Arena , London26.01.19909.5first uk tour for over 10 years .no support . 2 hour show .Really good full light and laser show .last night of 11 sold out wembley gigs.
2177Ten Years After + DoghouseHammersmith Odeon, London27.01.19908.5security .TYA feat 4 original members
7Wizzard + Raymond Froggart Hammersmith Odeon, London 02.03.19749got rod stewart autograph after having so much fun at the show a few months ago we went back for more. " I Wish It Could Be Christmas " had just been a massive hit single .
2145David Essex Hammersmith Odeon , London 19.11.19899security . All the hits were still there .
2146Jerry Lee Lewis Hammersmith Odeon , London 21.11.19898.5security . Only uk show .
2147Runrig + Big Picture Hammersmith Odeon , London 22.11.19898.5security . Huge in Scotland band .
2148Cult + Claytown Troupe Wembley Arena , London 24.11.19899.5great and loud 90 mins set.
2149Alyson Williams + Rick Clarke Hammersmith Odeon , London 25.11.19899security . Enjoyable soul show.
2150Alyson Williams + Rick Clarke Hammersmith Odeon , London 26.11.19899security .
2151Deborah Harry + One Town And Country Club , London 30.11.19899.5Deborah still as lovely as ever .
2152Clannad + Mary Kelley Hammersmith Odeon , London 01.12.19897security . Most boring show for ages .
2153Clannad + Mary Kelley Hammersmith Odeon , London 02.12.19897security .
2154Hawkwind Hammersmith Odeon , London 07.12.19898security .
2155Natalie Cole + Gerald Alston Hammersmith Odeon , London 09.12.19899.25security . Support was really good .
2156Natalie Cole + Gerald Alston Hammersmith Odeon , London 10.12.19899.25security . She did 1 hour 45 mins set .
2157David Peaston + Gerald Alston Hammersmith Odeon , London 11.12.19899security . winner of NY Apollo show .
2158Neil Young Hammersmith Odeon , London 12.12.19899.25security . One off acoustic UK show .
2159Faster Pussycat + Almighty + Dangerous Toys Hammersmith Odeon , London 13.12.19899.25security . Sleaze rock headliners .
2160Manowar + Sabbat Hammersmith Odeon , London 14.12.19899.5security . Real men play on ten.LOUD.
2161Pat Methany Band Hammersmith Odeon , London 15.12.19898security . 2 hour 30 mins set .
2162Imagination + Bobby Styles Hammersmith Odeon , London 17.12.19899.25security . Still very enjoyable .
2163Marillion + Little Angels Hammersmith Odeon , London 18.12.19899.5security . Marillion have new singer .
2164Motorhead + Thunderhead + Mournblade Hammersmith Odeon , London 19.12.19899.5security . Fantastic 75 mins set .
2165Motorhead + Thunderhead + Mournblade Hammersmith Odeon , London 20.12.19899.5security .
2166Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel Hammersmith Odeon , London 22.12.19899security . 2 hour 15 mins set .
2167It Bites + Blunder Hammersmith Odeon , London 23.12.19898.5security .
2178Erasure + Ocean Docklands Arena , London 28.01.19909non stop dancing 85 mins set .
2179Simply Red + Distant Cousins Docklands Arena , London 30.01.19909.5first of 3 Docklands Arena shows .
2180George Clintons P Funk Allstars Hammersmith Odeon , London 02.02.19909.5security . One off UK show . 2 hours 30 mins of pure funk madness .
2181Bob Dylan + Havalinas Hammersmith Odeon , London 03.02.19909.5security .I did all 6 shows at the front .
2182Bob Dylan + Havalinas Hammersmith Odeon , London 04.02.19909.5security .Shows sold out a month ago .
2183Bob Dylan + Havalinas Hammersmith Odeon , London 05.02.19909.5security . Last dates of world tour .
2184Bob Dylan + Havalinas Hammersmith Odeon , London 06.02.19909.75security . Tonight was my fave night.
2185Bob Dylan + Havalinas Hammersmith Odeon , London 07.02.19909.5security .Set changed each night .
2186Bob Dylan + Havalinas Hammersmith Odeon , London 08.02.19909.5security .only night he played piano .
2187Godfathers + We Are Going To Eat You Kilburn National , London 14.02.19909.5first gigs since guitarist Kris Dollimore left the band but they are still brilliant .
2188Alarm + Salvation Brixton Academy , London 15.02.19909.25started a bit sluggish but great finish.
2189Hunter-Ronson Band + Shy Hammersmith Odeon , London 16.02.19909.5superb 2 hour 15 mins set . Brian May on for All The Young Dudes
2190Tanita Tikaram Hammersmith Odeon , London 22.02.19909security . Sound quality was great .
2191Tanita Tikaram Hammersmith Odeon , London 23.02.19909security .
2192Lloyd Cole + See See Rider Hammersmith Odeon , London 27.02.19908.75security . First UK tour for 3 years .
2192Lloyd Cole + See See Rider Hammersmith Odeon , London 28.02.19908.75security .
2194Johnny Cleggs Savuka Hammersmith Odeon , London 03.03.19909security . 2 hour show .
2195Johnny Cleggs Savuka Hammersmith Odeon , London 04.03.19909security . African dance show .
2196Chicago + Martyn Snapes Hammersmith Odeon , London 05.03.19909security . 1 hour 45 mins set.
2196Chicago + Martyn Snapes Hammersmith Odeon , London 05.03.19909security . 1 hour 45 mins set.
2197Chicago + Martyn Snapes Hammersmith Odeon , London 06.03.19909security . Surprisingly good show .
2198Will Downing + After 7 + After Midnight Hammersmith Odeon , London 08.03.19908.5security .1 hour 45 mins set .
2199Will Downing + After 7 + After Midnight Hammersmith Odeon , London 09.03.19908.5security .
2200Will Downing + After 7 + After Midnight Hammersmith Odeon , London 11.03.19908.5security .
2201Stiff Little Fingers Brixton Academy , London 18.03.19909.25
2202Brother Beyond + Seven Hammersmith Odeon , London 22.03.19908.5security .
2203David Bowie Docklands Arena , London 27.03.19909.75greatest hits set .2nd of 3 shows .
2204Fish + Stage Dolls Hammersmith Odeon , London 01.04.19909.5security . Great mix of Marillion + solo .
2205Fish + Stage Dolls Hammersmith Odeon , London 02.04.19909.5security . Fish is a great personality .
2206Lisa Stansfield Ronnie Scotts Club , London 06.04.199084 songs for Jonathan Ross TV show.
2207If Bites Hammersmith Odeon , London 07.04.19908security .
2208Saxon + Metal Church Hammersmith Odeon , London 12.04.19909.75security . Fantastic 1 hour 40 mins set .
2209Kid Creole And The Coconuts Town And Country Club , London 17.04.19909.75fantastic lavish 2 hour one off UK show.
2210Yngwie Malmsteen + China Hammersmith Odeon , London 21.04.19909.25security .great Fender guitar showman .
2211Sinead O'Connor + Max Hammersmith Odeon , London 24.04.19909.5security .Sinead sounded great .
2212Sinead O'Connor + Max Hammersmith Odeon , London 25.04.19909.5security .Sinead looked great .
2213Sinead O'Connor + Max Hammersmith Odeon , London 26.04.19909.5security .Marco Perroni on guitar . blagged aftershow in Ladbroke Grove .
2214Faith No More + Prong Hammersmith Odeon , London 27.04.19908.5security . Should have been better .
2215Quireboys + Burning Tree Hammersmith Odeon , London 28.04.19909.5security .Last show of world tour .
2216Nina Simone Hammersmith Odeon , London 01.05.19908.5female jazz legend .
2217Gary Moore's Blues Band + Larry McCray Band Hammersmith Odeon , London 10.05.19909.25security 80% played with Gibson . blagged aftershow at Hard Rock Cafť .
2218Gary Moore's Blues Band + Larry McCray Band Hammersmith Odeon , London 11.05.19909.25security . His first blues shows .
2219Mark Knopfler's Notting Hillbillies Mean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London 13.05.19909well sold out low key club show .
2220Sins Of The Flesh Opera On The Green , London 16.05.19908kinda like Hawkwind .
2221Big Country + Lies Damned Lies Hammersmith Odeon , London 23.05.19909.5security . Great 2 hour show .
2222Big Country + Lies Damned Lies Hammersmith Odeon , London 24.05.19909.5security . The crowd loved it .
2223Joe Satriani + Ben Samley Band Hammersmith Odeon , London 25.05.19909.25security . Great guitarist from U.S.A. blagged aftershow at Hard Rock Cafť .
2224Dio + Trouble Hammersmith Odeon , London 29.05.19909.5security . Really good show as always .
2225Santana Hammersmith Odeon , London 30.05.19909security . First of 3 ham odeon shows .
2226Santana Hammersmith Odeon , London 01.06.19909security . No support . 3 hour show .
2227Robert Plant + Alannah Myles Hammersmith Odeon , London 04.06.19909security . 1 hour 45 mins set . blagged aftershow at Sticky Fingers.
2228Robert Plant + Alannah Myles Hammersmith Odeon , London 05.06.19909security . Good support act .
2229Death Angel + Forbidden + Vicious Rumours Hammersmith Odeon , London 09.06.19908security . Vicious Rumours were best .
2230Hothouse Flowers + River City People Hammersmith Odeon , London 13.06.19909security . Really good sold out show ..
2231Prince + Mavis Staples Wembley Arena , London 22.06.19909.753rd show of an amazing 16 Wembley Prince shows in June, July, August
2232Prince + Mavis Staples Wembley Arena , London 23.06.19909.75fantastic but not as good as Lovesexy .
2233Little Feat Hammersmith Odeon , London 29.06.19908security .only UK show . No support .
2234Miles Davis Hammersmith Odeon , London 30.06.19908security . Jazz trumpet legend.
2235Miles Davis Hammersmith Odeon , London 01.07.19908security . Not my cup of tea really .
2236John Lee Hooker + John Hammond Hammersmith Odeon , London 07.07.19908security . Blues legend .
2237Joan Armatrading Hammersmith Odeon , London 09.07.19909security .
2238Prince + Mavis Staples Wembley Arena , London 11.07.19909.75another dose of classic Prince funk .
2239Ry Cooder And David Lindlay Hammersmith Odeon , London 12.07.19907.5security. Loads of different guitar styles
2240Ry Cooder And David Lindlay Hammersmith Odeon , London 13.07.19907.5security .Film scores etc
2241John Lee Hooker + John Hammond Hammersmith Odeon , London 16.07.19908security .
2242Aztec Camera Hammersmith Odeon , London 17.07.19908.5security .No support . 2 hour set . Mick Jones (Clash) on for encores .
2243Lenny Kravitz + Toshi Reagon Hammersmith Odeon , London 20.07.19909.5security .hot and funky rock by Lenny.
2244Jeff Beck + One Nation Hammersmith Odeon , London 28.07.19909.25security .Really good 3 piece band .
2245Jeff Beck + One Nation Hammersmith Odeon , London 29.07.19909.25security . Still a great guitarist .
2246Micheal McDonald Hammersmith Odeon , London 30.07.19909security . Fantastic voice .
2247Stranglers + That Petrol Emotion + Godfathers Alexander Palace , London 11.08.19909.25Godfathers were best band tonight .
2248Aswad Hammersmith Odeon , London 17.08.19908.75security . Nice atmosphere .
2249Whitesnake + Aerosmith + Poison Monsters Of Rock Festival 18.08.19909.75Jimmy Page came on with Aerosmith
2250Prince Wembley Arena , London 22.08.19909.5did not have seats near stage tonight
2251Prince Wembley Arena , London 24.08.19909.75much better the nearer you are .
2252Rolling Stones Wembley Stadium , London 25.08.19909.75fantastic 2 hour 15 mins hits set .
2253The Time Hammersmith Odeon , London 01.09.19909.25feat Prince's friend Morris Day really good but set only lasted 50 mins
2254Black Sabbath + Circus Of Power Hammersmith Odeon , London 08.09.19909.5security . Great riffs from Tony Iommi. Brian May and Geezer on for encore .
2255Jason Donovan + Seven Hammersmith Odeon . London 21.09.19909security . His first UK tour .
2256Jason Donovan + Seven Hammersmith Odeon . London 22.09.19909security . Those bloody whisles .
2257Jason Donovan + Seven Hammersmith Odeon . London 23.09.19909security . Better than expected .
2258Tina Turner Wembley Arena , London 25.09.19909.5this was 6th of 7 Tina Wembley showsexcellent 2 hour show .
2259Ian Dury And The Blockheads Town And Country Club , London 27.09.19909.5Brilliant 90 mins set .
2260Bruce Hornsby And The Range Hammersmith Odeon , London 03.10.19908.5security . 2 hour 30 mins set .
2261Toto Hammersmith Odeon , London 09.10.19908.5security . 2 hour set . Only UK show .
2262Jeff Healey + Wildlife Hammersmith Odeon , London 10.10.19909.25security . Amazing blind blues guitar .
2263Everything But The Girl Hammersmith Odeon , London 16.10.19908security . 1 hour 45 mins set .
2264Everything But The Girl Hammersmith Odeon , London 17.10.19908security .
2265Iron Maiden + Wolfsbane Hammersmith Odeon , London 18.10.19909.75security .superb 1 hour 45 mins set . last show in small venues UK tour .
2266Pixies + Barkmarket Hammersmith Odeon , London 19.10.19908security . Expected better from Pixies
2267Daniel O'Donnell Hammersmith Odeon , London 20.10.19909.25security . Entertaining 2 hour show . meets fans for 2 hours after every show which I thought was excellent .
2268Dogs D'Amour + Burning Tree Hammersmith Odeon , London 21.10.19909.25security . 90 mins of rock n roll blues .
2269Prefab Sprout + Trash Can Sinatras Hammersmith Odeon , London 22.10.19908.75security .
2270Prefab Sprout + Trash Can Sinatras Hammersmith Odeon , London 23.10.19908.75security .slow start but it got a better. blagged aftershow party Goldhawk Rd.
2271Tangerine Dream Hammersmith Odeon , London 26.10.19908security .
2272Tangerine Dream Hammersmith Odeon , London 27.10.19908security .Renewed interest in TG due to house music sampling .
2273Ratt + Walk On Fire Town And Country Club , London 31.10.19909.5very underated LA rock act .Superb . " Invasion Of Your Privacy " album by Ratt is a fantastic set of songs .
2274Hawkwind + Radical Dance Factory Hammersmith Odeon , London 06.11.19908.5security .Female dancers were fun .
2275Suzanne Vega + Steve Booker Hammersmith Odeon , London 07.11.19908.75security .Great stories between songs .
2276Suzanne Vega + Steve Booker Hammersmith Odeon , London 08.11.19908.75security .
2277Del Amitri + Bloomsday Hammersmith Odeon , London 09.11.19909.5security . Excellent 1 hour 50 mins set
2278Jeff Healey + Wildfire Hammersmith Odeon , London 10.11.19909.25security . Back by public demand
2279Queensryche + Lynch Mob Hammersmith Odeon , London 14.11.19909.5security . Great double bill rock show .
2280Queensryche + Lynch Mob Hammersmith Odeon , London 15.11.19909.5security . Queensryche did 2 hour set .
2281Freddie Aguilar Hammersmith Odeon , London 17.11.19907security . One of Phillipines big acts
2282Beautiful South + Mike Greaves Hammersmith Odeon , London 20.11.19908.5security . Sound was a bit muddy .
2283Micheal McDonald + Junior Giscombe Hammersmith Odeon , London 23.11.19909.5security . JG "Mama Used To Say"
2284Micheal McDonald + Junior Giscombe Hammersmith Odeon , London 24.11.19909.5security . MM has a great voice .
2285Tashan + Roy Ayres + Tribe Called Quest Hammersmith Odeon , London 25.11.19908.75security . VFM jazz funk show .
2286Hall And Oates + Terry Ronald Hammersmith Odeon , London 26.11.19909.25security . Greatest hits set .
2287Hall And Oates + Terry Ronald Hammersmith Odeon , London 27.11.19909.25security .
2288Thunder + Electric Boys Hammersmith Odeon , London 29.11.19909.25security both bands did good sets . blagged aftershow in Gloucester Road
2289Thunder + Electric Boys Hammersmith Odeon , London 30.11.19909.25security .
2290Magnum + Roko Hammersmith Odeon , London 02.12.19909security . Magnum still going stromg .
2291Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 05.12.19909.5security .Record breaking run of 15
2292Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 06.12.19909.5security .shows at Hammersmith
2293Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 07.12.19909.5security .I did 12 shows out of the 15
2294Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 08.12.19909.5security .No support .
2295Thunder + No Sweat Hammersmith Odeon , London 09.12.19909.5security . Last show of UK tour . David Coverdale came on for the encore
2296Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 10.12.19909.5security . 1 hour 50 mins set .
2297Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 11.12.19909.5security .They were massive in UK .
2298Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 13.12.19909.5security .
2299Omar Hammersmith Odeon , London 14.12.19908security .UK soul with 2 great songs .
2300Godfathers Marquee Club , London 14.12.19909.2510.30pm missed the first 15 mins
2301Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 16.12.19909.5security .lots of office christmas
2302Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 17.12.19909.5security .were at these shows .
2303Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 18.12.19909.5security .
2304Billy Idol + Gene Loves Jezebel Wembley Arena , London 20.12.19909.75First UK shows for 10 years Fantastic big American production .
2305Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 21.12.19909.5security .
2306Johnny Thunders Marquee Club , London 21.12.19909.510pm show left Level 42 gig at 9pm messy but great 70 mins set .
2307Level 42 Hammersmith Odeon , London 22.12.19909.5security .
2308Gary Glitter Brixton Academy , London 30.12.19909.5another great GG christmas show
2309Paul Young + Two Way StreetHammersmith Odeon , London10.01.9,5security .Nice to see him back after his throat operation
2310Paul Young + Two Way StreetHammersmith Odeon , London11.01.9security .
2311Scorpions + WingerWembley Arena , London12.01.9,5got down front for this great rock show
2312Cinderella + SlaughterHammersmith Odeon , London19.01.9,5security . Great double bill from USA .members of Ozzy Osbourne Band and Def Leppard came on stage for encore.
2313Cinderella + SlaughterHammersmith Odeon , London20.01.9,5security .
2314Robert Cray Band + Joe Ely BandHammersmith Odeon , London24.01.9,25security . Support band were great .
2315Robert Cray Band + Joe Ely BandHammersmith Odeon , London25.01.9,25security . RCB did 1 hour 45 mins set
2316Robert Cray Band + Joe Ely BandHammersmith Odeon , London26.01.9,25security .Had horn section on this tour
2317Robert Cray Band + Joe Ely BandHammersmith Odeon , London27.01.9,25security .
2318Bob Dylan + Graham ParkerHammersmith Odeon , London08.02.9,25security . 8 Dylan Hammersmith shows
2319Bob Dylan + Graham ParkerHammersmith Odeon , London09.02.9,5security . My fave night .
2320Bob Dylan + Graham ParkerHammersmith Odeon , London10.02.9,25security . His only UK dates .
2321Bob Dylan + Graham ParkerHammersmith Odeon , London12.02.9,25security . Not as good as last year .
2322Bob Dylan + Graham ParkerHammersmith Odeon , London13.02.9,25security .slightly varied 90 mins set .
2323Godfathers + Underneath WhatBrixton Academy , London14.02.9,75Fantastic 90 mins Valentines show .
2324Bob Dylan + Roddy FrameHammersmith Odeon , London15.02.9,25security .100 hard core Dylan fans
2325Bob Dylan + Roddy FrameHammersmith Odeon , London16.02.9,25security .booked into Novotel to
2326Bob Dylan + Roddy FrameHammersmith Odeon , London17.02.9,25security .see all 8 shows by him.
2327Motorhead + Almighty + Cycle SlutsHammersmith Odeon , London19.02.9,5security .both supports were good .
2328Motorhead + Almighty + Cycle SlutsHammersmith Odeon , London20.02.9,5security .Motorhead 80 mins mega .
2329AhaHammersmith Odeon , London26.02.9,25security . Massive light and stage show
2330David Lee Roth + WarrantWembley Arena , London01.03.9,75DLR with 2 hours perfect rock show only DLR could come surf over the crowds on a real surf board .
2331Freddie Jackson + Donna Gardier Hammersmith Odeon , London04.03.9,25security . Classic soul voice .
2332Freddie Jackson + Donna Gardier Hammersmith Odeon , London05.03.9,25security .
2333Freddie Jackson + Donna Gardier Hammersmith Odeon , London06.03.9,25security .the ladies love him .blagged the aftershow in Wandsworth
2334Deep Purple + VixenHammersmith Odeon , London14.03.9,5security .Great all girl support band .
2335Deep Purple + VixenHammersmith Odeon , London15.03.9,5security .Purple had a mega laser show
2336Deep Purple + VixenHammersmith Odeon , London16.03.9,5security .Joe Lyn Turner on vocals .
2337Deep Purple + VixenHammersmith Odeon , London17.03.9,5security .Richie Blackmore was moody and did not come on stage at all on the last night encore of S On The Water
2338Jimmy Somerville + BanderasHammersmith Odeon , London20.03.8,5security .
2339Godfathers + LoudTown And Country Club , London21.03.9,5as usual a brilliant 90 mins set .
2340Judas Priest + AnnihilatorHammersmith Odeon , London22.03.9,5security .stunning first UK shows since
2341Judas Priest + AnnihilatorHammersmith Odeon , London23.03.9,5security .american suicide court case
2342Tanita TikaramHammersmith Odeon , London24.03.8,5security .
2343Megadeth + Almighty + Alice In ChainsHammersmith Odeon , London25.03.9security .Megadeth were too thrashy but both supports were good
2344Megadeth + Almighty + Alice In ChainsHammersmith Odeon , London26.03.9security .
2345Saxon + Two TribesTown And Country Club , London28.03.9,5as usual a brilliant 90 mins set .
2346Gary Numan + Mr Giblets CircusHammersmith Odeon , London29.03.9,5security . Brilliant light show .
2347Gary Numan + Mr Giblets CircusHammersmith Odeon , London30.03.9,5security .
2348Almighty Town And Country Club , London04.04.9freebie gig for music video shoot .
2349Gary Glitter in the musical A Slice Of Saturday Night Hammersmith Odeon , London06.04.9,5similar to Grease , great fun .
2350Kool And The Kang + 2.2Hammersmith Odeon , London07.04.9 singer James Taylor has now left them
2351Johnny MathisHammersmith Odeon , London13.04.8played with a huge 25 piece orchestra .
2352Alexander ONeal + PasadenasHammersmith Odeon , London15.04.9,5security .good support band .
2353Alexander ONeal + PasadenasHammersmith Odeon , London16.04.9,5security .Alex was pure gold as usual .
2354Alexander ONeal + PasadenasHammersmith Odeon , London17.04.9,5security .
2355Teena Marie Hammersmith Odeon , London18.04.9security . Surprisingly good show .
2356Teena Marie Hammersmith Odeon , London19.04.9security . Great soul voice .
2357Tom JonesHammersmith Odeon , London20.04.9,5security . Fantastic 2 hour show .
2358Teena Marie Hammersmith Odeon , London21.04.9security .
2359Sting + Kennedy RoseHammersmith Odeon , London24.04.9,75security .Superb 2 hour set with a great mix of solo and Police songs .
2360Sting + Kennedy RoseHammersmith Odeon , London25.04.9,75security .
2361Sting + Kennedy RoseHammersmith Odeon , London26.04.9,75security .Sting has a brilliant band .
2362Sting + Kennedy RoseHammersmith Odeon , London27.04.9,75security .
2363Sting + Kennedy RoseHammersmith Odeon , London28.04.9,75security .
2364TemptationsHammersmith Odeon , London01.05.8,5security .
2365AhaHammersmith Odeon , London02.05.9,25security .Back again by public demand
2366Mr Big + The Throbs + HeartlandHammersmith Odeon , London08.05.9security . Mr Big guitarist used a black and decker drill in his guitar solo .
2367Paul SimonWembley Arena , London09.05.9,25no support . Great songs, great band .
2368Maze + WhycliffeHammersmith Odeon , London18.05.9,75security . My fave soul /r n b band .
2369Maze + WhycliffeHammersmith Odeon , London19.05.9,75security . Stunning live groove as ever
2370Maze + WhycliffeHammersmith Odeon , London20.05.9,75security . Feat Frankie Beverley .
2371Robert Palmer + Terry RonaldTown And Country Club , London23.05.9,25eecurity . Good 90 mins set .
2372Everly Brothers + Duane EddyHammersmith Odeon , London24.05.9,25security . Great double bill .
2373Little Angels + RPLAHammersmith Odeon , London25.05.9,25security . Catchy UK rock show .
2374Joe Jackson + Jackie QuinnHammersmith Odeon , London27.05.9,25security . 1 hour 40 mins set .
2375Joe Jackson + Jackie QuinnHammersmith Odeon , London28.05.9,25security .
2376Anita MaiHammersmith Odeon , London02.06.7,5security .Big in Malaysia singer .
2377Pet Shop BoysWembley Arena , London08.06.9,5massive stage production with loads of costume changes and 15 dancers .
2378David EssexHammersmith Odeon , London09.06.9security .Good 80 mins set .
2379Rod Stewart + Status QuoWembley Stadium , London15.06.9,5both acts did great sets .
2380Buzzcocks + Bridewell TaxisTown And Country Club , London17.06.9,5great 90 mins set with 3 original band members + drums Mike Joyce(Smiths)
2381Allman BrothersHammersmith Odeon , London25.06.8,5no support . 2 hours 15 mins show .band and equipment looked very 1970s
2382RunrigHammersmith Odeon , London26.06.8,5huge in Scotland band .
2383Sepultura + Sacred Reich + Zentrix + HeathenHammersmith Odeon , London30.06.8,5security . Too thrashy for me .
2384Elvis Costello + Sam PhillipsHammersmith Odeon , London01.07.9security . 2 hour set .
2385Elvis Costello + Sam PhillipsHammersmith Odeon , London02.07.9security .he looked a bit of a mess with his newly grown beard .
2386Elvis Costello + Sam PhillipsHammersmith Odeon , London03.07.9security .
2387Elvis Costello + Sam PhillipsHammersmith Odeon , London05.07.9security .
2388ZZ Top + Bryan Adams + Thunder + The Law The Bowl , Milton Keynes06.07.9,5The Law feat Paul Rodgers And Kenny Jones and this was their only UK show Everything I Do was B Adams newie Great breakers yard stage for ZZ Top
2389Elvis Costello + Sam PhillipsHammersmith Odeon , London07.07.9security .
2390Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark + Christer Hammersmith Odeon , London09.07.9,25security . Best of OMD has sold 2m
2391Kid Creole And The Coconuts + Screaming TargetTown And Country Club , London11.07.9,5fantastic 1 hour 45 mins dance set .
2392INXS + Hothouse FlowersWembley Stadium , London13.07.9,5INXS had a fantastic stage and lights .
2393Bonnie Raitt + Hohn HammondHammersmith Odeon , London14.07.8security . Won awards recently .
2394MorrisseyWembley Arena , London20.07.8,5First ever London solo show for him.He looked lost in such a big venue .Only on stage for 70 mins .
2395Deborah Harry + HoneychildHammersmith Odeon , London21.07.9,5security . Chris Stein on guitar .
2396Deborah Harry + HoneychildHammersmith Odeon , London22.07.9,5security . 90 mins mainly greatest hits .
2397Deborah Harry + HoneychildHammersmith Odeon , London23.07.9,5security .Debbie now 46 but still lovely
2398Manic Street Preachers Hibernian Club , Fulham , London13.08.9,25hyped up as band with Clash attitude short but powerful 35 mins set .
2399AC/DC + Metallica + Motley CrueMonsters Of Rock Testival ,Donnington Race Track , UK17.08.9,75"AC/DC did a blinding 2 hour show .Metallica did a great 60 mins set .They played tracks from the soon to be mega "" Metallica "" new album.Motley Crue did a messy 60 mins set"
2400GodfathersMean Fiddler, Harlesden, London19.08.9,5another great Godfathers show .
2401Simple MindsWembley Arena , London22.08.9,5mega 2 hour arena show
2402The Sounds Of Blackness + Paul JohnsonHammersmith Odeon , London27.08.9security . Both acts were good .
2403EMF + PM DawnTown And Country Club , London28.08.9,25invite only show for MTV awards .
2404Guns And Roses + Skid RowWembley Stadium , London31.08.9,75first and only UK show for 3 years .superb 2 hours 15 mins G n R set .
2405Sweet + Alvin Stardust + Bay City Rollers + Glitter Band Town And Country Club , London07.09.9,5great 1970s glam rock night out .
2406Whitney HoustonWembley Arena , London10.09.96th of 10 sold out wembley shows .
2407Guy + Cookie CrewHammersmith Odeon , London12.09.9,25security . Guy did 2 hours 15 mins set
2408Guy + Cookie CrewHammersmith Odeon , London13.09.9,25security . Massive in the USA .
2409Guy + Cookie CrewHammersmith Odeon , London14.09.9,25security . The crowd loved it .
2410Nina SimoneHammersmith Odeon , London21.09.8,5security . songs from her 30 years + in music
2411Magnum + Kiss Of The GypsyHammersmith Odeon , London27.09.8,5security . Same as usual .
2412Marillion + Violet HourHammersmith Odeon , London29.09.9security . 2 hour set .
2413Marillion + Violet HourHammersmith Odeon , London30.09.9security . Not as good as previous gigs
2414Beverley Craven + Martyn Joseph + John OKaneHammersmith Odeon , London01.10.8,5security . Promise Me had gone Top 10
2415Mango Groove + Scarlet Hammersmith Odeon , London02.10.9,25security . Surprisingly good African act.
2416Morrissey + PhrancHammersmith Odeon , London04.10.9,25security .Much better than Wembley so many stage jumpers that Morrissey told security to leave front stage which resulted in ?2,000 bill for broken seats
2417Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon , London07.10.8security .no support . 2 hour set .
2418Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon , London08.10.8security .
2419Jethro TullHammersmith Odeon , London09.10.8security .
2420Crowded House + Wild PumpkinsHammersmith Odeon , London10.10.8 .5security . Like a NZ Squeeze .
2421Daniel ODonnellHammersmith Odeon , London12.10.9security . 2 hours 30 mins show .
2422Ryuichi SakamotoHammersmith Odeon , London13.10.7,5security .David Sylvain sung 2 songs .
2423Black Crowes + Thee HypnoticsHammersmith Odeon , London18.10.9,25security . Short 75 mins show .
2424Black Crowes + Thee HypnoticsHammersmith Odeon , London19.10.9,25security . Great blues rock .
2425Extreme + King Of The HillHammersmith Odeon , London20.10.9,75security .Fantastic shows by Extreme
2426Extreme + King Of The HillHammersmith Odeon , London21.10.9,75security .who this year were the
2427Extreme + King Of The HillHammersmith Odeon , London22.10.9,75security .hottest new band in the world
2428Lloyd Cole + The IndiansHammersmith Odeon , London25.10.8,75security .great lyrics as usual.
2429Lloyd Cole + The IndiansHammersmith Odeon , London26.10.8,75security .
2430Seal + BassomaticHammersmith Odeon , London28.10.8,75security .debut album has been No 1
2431The Cramps + Ronnie Dawson BandTown And Country Club , London30.10.9mad n crazy 90 mins set .
2432T Pau + Energy OrchardHammersmith Odeon , London01.11.9security .Carol Decker looked great .
2433Color Me Bad + TefuriHammersmith Odeon , London03.11.8,5security .lots of screaming girls .
2434Color Me Bad + TefuriHammersmith Odeon , London04.11.8,5security .latest USA teen group .
2435Slayer + MindfunkHammersmith Odeon , London05.11.8security .too thrashy for me .
2436Slayer + MindfunkHammersmith Odeon , London06.11.8security .
2437David Bowie And Tin Machine + Two TribesBrixton Academy , London10.11.9,25security . Watched it from the pit .
2438Tesla + Kiss Of The GpsyHammersmith Odeon , London12.11.8,5security . Should have been better .
2439Chesney Hawkes + The Rebel PebblesHammersmith Odeon , London13.11.8,5security . one hit wonder ok show
2440The Whispers + D BoraHammersmith Odeon , London14.11.8,5security .
2441Christy Moore + Luka BloomHammersmith Odeon , London15.11.9,5security . Great Irish themed lyrics .
2442Christy Moore + Luka BloomHammersmith Odeon , London16.11.9,5security . Great stories between songs
2443Christy Moore + Luka BloomHammersmith Odeon , London17.11.9,5security .
2444Extreme + Two TribesHammersmith Odeon , London18.11.9,5security .not the same buzz as last gig
2445Extreme + Two TribesHammersmith Odeon , London19.11.9,5security .but still really good .
2446Fish + Ethan JonesHammersmith Odeon , London22.11.9,5security .30% of set was Marillion
2447Fish + Ethan JonesHammersmith Odeon , London23.11.9,5security .anthems .
2448The CultMarquee Club , London27.11.9,5rockin low key club show .
2449Chuck BerryHammersmith Odeon , London28.11.9security . 60 mins enjoyable set .
2450Runrig + Caper CaillieHammersmith Odeon , London29.11.8,5security .This Scottish group have
2451Runrig + Caper CaillieHammersmith Odeon , London30.11.8,5security .an amazing loyal fanbase .
2452Chuck BerryHammersmith Odeon , London02.12.9security . Lots of r n r dancing .
2453Salt n Pepa + Subsonic 2Hammersmith Odeon , London05.12.8,5security . Great atmosphere .
2454Nanci Griffith And The Blue Moon OrchestraHammersmith Odeon , London07.12.8security .no support .1 hour 50 mns set
2455The Ramones + The DamnedBrixton Academy , London08.12.9,75Fantastic punk rock double bill .Ramones did 80 mins set .Damned did 70 mins set .
2456Gary Glitter This Is Your Life recording for TVTeddington Studios , Middlesex11.12.9,5midnight recording after Wembley show played songs with The Glitter Band .
2457Paul Young + DesreeHammersmith Odeon , London19.12.9,5security . As usual a great show .
2458Paul Young + DesreeHammersmith Odeon , London20.12.9,5security . That voice still so soulful .
2459Deacon Blue + Micheal MarraHammersmith Odeon , London21.12.9security . Deacon Blue were now huge .
2460Deacon Blue + Micheal MarraHammersmith Odeon , London22.12.9security . The crowd loved it .3 shows
2461Deacon Blue + Micheal MarraHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.9security . have been sold out for ages .
2462Simply RedWembley Arena , London24.1.9,5great show . Both gigs really sold out .
2463Buzzcocks + North Point ParkClapham Grand , London31.01.9,5old and new stuff in a great new venue
2464BRIT AWARDS with Seal , Extreme , KLF , PM Dawn ,Beverley Craven , Lisa Stansfield Hammersmith Odeon , London12.02.9,5only time BRITS were held at Odeon enjoyable show . Extreme were best .
2465Showaddywaddy + The Memphis BoatsBrent Town Hall , Middlesex13.02.9good time 65 mins set
2466Seal + Natural LifeHammersmith Odeon , London14.02.9,25security .Well timed sold out show on the back of his 4 BRIT awards .Elton John introduced the show as it was a benefit for AIDS. 90 mins set
2467Mud + Brian Connollys SweetLewisham Theatre , London22.02.9enjoyable glam rock double bill
2468Little Village feat John Hiatt , Nick Lowe , Ry Cooder ,Jim KelinerHammersmith Odeon , London25.02.8security .no support .1 hour 45 mins set
2469Little Village feat John Hiatt , Nick Lowe , Ry Cooder ,Jim KelinerHammersmith Odeon , London26.02.8security .Only a few Ry Cooder songs
2470Little Village feat John Hiatt , Nick Lowe , Ry Cooder ,Jim KelinerHammersmith Odeon , London27.02.8security .at the end made it liven up .
2471Lynyrd Skynyrd + Christmas IslandHammersmith Odeon , London29.02.9,25security . Great 2 hour set .
2472Barry White Love Unlimited Soul Orchestra + Ronny JordanHammersmith Odeon , London10.03.9,5security .The orchestra just made all
2473Barry White Love Unlimited Soul Orchestra + Ronny JordanHammersmith Odeon , London11.03.9,5security .those classics sound great .
2474Barry White Love Unlimited Soul Orchestra + Ronny JordanHammersmith Odeon , London12.03.9,5security . All the hits old and new .
2475Europe + Pink Cream 69Hammersmith Odeon , London13.03.9,25security . All the rock chicks love Joey .
2476SuzI Quatro + The Rubettes + Judge Dread + Mungo Jerry +Les McKeowns Bay City RollersTown And Country Club , London14.03.9,25another excellent glam rock event
2477Fish + Trapeze + Ethan Johns feat Mike Peters(The Alarm) .Hammersmith Odeon , London20.03.9,5security . Brilliant 1 hour 40 mins set .Trapeze one off reunion show .
2478Lou ReedHammersmith Odeon , London22.03.9,25security . First of 5 Ham Odeon gigs .
2479Lou ReedHammersmith Odeon , London23.03.9,25security . No support . Great band .
2480Tom Petty And The HeartbreakersWembley Arena , London24.03.9,25good seat for this great 2 hour show .
2481Lou ReedHammersmith Odeon , London25.03.9,25security . 2 hours 15 mins set .
2482Amy GrantHammersmith Odeon , London29.03.8,5security . No support .2 hour set .
2483Gary NumanHammersmith Odeon , London03.04.9,25security .Loads of lights and loud
2484Gary NumanHammersmith Odeon , London04.04.9,25security .guitars .Good show .
2485Betty Wright + Ronnie LawsHammersmith Odeon , London05.04.8security . Jazz explosion tour .
2486The Jesus And Mary Chain + My Bloody Valentine + Blur +Dinosaur JrBrixton Academy , London06.04.92nd of 3 sold out 4 band package show each band did a 45 mins set .
2487Die Toten HosenMarquee Club , London09.04.8,5One of Germanys top punk rock bands
2488Randy Crawford + Fast Freddies FingertipsHammersmith Odeon , London11.04.8security .couple of old hits are good.
2489Wilko JohnsonMean Fiddler,Harlesden , London12.04.975 mins of cool darting guitar playing
2490Yngwie Malmsteen + Uriah HeepHammersmith Odeon , London16.04.9security . Lots of guitar wizardry .
2491Rush + PrimusWembley Arena , London17.04.9,25great view 10 rows drom stage .Rush still have all 3 original members amazing musicians . 2 hour set .
2492KD LangHammersmith Odeon , London08.05.9security .lovely voice over a wide
2493KD LangHammersmith Odeon , London09.05.9security . range of musical styles .
2494Mr Big + Stage DollsHammersmith Odeon , London11.05.8,5security .not enough great rock songs .
2495Hawkwind + KrelHammersmith Odeon , London16.05.8security . Usual Hawkwind show .
2496KISS + Danger Danger Wembley Arena , London21.05.9,75even without make up they are brilliant noon went KISS signing session HMV
2497James TaylorHammersmith Odeon , London28.05.8,5security . Sold out 2 hour show .
2498U2 + Fatima MansionsEarls Court Arena , London31.05.9,7517,000 tickets sold out in 1 day .fantastic 2 hour set with stage full of 100 tv sets and 7 trabant cars .
2499Stevie WonderWembley Arena , London02.06.9,25no support . 2 hour 30 mins set .
2500Dionne Warwick Hammersmith Odeon , London04.06.8enjoyable enough 75 mins set .
2501The Cult + Neds Atomic Dustbin + Pearl Jam + FabulasFinsbury Park , London06.06.9,25The Cult did a great 90 mins set .
2502Gary Moore And The Midnight Blues Band + The Dave Hole BandHammersmith Odeon , London07.06.9,25security . 90 mins set of stunning
2503Gary Moore And The Midnight Blues Band + The Dave Hole BandHammersmith Odeon , London08.06.9,25security Les Paul guitar playing .
2504Lyle Lovett Big BandHammersmith Odeon , London12.06.8security . 2 hours of different styles .
2505PrinceEarls Court Arena , London15.6.9,51st of 8 Prince shows at Earls Court
2506SantanaHammersmith Odeon , London17.6.9,25security .no support . 3 hour set .
2507SantanaHammersmith Odeon , London18.6.9,25security . Great guitar and percussion .
2508PrinceEarls Court Arena , London21.6.9,5no support . 2 hour 15 mins set .great but not as good as Lovesexy tour
2509Def Leppard + GunEarls Court Arena , London26.6.9,75mega gig in the middle of the venue
2510Def Leppard + GunEarls Court Arena , London27.6.9,752 hours 15 mins set that really rocked .loads of lights , lasers and distortion .
2511Mick Jagger Allstar Blues Band feat Gary Moore , Ronnie Wood ,Buddy Guy , Jimmy Rodgers , Otis Rush .Hammersmith Odeon , London28.6.9,25Mick Jagger looked fantastic .I blagged the aftershow party as well .one off show for charity .
2512Mary Margaret OHara + Barenaked LadiesHammersmith Odeon , London01.7.8,25security . Quirky support were better .
2513Ringo Starrs Allstar Band feat Joe Walsh , Nils Lofgren ,Todd Rundgren , Zak Starkey , Dave EdmundsHammersmith Odeon , London07.7.9,5security . Great collection of musicians Joe Walsh did 3 of his own big songs including Rocky Mountain Way.
2514Spinal TapRoyal Albert Hall , London08.7.9,25fun filled 2 hour set
2515Bruce Springsteen Wembley Arena , London09.7.9,52nd of 5 sold out wembley shows .this tour without the E Street Band .3 hours 10 mins on stage over 2 sets .
2516ErasureHammersmith Odeon , London17.7.9security .6th of 15 Erasure odeon gigs
2517Bryan Adams + Extreme + Squeeze + Little AngelsWembley Stadium , London18.7.9,75All bands did really good sets .Roger Daltrey did 2 songs with Extreme Bryan Adams did a superb 2 hour set .
2518Damned Town And Country Club , London26.7.9chaotic but good ole punk rock band
2519ErasureHammersmith Odeon , London28.7.9security .Lots of OTT costume changes
2520Micheal JacksonWembley Stadium , London31.7.9,75fantastic 2 hour set
2521Marillion + Cry No MoreWembley Arena , London05.9.9good seats with new and old songs .
2522Buzzcocks + RevolverTown And Country Club , London06.9.9older songs went down the best .
2523Black Sabbath + TestamentHammersmith Odeon , London08.9.9,5security . Superb 1 hour 40 mins set .Ronnie James Dio , Tony Iommi ,Geezer Butler , Vinny Appice line up .
2524Four Tops + Edwin StarrHammersmith Odeon , London17.9.9security . Both bands did good sets .
2525Anti Nowhere League + 999 + Peter And The Test Tube Babies +The UK SubsAstoria , London20.9.9VFM punk rock evening .
2526Megadeth + PanteraHammersmith Odeon , London29.9.8,5security . Support were pretty good .Megadeth encore of Anarchy In The UK
2527Godfathers + MiddlemenWindsor Old Trout , Berks01.10.9,5great live band in a great venue
2528Emerson Lake And PalmerRoyal Albert Hall , London03.10.8,5first ELP dates in UK for years
2529Stray Cats + Long Tall TexansTown And Country Club , London06.10.9,5fantastic 90 mins rockabilly set
2530Stray Cats + Long Tall TexansTown And Country Club , London07.10.9,5they always looked so cool .
2531Electric Light Orchestra Part 2Hammersmith Odeon , London10.10.8,5security . Jeff Lynne not here tonight .
2532Blue Oyster CultTown And Country Club , London13.10.8Dodgy sound . Should have been better
2533Thunder + Screaming JetsHammersmith Odeon , London14.10.9,25security .Great 90 mins UK rock show
2534ChristiansHammersmith Odeon , London22.10.8,5security . 90 mins set .
2535TrextasyHalf Moon , Herne Hill , London29.10.9great Bolan tribute but only 40 mins set
2536GenesisEarls Court Arena , London03.11.9,252 hours 15 mins stadium production .2nd of 6 Genesis Earls Court shows
2537Temptations + Three DegreesHammersmith Odeon , London12.11.9security . Both bands did good sets .
2538Robert Cray Band + BB KingHammersmith Odeon , London17.11.9security . Both bands did good sets .
2539Walter Trout Band + The HamstersClapham Grand , London19.11.8,5blues rock double bill .
2540Mary Coughlan BandMean Fiddler,Harlesden , London24.11.8,580 mins irish blues .
2541Richard MarxHammersmith Odeon , London30.11.8,75better than expected 2 hour show .
2542Magnum + GotthardHammersmith Odeon , London03.12.8security . Same as usual .
2543Hue And Cry + Bill Pritchard BandClapham Grand , London04.12.9great funky singer with neat lyrics .
2544Simply RedWembley Arena , London07.12.9,752nd of 6 sell out Wembley shows .2 hour set with fantastic vocals by Mick
2545Tom Robinson + TV SmithMean Fiddler, Harlesden ,London08.12.9,25both singers did good sets .
2546Curtis StigersHammersmith Odeon , London09.12.9good 90 mins set .
2547Del Amitri + Matthew SweetHammersmith Odeon , London14.12.8,5security . Started slow but got better .
2548Swing Out Sister Jazz Caf? , Camden , London16.12.9really good 90 mins set .
2549Squeeze + Roy Wood BandTown And Country Club , London21.12.9,5both bands did mainly greatest hits .
2550Motorhead + SaxonHammersmith Odeon , London23.12.9,5security . One off UK show .both bands did brilliant sets .this was last night I worked on security as the venue has been sold to Apollo leisure .
2551John OtwayMean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London08.01.19939mad and funny as ever .
2552Certain Ratio Subterania , London14.01.19938,560 mins ,lots of keyboards and beats
2553Mark Shaw + Jenny JonesMean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London22.01.19939ex Then Jerico did a really good set .
2554Death Bang Party + SugarplumsClapham Grand , London29.01.19938,5lots of costume changes .
2555Funkin BarstewardsClapham Grand , London30.01.19939,25Fab glam/disco covers band .
2556Joe Satriani + Adrian LeggHammersmith Apollo , London05.02.19938,5First show I saw at renamed Apollo which is the old Hammersmith Odeon .
2557The QuireboysCamden Underworld , London08.02.19939,25great 80 mins small club gig .
2558Bob Dylan + Roddy FrameHammersmith Apollo , London09.02.199383rd of 6 sold out Ham Odeon shows .2 hours 15 mins set by Bob Dylan . Vocals were so blurred and mumbled
2559Godfathers + Big Boy TomatoClapham Grand , London14.02.19939,25Brilliant 75 mins of old and new stuff
2560B52s + Engine AlleyHammersmith Apollo , London16.02.19939,5Fantastic 90 mins live show .
2561B52s + Engine AlleyHammersmith Apollo , London17.02.19939,5Good time crowd atmosphere .
2562Go West + Robert Hart Hammersmith Apollo , London19.02.19939First UK show for 6 years .
2563Diesel Park West + Ghost Of American Airmen .Mean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London25.02.19938,5good 80 mins set .
2564All Mod ConsSubterania , London03.03.19938,5Good Jam tribute band from USA .
2565Deacon BlueClapham Grand , London04.03.19938,5New versions to some hit singles .
2566TrextasyDicey Rileys , Acton , London05.03.19939,25Brilliant 75 mins of Bolan classics .
2567Paddy Goes To HollyheadDicey Rileys , Acton , London13.03.19938,5Enjoyable rock covers band .
2568JamiroquaiClapham Grand , London15.03.19939,2575 mins set from these funksters who will be massive .
2569Therapy + Gallon Drunk + SilverfishClapham Grand , London16.03.19938,5gig to celebrate signing with A + M
2570Van MorrisonHammersmith Apollo , London22.03.19939no support . Really good 1 hour 50 set .1st of 2 well sold out shows .
2571The KinksClapham Grand , London29.03.19939,25Superb 2 hour set from Ray and Dave
2572Barry ManilowRoyal Albert Hall , London02.04.199396th of 8 sold out Albert Hall shows .really entertaining 2 hour show .
2573Roy Wood Band + Ken Onslow BandCivic Hall , Guildford, Surrey 04.04.19939,25great 70 mins of mainly Wizzard hits .
2574The Quireboys + Screaming JetsHammersmith Apollo , London07.04.19939,25great 90 mins of good ole rock n roll .
2575SunscreamSubterania , London08.04.19938,5currently big on UK rave scene .
2576Mike Fab GearMean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London09.04.19938,5fun filled 90 mins rock disco covers .
2577Mark Shaw + The Four Of USMean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London16.04.19939Mark Shaw still looks the part .
2578Swing Out Sister Jazz Caf? , Camden , London20.04.19939,5Fantastic 9 piece pop funk band .
2579Swing Out Sister Jazz Caf? , Camden , London21.04.19939,5Jazz Caf? is a great live venue .
2580StingRoyal Albert Hall , London22.04.19939,5Great 1 hour 45 mins set .last of 3 sold out Albert Hall shows .
2581Poison + Enuff N StuffHammersmith Apollo , London23.04.19939,5Over the top american glam rock show blagged the party after in Hammersmith
2582Van Halen + Little AngelsWembley Arena , London29.04.19939,5great 2 hours 10 mins rock show .Sammy Hagar now on vocals .
2583Scottish Sex Pistols + Ziggy ManiaThe Venue . New Cross , London30.04.19939,560 mins of Sex Pistols anthems .looked and sounded really good .
2584Counterfeit StonesLampton Park, Hounslow , Middx03.05.1993960 mins of Stones classics . Good fun .
2585Gun Club + TV EyeMean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London06.05.19938some good lyrics .
2586The GoatsSubterania , London10.05.19938,560 mins up and coming rap act .
2587Elton John Earls Court Arena , London12.05.19939,5we had great seats near the front .Elton did a brilliant 2 hour 30 mins set .
2588Bjorn AgainClapham Grand , London14.05.19939,25top class ABBA tribute band .
2589Iron Maiden + The AlmightyWembley Arena , London17.05.19939,5Fantastic 2 hour mega stage show .Last UK tour with Bruce Dickenson
2590BuzzcocksCivic Hall , Guildford18.05.19939,25really good 80 mins set .
2591Bruce SpringsteenThe Bowl , Milton Keynes .22.05.19939,252 sets lasting 3 hours 15 mins .band not as good as E Street Band
2592AhaSubterania , London24.05.19939one off small UK gig .65 mins set .
2593Big Country + Hugh CornwallHammersmith Apollo , London26.05.19939,25BC did a really good 1 hour 50 mins set support did a pretty average set .
2594Guns And Roses + The CultThe Bowl , Milton Keynes30.05.19939,75Cult did a really good 45 mins set .G n R did a mega 2 hours 15 mins set .
2595Red DevilsMean Fiddler, Harlesden, London02.06.19938def jam act produced by Rick Rubin .
2596JawhawksMean Fiddler ,Harlesden, London09.06.19938,5great atmosphere tonight .
2597Funkin BarstewardsClapham Grand , London12.06.19939,2580 mins of funky cover versions .
2598Brian May BandHammersmith Apollo , London16.06.19939,25Cozy Powell was on drums .Played about 6 Queen songs .
2599PasadenasClapham Grand , London19.06.19938lots of dance routines .
2600Steve Harley BandClapham Grand , London25.06.19939great mix of old and new material .
2601Buzzcocks + Eat + Die CheerleaderClapham Grand , London26.06.19939too much new material at this show .
2602Roy Wood Band + Drifters + Misty n Roots + TrextasyMile End Festival , London27.06.19939,25really enjoyable afternoon show .
2603The Cult + FundamentalBrixton Academy , London29.06.19939Cult not as good as it should have been
2604Mica Paris + Nu ColorsClapham Grand , London08.07.19938,5enjoyable pair of soul acts ..
2605The Sensational Party BoysMarquee Club , London09.07.19939feat songs and band members from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band .
2606SuedeClapham Grand , London12.07.19939,2570 mins charity show for AIDS most hotly tipped band of this year .
2607Hole + LinusClapham Grand , London15.07.19939good 70 mins set by Courtney Love
2608Bjorn AgainClapham Grand , London16.07.19939same ole ABBA tribute show .
2609Tom Robinson Band + David GrayClapham Grand , London26.07.19939,25TRB did a great 80 mins set .support was boring I recall .
2610INXS Brixton Academy , London29.07.19939,25packed 90 mins low key smallish gig .
2611Robyn Hitchcocks EgyptiansClapham Grand , London31.07.19938funny and weird 80 mins set .
2612Sister Sledge + Judge DreadBeck Theatre , Hayes , Middx01.08.19939,25great double bill in this MOR venue.Dread did a toned down 45 mins set Sledge did an enjoyable 60 mins set .
2613Tony HadleyJazz Caf? , Camden , London09.08.19939first ever solo show by Spandau singer 60 mins set inc 2 Spandao classics .
2614U2 + Big Audio Dynamite 2Wembley Stadium , London11.08.19939,751st of 2 sell out ZOO TV at Wembley Superb 2 hour set of old and new songs .
2615Siouxsie And The Banshees Clapham Grand , London25.08.19939,5low key warm up for Reading Festival Kiss Them For Me was stunning .Excellent 80 mins set .
2616Stray + ManRiverside Studios , London27.08.19938This was Stray first show for 17 years with all 4 original members .
2617SelecterPowerhaus , London28.08.19939nice and lively ska gig .
2618Del AmitriMean Fiddler ,Harlesden, London31.08.19939warm up show for Scottish tour .really good 1 hour 40 mins set .
2619Prince + New Power GenerationWembley Arena , London07.09.19939,75last show of European Tour .Superb .great seat 14 rows from the stage .Mainly a greatest hits 1 hour 55 mins .
2620Paul McCartneyEarls Court Arena , London11.09.19939first of 3 Earls Court shows .2 hour set with loads of Beatles and Wings songs played .
2621Bon Jovi + Billy Idol + Little Angels + Manic Street PreachersThe Bowl , Milton Keynes18.09.199310MSP did a lively 40 mins set in white .not sure why the Manics were here as this rock line up was not their scene.
2622Bon Jovi + Billy Idol + Little Angels + Manic Street PreachersThe Bowl , Milton Keynes19.09.199310Little Angels did a good 50 mins set.Billy Idol did a fantastic 75 mins but his cyberpunk dreads look a bit silly .Bon Jovi as always did a totally rockin 2 hour set .If only all outdoor rock gigs were as good as this . Great weekend .
2623Billy Idol + Generation X Astoria , London20.09.19939,75low key show after Milton Keynes gigs He played the same 75 mins MK set then original Generation X played a 25 mins set of punk classics .mega .
2624Australian Pink FloydSubterania , London23.09.19938,590 mins Floyd tribute show .
2625Alvin Stardust + Rubettes + Lietenant Pigeon + Trextasy +Judge Dread + RaceyClapham Grand , London25.09.19939,25Really enjoyable glam rock evening .Great 1970s party atmosphere .
2626Micheal McDonaldJazz Caf? , Camden , London27.09.1993990 mins set with some great tunes .
2627Geno Washington + Atlantic Soul MachineClapham Grand , London01.10.19938uptempo soul and funk .
2628Then JericoCamden Underworld , London04.10.19939,25reformed again for another try , this time with Andy Taylor (Duran Duran ) on guitar . Really good 65 mins set .
2629MissionSubterania , London05.10.19939,25set of London club shows with 2 gigs
2630MissionMean Fiddler , Harlesden,London08.10.19939at each of these venues 5,6,8.9. same 75 mins set but the Mean Fiddler had too many people inside .
2631Tim FinnMean Fiddler, Harlesden, London10.10.19938,5ex Crowded House singer .Slick band .
2632WarJazz Caf? , Camden , London12.10.19938,5First UK shows for 12 years .First of 4 Jazz Caf? War gigs this week.They did a 2 hours 15 mins funk set .
2633Glen Matlock And The MavericksMean Fiddler ,Harlesden, London14.10.19939ex Sex Pistols bass player new band with a very cocky singer .Good hour set
2634ToyahArmy And Navy , Chelmsford15.10.19938,5Toyah spent most of the gig standing on the monitors so everyone could see
2635CorduroySubterania , London21.10.19938trendy crowd for this hour set of mainly funked up Hammond instrumentals
2636Terry Hall + Nick HeywardMean Fiddler, Harlesden, London02.11.19939great double bill with both acts doing really good 60 mins sets .
2637Scottish Sex Pistols Flamingos,Woolwich,London04.11.19939,2555 mins full of Pistols classics .the venue was not as good as last gig
2638GodfathersAstoria , London12.11.19939,5stunning 80 mins set from one of the UK most under rated live bands .
2639Then JericoMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London17.11.19939good 80 mins set .
2640Jimmy BarnesHammersmith Apollo , London18.11.19939great growling aussie voice
2641Steve Vai BandHammersmith Apollo , London24.11.19939,25fantastic 2 hour set from this guitarist
2642Edwin Starr + Lou Christie + Gary US Bonds + Chris Montez +Billy J Kramer + George McCrae + Clodagh Rodgers Royal Albert Hall , London27.11.1993915 acts from 1960s and 1970s each doing up to 3 songs each
2643Pork DukesSteamship , Poplar , London02.12.19939very rude and very good .This was the first Pork Dukes show for over 10 years
2644Aerosmith + Mr BigWembley Arena , London07.12.19939,75Fantastic 1 hour 45 mins set .
2645Aerosmith + Mr BigWembley Arena , London08.12.19939,75Steve And Joe are just so cool .
2646Shane McGowans PopesMean Fiddler, Harlesden, London09.12.19939,25Shanes first ever solo show .The fans really love him and did a great 50 mins set with encore of Fairytale Of New York with Kirsty McColl
2647Dio + Freak Of NatureHammersmith Apollo , London12.12.19939,5Dio did a great 1 hour 35 mins rock gig
2648Buffalo Tom + Bettie ServeertGarage , London14.12.19938,575 mins kinda melodic Nirvana set
2649Howard JonesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London15.12.19938,5enjoyable 2 hour set .
2650Gary Glitter + TrextasyWembley Arena , London16.12.19939,5GG is a great showman and the Xmas office parties loved it .
2651Womack And WomackJazz Caf?, Camden , London17.12.19938,5cosy 90 mins set from this couple
2652Kool And The Gang + ShakatakClapham Grand , London19.12.19939,25sadly singer James Taylor has left the band but KATG were great fun
2653Brian Connollys SweetBottom Line , London W12 22.12.19938due to illness it was a very short 30 mins greatest hits set
2654Captain Sensible + Tribute To NothingMean Fiddler, Harlesden,London23.12.19939very young support band.Captain did a 75 mins set of yobbish antics along with Damned classics and solo material
2655Mega City FourClapham Grand , London07.01.19949really good 60 mins indie rock set .
2656Sting + VinxRoyal Albert Hall , London11.01.19949,5first of four sold out RAH shows .support act had some great vocals.1 hour 45 mins of Police + solo hits .
2657Sarah Jane MorrisJazz Cafe , Camden , London19.01.19948,575 mins set . Great voice .
2658UB40 + Bitty McLeanWembley Arena , London23.01.19949,25great 1 hour 45 mins dance vibe .
2659Marcella DetroitJazz Cafe , Camden , London26.01.19948,550 mins slightly wacky set .
2660Dodgy + Banco De GaiaGarage , London27.01.19948,5support were up n coming techno act who did 40 mins ambient synth set .Dodgy did a short 45 mins set .
2661Duran DuranWembley Arena , London28.01.19949,5First major London show for 3 years .Really enjoyable 2 hour set .Melle Mel came on White Lines
2662HeitorJazz Cafe , Camden , London01.02.19949Heitor is current Simply Red guitarist .He did a really good 90 mins set of mainly instumentals with latin flavour .Mick Hucknall and other Simply Red members came on for the encore .
2663Trextasy + Blade ChainPrinces Theatre , Clacton05.02.19949,25support did a good rockin set .Trextasy did a full 90 mins set of Marc Bolan classics. Really good .
2664Ohio PlayersJazz Cafe , Camden , London08.02.19948sound should have been better .the band were well under rehearsed .good fun but should have been better .
2665Roy Ayers BandJazz Cafe , Camden , London16.02.19949Nice and long 2 hours 10 mins set .Great atmosphere for this vibes legend.
2666Limehouse LizzyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London19.02.19949,25The singer was Phil Lynotts double.Brilliant 90 mins of Thin Lizzy classics.The crowd were well up for it .
2667Mick Karn BandJazz Cafe , Camden , London22.02.19948A mainly instrumental set from a band that featured 3 members of Japan .
2668SWV + IntroHammersmith Apollo , London24.02.19949SWV did a really good 60 mins set .Mega 10 mins version of Right Here
2669Eric ClaptonRoyal Albert Hall , London02.03.19949,259th of 12 sold out RAH shows by EC .he did a 2 hour set which was an hour of blues cover versions and then an hour of his own best known material .
2670Soundgarden + These Animal MenShepherds Bush Empire , London12.03.19948,5invite only opening night of this venue which is now under new ownership .support did a good 30 mins set .Soundgarden overall sound was good but I did not like the blurry vocal style .
2671Shane McGowans PopesClapham Grand , London17.03.19949mad St Patricks Day party gig . the band did a 70 mins set .Nick Cave came on for a song .
2672Luka BloomMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London22.03.19948pleasant 2 hour set .
2673Meat LoafWembley Arena , London23.03.19949,75no support. 2 hours 15 mins set .one big anthem after another with some great stage theatrics .Superb .
2674Peter Perrett + Then JericoSubterania , London24.03.19949,5really good double bill .Then Jerico did a great 60 mins set .This was Peter Perrett (Only Ones) first live show for about 10 years .PP and band did a brilliant 90 mins set that included 5 Only Ones classics.
2675Compulsion + Shed 7Garage , London25.03.19948,5both bands are hotly tipped .Shed 7 did a good 30 mins .Compulsion did a good 45 mins .
2676MazeHammersmith Apollo , London27.03.19949,5as usual a fantastic Maze show .
2677Paul YoungJazz Cafe , Camden , London30.03.19949,5brilliant 1 hour 40 mins set .this venue is great for live music .
2678ManowarMarquee Club , London07.04.19949,25the band as usual looked great with the bass player a right nutter but the 10 mins opus type track was crap but great to see them in a small venue .
2679GodfathersCamden Underworld , London09.04.19949,5blistering 65 mins set .
2680Jah WobbleJazz Cafe , Camden , London11.04.19948,5ex Public Image Ltd bass player .nice set of bass heavy world music .
2681Black Sabbath + CathedralHammersmith Apollo , London13.04.19949,25sadly no Ozzy or Dio on vocals but all those classic riffs are still there .
2682Beautiful SouthClapham Grand , London19.04.19949lively 90 mins set of old and new songs
2683Glen TilbrookGarage , London20.04.19949,25really good 1 hour 50 mins acoustic set of Squeeze hits and cover versions .
2684Crash Test DummiesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London21.04.1994980 mins debut UK show .Great fun .
2685Peter Perrett Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London22.04.19949,25same set as Subterania last month.really great to see him back on stage .
2686Tony HadleyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London25.04.19949really good mix of solo material ,Spandau hits and cover versions .
2687PretendersGarage , London28.04.19949,590 mins low key club show .The overall sound was superb.
2688Mick Ronson Tribute Show feat sets by Glen Matlock Band + Big Audio + Steve Harley + Roger Taylor(Queen) And The Cross Joe Elliot with Spiders From Mars + Roger Daltry + Ian Hunter Hammersmith Apollo , London29.04.19949,75really fantastic evening with all bands doing short sets then everyone on stage for All The Young Dudes but sadly David Bowie did not show .
2689Dressed To Kill + City KiddsMarquee Club , London30.04.19949really good 75 mins KISS tribute band but the sound was a bit dodgy .
2690David Lee Roth + The MotherlandRegent Theatre , Ipswich01.05.19949,5First date on this solo UK tour .Sadly he has cut his long blonde hair .Mainly solo material but there was a few Van Halen rock anthems.Kinda bizarre to see him in Ipswich.
2691Bryan AdamsWembley Arena , London04.05.19949,75His only UK dates on this tour were
2692Bryan AdamsWembley Arena , London08.05.19949,756 shows at Wembley Arena .mammoth 2 hours 45 mins set .great catchy rock songs with the 30 mins encore of cover versions played in the centre of the arena .
2693Galliano + Urban Species + Misty OldfieldClapham Grand , London09.05.19948,25jazz funk double bill .
2694Neds Atomic Dustbin + Sheep On Drugs + TerrorvisionClapham Grand , London10.05.19948,25all 3 bands did average 40 mins sets .
2695MarillionHammersmith Apollo , London18.05.19949new singer now with the band and its mainly new material for the first hour and older material in the second hour .
2696David Lee RothHammersmith Apollo , London22.05.19949,5Last show of UK tour .1 hour 40 mins set .Great showman .Still has the gift of the gob.
2697David Bryne BandPalladium Theatre , London24.05.19949,25Sold out one off UK show .He played about 8 Talking Heads trax .
2698GodfathersPowerhaus , London26.05.19949Good but not one of their best gigs .
2699Bubby Bryd And Vicki AndersonJazz Cafe , Camden , London13.06.19948,75Lively and funky set .
2700Big Country + Big CorporationClapham Grand , London14.06.19949,5Fantastic 2 hour greatest hits set that the fans really did get into it madly .
2701Tom Robinson Band + TV Smith + Andy WhiteClapham Grand , London16.06.19949,25TRB did a really good 80 mins set and both supports did good 30 mins each .
2702Hue And CryJazz Cafe , Camden , London21.06.19949,25really good 1 hour 45 mins set .
2703Jimmy BarnesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London22.06.19949,25low key club 90 mins club show .great blues rock vocals .
2704Paul Young + Dear JamesClapham Grand , London23.06.19949,5Excellent 1 hour 40 mins set .
2705Pretenders + Manic Street Preachers + Boo Radleys + L7 +Spin Doctors + Blind Melon + Ian McNabGlastonbury Festival , Somerset24.06.19949,75Superb weekend of live music .Best band today was The Pretenders .
2706Elvis Costello + Bjork + M People + Sensor + Nick Cave +John Otway + Atilla The Stockbroker Glastonbury Festival , Somerset25.06.19949,75So much going on at the festival .Best band today was Bjork .
2707Peter Gabriel + James + Johnny Cash + Lemonheads + Jackson Browne + Dwight YoakumGlastonbury Festival , Somerset26.06.19949,75So well put together by Glasto staff .Best band today was Peter Gabriel .
2708Limehouse LizzyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London28.06.19949,25low turn out but a great Lizzy night .
2709FishMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London29.06.19949,25Excellent 1 hour 45 mins set .He is such a great storyteller .
2710Ten Pole TudorGarage , London07.07.19948,560 mins set of mad punk lunacy
2711Crash Test Dummies + Out Of My HairKentish Town Forum , London08.07.19949,25similar to Mean Fiddler show with a couple of extra couple of songs .
2712Natalie Cole And 18 Piece OrchestraRoyal Festival Hall , London12.07.19948,590 mins set that was a tribute to the music fron her fathers era and she did do any of her own material .
2713Family Cat + These Animal Men + Baby ChaosMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London14.07.199483 decent bands but nothing special .
2714Killing Joke Subterania , London15.07.19949,25low key secret gig .Jaz and Youth back together after 10+ years .rock with a dub bass feel and still with firebreather and chainsaw stage help .really hot and sweaty sold out show .
2715Whitesnake + Pride And GloryHammersmith Apollo , London18.07.19949,75Emotional return to Hammersmith for David Coverdale to whom this venue is like a second home. Great vocalist .
2716John Mayalls BluesbreakersKentish Town Forum , London21.07.19948,5lots of blues and bottleneck guitar .
2717Yothu Yindi + Commanche ParkClapham Grand , London28.07.19949Really enjoyable and colourful set from Australias top aboriginee band .
2718Whitesnake + Paddy Goes To HollyheadHammersmith Apollo , London31.07.19949,5quick return for another sell out show .Excellent 1 hour 40 mins set .
2719Madness + Ian Dury And The Blockheads + Aswad + BuzzcocksFinsbury Park , London06.08.19949,5All bands did really good sets .Madness did 90 mins greatest hits .
2720Terry HallJazz Cafe , Camden , London08.08.19948,75Great lyrics in a dead pan vocal style .
2721Bjorn AgainSubterania , London11.08.19949,25They are a fantastic night out .ABBA classics and costume changes
2722Larry Adler performing The Glory Of GershwinJazz Cafe , Camden , London15.08.19949,580 years old and probably the best
2723Larry Adler performing The Glory Of GershwinJazz Cafe , Camden , London18.08.19949,5mouth organ player in the world .At this time the album was in Top 10 .Loads of jokes and stories and great vocals by Issy Van Randwyck and Clive Rowe . Superb shows .
2724Funkin BarstewardsClapham Grand , London20.08.19948,5enjoyable party covers band .
2725Ian Dury And The BlockheadsClapham Grand , London21.08.19949,5Great atmosphere and the band were superb as ever . Fantastic gig .
2726Average White BandJazz Cafe , Camden , London24.08.19949Reformed with 3 originals .Perfect venue for their smooth funk .
2727Rev Horton Heat + Tribute To NothingMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London25.08.19948,5support band are getting better .Rev Horton Heat did an interesting 90 mins set of psychobilly/blues rants .
2728Bjorn AgainSubterania , London27.08.19949,25another night of 1970s dancing .
2729Big Country ( Acoustic Shows )Jazz Cafe , Camden , London01.09.19949,25Big Country songs stripped down
2730Big Country ( Acoustic Shows )Jazz Cafe , Camden , London08.09.19949,25for this great 1 hour 50 mins set .Great venue to see them up close .Great stories . The crowd loved it .
2731Glen TilbrookGarage , London14.09.19948,751 hour 45 mins acoustic show .
2732OmarJazz Cafe , Camden , London15.09.19948,5sold out show by UK soulster .
2733Paladinos + The Surfing BridesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London23.09.19949the support band were so much better than headliners .
2734Ramones + SmashBrixton Academy , London25.09.19949,5Ramones did a 70 mins set of mainly older material that was fast as usual .
2735Swing Out Sister Kentish Town Forum , London29.09.19949,25Really good 90 mins set .
2736Duece ( KISS Tribute) Captain Cook , Acton , London01.10.19949,575 mins set of KISS anthems in full make up and costumes . Great fun .
2737Disco Associates + Electric MuthasMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London06.10.19948Funky headliners .
2738Peroxide Blondie (Blondie Tribute)Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London13.10.19948,5Really good 60 mins of Blondie hits .
2739Bruce Dickenson Marquee Club , London18.10.19949,25Great songs and great vocals but no Iron Maiden songs played tonight .
2740Hue And CryJazz Cafe , Camden , London19.10.19948,5same set as last time .
2741Pink FloydEarls Court Arena , London20.10.19949,757th show of a staggering 14 sold out Pink Floyd shows at Earls Court.Most other dates on this world tour have been in 60,000 seater stadiums . No support . 2 hours 30 mins set .On the first night 50 were injured when one of the seating blocks collapsed .Amazing effects and cicular screen .
2742INXSBrixton Academy , London28.10.19949,5One off UK show sold out in 1 day .Lovely stage set full of antique looking stage props . Excellent 85 mins set .
2743Black CrowesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London31.10.19949,590 mins set played tonight .
2744Black CrowesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London01.11.19949,5100 mins set played tonight . low key club shows for 500 per night .great venue for their blues rock .
2745Freak Power Jazz Cafe , Camden , London03.11.19948,5good 70 mins of funky pop .
2746The KinksShepherds Bush Empire, London08.11.19949,5no support . 1 hour 40 mins show .Loads of classics old and new .
2747Brian Kennedy + Billy RainJazz Cafe , Camden , London10.11.19948,75Brian Kennedy has such a great voice .
2748Dr HookMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London11.11.199492 hour show of older hits and songs from more recent albums .
2749CrusadersJazz Cafe , Camden , London16.11.19947should have been a lot better .
2750SparksShepherds Bush Empire, London17.11.19949,75Sold out one off UK show . Their first UK gig for 15 years .Fantastic 1 hour 45 mins of hi energy disco versions of old and new material .
2751Maria MuldaurJazz Cafe , Camden , London18.11.19947,5A great blues voice but a bit boring .
2752Shane McGowans Popes + Terry WoodsKentish Town Forum , London20.11.19949,25mega Pogues songs in both bands .
2753Cliff RichardWembley Arena , London22.11.19949,5A brilliant stage design based around a giant jukebox to celebrate 35 years of hit records .2 hours 30 mins hits set .4th of 10 sell out Wembley shows .
2754Magic : A Tribute To QueenHammersmith Apollo , London30.11.19947not sure how they headlined such a big venue as they were just a pub band playing Queen songs with no lookalikes
2755Pato BantonJazz Cafe , Camden, London01.12.19948,52 hour set of pop reggae .
2756Joe Cocker + Sheryl CrowWembley Arena , London04.12.19949,5Good support and Joe did a 1 hour 40 mins set with that fantastic voice .
2757Elton John with Ray CooperRoyal Albert Hall , London05.12.19949,5one of 14 sold out RAH Elton shows on this tour .No support . 2 hours 30 mins no band just Elton on piano with some percussion help from Ray Cooper .
2758Astrud GilbertoJazz Cafe , Camden , London06.12.19947Brazils jazz bosa nova queen .
2759Ian McNabb + Jackie LevenMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London07.12.19948,5A long 2 hours 15 mins set with some great stories between the songs .
2760Trextasy + Harlan The JesterMarquee Club , London09.12.19949,5support band were really good .Trextasy did a fantastic 75 mins of Bolan anthems and album tracks .
2761Secret LifeSubterania , London13.12.19948good but short 40 mins set .
2762Gary Glitters Xmas Gang Show + Village People Wembley Arena , London15.12.19949,75Great 1970s double bill .Village People did a good trashy set .GG huge set with all the hits with crowd that were totally up for it .Excellent .
2763Blue Aeroplanes Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London16.12.19949,252 sets .First was 30 mins acoustic and second was 75 mins as a full band great set and massive 7 song encore .
2764Status Quo Wembley Arena , London17.12.19949,5nice big light show . 1 hour 45 mins set of mainly greatest hits heads down .
2765SqueezeClapham Grand , London20.12.19949,25Really good 2 hours 15 mins set but the crowd kept on shouting for the oldies .
2766ZZ TopWembley Arena , London22.12.19949,5six sexy female dancers on stage for every third song with a change of outfit was great . 1 hour 45 mins of distorted blues rock with hits at the end .
2767FishMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London28.12.19949,25Fish wore a kilt this evening .Lots of Marillion and solo material in the near 2 hour set .Great stories and Fish has a lovely rapport with fans .
2768DamnedPowerhaus , London09.01.19959,75Best gig I have seen Damned for ages .Kris Dollimore (ex Godfathers) on guitar .Great punk atmosphere . Loads of great songs with a stunning encore of Pretty Vacant and Smash It Up mega stuff .
2769Wolfgang Press + Dust Brothers / Chemical Brothers /Jazz Cafe , Camden , London11.01.19958,5support stole the show . Soon after this gig Dust Brothers had to change their name to The Chemical Brothers
2770Lisa Germano + Tim KeeganJazz Cafe , Camden , London17.01.19958lots of swearing in the 55 mins set ,
2771Edwin StarrJazz Cafe , Camden , London20.01.19958,590 mins of good time soul ,
2772World Of LeatherJazz Cafe , Camden , London26.01.19958low turn out for this 60 mins set ,
2773The Men They Couldnít Hang + Blaggers Ita Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London27.01.19958,25loyal sold out crowd but always seem to be in shadow of Shane and Pogues
2774The Sultans Of PingMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London28.01.19959Really good 80 mins set with singer an irish version of Iggy Pop ,
2775Mavis StaplesJazz Cafe , Camden , London02.02.19958,5Still signed to Prince record label .80 mins set of originals and covers ,
2776Bootsys Rubber Band Clapham Grand , London03.02.19959,25Fantastic 1 hour 50 mins set of funk from George Clintons old bass player ,
2777Siouxsie And The Banshees + Disco InfernoShepherds Bush Empire ,London04.02.19959,5crap support but The Banshees did a stunning 90 mins set of old and new ,
2778Bryan FerryHammersmith Apollo , London07.02.19959,5sold out 90 mins set of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry classics . Cool ,
2779Mike Peters Garage , London09.02.19959,75stunning show lasting 2 hours 25 mins full of rousing Alarm anthems ,
2780DrizaboneJazz Cafe , Camden , London10.02.19958up and coming pop soul ,
2781Godfathers + SpeedwayGarage , London14.02.19959,75stunning 80 mins set from one of the the countrys best live bands ,
2782Richie Havens Jazz Cafe , Camden , London16.02.19958only warmed up in the last 20 mins ,
2783Kirk Brandons 10:51 Subterania , London23.02.19959Spear Of Destiny singer with yet another band . 70 mins set and fair play he still has that punk style snarl ,
2784Chuck Berry Clapham Grand , London24.02.19859,560 mins set with no encore but this was quality from this rock n roll legend,
2785Echobelly + Dodgy + Skunk Anansie + ReefAstoria , London27.02.19858,75tv recording of 4 up and coming acts .Echobelly and Skunk were the best ,
2786Spike /Quireboys/ and Darryl /Dogs DAmour/Mean Fiddler,Harlesden, London01.03.19958,7560 mins of blues covers and 4 Quireboys oldies
2787Wayne KramerGarage , London02.03.19959really good 70 mins set with great encore of Kick Out The Jams
2788PrinceWembley Arena , London05.03.19959,53rd of 5 wembley arena Prince shows .he played a lot of newer funk songs and left out a lot of Purple Rain songs .2 hour set but our seats were crap ,
2789Brian KennedyJazz Cafe , Camden , London06.03.19958,5enjoyable 90 mins set ,
2790GravediggazCamden Palace , London07.03.19958,5great rap trio but a short 45 mins set ,
2791The Fall + Voodoo QueensKentish Town Forum , London10.03.19957whlle the band made some nice noises Mark Smith was totally out of it and the vocals were terrible ,
2792Siouxsie And The Banhees + Goya DressKentish Town Forum , London12.03.19959,5last show of european tour .I always love seeing this band play.85 mins set of old and new material ,
2793Australian Pink FloydMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London15.03.19959really good 2 hour Floyd tribute with first set the lesser known tracks and second set was the big Floyd songs ,
2794Foreigner + Doobie Brothers Wembley Arena , London16.03.19959,75great rock double bill .Doobie Brothers did a good hour set .Foreigner did a really superb 90 mins set of their catchy rock songs ,
2795Stiff Little Fingers + Mike Peters Kentish Town Forum , London18.03.19959,75Mike Peters did a great 30 mins and SLF did a storming 80 mins set .This line up of SLF inc Jake Burns Dave Sharp/Alarm/+ Bruce Foxton/Jam/
2796Kris KristoffersonMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London20.03.19958,5bizarre seeing this country legend in Harlesden but he a good 2 hour set ,
2797Adam AntShepherds Bush Empire, London23.03.19959,75amazing that these are his first UK shows since 1985 Live Aid show as he has been off making feature films .2nd of 3 sold out Bush Empire Marco on guitar and loads of screamingshows .girls and twin drums just like old days .Really good 1 hour 40 mins set ,
2798SparksKentish Town Forum , London25.03.19959,75pretty much the same show as the Bush Empire gig a few months ago .non stop hi energy mix to old hits and the new material is really good as well ,
2799Simple Minds + Surfing BridesWembley Arena , London27.03.19959,75support were really good with the great tune Everythings Fine Simple Minds still have those big arena anthems that really do rock the house .
2800Dick Dale + BiobollixGarage , London29.03.19959venue was decorated in 1960s style with palm trees and go go dancers .90 mins of mainly instrumentals ,
2801Dream WarriorsSubterania , London05.04.19959rap vocals with some soul and ragga ,
2802Keziah Jones Subterania , London10.04.19958trendy crowd for this hour set of funk rock similar in style to Livin Color ,
2803China CrisisJazz Cafe , Camden , London13.04.19958pleasant semi acoustic set and it was nice hearing all of their hits again ,
2804Chris WhitleyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London17.04.19958,75neat indie guitar tunes with some great bottleneck guitar playing ,
2805BuzzcocksCamden Palace , London18.04.19959,5low key secret club show .55 mins back to basics set .loads of old anthems but because of some dodgy sound not their best gig ,
2806Janet Jackson + MN8Wembley Arena , London19.04.19959,75so good I went back for another dose ,
2807Janet Jackson + MN9Wembley Arena , London20.04.19959,75another fantastic JJ live production with 12 piece band and 10 dancers along with loads of costume changes and loads of really great songs .non stop energy and visually superb ,
2808Deana Carter Jazz Cafe , Camden , London24.04.19958,5lovely country lyrics and steel guitar ,
2809Dionne FarrisJazz Cafe , Camden , London25.04.19958,5good 80 mins set from this former member of Arrested Development
2810China BlackJazz Cafe , Camden , London26.04.19959enyoyable 65 mins of pop soul
2811Slashs Snakepit + Brother Cane The Palace , Los Angeles 13.05.1995990 mins solo show in a great venue
2812Jimmy Page And Robert Plant The Forum , Los Angeles16.05.19959,5set lasting over 2 hours in this legendary venue from these two Led Zep legends
2813James CottonHouse Of Blues , Los Angeles17.05.19959enjoyable set but we only went as he was support to Page and Plant last night and we were hoping they might come on for a couple of songs /did not/
2814Black CrowesPantages Theatre , Los Angeles18.05.19959,25what a fantastic old theatre similar to Hammersmith Odeon / Apollo with downstairs and upstairs seating .Crowes did a great blues rock set ,
2815ChelseaGarage , London23.05.19958,7565 mins set from these punk rockers
2816Brian Setzer OrchestraKentish Town Forum , London31.05.19959,5one off UK show .Fantastic 90 mins set with his 16 piece big band with a few Stray Cats classics thrown in as well ,
2817Jimmy Barnes + DieselMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London01.06.19959,25a packed sold out show and very loud .Jimmy Barnes did a really good 75 mins set of old and new material ,
2818Big Country + BuzztonicMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London08.06.19959,25low key warm up show for Fleadh Fest BC just been dropped by their record company and struggling to convince fans with new material but those old hits are still great live as usual ,
2819ALT feat Tin Finn + Liam OMaonlai + Andy WhiteJazz Cafe , Camden , London12.06.19958,5swopped vocals each song but Liams passion and the couple of Hothouse Flowers songs were best tonight ,
2820African HeadchargeSubterania , London15.06.19958,5nice 75 mins reggae vibe ,
2821Rod Stewart + Mike And The MechanicsWembley Stadium , London17.06.1995support were really good Rod and band with 22 piece orchestra did a great 2 hours 10 mins set ,
2822Tricky + Gene + Spearhead + CornershopAstoria , London20.06.19958,54 band Glastonbury Festival showcase gig arranged by NME but none of the bands seemed that special to me ,
2823Evan DandoMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London21.06.19958,75sold out 70 mins acoustic set ,
2824LA DoorsMean Fiddler, Harlesden,London22.06.19958,52 hour set with a great light show ,
2825Bon Jovi + Van Halen + Thunder + Ugly Kid Joe Wembley Stadium , London23.06.19959,75ugly kid joe did a fun filled 30 mins set thunder did a 50 mins set but should have stuck to a greatest hits set
2826Bon Jovi + Van Halen + Thunder + Ugly Kid Joe Wembley Stadium , London25.06.19959,75Van Halen did a great 75 mins set .Did some early material as well .Bon Jovi did a 2 hours 30 mins set to confirm they are one of the biggest and best live rock bands on the planet
2827Ramones + Anti Nowhere LeagueAstoria , London27.06.19959,5Ramones did a 75 mins set that is getting faster and faster
2828Jason And The ScorchersMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London28.06.19959,25really good uptempo country rock ,
2829Craig MackSubterania , London29.06.19957,5only UK show by this New York rapper only on stage for 30 mins ,
2830Damned + Zodiac MindwarpKentish Town Forum , London01.07.19959,5nice to see Zodiac back on the stage again for a good 35 mins set .Great Damned set of old and new with a great finale of Smash It Up
2831Mike Peters Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London04.07.19959,5First show lasted 1 hour 35 mins set ,
2832Mike Peters Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London05.07.19959,5Second show lasted 1 hour 45 mins .just a man and his guitar featuring loads of classic Alarm anthems ,
2833Public EnemyKentish Town Forum, London10.07.19959,2590 mins set of old and new material .Chuck D made loads of info raps ,
2834Rolling Stones + Black Crowes Wembley Stadium , London11.07.19959,75Rolling Stones did a brilliant show lasting 2 hours 15 mins playing songs from all their 30+ years together .Fantastic large video screen above the stage with fireworks and inflatables ,
2835Mary CoughlanMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London12.07.19959really good bluesy set from this Irish singer in the Janis Joplin mould ,
2836EMFSubterania , London13.07.19959,25warm up show for Phoenix Festival really good 65 mins set full of energy with great finale of Unbelievable and encores of Search And Destroy and Im A Believer
2837Bodycount feat Ice T + Pitchshifter + Scrap Iron ScientistsClapham Grand , London14.07.19959,5both supports were pretty good but Ice T really did the most amazing hard rock thrash set I have ever seen ,
2838Randy CrawfordClapham Grand , London17.07.19959Fantastic sweet soul voice ,
2839Mike And The MechanicsShepherds Bush Empire,London18.07.19959,590 mins set of quality pop rock songs with great vocals from all vocalists ,
2840Rolling Stones + ReefBrixton Academy , London19.07.199510Spent over 2 hours in the queue yesterday to get these prized tickets and what a fantastic show it was .The sound quality was perfect for the 2 hours 10 mins set that was slightly different to Wembley Stadium shows .I was 10 feet from the stage .Mega ,
2841Del AmitriHammersmith Apollo , London20.07.19958,5The first 45 mins was really boring but the next 45 mins of hits was good ,
2842Kirsty McCollClapham Grand , London21.07.19958,5some good songs in the 80 mins set ,
2843Terence Trent DArbyShepherds Bush Empire,London26.07.19959,252 hour set with no support .that great voice is still intact ,
2844Tony HadleyJazz Cafe , Camden , London31.07.19959,5Surprisingly excellent show with a 2 hour set of Spandau classics with solo material and cover versions ,
2845Trextasy Red Lion Pub , Brentford ,Middx03.08.19959,5Fantastic 85 mins set of Bolan tracks .This was a very special show as this was one of the few gigs where they had a Gloria Jones lookalike and soundalike with them on stage for backing vocals ,
2846Bi JoviRed Lion Pob , Brentford , Middx10.08.19958nice to hear those great Bon Jovi songs but the singer was a bit too average ,
2847Craig McLachlanBorderline , London11.08.19958,580 mins set from this aussie soap star some mundane songs but some nice guitar playing and his fun stage manner made it a decent gig overall ,
2848FilterGarage , London15.08.19959features ex members of Nine Inch Nails debut UK show really good rockin 50 mins set ,
2849Jayne Countys Electric Chairs + Broad ChurchBottom Line , London W1217.08.19959,5really good ska rock support Jayne County was great . 55 mins set full of trashy talk and crazy songs ,
2850Jimmy BarnesClapham Grand , London21.08.19958,585 mins full throttle set but not as good as his last shows over here
2851The Creation + These Animal MenMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London22.08.19958,5The Creation feat a couple of members from the original 1960s line up
2852Carter TUSM + We Know Where You LiveGarage , London23.08.19959,25support feat ex members of Wonder Stuff .Carter did a really lively 70 mins
2853Mudhoney + PawGarage , London24.08.19958,5warm up show for Reading Festival both bands did grunge sets ,
2854Fabulous ThunderbirdsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London25.08.19958,5texas bar room blues with superb mouth organ playing ,
2855Metallica + Therapy + Skid Row + Slayer Monsters Of Rock Festival Donnington Race Track , UK26.08.19959,75Slayer and Therapy were boring .Skid Row did a really good 50 mins .Metallica did a superb 2 hours 20 mins set of heavy tunes with great riffs and fantastic drumming ,
2856Blind MelonMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London08.09.19958apart from a couple of really good songs I thought they were average
2857Abbamania + The Royal Family + BeatlemaniaDocklands Seafood Festival London09.09.199593 tribute bands , beatles were ok .queen were pretty good but the abba tribute was easily the most fun ,
2858D AngeloJazz Cafe , Camden , London14.09.19959up and coming from USA whose 60 mins RnB set brought the house down
2859Midge Ure Garage , London15.09.19958,580 mins acoustic set and played some Ultravox hits which were good ,
2860Counterfeit Stones Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London16.09.19959,590 mins of classic stones tracks with really funny stage banter ,
2861Blur Oscars , The Pier , Clacton17.09.19959,75"part of a week long tour of seaside venues .so hot inside they had to open exit doors behind the stage which meant you could see the ocean while the band were on stage . Blur did a superb 85 mins set in the week that ""Country House"" was no 1 in charts .
2862Babes In ToylandGarage , London19.09.19957sold out but not to my liking ,
2863Joan ArmatradingRoyal Albert Hall , London20.09.19959,25"really good 1 hour 45 mins set slower paced hits then newies then uptempo hits and a superb Willow
2864Green Day + Riverdales Brixton Academy , London21.09.19959,25great 65 mins of catchy american punk smashed up equipment at the end ,
2865Alanis MorissetteSubterania , London28.09.19959,5Sold out one off debut UK club show .current single is the fantasic You Oughta Know she has the lot .lyrics,looks, attitude .She comes on in a wig then tears into a stunning 70 mins set of great tunes and mad dancing .the drummer was Taylor Hawkins who soon after joined The Foo Fighters.
2866Pogues (without Shane )Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London29.09.19959,25sold out 95 mins show of old and new material that the crowd really loved ,
2867Gavin FridayJazz Cafe , Camden , London02.10.19958,5interesting 90 mins set of monotone singing and silly dancing ,
2868TemptationsClapham Grand , London03.10.19959feat original member Dennis Edwards enjoyable songs and crowd partipation
2869China BlackJazz Cafe , Camden , London11.10.19958,5enjoyable 55 mins set of pop soul that included his 3 hit singles ,
2870Jimmy Somerville + JillyClapham Grand , London12.10.19959First UK tour for 3 years .70 mins set of Communards and Bronski Beat hits mixed in with some of his cover versions
2871Paul Brady + Sinead LohanJazz Cafe , Camden , London18.10.19959Eric Clapton was next to me watching support did a really good set Paul Brady did a 1 hour 45 mins set of quality songs with great lyrics ,
2872Christy Moore + Eleanor ShanleyClapham Grand , London19.10.19959,5Christys Live At The Dublin Point was one of the best sellers this year in Ireland , Fantastic songs mostly based on Irish themes and places.
2873Billie Ray MartinJazz Cafe , Camden , London24.10.19958,5great white female soul voice ,
2874Nils LofgrenClapham Grand , London26.10.19958,5nice long 2 hour set but it only really got going in the last hour ,
2875Soul Collective + Blow + Scrap Iron ScientistsGarage , London31.10.19959S I Scientists did a superb 30 mins set Blow were ex Little Angels and they did an ok rock set .Soul Collective did a really good 80 mins of power riffing
2876Motorhead + CathedralKentish Town Forum , London02.11.19959,5Motorhead as usual did a superb 85 mins of hard rock anthems old and new
2877Kim Fowley + BMX BanditsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London03.11.19959bizarre to see this legendary song writer and manager of 1970s female rockers The Runaways in Harlesden .under rehearsed set but great fun ,
2878Joyce SimsJazz Cafe , Camden , London09.11.19958,5enjoyable 70 mins soul set that included her hit singles ,
2879Black Sabbath Shepherds Bush Empire, London10.11.19959,5even without Ozzy on vocals those classic rock songs and some amazing guitar riffs from Tony Iommi are mega ,
2880Young GodsKentish Town Forum , London11.11.1995775 mins set that was pretty boring ,
2881David Bowie + MorrisseyWembley Arena , London14.11.19959First of 4 wembley arena shows for this very interesting double bill .Morrissey did a good but not great set .Even though Bowie did warn everyone there would only be 3 or 4 old songs in the set this was the wrong venue to do that kind of set to be honest ,
2882Human LeagueRoyal Albert Hall , London15.11.19959,5First UK tour for 7 years .Great seats down the front for this excellent 90 mins greatest hits set ,
2883Roxette + Paul CarrackShepherds Bush Empire,London16.11.19959,25Invite only show via Capital Radio Paul Carrack did a good 30 mins set .Roxette did a 65 mins greatest hits set of their catchy pop rock songs ,
2884BlamelessMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London23.11.19957,5some nice distorted guitar in a fairly average 45 mins set ,
2885M PeopleRoyal Albert Hall , London24.11.19959,5First of 3 sold out RAH shows .When this tour arrived M People have had a dozen top 40 hit singles .Fantastic 90 mins dance atmosphere .Heather Small superb on vocals
2886Rod StewartWembley Arena , London28.11.19959,754th of 5 wembley arena shows on this tour performed in the round .Fantastic atmosphere for this 2 hours 15 mins set with so many great songs and his huge stage personality
2887Gilbert O SullivanJazz Cafe , Camden , London29.11.19959"nice to see him back on stage for this 1 hour 45 mins enjoyable set that inc hits like Claire and Get Down
2888Howard Jones Jazz Cafe , Camden , London30.11.19959amazing start here when during the second song a women walked on to the stage and smacked Howard full in the face which clearly shocked The bouncers then threw her out .him.Just him and his piano tonight against the full band he had recently at The Mean Fiddler show but still lots of hits ,
2889Human LeagueShepherds Bush Empire,London06.12.19959,5back in London by public demand following the success last month of the Royal Albert Hall shows .The same 90 mins set but still superb ,
2890Dave Vaniums Phantoum Chords + Captain Sensible Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London09.12.19959great double bill featuring 2 members of The Damned .Captain did a chaotic 45 mins of Damned and solo stuff .Vaniums band did an hour set of his rockabilly material but sadly there was no Damned reunion on the stage at end
2891Blue Oyster CultKentish Town Forum,London13.12.19959,25Not as heavy rock as they once were but they still have 3 original members for this 1 hour 50 mins set .Only UK show for their 25th anniversary .Good mix of old and hew material ,
2892Marc AlmondShepherds Bush Empire,London14.12.19959,5Excellent 2 hour glam set with lots of male and female dancers ,
2893Stranglers + Smalltown HeroesClapham Grand , London15.12.19959,5new singer has settled in well .90 mins set of mainly older material .JJ roaring bass as ever was great .
2894Nick Lowe Jazz Cafe , Camden , London18.12.1995990 mins set of oldies , newies and some covers in a country style ,
2895Naughty By Nature Subterania , London19.12.19958,5one of americas top hip hop acts . good 90 mins but the best bit was the crowd rapping competition ,
2896Sparks + Billie Ray MartinKentish Town Forum , London20.12.19959,75Totally fantastic 1 hour 45 mins set of old and new material with hi energy mix
2897Tony Hadley Jazz Cafe , Camden , London21.12.19959,25Really good 1 hour 50 mins set of Spandau hits , solo material and covers
2898MadnessWembley Arena , London22.12.19959,5non stop Madness hits show for 1 hour 35 mins in this great xmas atmosphere
2899Alan PriceJazz Cafe , Camden , London27.12.19958,5Freezing night meant a low turn out .played some Animals hits and covers
2900Tom Robinson Band + TV Smith + Martyn JosephWandsworth Town Hall, London29.12.19959,5invite only show for his mailing list .Tom was on stage all the time helping out with both short support sets and then TRB did a brilliant 90 mins of the best songs in his career .all
2901Geno WashingtonJazz Cafe , Camden , London03.01.19968ok 75 mins set of mainly blues covers
2902Coolio with LVClapham Grand , London04.01.19969"1 hour 40 mins rap set that started very slowly but got better with a great version of worldwide hit "" Gangsters Paradise"""
2903Henry Rollins ( spoken word)Kentish Town Forum , London05.01.19969,5no support for this well sold out show set lasted for 2 hours 30 mins . great rock n roll stories and experiences .
2904TrextasyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London12.01.19969,5a great 80 mins set of Bolan classics Danialz on vocals looks , acts and sounds really like Marc Bolan .
2905Percy SledgeJazz Cafe, Camden , London17.01.19968,5soul legend with a crowd pleasing 80 mins set of covers and his own stuff .
2906Blues BandMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London19.01.19968,5white blues outfit with some nice mouth organ and bottleneck guitar .
2907CIVGarage , London24.01.19969,25really energetic 50 mins set from these shaven headed pop punk rockers .
2908AnthraxKentish Town Forum , London25.01.19968,5They now have a new singer who did some great stage diving off the amps .
2909Gregory IssacsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London02.02.19968,5nice to see a reggae legend in this venue . Short 60 mins set and really it should have been much better .
2910Jazz Passengers feat Deborah HarryJazz Cafe ,Camden , London06.02.19969first of five nights at Jazz Cafe .really great to see Deborah Harry again .a bit older (age 50 ) but shes still got it mainly jazz tinged songs with a couple of Blondie songs jazzed/reggaed up .
2911Maria McKeeGarage , London08.02.19968nice lyrics in the 75 mins set but it lacked something atmosphere wise .
2912Raw StylusJazz Cafe ,Camden , London12.02.19969Funked up brassy 75 mins set with a nice dance bass feel .
2913Godfathers + ChangingmanAstoria 2 , London14.02.19969,5Fantastic 90 mins set from this great band who always deliver live .
2914Katrina And The Waves Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London17.02.1996880 mins set that was pretty average apart from the 2 hit singles .
2915Joan OsborneShepherds Bush Empire ,London18.02.19968,5"90 mins set of cool laid back rock with great version of hit "" One Of Us """
2916Mike Flowers PopsClapham Grand , London20.02.19969,25very entertaining 90 mins set of easy listening cover versions .
2917GwarKentish Town Forum , London22.02.19969,25really good live show with bizarre costumes and loads of fake blood spitting but the music was too thrashy
2918Damned + Sham 69 + ATV + 999 + ChelseaKentish Town Forum ,London24.02.19969,5Fantastic punk / new wave evening .Damned line up was Vanium ,Scabies Sensible but their set ended promptly after 30 mins when bass player Paul Gray got a direct hit in the face from a hard plastic glass .Sham 69 did an excellent 50 mins set Chelsea and 999 were good but ATV should have been a lot better .
2919Paul BradyJazz Cafe ,Camden , London26.02.19968Pretty good 75 mins set .
2920Wedding PresentMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London28.02.19969sold out 65 mins set that all the indie kids really loved .
2921GoldieKentish Town Forum , London29.02.19968ok but not really my cup of tea .
2922Pulp + Edwyn Collins + DenimWembley Arena , London02.03.19969,75really good sets by all 3 bands .Denim did a really good 30 mins set of their 1970s inspired songs .Edwyn Collins had Sex Pistols Paul Cook on drums which was great .Jarvis confirmed what a natural star he is by his funny dancing and poses .Fantastic I hour 40 mins of britpop .
2923Boo HewerdineJazz Cafe , Camden , London04.03.19968,5nice voice and lyrics from ex singer of The Bible .Superb version of Graceland
2924Bootleg BeatlesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London08.03.19969,25Bealtles cover band did an 85 mins set with a great Sgt Pepper segment
2925Ben Harper Jazz Cafe , Camden , London11.03.19968not as rocky as Lenny Kravitz but lots of guitar in 1 hour 45 mins set .
2926Joe ElyGarage , London14.03.19968,5country rock from Texas who has played with The Clash and Springsteen over the years .Goo set .
2927Stiff Little Fingers + China DrumKentish Town Forum , London15.03.19969,5The crowd went mental for SLF tonight .75 mins set with two thirds old material
2928MolokoSubterania , London21.03.19969great sold out buzz for this show .great vocals from the wiry female singer
2929SpecialsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London23.03.19969,5reunited again with 4 original members but sadly no Terry Hall but it was still a fantastic 90 mins of ska madness .
2930Cocteau TwinsSubterania , London25.03.19967pretty boring 60 mins set to celebrate 20th anniversary of Rough Trade .
2931Marianne FaithfullJazz Cafe , Camden , London27.03.19969she still has that swagger with some great stories in between the songs .
2932Terrorvision + Love NutKentish Town Forum , London03.04.19969,25really good and bouncy 75 mins set
2933Gary NumanHammersmith Apollo , London07.04.19969,25Garys loyal fans again turn up in force. 4 hits played with a lot of newer material but overall a really good show .
2934Bad MannersMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London13.04.19969,25still great fun with a few hits in this good time ska gig .
2935Herbie HancockMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London16.04.199672 hours of jazz instumentals was just too boring for me .
2936Meat LoafWembley Arena , London17.04.19969,75no support . 2 hours 30 mins show . good seats down the front to watch this show full of big rock songs and stage theatrics .great live show .
2937Mike And The MechanicsRoyal Albert Hall , London18.04.19969,5really good 95 mins set of very catchy pop rock songs with great vocals .
2938Sonic YouthKentish Town Forum , London19.04.19969loads of guitar feedback from these trendy new yorkers .
2939Lloyd Cole + Trash Can SinatrasKentish Town Forum , London22.04.19969some great songs in this 85 mins set .
2940Cypress Hill + Group Home + The BrotherhoodKentish Town Forum , London23.04.19968,5both supports did 30 mins sets .lots of jumping around for Cypress Hill 70 mins set
2941James Taylor Quartet Jazz Cafe , Camden , London25.04.19968,54th of 6 JTQ shows at The Jazz Cafe .most songs based around Hammond organ with a couple of tv themes as well
2942The SultansMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London26.04.19968,5small crowd but a good trashy 50 mins set with a great singer who is cross between Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker .
2943TrextasyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London27.04.19969,5another great set from this mega Bolan tribute band but sadly it looks like the Gloria Jones lookalike has left the band
2944MarillionKentish Town Forum , London28.04.19969no Fish era songs tonight I think apart from Market Square Heroes .good 1 hour 50 mins set .
2945Rose RoyceJazz Cafe , Camden , London29.04.19969played about 6 hit singles from her 1970s disco era in 75 mins set .
2946Meat LoafWembley Arena , London30.04.19969,75same set and same venue as show only a fortnight ago but still mega .
2947Jonathan RichmanJazz Cafe , Camden , London01.05.19969new wave star who was there at the start of East Coast scene in mid 70s .quirky lyrics and amusing stories made it a very enjoyable evening .
2948Roger ChapmanMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London08.05.19968,5Great white bluesy vocals in this a bit too long 2 hour set
2949Wayne KramerMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London10.05.19968only UK show . 75 mins set .
2950Lighthouse Family Kentish Town Forum , London14.05.19969"a lot of tracks were a bit bland but the 2 hit singles ""Lifted "" and ""Ocean Drive"" were simply excellent ."
2951Tony Rich Project + Nu Colors Clapham Grand , London16.05.19969support did a really good acapella 4 song 20 mins set .Tony Rich had a great band with some really strong songs .
2952BuzzcocksKentish Town Forum , London18.05.19969,25really good 90 mins set of old and new but the vocals were too low in the mix .
2953Ice TSubterania , London19.05.19969,75one off UK club show by the OG .Totally stunning 90 mins rap set .Great tunes with great lyrics .Boxer Lennox Lewis was there .
2954Dr RobertJazz Cafe , Camden , London20.05.19967,5Pretty boring show tonight .
2955Average White BandJazz Cafe , Camden , London23.05.19969,25Really tight funky groove sound for their 90 mins set
2956Ash + BisKentish Town Forum , London24.05.19968,5support did an average 30 mins set and Ash did a good 65 mins set .
2957NowaysisMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London25.05.19968,5full house for this Oasis tribute band .55 mins set with no encore .pretty good . The crowd loved it .
2958Manic Street Preachers + Gorkys Zygotic MynciKentish Town Forum , London28.05.19969,5richie has not been seen for 15 months Keyboard based support were ok
2959Manic Street Preachers + Gorkys Zygotic MynciKentish Town Forum , London29.05.19969,5"stunning 75 mins set with great finale of ""A Design For Life ""+ ""You Love Us """
2960CureEarls Court Arena , London31.05.19969,25a massive stage and light display .no support . 2 hours 30 mins show .lots of old hits and even the new songs sounded pretty good .
2961Fugees + De La SoulKentish Town Forum , London05.06.19969,25really good hip hop double bill .really great atmosphere .
2962Nancy BoyPowerhaus , London06.06.19969trendy new yorkers with Donovans son on vocals and Mike Nesbitts son on guitar. 50 mins of catchy glam pop .
2963Paul CarrackMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London09.06.19968,580 mins set that started off a bit slow but got better halfway through .
2964Lloyd ColeMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London10.06.19969last show of 77 date world tour .sprinkling of hit singles with some great lyrics to songs .
2965Ricky RossMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London11.06.19968,5"debut London show as a solo artist .60 mins set with only 2 Deacon Blue songs . Great encores of ""Roadrunner"" and ""Shake Some Action"""
2966WarJazz Cafe , Camden , London13.06.19968,5a 2 hour set with most songs lasting 10 mins of tight funk .
2967ZZ TopBrixton Academy , London14.06.19969,25first half of the show was poor due to a dodgy PA sound then it all came together for all the big songs .
2968Elvis Costello And The Attractions with The Brodsky Quartet BBC Studios , London W12 18.06.19969,5invite only TV recording special .2 hours 30 mins set feat all areas of his 20 years career in music.
2969The BandKentish Town Forum , London20.06.19967,5pretty boring 90 mins set .
2970AC/DCWembley Arena , London22.06.1996105 years since Donnington headliner .stage set is a gothic castle Totally fantastic 2 hour set with one rock classic after another .
2971Sex Pistols + Iggy Pop + Wildhearts + Buzzcocks Finsbury Park , London23.06.199610"Pistols first UK show since Dec 1977 .This is part of the Filthy Lucre world tour spread over the next 6 months .The return of the greatest band of all time .Could they cut it ? Opening track ""Bodies "" confirmed they were back to claim their crown .A superb 75 mins set that included some of the greatest songs ever written. Iggy was superb as well with a 70 mins greatest hits set .There were other bands here but today it was all about The Sex Pistols ."
2972Tom Robinson BandBorderline , London27.06.19969,25really good 90 mins set of old and new and Toms stories / rants are great .
2973Saw DoctorsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London28.06.19969,252 hours 10 mins of Irish themed songs for this sold out show which had most of the crowd dancing madly .
2974Eric Clapton + The Who with Quadrophenia + Bob Dylan +Alanis MorissetteHyde Park , London29.09.19969Too many of this huge 100,000+ crowd treated the day like a big picnic and not bothered about the bands that much so a lot of atmosphere was just lost.Alanis did an ok set and Bob Dylan did 60 mins but did not reach further than his hardcore fans down the front .Quadrophenia lasted 90 mins but it mostly went over the heads of this lot.Eric Clapton did an ok 90 mins set .
2975Jose FelicianoJazz Cafe , Camden , London01.07.19969Legendary blind acoustic guitarist .Did a good set of his own material and some varied cover versions .
2976Fred SchneiderGarage , London02.07.19969,25debut London show as a solo artist .The B52s singer did not play any B52s songs but he did a really good 55 mins set of solo album tracks and covers .
2977Sex Pistols + The Sultans Le Zenith , Paris , France 04.07.199610a great venue holding about 5,000 and similar to Londons Brixton Academy .The Sultans did an ok 30 mins set .The Sex Pistols did another great set with all the crowd going mental at front
2978Sex Pistols + Slayer + Bad ReligionAquatica , Milan , Italy 11.07.199610open air festival and it was very hot .venue held about 15,000 and was a mix of musical styles with even Massive Attack doing a midnight set Slayer and Bad Religion did ok sets but Sex Pistols again were great even though the band walked off halfway through when a couple of bottles were thrown on stage but thankfully they came back to play a full set . Funny sight was seeing John Lydon dancing on stage with one of his friends kids.Blagged the backstage area and had a great meet up with all the band .
2979Sex Pistols + AShepherds Bush Empire ,London17.07.199610Alan McGee took out a full page ad in NME after seeing this saying it was the greatest rock show he had ever seen .The perfect venue of 2,000 in the back yard of where Steve ,Paul and Glen grew up and went to school .They were fully rehearsed , the sound was perfect .John teased the crowd and it is easily up there in my all time top 5 gigs of all time .Fantastic .Support band A here a long time before they had any hit singles .
2980Neil Young + Alanis Morissette + Manic Street Preachers + DodgyPhoenix Festival , Stratford ,UK19.07.19969,5we missed the first night of this major festival feat David Bowie and Prodigy as along with thousands of others we got stuck in a 10 hour traffic gridlock which was the worst day I have ever spent in a car . There was no festival at Glastonbury this year and the sun came out and the venue could not cope.The Manics did a really good set.Alanis did a good 50 mins set .Neil Young did a really good 90 mins
2981Bjork + Massive Attack + Nowaysis Phoenix Festival , Stratford ,UK20.07.19969,25heat was unbearable so we stayed in comedy tent and watched celeb 5 aside football in the afternoon .Bjork did a 60 mins set that was full of fireworks exploding and Massive Attack did a good 60 mins dance set .
2982Sex Pistols + Terrorvision + EchobellyPhoenix Festival , Stratford ,UK21.07.199610Echobelly and Terrorvision did ok sets .Sex Pistols did another stunning 75 mins set .Although it was a huge gig like Finsbury Park there was more space down the front to jump around as this was not a hardcore Pistols crowd.
2983The PharcydeKentish Town Forum , London24.07.19968sold out show from these west coast rappers but it was a bit samey .
2984Bryan Adams + Del AmitriWembley Stadium , London27.07.19969,75Del Amitri did a good mix of old + new Bryan Adams did a 2 hours 30 mins set full of stadium rock anthems .They also played 20 mins set in the middle of the stadium on a tiny little stage .Superb.
2985Cowboy JunkiesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London07.08.19968,5sold out show .90 mins set .Female singer looked and sounded great .
2986Patti Smith GroupShepherds Bush Empire,London08.08.19969,25"First London shows for over 15 years .This was 2nd of 2 sold out SBE shows Band included Lenny Kaye and Tom Verlaine .2 hours 15 mins set of songs and poetry .Still has plenty of and venom in her voice . She did a verypassion dodgy cover of "" Smoke On The Water"""
2987Biohazard + Fear FactoryGarage , London16.08.19968,5warm up show for Donnington Festival where both bands are on the bill .FF did an ok 40 mins thrash set .Biohazard did a good 55 mins set of thrash with a funk feel .
2988KISS + Ozzy Osborne Donnington Race Track , UK17.08.199610What a great year for live gigs 1996 was First of all the original members of The Sex Pistols do a tour and now all the original members of KISS reform with full costumes and full make up .Ozzy did a crazed 1 hour 45 mins set of Black Sabbath and solo material which was really good but that could not compete with a fully blown KISS show .Stunning stage show with a 1 hour mins set feat all their classic material pre 1980 with fireworks , blood spitting,full costumes and full make up .Wow .
2989Judie TzukeJazz Cafe , Camden , London20.08.19968nice to see this singer from the 1970s playing live again .nice gentle vocals .
2990Weezer + The DrivenGarage , London21.08.1996970 mins set of pop grunge material .some songs were brilliant but others a bit average but a good club show .
2991Gene + Divine ComedyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London22.08.19969Reading Festival warm up double bill .Divine Comedy were a bit of a let down.Gene have really improved since I saw them a year ago .
2992Billy CobhamJazz Cafe , Camden , London28.08.19969great venue to see this drumming legend up close .2 hour instrumentals set with a great band playing with him.
2993NowaysisKentish Town Forum , London30.08.19968short 50 mins set of Oasis covers .
2994Big Country Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London31.08.19969,25Still with all original members .Lots of great oldies and a few covers .1 hour 45 mins set .
2995Black UhuruJazz Cafe , Camden , London02.09.19969Reggae stars of late 1970s did a lively and colourful 2 hour set
2996Courtney Pine + Lewis TaylorKentish Town Forum , London06.09.19968support did a good set . Courtney did a set of jazz trumpet playing that was good but not very exciting .
2997Billy BraggRoundhouse , London09.09.19969after being closed for years they are starting to have events again at this famous 1970s venue .Billy Bragg still an angry young man . 1 hour 50 mins .
2998Steely DanWembley Arena , London10.09.19969,25feat original members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in their first London shows for over 20 years .2 hour set .Very mature crowd and the band had a slick and stylish soft soul sound
2999Deep Blue SomethingGarage , London13.09.19968,5"ok 70 mins set with the mega hit ""Breakfast At Tiffanys "" ."
3000Trextasy Standard Pub , London E1715.09.19969,5Fantastic 90 mins set to celebrate Marc Bolans anniversary .
3001Powerstation Hanover Grand , London17.09.19969,5feat Robert Palmer on vocals and Andy Taylor on guitar .Debut UK show .Brilliant 50 mins set of their best songs The overall sound was perfect .
3002Alison LimerickJazz Cafe , Camden , London19.09.19968,5Enjoyable 65 mins set from this UK soul talent .
3003Amanda MarshallMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London23.09.19969,25Another Canadian rock chick with a great voice . Really good 70 mins set .
3004Emmylou HarrisJazz Cafe , Camden , London25.09.19968,5American country blue grass queen .
3005Neurotic Outsiders + StimulatorAstoria 2 , London26.09.19969,75"support did an ok 30 mins show .N Outsiders are a rock supergroup feat Steve Jones (Sex Pistols ) John Taylor (Duran Duran ) Duff and Matt (Guns And Roses ) This was a stunning 80 mins set .They played most of the tracks from their excellent debut album plus 2 DD tracks and "" Silly Thing "" and ""BlackLeather "" with a fantastic encore of Sex Pistols ""Bodies"" and finale of The Damneds ""New Rose "" with Simon LeBon on vocals . Brilliant stuff ."
3006Peter PerrettMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London27.09.19968,5The 70 mins set was under rehearsed .5 Only Ones tracks were really good but the other stuff was a bit messy .
3007Mike Flowers PopsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London04.10.19969Huge 13 piece band doing a really good set of cover versions in their MOR style
3008Christie HennessyJazz Cafe , Camden , London08.10.19968,5Gentle Irish songs with lots of humour in this 1 hour 40 mins set .
3009Rocket From The Crypt + Gallon DrunkGarage , London09.10.19969,25support did ok 30 mins set uptempo garage rock that was really rockin in places .80 mins set .
3010MetallicaEarls Court Arena , London12.10.19969,25in the round with lots of pyros .sound quality could have been better .good 2 hours 15 mins set but not as good as shows a few years back.
3011DonovanDingwalls , London16.10.19969,25one off UK show .Sold out crowd loved it Just Donovan and acoustic guitar for a 70 mins set of old and new material .
3012Trextasy Redback Tavern , Acton , London17.10.19969,75Fantastic 85 mins set from easily the best tribute band out there .
3013Holy Barbarians Garage , London18.10.19969,25"feat Ian Astbury from The Cult on vocals with a few Cult tunes thrown inc a great encore of The Cults "" Wild Flower"" "
3014Midnight OilKentish Town Forum , London29.10.19969,25one off UK show .mad for it aussie crowd made this 1 hour 40 mins show
3015MuttonbirdsSplash Club , London WC130.10.19968OK 70 mins set from New Zealand .
3016Joe CockerShepherds Bush Empire,London31.10.19969a great set but too short at 80 mins as he left out 3 or 4 big songs .
3017Rolf HarrisMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London01.11.19969,5what a surprisingly great show . The crowd were like a Gary Glitter mob shouting Leader ,Leader and he dida fun filled 75 mins set with loads of hits and some dodgy cover versions .
3018Social DistortionGarage , London02.11.19969,25feat Mike Ness on vocals .sold out .really impressive 75 mins set from these California punk rockers .
3019Joe Louis WalkerJazz Cafe , Camden , London04.11.19969Really good blues rock set lasting nearly 2 hours .
3020Hue And CryJazz Cafe , Camden , London07.11.19969good 90 mins set . Newer songs have more of a jazz feel with lots of sax .
3021Slade 2 + Mud + compere Suzi QuatroBorderline , London10.11.19969,5Great 1970s glam rock double bill .Slade 2 sadly have no Noddy Holder but his replacement has a great voice. Dave Hill and Don Powell are still there and they did a 50 mins greatest hits set Mud feat Les Gray did a really good 40 mins of their hits .
3022Vernon ReidJazz Cafe , Camden , London11.11.19968,5ex member of Livin Color did a 90 mins set of uptempo guitar songs but some were a bit too jazzy .
3023Holly ColeJazz Cafe , Camden , London13.11.19968Trendy crowd and good lyrics but nothing special in the 80 mins set .
3024Tina Turner Wembley Arena , London19.11.19969,5Fantastic 1 hour 45 mins set that would have been even better if I had not been near the back with crap seats .
3025KISSNEC Arena , Birmingham20.11.199610Wow what a great night . KISS bring their entire Donnington production to the UK for 3 indoor arena shows .2 hour set of their classic early songs with full costumes and full make up .
3026KISSNynex Arena , Manchester 21.11.199610"another 2 hour visual treat from my favourite american rock band .so many great songs with full pyros and stunning encore of ""Detroit Rock City"" and ""Rock And Roll All Nite """
3027Skakalites + Laurel AitkenMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London22.11.19967,5this ska themed show should have been a lot better .
3028KISSWembley Arena , London25.11.199610The KISS world tour for 1996 was the NO 1 biggest grossing tour that year .Got down to near the front for great view You Wanted The Best ,You Got The Best , The Hottest Band In The World KISS .Totally amazing 3 UK shows .Everyone should see a KISS concert .
3029Def LeppardWembley Arena , London26.11.19969,75Both nights i had great seats .Brilliant 1 hour 45 mins set .
3030Def LeppardWembley Arena , London27.11.19969,75Scaled down stage show compared to lasers and lights on last tour .Loads of great catchy rock songs .
3031Christy MooreKentish Town Forum, London28.11.19969,5Mad for it Irish crowd created a great atmosphere for the 1hour 45 mins set full of humour and great stories .
3032Alishas AtticSubterania , London02.12.1996855 mins set from this female duo from Essex . The 2 hit singles were good but the other songs were pretty average .
3033Suede + Reef + Ray Davies + Alexander O Neal + Beth OrtonBBC Studios , London W12 03.12.19969TV recording for Jools Holland Later .Each band did 2 songs each and it was a nice change from normal gig set up .
3034Specials Jazz Cafe , Camden , London04.12.19969,25really good 75 mins set of ska tunes that the crowd really loved .Sadly Terry Hall is still not there .
3035Billy BraggKentish Town Forum , London05.12.19969,2590 mins set full of humour and some political banter with those great lyrics .
3036The Who with Billy Idol in Quadrophenia Earls Court Arena , London06.12.19969,5First part was 75 mins of Quadrophenia with Billy Idol outstanding as The Face .Second part was 30 mins of Who hits which were all really great to hear again.
3037Roy AyersJazz Cafe , Camden , London09.12.19969really good 2 hour show by this jazz funk vibes supremo .
3038Sting + Paul CarrackRoyal Albert Hall , London11.12.19969,75last night of 6 RAH sold out Sting gigs Paul Carrack did a good set . Stunning 1 hour 50 mins set feat mega songs from The Police and solo career .His band were superb with Dominic on guitar just outstanding .
3039Bjorn AgainShepherds Bush Empire, London12.12.19969,590 mins ABBA tribute which had a great xmas party atmosphere with loads of classic songs and costume changes .
3040Godfathers Powerhaus , London14.12.19969,565 mins set full of loads of great Godfathers rock anthems .
3041CorduroyJazz Cafe, Camden , London18.12.19968,590 mins set by these trendy acid jazz boys .
3042Tina Turner Wembley Arena , London19.12.19969,75same great show as last month but tonight I was much nearer the front so enjoyed it even more .
3043Tony HadleyJazz Cafe , Camden , London23.12.19969,5as always a really enjoyable show with a great mix of Spandau hits , solo material and covers that tonight inc Tom Pettys Freefalling and RHCP Under The Bridge
3044Death In JuneGarage , London09.01.19976boring industrial goth .
3045Gene HarrisJazz Cafe , London13.01.19978over 50 albums out in 40 year career .some lovely piano playing .
3046DescendentsGarage , London14.01.19978LA punk rockers did a 75 mins set .
3047Link WrayGarage , London15.01.19977should have been a lot better . he played too many cover versions.
3048Trextasy Clapham Grand , London17.01.19979,25really good set as usual but only did 50 mins tonight as disco took over .
3049Lightning Seeds + Octopus + MundyAstoria , London19.01.19979both supports were boring . L . Seeds did a 60 mins set that had a few good hit singles but they lacked excitement and stage presence .
3050Light Of The World Jazz Cafe , London24.01.19979,25reunion show for this London funk band who did a good 1 hour 40 mins set of old and new songs with a great encore of London Town + The Other One
3051EelsGarage , London29.01.19979,25sold out show by this LA trio . 70 mins set with some cool indie tunes
3052Us 3Jazz Cafe , London05.02.19978,5good 80 mins set from this American jazz rap act .
3053Denim100 Club , London06.02.19979short 40 mins set but loads of 70s themes in songs made it good fun .
3054Maximum WhoMean Fiddler,Harlesden ,London07.02.19979Who tribute act who did not really look like them but played the songs great .
3055Jamiroquai + Spice Girls Alexander Palace , London13.02.19979,5invite only party for pre season launch of McClaren racing cars new livery . lots of celebs and free booze and both bands did really good 45 mins sets .
3056Ocean Colour Scene + Paul Weller Royal Albert Hall , London17.02.19979,5surprise guest support did a great 25 mins set . OCS did a really good 75 mins set with encore feat Paul Weller and Noel Gallacher on stage with them.
3057Marky Ramones IntrudersCamden Underworld, London18.02.19978,545 mins set from ex Ramones member very NY punk kind of show .
3058Steve EarleMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London21.02.19979,25solo acoustic country and western blues . 2 hour 30 mins set .
3059Black Crowes Garage , London22.02.199795.30 pm show lasted for 1 hour 35 mins and was more acoustic .
3060Black CrowesGarage , London22.02.19979,258.30 pm show lasted for 1 hour 45 mins and had more electric guitars .
3061Steve EarleMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London23.02.19979,252nd show with great stories and lyrics about Southern States of USA .
3062Courtney PineJazz Cafe , London26.02.19979Fantastic jazz trumpet player with a great band giving it a rap/hip hop vibe .
3063Sham 69 Adrenalin Village , London SW1102.03.19979,520th anniversary show from Sham 69 really good 55 mins set of old and new and Jimmy Pursey is still brilliant .
3064Platinum BlondeRedback , Acton , London06.03.19978,5Madonna tribute who did a good 55 mins set of her biggest tunes .
3065Ray Davies Queen Elizabeth Hall , London08.03.19979,5acoustic show . No support . superb 2 hours 15 mins set with loads of old hits mixed with new material and some great stories .
3066Sam BrownJazz Cafe , London09.03.19978UK female vocalist who did a good 75 mins set inc a couple of 1990 hits . she is a very indemand backing singer for the major touring acts .
3067Rosanne CashJazz Cafe , London17.03.19978good country voice and lyrics .
3068Mary BlackJazz Cafe , London18.03.19979very popular female Irish singer . 80 mins set , great voice ,great lyrics .
3069JamesShepherds Bush Empire, London20.03.19979,5Excellent 90 mins set with lots of James anthems and a few new ones .
3070Dana BryantJazz Cafe , London25.03.1997980 mins set of NY rap poetry with a great band and stage personality .
3071Suzanne VegaKentish Town Forum, London28.03.19979First 30 mins was a bit boring but it got better and better in the 1 hour 45 mins set .
3072Abba GoldRedback , Acton , London03.04.19979really good fun night of Abba tunes . 60 mins set inc costume changes .
3073Cheikh LoJazz Cafe , London08.04.19978,5rising West African singer who did a good 1 hour 45 mins set .
3074Bryan AdamsWembley Arena , London10.04.19979,5no support . First of 5 Wembley shows . great 2 hours 30 mins set with 30 mins of that played on a small stage in the middle of the arena .
3075ElvesKentish Town Forum , London11.04.19979,25Mexican Elvis Presley tribute . full 90 mins set of costume changes , humour and great songs .
3076Bryan AdamsWembley Arena , London14.04.19979,75last of 5 Wembley Arena shows . same 2 hours 30 mins set as last week but more fun as we got near the front . so many great catchy pop rock songs .
3077SpecialsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London18.04.19979,5still no Terry Hall but a great 90 mins set of Specials hits and ska covers . Great dance atmosphere .
3078Nils Lofgren Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London23.04.19979,2590 mins unplugged set with lots of old and new songs and great guitar .
3079Screaming Lord Sutch And The SavagesStation Tavern , London W1025.04.19978,5an hour of blues covers but S L Sutch only came on for last 25 mins but was great fun and it was free admission .
3080Horace AndyJazz Cafe , London28.04.19978Reggae Coxone legend from 60s/70s. good band but he had a weak voice .
3081Eels + Tennage Fan ClubShepherds Bush Empire ,London30.04.19979,5Eels did a superb 70 mins set and support did a good set .This was the first show I reviewed for the local West London paper that would continue off and on for the next 4 years .
3082Billy BraggMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London01.05.19979Election Special Concert . 90 mins set of superb lyrics .
3083Beck + Brand New Heavies + Henry Rollins + David Bryne with Morcheeba( recording for Jools Holland later )BBC Studios , London W1206.05.19979,5each act did 2 or 3 songs each and it was really enjoyable .
3084The Plimsouls The Garage , Barcelona , Spain09.05.19979feat Blondie drummer Clem Burke . 90 mins set of power pop that is really popular in Spain at present .
3085Ian Hunter Shepherds Bush Empire,London14.05.19979,25really enjoyable 90 mins set . the 1970s oldies were mega though the new stuff was pretty average . He was joined by Queens Roger Taylor for a great encore of All The Young Dudes
3086Brand New HeaviesKentish Town Forum , London15.05.19979with new female american vocalist . filmed by MTV so lots of costume changes in the 80 mins funk set .
3087Steve HarleyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London16.05.19979,5Fantastic 2 hour set full of passion and feeling from this 1970s star .
3088Boz SkaggsJazz Cafe , London21.05.19978,5First UK show for 20 years . 90 mins set of jazz ,blues and soul .
3089W.A.S.P.Shepherds Bush Empire,London28.05.19979,25TV screens showing porn videos and cutting up a pig on stage , yes it must be another WASP show .80 mins set .
3090Average White BandJazz Cafe , Camden29.05.19979,25Lovely slick soul sound .1 hour 40 mins set of old classics and new material .
3091Toots And The MaytalsJazz Cafe , London02.06.19978Reggae legend but most of the set seemed a bit half hearted
3092SpecialsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London03.06.19979,5Another fantastic live band who really want to make everyone dance to their 1 hour 25 mins of bouncy ska .
3093AerosmithWembley Arena , London04.06.19979,75both shows sold out a month ago . totally stunning 1 hour 35 mins set .
3094AerosmithWembley Arena , London05.06.19979,75so many great rock songs from one of the worlds greatest live bands .
3095Counterfeit StonesClapham Grand , London06.06.19979Fun filled 70 mins set of classic Rolling Stones tunes .
3096Shane McGowan + Van Morrison + Lightning Seeds + Divine Comedy + Dreadzone + Brian KennedyFinsbury Park , London Fleadh Music Festival07.06.19979nice day out in the sunshine . Lightning Seeds stuck to a pure hits set and irish singer Brian Kennedy was really good .Shane and Van were good .
3097KISSFlanders Expo,Ghent,Belgium10.06.199710venue was similar to Wembley Arena but not as big . KISS in full make up . 1 hour 50 mins of the perfect rock show great songs , fireworks ,blood spitting , fire breathing ,explosions , rocket firing guitars . Excellent .
3098Aerosmith + 3 Colours RedBercy , Paris , France11.06.199710support did an energy filled set .totally stunning Aerosmith show in this venue I think even better than last weeks Wembley Arena shows .
3099ABC + JaiKentish Town Forum , London14.06.19979,5ok support but ABC did a really good 70 mins set with plenty of classics from Lexicon Of Love album.
3100INXS Wembley Arena , London18.06.19979,5really good 1 hour 45 mins set .Micheal is still the perfect looking rock star but the vocals could have been clearer.
3101David EssexShepherds Bush Empire, London24.06.1997980 mins set full of his great 1970s pop singles and some new material
3102Stevie WinwoodShepherds Bush Empire, London25.06.19979no support . 2 hour set . the older songs were great but new material seemed very average .
3103Beck + Levellers + Echo And The Bunnymen Glastonbury Festival ,Somerset 27.06.19979,25100,000 tickets all sold a month ago . really heavy rain on Thurs,Fri , Sat meant the entire site was very muddy.
3104Ray Davies + Steve Harley + Billy Bragg + Nick Lowe + Attila The Stocbroker + John Otway .Glastonbury Festival ,Somerset 28.06.19979,25we did not see Prodigy on Fri and Radiohead on Sat because the area was too slippery to stand in . Honest .
3105Sting + Kula Shaker + Van Morrison + Ash + Noel Fielding Glastonbury Festival ,Somerset 29.06.19979,5The great Glastonbury vibes overcame all the dreadful weather conditions
3106GoldbladeGarage , London03.07.19978,5loads of energy in this soul punk gig but the set only lasted 40 mins .
3107KISS + Rage Against The Machine + Skunk Anansie + Thunder + L7 + 3 Colours Red Finsbury Park , London05.07.199710the sun came out and all support bands did good sets .KISS came on for their biggest London show ever to 25,000+ . Fantastic set lasting nearly 2 hours with all the usual stage production.
3108Diana RossWembley Arena , London07.07.19979,5no support . In the round show . really good 2 hour show of great songs and big glitzy dresses .
3109Jazz Passengers feat Deborah HarryJazz Cafe , London09.07.19979,25great 90 mins set of New York jazz with stylish vocals by Deborah Harry .
3110Alice Cooper + TampasmGuildhall , Southampton10.07.19979,75could not get tickets for London show that sold out and touts wanted ?60 so drove down to Southampton for this great venue that holds 1700 . support group were pretty dire . Fantastic 85 mins set of non stop entertainment with mega tunes like No More Mr Nice Guy + Elected +Schools Out + Poison. Superb show .
3111Micheal JacksonWembley Stadium , London15.07.19979,25Long 2 hours 15 mins set but he used too many video clips between songs . Great tunes and dancing but he is still stuck in the 1980s .
3112Dr John + Dr RobertKentish Town Forum , London16.07.19978Is there a doctor in the house ? both acts good but nothing special .
3113Isaac Hayes + Groove CollectiveKentish Town Forum , London17.07.19979"Isaac and his great backing band did a really good 2 hour set with a finale of Theme From Shaft that was mega .
3114Dog Eat DogMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London19.07.19979,25much better than expected 70 mins set from these grunge pop rockers .
3115Roy Wood Big Band Beck Theatre , Hayes , Middx20.07.19979,570 mins greatest hits set with loads of classic Move and Wizzard songs His massive band were great feat a few females on sax and trombones etc .
3116Terry CallierJazz Cafe , London23.07.19978rediscovered acid jazz legend but I found some of the 90 mins set boring .
3117David ByrneShepherds Bush Empire, London26.07.19779,5Really interesting 85 mins set with all Talking Heads songs remixed and new material full of dance energy .
3118Sinead O ConnorKentish Town Forum , London28.07.19979,25Really good 75 mins comback show with lots of irish and indian mixes. Did not play Nothing Compares To You
3119Shola AmaJazz Cafe , London29.07.19978up and coming 18 year old with a sold out show .Good 55 mins set but not enough stand out material .
3120Billy CobhamJazz Cafe , London04.08.19978,5still one of the worlds greatest jazz rock drummers .With bass and guitar but with no vocals and 10 mins songs .
3121Saw DoctorsAstoria , London06.08.19979,25sold out show with a great atmosphere. 1 hour 55 mins set of irish based lyrics.
3122David BowieShepherds Bush Empire,London11.08.19979,751st of 2 sell out Bowie shows at The Empire .This was another gig that I reviewed for the local paper . Superb 2 hours 10 mins set with a great backing band .Best show at The Empire since Sex Pistols gig last year .
3123Mike Scott BandGarage , London14.08.19979,251st of 5 Garage shows for Mike Scott Back with a rocking electric band .
3124Mike Scott BandGarage , London18.08.19979,2580 mins set of great lyrics and great vocals .
3125Eddie Reader And Bob HewerdineMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London19.08.19979"Quality evening with 2 great singers with great lyrics . 90 mins set with final song Gracelands superb.
3126Jose FelicianoJazz Cafe , London21.08.19979Legendary blind guitarist .Strange set of songs in 90 mins set but it was a very entertaining night .
3127Leo SayerMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London22.08.19979,25he seems to have been away for over 10 years hiding but he still looks the same and did a really good 90 mins set that had 6 or 7 hit singles from 1970s .
3128U2Wembley Stadium , London23.08.19979,752nd of 2 Wembley Stadium sell outs . Featuring the worlds biggest video screen Fantastic 2 hour show from one of the greatest live rock bands .
3129Metallica + Marilyn Manson + Terrorvision + Bush + Dinosaur Jr + 3 Colours Red + Descendants Reading Festival 24.08.19979,75Metallica did an awesome 1 hour 40 mins set and Marilyn Manson did a great shock rock hour set for all his fans who turned up in force. 3 Colours Red , Terrorvision and Bush were good . Dinosaur Jr were a let down.
3130Percy SledgeJazz Cafe , London28.08.19978,585 mins standard soul set with a few of his own and a lot of cover versions .
3131Nowaysis + Cavern Beatles + Counterfeit Stones + Abba Gold + One Step Behind + Spice It UpBoston Manor Park, Brentford30.08.19979,5all day tribute bands festival promoted by TNT mag .Really good atmosphere . Best band were Counterfeit Stones with Nowaysis very disapointing .
3132Jah Wobble And Invaders Of The HeartJazz Cafe , London01.09.19978former PIL bass player with a set that never really got going .
31333 Colours Red + Nick HeywoodGarage , London02.09.19979Creation Records double bill ? 1980s pop star did a good 30 mins set . 3 Colours Red did a good rocky set .
3134John SebastianJazz Cafe , London07.09.19978,5Ex Lovin Spoonful and Woodstock survivor with a 80 mins ok set with some nice stories .
3135Primal ScreamVictoria Park ,Hackney ,London12.09.19978"75 mins set that was a major let down. They played Rocks but all the new stuff was lost in this horrible huge tent that had no atmosphere whatsoever .
3136TrextasyThe Complex, Islington, London16.09.19979,75mega show for the 20th anniversary of Marc Bolans sad death. Trextasy did a 60 mins greatest hits set and there was a Trex disco and videos all night with appearance of Bill Legend the original drummer from Marcs band .
3137Supertramp Royal Albert Hall , London18.09.19979,252nd of 5 Supertramp RAH shows . no support . 2 hour show
3138ExponentsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London19.09.19979,25really good massive in Aussie band who did a rocking 75 mins set .
3139SupertrampRoyal Albert Hall , London20.09.19979,5First hour of the 2 hour show was new material then it was old classics . CD quality show with mega varilites . Great seats at the front tonight .
3140GwarKentish Town Forum, London22.09.19979,25similar 90 mins show as last year . the music is 3rd rate thrash but the show is mega fun with mad costumes and fake gunge blood everywhere .
3141ShakatakJazz Cafe , London23.09.19977,5apart from the 2 hit singles it was a pretty boring night .
3142Pretend PretendersMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London27.09.19978they started off badly but the singer did good with hit singles at the end .
3143Trextasy with Micky Finn + Johns ChildrenCorn Exchange , Cambridge30.09.19979,75another mega tribute night to Bolan . this time to celebrate to the day what would have been his 50th birthday. Rolan Bolan was there to watch it . Trextasy did 2 sets . The first was an hour of lesser known Bolan gems . Second set was a 1 hour 25 mins set of greatest hits with Trex legend Micky Finn on trademark bongos .
3144Nils LofgrenJazz Cafe , London02.10.19979"90 mins acoustic set with great songs like Keith Donít Go and Shine Silently Nils is a great guitarist ."
3145WhitesnakeShepherds Bush Empire,London07.10.19979,751st of 2 sell out shows at SB Empire . Billed as the Farewell Tour Fantastic 2 hour set feat all their great rock tracks with that great Coverdale bluesy rock n roll voice.
3146D InfluenceJazz Cafe , London09.10.199794th of 5 sell out Jazz Cafe shows . Really good 90 mins set of pop soul .
3147GodfathersGarage , London18.10.19979,75Yet another stunning show from this great little band . 75 mins of rock n roll energy with a great encore of The Beasties Fight For Your Right To Party
3148No Use For A Name + Suicide MachinesGarage , London20.10.19978,5Two of Americas top up and coming punk bands but they were nothing mega
3149SmashmouthGarage , London21.10.19977,5current hit single is really good but the rest of the hour set was not much good
3150ELO 2Shepherds Bush Empire,London27.10.19979sadly no Jeff Lynne but originals Bev Bevan on drums and Nick Kamanski are still here playing tonight . no support . 2 hour show loads of hits .pretty enjoyable .
3151Del AmitriRoyal Albert Hall , London28.10.19979,5much better show than the last time I saw them .First set was 45 mins semi acoustic and Second set was 85 mins electric set with all the hits .
3152Radish + AddictGarage , London30.10.19978,5sold out show .Interesting support band Raddish did a pretty good set .
3153Gary NumanShepherds Bush Empire , London09.11.199791 hour 40 mins set . He played 4 or 5 hits but concentrated on material that hinted at industrial goth but vocals were mixed down far too low .
3154Tura Satana + BullyragGarage , London13.11.19979,25support did a good rap metal set . Tura singer has a great mix of Courtney Love / Cyndi Lauper crazed attitude in the great 60 mins rock set .
3155Connor ReevesJazz Cafe , London18.11.19979sold out show by this hot white soul singer with 2 top 30 hit singles . 55 mins set with a great voice .
3156AC/Seedy ( AC/DC Tribute )Redback , Acton , London20.11.19979,25they did a fantastic 60 mins set of AC/DC rock classics and the Angus lookalike was just perfection .
3157Spear Of Destiny Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London21.11.19979,25Really good 75 mins set . Kirk Brandon really gives it 100%
3158Paul YoungShepherds Bush Empire,London25.11.19979,5He still looks the part and that great voice was intact for the 1hour 40 mins .
3159MoodswingsKentish Town Forum , London30.11.19979,25The venue was decorated with lots of lovely drapes and logos everywhere for this rave promotion. 60 mins set . Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders) came on for State Of Independance
3160Project 1 /Ex King Crimson/Jazz Cafe , London01.12.19975This 90 mins set of instrumentals was the most boring gig i have seen for ages
3161Stiff Little FingersMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London02.12.19979,5Fantastic sold out punk atmosphere. Great 85 mins set that included loads of older classics and new material .
3162Insane Clown PosseAstoria 2 , London03.12.19979,25Sold out show for this hyped USA band . Mad rap rock duo with 2 female dancers 60 mins set full of rude lyrics as they squirted the crowd non stop with their green soda .yuk .great fun though .
3163Mary BlackMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London04.12.19979Really good 1 hour 40 mins set with most lyrics having an irish theme.
3164Cast Power Station , London SW1105.12.1997985 mins set in this super tent venue set up for loads of December shows . They played about 8 top 40 hit singles .
3165Tom RobinsonMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London07.12.19979,25Tom played 2 sets of 45 mins each and as usual had a lovely stage manner full of jokes and good stories .
3166Dream TheatreKentish Town Forum ,London09.12.19979one off UK show .2 hours 10 mins set. Much better than expected . They were kinda like Rush with the most amazing drummer I have seen for years .
3167MorrisseyPower Station , London SW1110.12.19979,25Really good exciting show but he only played for 65 mins tonight .
3168Gary Glitter + The Glitter BandWembley Arena , London11.12.19979,5First of 2 GG Wembley shows . Fantastic xmas atmosphere . 1 hour 40 mins totally over the top show from this great 1970s glam legend .
3169Roy AyersJazz Cafe , London12.12.19979week of sold out Jazz Cafe RA shows . London crowd always loves his 90 mins set of funk and vibes .
3170Midge UreMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London13.12.19978,5Good 80 mins set but was spoilt by sound problems and under rehearsed but there were a few good tunes .
3171Shane McGowanKentish Town Forum,London14.12.19979,25Mental sold out drunken crowd made it a wild atmosphere for Shanes 80 mins set . Shane looks a bit rough but his loyal fans really do love him .
3172FishMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London15.12.19979,25Set lasted nearly 2 hours . Fish still has that great stage patter and his storytelling is pure magic .
3173Oasis + SupergrassWembley Arena , London17.12.19979,752nd of 3 sold out Oasis Wembley gigs Critics have been writing Oasis off but this show was totally fantastic . 1 hour 40 mins of great distorted rock n roll anthems .
3174BuzzcocksMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London20.12.19979,25sold out show by these punk legends . 90 mins set full of older classics and a sprinkling of new material .
3175Bjorn AgainShepherds Bush Empire,London21.12.19979,25Fantastic xmas party atmosphere . 90 mins set of ABBA classics .
3176Prodigy + PlaceboPower Station , London SW1122.12.19979,5caught 20 mins of good support . Full on mental 85 mins set from the kings of dance rock .
3177Imani Coppola100 Club , London15.01.19988current single is great but the set only lasted 30 mins with just 6 songs .
3178999Dublin Casle ,Camden, London18.01.19989,25Really good sweaty punk gig . 999 did an hour of short sharp songs with loads of the older faves from late 1970s .
3179Georgie FameJazz Cafe , London21.01.19988,5some of the 90 mins set was good but some of it was very muso .
3180Light Of The WorldJazz Cafe , London22.01.199891 hour 40 mins set by this UK funk outfit from 1980s which included their 3 hit singles . Enjoyable evening .
3181MuttonbirdsShepherds Bush Empire,London31.01.19988,590 mins set from one of New Zealands top indie rock bands .
3182Nick LoweJazz Cafe , London09.02.19989sold out show . Some lovely country tinged songs in the 95 mins set .
3183HellacoptersGarage , London10.02.19988good rocking guitars but the vocals were a bit of a letdown .
3184Terry CallierJazz Cafe , London11.02.199892 hour set from this acid jazz legend .Enjoyed it more than last time I think .
3185Sisters Of MercyKentish Town Forum , London12.02.19989,25Massive stage show with chrome and lights everywhere
3186Sisters Of MercyKentish Town Forum , London13.02.19989,25All the smoke machines I think were used to cover up the fact there was no live drummer just a drum tape .Good 70 mins show for their loyal fans .
3187GodfathersGarage , London14.02.19989,75They usually play on Valentines Day .Totally quality show as always.75 mins set with great encores of Fight For Your Right and Pretty Vacant
3188Lyndon David HallJazz Cafe , London15.02.19988,5Promising UK soul talent who has a great voice did a good 70 mins set .
3189Alannah MylesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London17.02.19989Everyone enjoyed her 2 hour set with the highlight hit single ""Black Velvet"" Very sexy american female singer .
3190Meredith BrooksShepherds Bush Empire,London18.02.19989Another lovely looking female singer from across the Atlantic.First half of 90 mins set started a bit slow but second half as really good .
3191Crown Heights AffairJazz Cafe , London25.02.19988American disco act who had a few hits in late 1970s but it was very average .
3193Bernard Butler Garage , London03.03.1998945 mins acoustic show from ex Suede guitarist with 2 great singles .
3194SpaceGarage , London04.03.19989,25Really good 60 mins set that feat 4 hit singles and Cerys from Catatonia came on to sing with him for a song .
3195YesHammersmith Apollo , London05.03.19989,25Yes now feature 4 original members including Jon Anderson .They did a long 2 hours 40 mins set .
3196SuicideGarage , London08.03.19987arty NY synth rockers from late 1970s who were really boring .
3197Dog Eat DogGarage , London09.03.19989Really good 80 mins set from this New York rap rock outfit.
3198Steve HarleyJazz Cafe , London10.03.19989,5acoustic show with 2 sets lasting 80 mins and 60 mins . Superb songs and great on stage banter .
3199GodfathersMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London14.03.19989,75Same set as gig last month but still so really good with same encore of Fight For Your Right and Pretty Vacant
3200Jimmy WebbJazz Cafe , Camden16.03.19989just him and his piano for 2 hours with some great vocals and good stories.Top quality American songwriter .
3201The Men They Couldnt Hang Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London17.03.19988,5Lively St Patricks Day atmosphere .Good 75 mins set .
3202Graham Parker Jazz Cafe , London19.03.19988,5Seems to have been away from London for ages as he now lives in New York.Good but should have been better ..
3203John MartynJazz Cafe , London24.03.19988,5some lovely Les Paul guitar playing in this good 90 mins set .
3204Dust Junkies + ManbreakGarage , London26.03.19988,5support did a good set .Dust Junkies did a good 60 mins set of rap rock .
3205Medievil BabesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London27.03.19988very hyped up all female singing group . all 10 of them in white gowns but the 50 mins set was nothing special .
3206Counterfeit StonesThe Venue, New Cross, London 28.03.19989,25Excellent 60 mins set of Rolling Stones greatest hits material .
3207Ricky RossJazz Cafe , London30.03.19989Ex Deacon Blue singer with a solo gig with just piano and guitar.Good 90 mins .
3208Echo And The BunnymenBrixton Academy , London03.04.19989,5sold out show . 1 hour 45 mins set . Ian still looks fantastic with loads of great songs old and new .
3209London Community Gospel ChoirJazz Cafe , London13.04.199892 sets lasting 2 hours 30 mins with 10 singers taking on the vocals .
3210John FoxxSubterania , London16.04.19988original singer of Ultravox who has been very quiet the last 15 years . 90 mins set of keyboard techno dance .
3211James + The AudienceBrixton Academy , London18.04.19989,52nd of 2 sell out Brixton James shows .The Audience feat Sophie Ellis Baxter on vocals did a good 40 mins set inc their 2 hit singles .James did a superb 1 hour 40 mins greatest hits set .
3212Spice GirlsWembley Arena , London19.04.19989,52 hour show with lots of costume changes and all the hit singles .Spice Girls are massive everywhere .Much better than expected .
3213FreestylersJazz Cafe , London26.04.19989Funky hip hop combo with their own breakdancers .Fun 65 mins set .
3214Marcy PlaygroundGarage , London28.04.19988new york band whose current hit single is great but overall only pretty average .
3215Imani CoppolaGarage , London05.05.1998970 mins funky set that was much more better than the previous 100 club gig .
3216Mike Peters BandShepherds Bush Empire ,London06.05.19988should have been a lot better . He only did 2 Alarm songs and all the solo stuff played tonight was not that exciting .
3217Average White BandJazz Cafe , London07.05.19989,255 AWB Jazz Cafe shows to celebrate 25 years together as a band .really great funky 90 mins set .
3218Fatback Band Jazz Cafe , London14.05.19989First UK visit for around 10 years .Really enjoyable 80 mins set with a brilliant 15 mins of I Found Love
3219CrampsAstoria , London15.05.19989,2575 mins set with lots of Iggy Pop type humping the amps and stripping .
3220Insane Clown PosseAstoria 2 , London17.05.19989,25same mad hour set as 6 months ago .great rap rock tunes with non stop squirting the crowd with ICP soda .
3221Common + RascalzJazz Cafe , London19.05.199892 hip hop acts from America .headliners did a cool 90 mins set .
3222Super Furry Animals + Grandaddy Shepherds Bush Empire,London20.05.19988SFA are pretty hyped up at the moment but apart from a couple of songs I thought they fairly average .
3223SaxonBackpackers Pub , KX ,London21.05.19989,5low key gig in Kings Cross pub to launch a heavy rock radio station .fantastic 60 mins rock set .
3224Nils LofgrenJazz Cafe , London24.05.19989same 90 mins set as 6 months ago but it was still really good .
3225Alice Cooper Astoria , London25.05.19989,75Different stage show to Astoria shows only 10 months ago. First class 85 mins of classic theatre rock .
3226Dance Hall CrushersGarage , London26.05.19989ska punk pop from California . very lively 60 mins with 2 girl singers .
3227Placebo + GomezShepherds Bush Empire,London27.05.19989,5Gomez are a bit overated I think . Placebo did a brilliant but fairly short 55 mins set .Great upfront bass .
3228OmarJazz Cafe , London28.05.19988,580 mins set of smooth UK soul . he played both his hit singles .
3229The CreaturesGarage , London30.05.19989,25feat Siouxsie and Budgie from the Banshees .Siouxie lovely in PVC .really good 65 mins drum based set .
3230George ClintonKentish Town Forum , London31.05.199882 hours 15 mins but George kept wandering off and on the stage to leave the band to play amongst themselves .
3231Paul CarrackJazz Cafe , London01.06.19989,25really good 85 mins set from his 25 years making music feat his hits from Ace,Squeeze,Mike And The Mechanics
3232John MartynMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London02.06.19989warm up show for Fleadh Festival .90 mins set of great Gibson Les Paul guitar playing and throaty vocals .
3233World PartyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London04.06.19988,590 mins set inc 2 hit singles but a little bit too shambolic at times .
3234Elton JohnWembley Arena , London07.06.19989,5Billy Joel was due to co support but pulled out due to throat infection so Elton did an extended set lasting 3 hours of mainly greatest hits .
3235Steve HarleyJazz Cafe , London08.06.19989,52 sets lasting 60 mins + 80 mins that really was an entertaining evening .
3236SelecterMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London13.06.19989,25really enjoyable lively 80 mins set from this ska outfit with 4 hit singles .
3237Janet JacksonWembley Arena , London17.06.19989,75Fantastic lavish set with lots of dancers and cosume changes in this 2 hour set.Janet always puts on a great live show .
3238De La SoulJazz Cafe , London18.06.19989,25old skool hip hop pioneers . 2 hour set with guest DJs .Great fun .
3239Black Sabbath + Ozzy Osbourne Band + Foo Fighters + ThereapyThe Bowl , Milton Keynes 20.06.19989,75Sabbath back together with all four original members but it was Ozzys day as he did a 45 mins set with his own band then a great 90 mins greatest hits set with Black Sabbath .Foo Fighters did a great set but Therapy were a bit of a let down .
3240Dream TheatreKentish Town Forum , London23.06.19989it may be prog rock but they did a good 2 hour set with one of the most amazing drummers and his massive drumkit .
3241Jose FelicianoJazz Cafe , London24.06.19988,580 mins set of mainly cover versions with some strange choices in there .
3242The RootsJazz Cafe , London09.07.19988,590 mins of pure live rap but some of it was too shouty , shouty for me .
3243DamnedAstoria , London10.07.19989,25really good hour set of old and new material from these punk legends . feat Dave Vanian + Captain Sensible .
3244Herbie Hancocks HeadhuntersJazz Cafe , London20.07.19988,52 hours 30 mins reunion gig for this legendary 1970s jazz funk legends .
3245Richie SamboraShepherds Bush Empire ,London22.07.19989,75solo show from Bon Jovi guitarist .fantastic rock set feat 5 Bon Jovi songs some cover versions and the best of his solo material . Amazing encore had Jon Bon Jovi on stage with him for 2 songs . One off UK show .
3246Pulp + Catatonia + Bernard Butler + Bentley Rhythm AceFinsbury Park , London25.07.19989,5Jarvis really is a diamond front man .Great Pulp set of old and new .Catatonia Cerys has a really great voice Bernard Butler did a good set.BRA did cool funky instrmental set .
3247Sean OliverJazz Cafe , London28.07.19988hyped up american r n b singer who was pretty average really .
3248Kylie MinogueShepherds Bush Empire ,London30.07.19989,75SBE shows were the only European dates on this world tour .Stunning show with lots of great tunes and sexy and camp costume changes.
3249Run DMCKentish Town Forum , London31.07.19989,2580 mins set in this hot atmosphere .great old skool hip hop legends .
3250Then JericoJazz Cafe , London03.08.19989,25very loud 75 mins set . Good rock tunes with their 2 fantastic big hit singles .
3251Elvis Presley TributeMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London08.08.19989he did a good hour set of Elvis in his rhinestone Las Vegas years .
3252Thin Lizzy Kentish Town Forum, London16.08.19989,25reformed with 3 original members . John Sykes on lead vocals .great to hear those classic songs again
3253Prince + Larry GrahamWembley Arena , London26.08.19989,75old school funk did a good support set. Prince was on top form .He played lots of hits and danced and played so cool for this 1 hour 45 mins set .
3254Rocket From The Crypt Virgin Megastore , London27.08.19989Great 50 mins set of fast uptempo energetic rock n roll .Reading warm up .
3255Jimmy Page And Robert Plant + Ash + Manson Reading Festival , Berks28.08.19989,5Page n Plant did a great set which included Led Zep songs .The weather was sunny all weekend .
3256Beastie Boys + Prodigy + Foo Fighters + Echo And The BunnymenReading Festival , Berks29.08.19989,75Prodigy did a totally awesome show that totally blew away Beastie Boys .Foo Fighters did another great set .
3257Garbage + New Order + Bluetones + Monaco Reading Festival , Berks 30.08.19989,5Garbage did a good set but New Order blew them away with a brilliant set that included some Joy Division songs.
3258Nik KershawJazz Cafe , Camden02.09.19989First London show for a few years .90 mins set from this 1980s singer .Great to hear those hit singles again .
3259Dandy WarholsShepherds Bush Empire, London04.09.19989,25Really good 85 mins set from this trendy and mega cool american band.
3260Sinead LohanJazz Cafe , London10.09.19988,5voted Irelands best female newcomer .70 mins set full of strong songs and she has a great voice .
3261MarillionJazz Cafe , London14.09.19989,25low key club show via their website .80 mins set of Steve Hogarth era songs amazing to see them in this jazz venue
3262Alison LimerickJazz Cafe , London15.09.19988lovely soul voice . 80 mins set .
3263Roger ChapmanJazz Cafe , London22.09.19989classic blues rock voice from the 1970s really good 1 hour 40 mins set .
3264Backyard BabiesGarage , London24.09.19989like a swedish new york dolls .fast, trashy,lively and fun 60 mins set .
3265RachidJazz Cafe , London30.09.19988,5son of Kool ( and the Gang ) 45 mins set in a Prince /S Wonder vein
3266Rocket From The Crypt + You Am IShepherds Bush Empire,London09.10.19989,5RFTC did a full throttle great 70 mins rock n roll set that never slacked .
3267Deep PurpleWembley Arena , London14.10.19989,54 original Deep Purple members with a stunning new guitarist Steve Morse from american band Dixie Dreggs .1 hour 45 set was much better than expected.
3268Alexander O NealJazz Cafe , London15.10.19989,5great to see him at this intimate venue .80 mins set from this american soul star who has always been loved by UK.
3269Hazel O ConnorMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London17.10.19988,580 mins set of old and new material .the 2 hit singles were really good .
3270Ian Dury And The Blockheads Kentish Town Forum , London18.10.19989,5sold out homecoming show .fantastic 90 mins set full of those great old songs and Ian was just magic .
3271Brian KennedyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London20.10.19989,25irish singer with a great white soul voice great songs in the 80 mins set .Joined for encore by boxer Barry McGuigan and singer Micheal Ball .
3272Dio + Uriah HeepKentish Town Forum,London22.10.19989,75great classic rock double bill .Uriah Heep did a good 50 mins set.Dio did a fantastic 1 hour 35 mins set with his classic rock from Rainbow ,Black Sabbath and his solo material .
3273Shane McGowanMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London25.10.19989Shane slurred his way through the 70 mins set but everyone still loved it .
3274CarmelJazz Cafe , London26.10.19988a bit too jazzy and low tempo for me .
3275Ian McNabbJazz Cafe , London28.10.19989Lots of Icicle Works great songs in the 2 hour set .
3276Bob Mould + Mercury RevKentish Town Forum ,London29.10.19989Mercury Rev did a good set .Bob Mould did an 80 mins set that had great noisy guitars but poor vocals .
3277Glen Matlock BandMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London30.10.19989,5First Glen London gig since Sex Pistols 1996 reunion shows .Superb 60 mins set of mainly solo material plus No Lip,Pretty Vacant and 3 Rich Kids songs .Great to see him playing live again .
3278T PauJazz Cafe , London03.11.19989,25Really good 90 mins set with all the hits Carol Decker looks and sounds great .
3279Rockbitch + Leech WomenGarage , London05.11.19989Kinky and wacky all girl rock band .This gig got a lot of publicity as they held a raffle where one member of the crowd should shag the drummer .They played topless and snogged each other so it was a fun evening for sure .
3280Robert Plant And Jimmy PageWembley Arena , London06.11.19989,5similar 1 hour 45 mins set to Reading Festival .Robert Plant vocals were great and Jimmy Page guitar was superb.old Zep songs and solo stuff mixed well
3281Dave SharpMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London07.11.19988ex guitarist from The Alarm.been stuck in New Orleans for the last 5 years meant a less rockier sound and he only played 2 Alarm tunes.
3282BluetonesKentish Town Forum, London13.11.19989good 75 mins set that included all the hit singles .
3283Tony HadleyJazz Cafe , London16.11.19989,5excellent 80 mins set that had lots of covers , solo stuff and Spandau hits .
3284Alexander O NealJazz Cafe , London17.11.19989,5back again after a great show last month from this american soul star .superb encores of Fake and Criticize
3285Snoop DoggSubterania , London24.11.19989an hour set from this top LA rapper .a great packed out atmosphere .
3286AC/Seedy /AC DC Tibute/Redback , Acton , London26.11.19989,25fantastic 60 mins set of AC/DC tunes from this mega tribute band .
3287GodfathersGarage , London27.11.19989,5Kris Dollimore returned for all this gig . Under rehearsed but a great hour set
3288Roy AyersJazz Cafe , London02.12.19989,25week of 6 sold out Jazz Cafe shows .1 hour 40 mins set each night .
3289Thunder Kentish Town Forum , London05.12.19989,590 mins set of good time UK rock n roll First album material was excellent .
3290Roy AyersJazz Cafe , London06.12.19989,5fantastic last night atmosphere .the king of the vibes is back .
3291James Taylor QuartetJazz Cafe , London07.12.1998990 mins moog keyboard funksters .they have a lovely new vocalist .
3292Nashville PussyGarage , London08.12.19988feat a couple of foxy females but the overall sound was too thrashy for me .
3293Damned + JoltKentish Town Forum , London10.12.19989,5loads of great punk anthems in this 75 min set .Better than Astoria show .
3294Rod StewartEarls Court Arena , London11.12.19989,52nd of 5 Rod shows at Earls Court .great seats near the front tonight .Rod still looks and sounds great .Loads of classic Rod anthems .
3295Rod StewartEarls Court Arena , London12.12.19989no support . 2 hours 30 mins set .crap seats near the back tonight .
3296Counterfeit StonesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London13.12.19989,2580 mins set full of Stones classics and costume changes and fun .
3297Marc Almond Albery Theatre , London16.12.19989,25Excellent intimate venue for 2 hour set that was really enjoyable
3298Culture Club + Human League + ABCWembley Arena , London17.12.19989,75Fantastic 3 band 1980s mega bill .ABC did a superb 40 mins set .Human League did a great 50 mins set.Culture Club did a great 70 mins set .All bands played greatest hits sets.
3299Funkin BarstewardsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London19.12.1998880 mins set of disco glam covers but the novelty has worn off a bit .
3300Howard JonesJazz Cafe , London20.12.19989,25really good 1 hour 45 mins set with all the old hits and some new material .
3301Georgie FameJazz Cafe , London22.12.1998880 mins set from this jazz legend but some parts were a bit boring .
3302Tom Robinson Band + TV Smith + Miles HuntShepherds Bush Empire,London27.12.19989,5fanclub xmas show 3pm to 6pm both supports did good short sets .TRB did a fantastic 2 hour set of great songs and great on stage banter .
3303Courtney PineJazz Cafe , London29.12.199891 hour 45 mins set from this trumpet and sax king who has added a more hip hop and rap feel to the band .
3304Ruby Turner Jazz Cafe , London08.01.1999790 mins set but her backing band really looked pretty bored to be here.
3305They Might Be GiantsGarage , London18.01.19998,5sold out show for these american college boys 90 mins quirky set.
3306Ian McNabbJazz Cafe , London24.01.19998,5was not as good as the show at this venue last October.
3307David McAlmontJazz Cafe , London02.02.19998,5an hour of slow tempo material but he has a lovely high voice.
3308Selecter Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London06.02.19999lots of skinheads here tonight to help make it a great ska dance party.
3309Belinda CarlisleJazz Cafe , London08.02.19999,5Belinda looks great for her age 40 . Excellent 85 mins of 1980s pop.
3310Belinda CarlisleJazz Cafe , London09.02.19999,5Great to see a big act in a lovely small venue that holds about 400.
3311GodfathersBorderline , London14.02.19999,75yet another cracking 75 mins set with an encore of Pistols Pretty Vacant
3312John HammondJazz Cafe , London15.02.19998,5one of americas top white blues men . enjoyable 90 mins set.
3313Jonathan RichmanJazz Cafe , London18.02.19999last of 3 JR jazz Cafe shows . 85 mins set of fun , quirky lyrics.
3314Pat Travers BandMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London19.02.1999990 mins set by this Canadian rocker who was massive in the 1970s.
3315YardbirdsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London20.02.19998,585 mins set from these 1960s legends . a few hit singles in their blues rock set.
3316BlackbyrdsJazz Cafe , London23.02.19998First UK shows since 1976 which should have been a lot better . They played 2 hits but there was no feeling.
3317Stiff Little FingersTower Records,Piccadilly,London26.02.199996pm SLF did a great 6 song 25 mins set inc a blisterung Alternative Ulster
3318Robbie Williams Wembley Arena , London26.02.19999,758pm 1st of 3 sell out Robbie shows . 90 mins set that was excellent from start to finish. He is a great showman.
3319Paul Young with Los Palaminos Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London27.02.19998,5ok 90 mins set of cover versions done in a tex mex style.
3320Alanis MorissetteShepherds Bush Empire,London01.03.19999,5sold out one off UK show . 1 hour 40 mins set of old and new material that was really great.
3321Dave Edmunds Allstars feat Chris Farlowe , Albert Lee , Dave Berry , Pete Wingfield .Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London06.03.19998,5gig to coincide with 40th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly .2 hour set of Buddy Holly and 50s/60s classics.
3322Cliff Richard with the RPO .Royal Albert Hall , London08.03.19999,5Really entertaining 2 hours 15 mins set. In the round with so many hit singles.
3323Neil DiamondWembley Arena , London11.03.19999,25no support and in the round . 2 hours 15 mins set of perfect 1970s MOR classics .slick and enjoyable.
3324Brian Setzer OrchestraShepherds Bush Empire,London12.03.19999,75Fantastic 75 mins set with his big band rockabilly sound .Only UK show . Played some great Stray Cats hits.
3325Uriah Heep + DeadlineKentish Town Forum,London13.03.19998,590 mins set .The crowd only seemed interested in the old 1970s songs.
3326Shane McGowan And The PopesKentish Town Forum, London17.03.19998,5great atmosphere for this hour set but it was a bit too messy soundwise.
3327Jimmy SmithJazz Cafe , London18.03.19998,5hammond organ legend from L.A . 4th of 6 Jazz Cafe shows for Jimmy . 80 mins set of mainly instrumentals but with lots of swearing and attitude.
3328CardiacsGarage , London20.03.19997I thought Cardiacs were pretty boring.
3329KISS + Buck CherryBercy , Paris , France22.03.199910just when I thought KISS shows could not get any better they announce that this Pyscho Circus tour will feature 3D segments where you will put on 3D glasses to get the full effect .Totally over the top as plectrums and drum sticks came straight at you . Superb. Support did a good 35 mins set . Stunning 2 hour set with Paul Stanley speaking loads of french on stage.
3330KISS + Buck CherryWembley Arena , London25.03.199910only UK show as part of European tour. Kerrang mag brought out 4 different covers on each of the band similar to the 4 solo album covers 20+ years ago. Got near the front for this mega show . Same 2 hours as Paris with only 3 new album tracks in the mainly old classics album tracks in the mainly old classics set .Costumes,fireworks,firebreathing, fantastic catchy rock songs.Everyone should see KISS live at least once.
3331Meat LoafWembley Arena , London28.03.19999,51st of 3 Meat Loaf Wembley shows . 2 hours 30 mins set of big songs but it was a mistake to do the 3 crap cover versions included in the set
3332Tuck And PattiJazz Cafe , London30.03.19998They are massive in France . Pretty enjoyable set from this duo.
3333Drugstore + Paradise MotelGarage , London01.04.19999support were rubbish . Drugstore did a really good 65 mins set with clear sound and a lovely singer.
3334GodfathersMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London02.04.19999,75another fantastic 70 mins set . I saw them from the front row .Superb.
3335Mick Taylor BandMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London03.04.19998,5blues set lasting nearly 2 hours feat some great bottleneck guitar playing.
3336All Points BulletinMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London08.04.19999,25APB features Lynyrd Skynyrd 1970s drummer Artimus Pyle on drums . They did great 2 hour set of blues and southern boogie with about 6 Skynyrd songs inc a mega Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama
3337Fun Loving CriminalsKentish Town Forum , London12.04.19999,25Really good 1 hour 35 mins set from these kings of New York cool . When they played big hit Scooby Snacks the place went nuts
3338Jason And The ScorchersMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London17.04.19999Really good uptempo 90 mins set.
3339Tom Petty And The HeartbreakersShepherds Bush Empire,London19.04.19999,251st of 2 SBE shows . Only UK gigs . no support . 2 hours 30 mins set . loads of great songs in the set but he should have dropped a few of the boring album tracks that plodded.
3340Ian Hunter Astoria , London23.04.19999,5Excellent 2 hour show from this 1970s legend .Loads of classic oldies played along withsome new material.
3341Scotty MooreMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London24.04.19998,5Guitarist on loads of Elvis Presley hits. This was his first ever Uk tour . He has not got the best voice but it was a rare treat for all the Elvis fans here.
3342MazeRoyal Albert Hall , London26.04.19999,5First UK shows for 7 years . Fantastic 90 mins set featuring all their best stuff and Frankie Beverleys voice.
3343ScorpionsAstoria , London28.04.19999,25The first hour of the two hour set was pretty average but the second hour had loads of their great rock songs.
3344TerrorvisionKentish Town Forum, London29.04.19999,25lively 85 mins set of bouncy pop rock songs with lots of hit singles.
3345Roger McQuinnJazz Cafe , London05.05.1999980 mins set of mainly Byrds classics . He has a very nasal voice like Dylan.
3346Counterfeit Stones Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London07.05.19999,5Great 90 mins set of Stones anthems . They are so funny on stage.
3347Bjorn AgainKentish Town Forum , London08.05.1999980 mins set of fun ABBA unes.
3348SuedeShepherds Bush Empire,London09.05.19999,5Fantastic 75 mins set with great vocals great guitar and great songs.
3349Catatonia + DeusShepherds Bush Empire,London10.05.19999,5Cerys looked and sounded great . The queen of indie did a great 75 mins.
3350Average White BandJazz Cafe , London13.05.19999,25Slick 90 mins set that always gets you in a nice groove.
3351Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandEarls Court Arena , London18.05.19999,51st of 4 Bruce shows at Earls Court . 2 hours 40 mins set each night . Jungleland and Born To Run Mega
3352Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandEarls Court Arena , London21.05.19999,75This current tour was the reunion for Briuce And The E Street band for the first time in 10 years . Nearer the front tonight compared to first show position halfway back.
3353Jungle Brothers Jazz Cafe , London25.05.19998,5old skool american hip hop . lively 55 mins set.
3354Guana Batz + Demented Are GoGarage , London29.05.19998The crowd loved it but their rockabilly thrash never really got me going.
3355Steve HarleyJazz Cafe , London01.06.19999,252 sets of an hour each . loads of old and new material with some great storytelling between songs . semi acoustic unplugged show.
3356ThunderShepherds Bush Empire,London03.06.19999,251 hour 40 mins set that started off really slow but got much better with loads of catchy pop rock songs.
3357Rolling StonesWembley Stadium , London11.06.19999,5Excellent 2 hours 15 mins set . Great selection of Stones classics . MickJagger has got so much energy.
3358Rolling StonesWembley Stadium ,London12.06.19999,75Got into the pit with a mega view 10 rows from the stage . At the end they played a few songs on a mini stage out on the pitch.
3359Squeeze Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London13.06.1999980 mins set that had a few oldies but new material seemed weak . warm up show for Blondie tour.
3360Jah WobbleJazz Cafe , London17.06.19998ex Public Image Ltd bass player . still doing his own thing and currently involved in trance type material.
3361BlondieWembley Arena , London22.06.19999,75Lucky we had seats near the front but Blondie are not really an arena band . Great 90 mins set of catchy songs . Debbie and Clem both look fab . Best aftershow party for ages.
3362Glen Matlock BandMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London25.06.19999,5Glen and band did a great 70 mins set . mainly solo material with 2 Pistols and 2 Rich Kids tracks played as well.
3363Aerosmith + Lenny Kravitz + Stereophonics + Black Crowes +3 Colours RedWembley Stadium , London26.06.19999,75mega line up for this big rock event . all bands did really good sets . Lenny Kravitz stage and outfits were all white and he really rocked . Aerosmith did an awesome 2 hour set.
3364Roger Daltrey + Alice Cooper + Paul Young with the Briish Rock Symphony Orchestra.Royal Albert Hall , London28.06.19999,5all songswere classic british rock. Roger Daltry sang 8 songs . Alice Cooper and Paul Young both sang 4 songs each in the 2 hour show.
3365Paul YoungJazz Cafe , London30.06.19999,251 hour 40 mins acoustic show . he still has that great voice.
3366Patti Smith Kentish Yown Forum,London01.07.19999,5no support . 2 hour set . female punk icon from New York.
3367Patti Smith Kentish Yown Forum,London02.07.19999,5great songs,great lyrics,great attitude better than Empire show 2 years ago.
3368TubesShepherds Bush Empire,London05.07.19999,25only UK show . 1 hour 35 mins set . still very theatrical with lots of costume changes by Fee Waybill .Seemed a bit under rehearsed but the finale of White Punks On Dope was superb.
3369Ron Sexsmith Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London06.07.19997highly respected Canadian artist but I thought the 85 mins set was boring.
3370Brian KennedyMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London07.07.19999,25Really good 1 hour 45 mins set from this irish singer with the great voice.
3371Saw DoctorsMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London09.07.19998,5mad for it packed out irish crowd . enjoyable 90 mins set.
3372Metallica + Marilyn Manson + Placebo + Terrorvision + Ben HarperThe Bowl , Milton Keynes 10.07.19999,75lovely sunny day but no video screens . Metallica did a brilliant 2 hour rock set . M Manson did a 55 mins set of synth rock madness that was really good . Placebo set should have been better . Terrorvision and Ben Harper did ok sets of 30 mins each.
3373Alanis MorissetteWembley Arena , London14.07.19999,25shes always really good live but the crowd only want the big songs off her mega debut album and are not that interested in second album material.
3374Blind Boys Of AlabamaJazz Cafe , Lndon27.07.19999Enjoyable and soulful 75 mins set from this legendary blind gospel group.
3375Simply RedHyde Park Arena , London31.07.19998,51 hour 45 mins greatest hits set but our seats were too far at the back to really enjoy the show as usual.
3376Black Market Clash + X Pistols + Pork DukesDublin Castle,Camden,London07.08.19999,25very rare show by Pork Dukes who did a great 30 mins set .Making Bacon . X Pistols did a good 40 mins set of Pistols anthems .BMC did a good 45 mins of Clash songs . Great night.
3377SuedeSound , London WC1 09.08.19999,5invite only show via XFM radio . fantastic 45 mins greatest hits set.
3378Smoke CityJazz Cafe , London12.08.19998,5enjoyable 70 mins of bossa nova trance
3379Buck Cherry + FungusGarage , London17.08.19999,25sold out club show . 65 mins of some distorted guitars that really rocked . the singer is a rock n roll star for sure.
3380McCoy Tyner TrioJazz Cafe , London19.08.1999890 mins of quality instrumental jazz.
3381Charlatans + Chemical Brothers + Reef + Echo And The Bunnymen Beth OrtonReading Festival 27.08.19999Weather for the weekend was perfect. Lovely and sunny with no rain . Did not think much of Chemical Bros . Charlatans and others were good.
3382Blur + Catatonia + Fun Loving Criminals + Divine Comedy +Kevin Roland + PavementReading Festival28.08.19999,5one of those bizarre Reading moments . Dexys legend Kevin Rowland singing 3 crap cover versions in a dress with strippers either side of him. Blur and Catatonia did really great sets.
3383Red Hot Chilli Peppers + Offspring + Terrorvision + Silverchair +Feeder + Buck Cherry + Backyard Babies + Living End + AuteursReading Festival29.08.19999,5Rock day at Reading was really good .RHCP and Offspring did sets that had the kids all totally going mental.
3384Public EnemyKentish Town Forum , London03.09.19999Fantastic atmosphere for these hip hop legends .1 hour 50 mins set of great tunes but the vocals were muffled.
3385SparklehorseGarage ,London06.09.19998,5Interesting 75 mins set with Neil Young like vocals and fuzz guitar.
3386John MartynJazz Cafe , London09.09.19997very disapointing 90 mins set . John Matyn looked pretty bored tonight.
3387Shootz GrooveGarage , London14.09.19998,59pm. 65 mins set of rap rock from NYC that was pretty good.
3388CycleflyCamden Palace , London14.09.19999,25midnight. short but stunning 30 mins set from one of my fave new bands. Their debut album is a rock classic.
3389Tony HadleyJazz Cafe , London20.09.19999,5great 1 hour 50 mins set of Spandau hits , cover versions and solo material.
3390Culture Club Embassy Rooms , London W1 22.09.19999they have reformed and played a good hour set of mainly greatest hits.
3391Damned Camden Barfly , London24.09.19999,25sweaty 60 mins set of old and new material in this tiny club venue.
3392Apollo 440Astoria , London25.09.19999,25midday show for japanese television. excellent 55 mins of dance rock.
3393Deep Purple with LSO .Royal Albert Hall , London25.09.19999,257.30pm 1st of 2 RAH Purple shows both with a full orchestra.2 hours 30 mins set . No support .3 songs sung by Ronnie James Dio.
3394Pretenders + Paddy CaseyShepherds Bush Empire, London27.09.19999,51st of 2 SBE Pretenders shows .90 mins mainly greatest hits set .Chrissie Hynde is still so sexy and cool and the band are still top notch.
3395Cyclefly + RicoGarage , London29.09.19999,75what a superb rocking show this was . 55 mins set inc all the tracks from that fantastic debut album and 2 new tracks
3396Iggy PopAstoria 2 , London30.09.19999,75no support for this small club show . what a fantastic 75 mins set from this punk legend with loads of great songs . Totally in your face punk rock show.
3397Megadeth + GodsmackKentish Town Forum, London01.10.19999goth metal support did an ok set . Megadeth did a 90 mins set with a great encore of Paranoid and Anarchy In UK
3398B.C SweetHard Rock Cafe , London05.10.19999,5special show to celebrate new Sweet items at Hard Rock . The band did a great 80 mins set and original Sweet bass player Steve Priest came on . free drinks and free food all night too . Special show for Brian Connolly who sadly passed away in 1997 .R.I.P.
3399Bryan AdamsWembley Arena , London06.10.19999,51st of 3 Wembley Bryan Adams gigs . stripped down to a 3 piece with Bryan on bass and vocals .Great 2 hour set full of his catchy pop rock songs.
3400Buzzcocks + PachinosAstoria , London08.10.19999,5After a long tour they were really tight and the 90 mins set was full of great old songs and a few new ones.
3401Supergrass + Add N To XKentish Town Forum , London11.10.19999good 70 mins set that featured about 5 hit singles .support were crap.
3402Charlatans + Jeff Beck + Bernard Butler + Lynn Shelby + Oslo Recording of Later With Jools Holland BBC 2 music show .BBC Studios , London W1218.10.19999all bands did 2 or 3 songs and it was a really enjoyable evening.
3403Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Astoria , London21.10.19999,75somehow this was Joe Strummers first live London shows for over 10 years.
3404Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Astoria , London22.10.19999,75Both these sold out shows were superb. Pure passion from ex Clash vocalist . Altmosphere was electric 90 mins set with loads of Clash tunes.
3405Rachel StampCamden Palace , London26.10.19999really good 50 mins set by these NY Dolls type glam rock band.
3406Fish Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London02.11.19998,51 hour 45 mins set but now he only plays 2 Marillion songs . Still tells those great stories on stage.
3407GomezKentish Town Forum , London05.11.199981 hour 40 mins set that apart from hit singles was pretty average.
3408Flaming LipsKentish Town Forum , London10.11.19999Really good 85 mins set from these arty americans inc the 3 really good singles
3409MorrisseyKentish Town Forum , London14.11.199991st of 3 Morrissey Forum shows . still an icon to his very loyal fans.
3410MorrisseyKentish Town Forum , London16.11.19999sadly I did not hear any Smiths songs in the 80 mins set I donít think.
3411Everything But The GirlKentish Town Forum , London19.11.19998,5pretty good 90 mins set of low fi dance music.
3412Mark King (Level 42)Jazz Cafe , London22.11.19998,751st of 5 Mark King Jazz Cafe shows. nice to see him playing live again. still has a magical bass playing style . new songs mixed with Level 42 hits.
3413Fu Manchu + AB/CDGarage . London23.11.19998,5support did a great 35 mins set of AC/DC songs. Fu Manchu did a pretty good 60 mins rock set.
3414DamnedKentish Town Forum , London26.11.19999,25really good 90 mins set from these punk rock legends with old and new material.
3415SparksShepherds Bush Empire,London27.11.19999,51970s legends Sparks did a brilliant 90 mins set of old and new songs all done to a great hi energy beat.
3416Roy AyersJazz Cafe , London29.11.1999990 mins entertaining set from this jazz vibes legend.
3417Violent FemmesKentish Town Forum, London30.11.19998,51 hour 40 mins set of country swamp music that was good in parts.
3418David BowieAstoria , London02.12.19999,75mega one off UK show .loads of celebs came out to see this special show . great small venue to watch this superb 90 mins set of old and new material.
3419Echo And The Bunnymen + Clint Boon ExperienceKentish Town Forum, London03.12.19999support did an ok set . Bunnymen did an 80 mins set full of old classics and Ian McCulloch swagger.
3420Black SabbathAstoria , London05.12.19999,75billed as last ever London show with all the original Sabbath members .Fantastic 90 mins of Sabbath anthems.
3421Iggy Pop Shepherds Bush Empire,London07.12.19999,75no support act.both these shows were 100% pure rock n roll shows.
3422Iggy Pop Shepherds Bush Empire,London08.12.19999,7590 mins set each night for this 50 year old punk legend who still delivers.
3423Thunder Kentish Town Forum, London11.12.19999,25billed as last ever show b4 they split up. nice full house for this emotional 1 hour 50 mins set of UK pop rock.
3424JamesWembley Arena , London12.12.19999,75Stunning 1 hour 45 mins greatest hits set that really came over well tonight.
3425David EssexRoyal Albert Hall , London13.12.19999simple pop songs in this 90 mins set but David still has that cheeky attitude.
3426Billy BraggKentish Town Forum, London15.12.19998a couple of good songs but it should have been a lot better.
3427Black SabbathN.E.C. , Birmingham21.12.19999,751st of 2 home coming arena shows billed as last shows ever ??? same fantastic 90 mins set as The Astoria show 3 weeks ago but this had full arena production stage set.
3428WhoShepherds Bush Empire, London23.12.19999,75no support . 2 hours 10 mins set . lots of celebs here for this special show back to their West London roots . so many great songs in their set.
3429Rage Against The Machine + Asian Dub FoundationWembley Arena , London28.01.20009,5great double bill .ADF did a good 40 mins set and the place went totally mental for RATM 85 mins mega set ,
3430The Jamm + Whos WhoGarage , London29.01.20009both bands did good hour tribute sets but the Who band seemed to have more of a cool attitude working for them,
3431The TheGarage , London31.01.20007really boring 75 mins set ,
3432QueensrycheBrixton Academy , London06.02.20008,5Queensryche did a good set but they seem to have lost it a little bit
3433YesRoyal Albert Hall , London19.02.20008,5no support . 2 hours 15 mins set .a few good songs in the set .funniest sight of the night was looking down and seeing so many bald patches amongst the crowd here tonight
3434Counting CrowsRoyal Albert Hall, London22.02.20008,5singles were good but a lot of the show just plodded along and got a bit boring ,
3435Bush + Cyclefly Hammersmith Palais , London29.02.20009,5first rock show that I have been to at this venue for years .great double bill.Cyclefly did a superb 40 mins set .Bush did a great rocking 1 hour 40 mins
3436Foo FightersScala , Kings Cross ,London04.03.20009,75invite only show via XFM radio . stunning 80 mins set from this really fantastic live rock n roll band .small venue that holds about 500 people
3437Steve Vai + Eric Sardinas Astoria , London08.03.200091st of 2 Astoria Steve Vai shows .double bill of guitar masters .support was pretty good .Steve Vai did a 2 hours 10 mins and proved what a great guitar showman he still is .his backing band were excellent
3438Harry Connick Junior And His Big BandRoyal Albert Hall , London13.03.20008sold out 2 hour jazz big band show that never really got me that excited ,
3439Hothouse Flowers + Paul Brady + Sharon Shannon + Jack LRoyal Albert Hall , London14.03.20007,5all acts did 30 mins each but the half empty RAH made it a non even really
3440Asian Dub FoundationHMV , Oxford St , London W120.03.2000835 mins set to promote new album release that should have been better
3441Van Morrison + Bobby BlandRoyal Albert Hall , London21.03.20009blues legend support did a good 45 mins set for a 70 year old .
3442Van Morrison + Bobby BlandRoyal Albert Hall , London22.03.20009Van did a 1 hour 40 mins set and Chris Farlowe came on for 3 songs
3443BeckWembley Arena , London23.03.20009indie funk king returns to UK to a venue that does not suit his style at all .Really good 90 mins set but he should have played a smaller venue ,
3444Henry Rollins BandKentish Town Forum, London25.03.20008Henry was great as a front man but his band were too thrashy for me . Best bits were 2 Thin Lizzy cover versions ,
3445Status QuoShepherds Bush Empire,London27.03.20009,25one off show for new album release .show of two halves really .First set was a horrible 45 mins of the new album which was all cover songs.Second set was just like the old days at Hammy Odeon where they did a 60 mins greatest hits set that rocked .of gigs by Sting at Royal Albert Hall ,
3446StingRoyal Albert Hall , London28.03.20009,5I went to 5 nights of this 10 show run
3447StingRoyal Albert Hall , London31.03.20009,5totally fantastic 2 hour show full of Sting solo hits and Police hits
3448StingRoyal Albert Hall , London02.04.20009,5The old Police songs still seem to get the best reaction from the crowd
3449StingRoyal Albert Hall , London04.04.20009,5His backing band are superb esp Dominic Miller on guitar
3450StingRoyal Albert Hall , London07.04.20009,5Sting just does it all in his stride and makes it all look so very easy
3451Bryan FerryRoyal Albert Hall , London11.04.20009backed by a jazz blues band and an 8 piecs orchestra . No support .90 mins set split between the jazz covers from his current album and Roxy hits done in a jazz blues style
3452Dressed To Kill (KISS Tribute)Standard Pub , London E17 15.04.20009,75how can a tribute band be this great?? stunning 1 hour 40 mins of KISS mega tunes with costumes, fireworks and perfect stage chat and routines
3453Dee Dee Ramone + Janus StarkGarage , London19.04.20009,25fast and furious 65 mins set from Dee Dee and band that was 80 % Ramones classics .Good ole punk show
3454CureWembley Arena , London22.04.20008only UK show . No support .2 hours 45 mins set that feat too many slow and boring songs in there .some good hit singles but Robert Smith vocal style really got on my nerves
3455Bobby Whitlock with Eric Clapton + Embrace + Doves +Lynden David Hall with Hilda Hicks + Ute Hemper BBC 2 Later With Jools Holland TV Show BBC Studios , London W1225.04.20009very rare live appearance in UK for Bobby Whitlock . Each act did 2 or 3 songs and it was a really good night
3456Dr FeelgoodBorderline , London27.04.2000980 mins blues rock set with a few old Feelgood classics played as well
3457TrextasyStandard Pub , London E1729.04.20009,5another great tribute band . They did a great 85 mins of hits and rare Bolan
3458Moody BluesRoyal Albert Hall , London30.04.20008no support . 2 hour show .Good show but nothing exciting
3459Buddy GuyRoyal Festival Hall , London01.05.20009blues legend with a really good 90 mins set of classic material
3460Paul WellerRoyal Albert Hall , London03.05.20009I love Paul Wellers attitude but some of tonights 1 hour 45 mins set was boring but there were loads of great songs too
3461Simply RedWembley Arena , London04.05.20009,5Good seats near the front for this 1 hour 50 mins set .Micks singing is still just the sweetest white soul voice around .Mainly a greatest hits set tonight
3462DioKentish Town Forum, London07.05.20009not as good as previous Dio shows as he started off with an hour of weaker newer material before the big classics. He is still a great rock singer
3463James + KentShepherds Bush Empire,London08.05.20009,5not as good as the Wembley Arena show last December but still a very good 1 hour 45 mins set
3464Bush + MuseShepherds Bush Empire,London09.05.20009,25support did a good set .85 mins set by Bush who have got some good songs and Gavin is a really great rock star front man
3465Hardcore SuperstarMadame Jo Jos , London W110.05.20008,540 mins set by this swedish version of Buck Cherry .trash rock and tattoos
3466Ricky Martin + GabrielleRoyal Albert Hall , London 11.05.20009many acts played this charity concert .Ricky Martin did a 25 mins set of hits with loads of dancers in sexy outfits .Gabrielle did an ok 25 mins set of hits
3467Lou ReedRoyal Albert Hall , London18.05.20009,25no support . 2 hours 20 mins show .Lou Reed is still so super cool
3468Lou ReedRoyal Albert Hall , London19.05.20009,25Loads of great songs in the main set before a mega encore of Sweet Jane Vicious Dirty Blvd Perfect Day
3469Richie Blackmores Night Cambridge Theatre , London W1 25.05.20009,25surprisingly good show this one .Richies dungeons and dragons style of music was a bit naff but his lovely blonde wife on vocals did a brilliant job of keeping it all together plus they did one Purple track and one Rainbow track
3470Nigel KennedyThe Dome,Docklands,London27.05.20009,25really good show that was hosted by Sex Pistols ex manager M McClaren .Nigels first set was 90 mins of popular classical pieces and his second set was 75 mins of Jimi Hendrix classics done on the violin . Fantastic violinist
3471Mick Hucknall + Emma Bunton + Rolf Harris +Tony Hadley BBC Music Live Show BBC Studios , London W1228.05.20009They all did 1 or 2 songs each . Amazing to watch Mick Hucknall sing live in front of you only 5 feet away
3472Pearl JamWembley Arena , London30.05.20009,25Great atmosphere for this 2 hour show . Sound quality was great and the band were superb.The crowd really loved it
3473John Mayalls Bluesbreakers + Peter Greens Splinter GroupRoyal Albert Hall , London02.06.20008,5double bill of 1960s British Blues .Peter Green did a good 80 mins set .John Mayall did a 1 hour 40 mins set with John playing some great keyboards and his Texan guitarist playing some awesome blues guitar
3474UndertonesMean Fiddler,Harlesden,London09.06.20009,25reunion show which is their first in London for over 15 years but sadly Feargal Sharkey is not on vocals . The band did a 75 mins greatest hits set and played Teenage Kicks twice
3475Shirley BasseyRoyal Festival Hall , London11.06.20009,53rd of 7 sold out Shirley Bassey shows at The Royal Festival Hall
3476Shirley BasseyRoyal Festival Hall , London13.06.20009,5She is still a true mega star who has a great voice and looks fantastic .Full orchestra for this 1 hour 45 mins
3477SantanaWembley Arena , London14.06.20009,25sold out show due to success of the Supernatural album . 2 hour show .Carlos Santana is still a fantastic guitarist with some great songs
3478Iron MaidenEarls Court Arena , London16.06.20009,5sold out show as this was the first UK show by Maiden with Bruce back on the vocals .Great to see this Great British rock band back together playing all those classic rock oldies and the new stuff sounds good as well
3479Lynyrd Skynyrd + Company Of SnakesHammersmith Apollo , London20.06.20009,5superb rock double bill.one off Skynyrd UK show .support did a really good 50 mins set of Whitesnake songs as they featured ex members of rhe band .Skynryd did a great set just like the old days
3480Elliot SmithRoyal Festival Hall , London21.06.20007,5pretty average 80 mins set by this trendy New Yorker
3481Nine Inch Nails + Moby + The The + Bloodhound Gang +Methods Of Mayhem + Fu Manchu + A Perfect CircleGlastonbury Festival , Somerset23.06.20009,5Tommy Lee was OTT as per usual .Nine Inch Nails did a good rocky set .Moby has lots of catchy hit tunes
3482Travis + Pet Shop Boys + Ocean Colour Scene + Reef + Semisonic + Brand New Heavies + Asian Dub FoundationGlastonbury Festival , Somerset24.06.20009,5Travis got everyone singing along .The sun was out for most of the festival. Nice to see The Pet Shop Boys again
3483David Bowie + Muse + Dandy Warhols + Willie Nelson +David Gray + Jools Holland Glastonbury Festival , Somerset25.06.20009,75David Bowie was the best act of the entire weekend with a stunning 1 hour 50 mins greatest hits set .Willie Nelson got a heroes welcome.Dandy Warhols are so cool it hurts
3484BB KingHammermith Apollo , London29.06.2000974 year old blues legend still going strong .90 mins set of licks and chat
3485Burt Bacharach And Hal David tribute show feat Dionne Warwick+Elvis Costello + Bob Geldof + Brian Kennedy Royal Albert Hall , London30.06.20009,5They wrote so many classic songs together that were performed tonight over the 2 hours . Bacharach and David both were here on stage tonight
3486RadioheadRoyal Festival Hall , London 01.07.20009,25sold out in an hour small venue show .good 1 hour 40 mins show but I think it could have been a lot better
3487BlurRoyal Festival Hall , London02.07.20009,2585 mins set with album material and a few hits .Maybe it was the venue but like Radiohead this should have been a bit better as it lacked atmosphere
3488Manhattan Transfer Royal Festival Hall , London12.07.20007,51 hour 40 mins by this famous vocal harmony group
3489EelsHammersmith Apollo , London14.07.20009really fun and quirky 90 mins set but this venue does not suit them
3490Uriah HeepAstoria , London15.07.20008,53pm start for a 2 hour show that was filmed for a live concert video .Good mix of old and new material
3491Tina Turner + Lionel Richie + John FogertyWembley Stadium , London16.07.20009,75a rare UK showing by John Fogerty who played a few Creedence Clearwater Revival hits from the 1960s/1970s Lionel Richie did a stunning 60 mins greatest hits set with a voice that was so clear you could hear every word.Tina Turner did a fantastic 2 hour show.So many great songs and dancing .All 3 acts were excellent today
3492Alice CooperHammersmith Apollo , London19.07.20009,75Alice Cooper never does an ok show .So many great songs and his fun and theatre always makes a good night ,
3493BuzzcocksCamden Underworld , London20.07.20009,5now going for over 20 years The Buzzcocks did a 75 mins set of old punk classics and a few new ones
3494Oasis + Happy MondaysWembley Stadium , London21.07.20009,75mega celebration shows to confirm Oasis are as popular as ever .This was the night when Noel and Liam kept moaning at each other on stage
3495Oasis + Happy Mondays Wembley Stadium , London22.07.20009,75Happy Mondays did a good hour set that started slow but got much better .Oasis on both nights did a greatest hits set lasting 1 hour 40 mins set .Both nights I got into front stage pit area .Fantastic rowdy , footie atmosphere
3496999 + Red Letter Day 100 Club , London 27.07.20009,25Lively punk rock atmosphere .999 did a really good energetic 50 mins set of all their best material
3497Motorhead + TerrorvisionGuildford Festival , Surrey28.07.20009,5Terrorvision did a bouncy 60 mins set Motorhead did a great 70 mins set inc new single God Save The Queen
3498Culture Club + Aswad + Marc Almond + Stiff Little Fingers +Bad Manners Guildford Festival , Surrey29.07.20009,25all the bands today did really good sets all lasting between 60 and 70 mins .Poured with rain for Culture Club set
3499Joan Armatrading + Lonnie Donegan + David Gray + Abba Gold + The Hamsters Guildford Festival , Surrey30.07.20009I saw Lonnie Donegan do a great set in the small tent instead of watching Van Morrison on the main stage .David Gray did another boring set .Joan Armatrading did a good set
3500Trextasy + B.C.SweetOlympia Beer Festival , London04.08.20009,25BC Sweet did a really good 55 mins set of Sweet songs and Trextasy did a great 65 mins set of Bolan hits .Great 1970s glam rock memories
3501Alvin StardustRoadhouse ,Cov Garden,London12.08.20009he did a crowd pleasing hour set of hit singles and some cover versions ,
3502Glen Matlock ( Acoustic Show )Borders Book Shop , London W1 17.08.20009,25unusual setting to hear Pretty Vacant but it was a really good 45 mins set that feat solo material and Rich Kids
3503Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesBorderline , London17.08.20009,75Special London gig for launch of new album Open Mind which was a totally rockin 65 mins set feat solo material + 2 Rich Kids hits + Pretty Vacant . Patti Palladin was on backing vocals and Mick Jones(Clash) was here.
3504Bon JoviWembley Stadium, London19.08.20009,5These Bon Jovi shows are the last at Wembley Stadium before it gets torn down to make way for the new one
3505Bon JoviWembley Stadium , London20.08.20009,75Bon Jovi did a fantastic 2 hour show of their catchy pop rock anthems. We enjoyed the second show more as we got into the front of stage pit area
3506Foo Fighters + Queens Of The Stone Age Rex , Stratford , London24.08.20009,5warm up show for Reading Festival for both bands .QOTSA did a good set .Foo Fighters did a great 90 mins set but it was not as mega as The Scala show a few months go
3507Oasis + Primal Scream + Foo Fighters + Bluetones + Limp Bizkit +Asian Dub Foundation Reading Festival ,Berkshire25.08.20009,75The place went mental for Limp Bizkit afternoon set . Foo Fighters and Oasis both did really great rockin sets
3508Pulp + Beck + Idlewild + Queens Of The Stone Age + Black Star+Supersuckers Reading Festival , Berkshire26.08.20009,5Pulp and Beck both did really good sets and Jarvis really is such a cool pop star as ever .
3509Stereophonics + Placebo + Slipknot + Rage Against The Machine+Blink 182 + AReading Festival , Berkshire27.08.20009,5really mental atmosphere for set by Slipknot who looked great but the music was not very nice . Rage Against The Machine were the best band today
3510SparksShepherds Bush Empire, London01.09.20009,25really good 1 hour 40 mins set of old +new songs similar to last years shows
3511Lou ReedShepherds Bush Empire, London05.09.20009,25no support . 2 hours 10 mins set .same set as RAH shows in May 2000,
3512Glen Matlock And The Philistines + Chelsea + Spizz Energi +Menace + TV Smith + Alternative TVGarage , London09.09.20009,5mega punk rock event . Chelsea and Spizz both did really good sets .Glen Matlock and band did a really good 45 mins set with Gene October coming on for the encores ,
3513BondRoyal Albert Hall , London20.09.20009mega hyped debut show by these 4 pretty girls playing classical material with a pop feel to it .75 mins set that was really enjoyable ,
3514Trisha Yearwood + Kim RicheyRoyal Albert Hall , London25.09.2000890 mins set by this massive in USA country artist . Pretty good ,
3515Reef + Placebo + Coldplay+ Toploader + Manson + Space The Dome , Docklands , London26.09.20009,25all the bands did 30 mins set apart from Reef who did 45 mins .Placebo and Reef were the best bands tonight
3516Jeff Healey Band + Alex LloydShepherds Bush Empire, London04.10.20009NZ support was pretty good .90 mins set from this amazing blind blues guitarist who has not played over here for a good few years
3517Bob DylanWembley Arena , London06.10.200092nd of 2 sold out Wembley Bob shows.no support . 2 hours set .the sound and band were superb and there are some great songs but his vocal style is too blurry for me
3518John Otway + Dr Feelgood + Eddie And The Hot Rods +The HamstersBeck Theatre , Hayes ,Middx17.10.20009,25another gig review for the local paper .Naughty Rhythms Package Tour .All the bands did good 40 mins sets but John Otways fun and lunacy stole the show . Great evening
3519Paul SimonHammersmith Apollo , London23.10.20009,5Paul had a 12 piece band with him .no support . 2 hours 10 mins show .the band and sound quality was great .much better show than I expected .so many great songs from his career
3520Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros100 Club , London27.10.20009,5low key warm up show for The Who tour and Q Mag awards show next week .what a great sweaty 70 mins gig .14 songs played , first 6 were solo stuff then 8 on the bounce that The Clash recorded inc London Calling , White Man Palais and White Riot. Superb
3521Ronan KeatingRoyal Albert Hall , London30.10.20008,5loads of screaming girls as expected .Ronan played a 85 mins set with a good mix of solo material , covers and 3 Boyzone hits .
3522PlaceboBrixton Academy , London31.10.20009,5Placebo did a great 90 mins set with songs from their 3 albums .1st of 2 Placebo Brixton shows
3523Magnetic Fields + Departure LoungeShepherds Bush Empire,London01.11.20008,5The critics love these two bands .Marc Almond came on for 2 songs .Magnetic Fields singer is really cool but I did not feel the earth move
3524Daniel O Donnell Royal Albert Hall , London02.11.20009my mum loves him so I went along to keep her company ( honest ) . This irish singer did a pleasant 2 hours 40 mins set and as usual he stayed behind after the show for over an hour talking to any fans that wanted to say hello .This is how he retains such a very strong fanbase .My mum loved it
3525Smashing PumpkinsWembley Arena , London03.11.20009last ever UK tour before they split up .no support . 2 hour show .Set featured all their best songs but the use of non stop strobes in the light show spoilt the presentation
3526Robbie Williams Docklands Arena , London05.11.20009,75this was one of an amazing 6 nights for Robbie at Doclands Arena .He is a great arena entertainer with non stop 90 mins of catchy pop songs
3527JamesBrixton Academy , London08.11.20009,5sold out 2 hour show . several new songs played tonight but the last 75 mins was non stop big tunes
3528Who + Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Docklands Arena , London13.11.20009,75Fantastic double bill of legends . Joe Strummer did a good 40 mins set but a lot of the crowd not interested.The Who did 2 hours 15 mins that was superb and we were 3 rows from front with a brilliant view all night
3529Jazz Passengers feat Deborah Harry and Elvis CostelloRoyal Festival Hall , London14.11.20008,5no support . 80 mins show .enjoyable set of jazz and blues
3530The Who + Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Wembley Arena , London15.11.20009,75Both bands played the same sets as the great Docklands show 2 days ago.Both were again really excellent .Got into the aftershow party tonight
3531Bon JoviContinental Airlines Arena ,New Jersey , USA .16.11.20009,5went straight from JFK into New York centre then the bus to the venue the venue is similar to Earls Court .Great 2 hours 10 mins show with loads of their pop rock anthems .Shame my seat was not nearer the stage
3532Black 47Connollys Bar , New York , USA 18.11.20009,5They are New Yorks version of The Pogues . Great irish themed songs that made the 1 hour 50 mins set really fun and a great atmosphere
3533David EssexRoyal Albert Hall , London23.11.20009he did a 90 mins set that featured lots of his 1970s hits and material from the albums he still brings out . The ladies still love his cheeky chappie persona
3534The Who with guests Noel Gallagher + Eddie Vedder + Bryan Adams + Paul Weller + Kelly Jones Royal Albert Hall , London27.11.20009,75End of tour charity show for ""The Tennage Cancer Trust"" 2 sets lasting 2 hours 40 mins with guests coming on for 1 or 2 songs and all those great classic Who anthems .
3535Thin Lizzy Shepherds Bush Empire,London29.11.20009,25all those great songs and the twin guitar attack .1 hour 40 mins set John Sykes is still doing the vocals . Met Eddie Jordan (Formula 1) at the neat aftershow party
3536Tom JonesWembley Arena , London03.12.20009,5no support . 1 hour 55 mins set .Tom is now even a bigger star after the success of his ""Reload"" album .Loads of hits and cover versions .Great vocals and stage persona .
3537AC/DCWembley Arena , London04.12.200010Really looking forward to these shows and of course AC/DC deliver the best shows of the year . Totally stunning
3538AC/DCWembley Arena , London05.12.200010Great views near the stage both nights as AC/DC did a very loud 2 hour set of riff laden rock anthems . Classic
3539Halford Astoria 2 , London06.12.20009,25Really good to see his ex singer with Judas Priest playing live again .1 hour 35 mins set of new album songs and classic Judas Priest songs . encore had Bruce Dickinson (Maiden) and Geoff Tate (Queensryche) on stage
3540Reef + CrashlandShepherds Bush Empire,London08.12.20009,25Reef did a great 85 mins back to basics indie rock set full of their hit singles
3541AlarmShepherds Bush Empire , London15.12.20009,5This was billed as greatest hits so we got 1 hour 55 mins of classic Alarm anthems that were just excellent .
3542Counterfeit Stones + Circus Of Horrors Shepherds Bush Empire , London16.12.20009,25special Xmas show had the support doing a 45 mins set of body torture routines not for the faint hearted. C .Stones did a really enjoyable 1 hour 45 mins set of classic Stones material
3543Duran DuranWembley Arena , London17.12.20009,5DD did a fantastic 1 hour 45 mins set of all their greatest pop songs .superb
3544HawkwindAstoria , London29.12.20008it seems like years since I last saw these legends of space rock but the main set was pretty boring and only the encores set the place alight
3545Iron Maiden + Dirty DeedsShepherds Bush Empire,London06.01.20019,75warm up shows for south american shows next week inc Rock In Rio . both shows sold out in one day.
3546Iron Maiden + Dirty DeedsShepherds Bush Empire,London07.01.20019,75Maiden did a brilliant 2 hour set of old classics and new songs and it was great to see them in a venue even smaller than their great Hammy Odeon shows of a decade or so ago.
3547Marilyn Manson + DisturbedDocklands Arena , London24.01.20019,5support did a good 45 mins set . M.Manson did an 85 mins set that was his full american stage show with a band that really rocked.
3548David Johansen And The Harry Smiths + Glen MatlockGarage , London27.01.20019,5great punk legends double bill with a New York Doll and a Sex Pistol . This was David Johansens first UK gig for 18 years .Glen Matlock did a really good 30 mins acoustic set . David Johansen did a great white boy blues 1 hour 45 mins set that was really cool and he still looks great and he finished off with 3 New York Dolls classics as well.
3549Andy Williams Royal Festival Hall , London01.02.20019His first UK tour for 20 years by this now 72 year old crooner .Really enjoyable 90 mins show plus some great film clips and so many great songs from the 1950s,60s,70s
3550Eric ClaptonRoyal Albert Hall , London 04.02.20019,5Eric did 6 sold out Royal Albert Hall shows this time around.
3551Eric ClaptonRoyal Albert Hall , London 06.02.20019,25The first night for me was the best of the four as that was the best seat I had.
3552Eric ClaptonRoyal Albert Hall , London 09.02.20019,25the other 3 shows I was in the gallery which is not very nice to watch bands.
3553Eric ClaptonRoyal Albert Hall , London 10.02.20019,25he played a 2 hours 10 mins set in 3 stages. 1.Eric playing acoustic guitar. 2. New material with The Impressions. 3.Eric on electric guitar playing all his best known tunes inc Layla
3554Jools Holland Band + Gabrielle + Mike And The Mechanics +Damon Hill Band + Five + Spandau + Chris ReaRoyal Albert Hall , London12.02.20019Grand Prix Party billed as cars and guitars .Show lasted 2 hours 20 mins and each act did 1,2 or 3 songs . Really enjoyable mixed music event .
3555PJ HarveyShepherds Bush Empire,London13.02.20018totally sold out show .90 mins set . some good songs there but I just expected something better.
3556Joe JacksonRoyal Festival Hall , London17.02.20019great to see him playing live again . 2 sets lasting 2 hours in total . he played a lot of the old songs but they had more of a jazz feel to them with some violins and percussion too.
3557Ocean Colour Scene100 Club , London20.02.20018low key show for Virgin Radio . 65 mins set that had far too much boring new material in it.
3558TrextasyStandard Pub, London E1724.02.20019,5Fantastic 85 mins set of Bolan tracks . Lovely atmosphere and a great night.
3559Paul RodgersHammersmith Apollo , London25.02.20019He did a 80 mins set that started off a bit slow then it kicked in with classics like All Right Now and Cant Get Enough
3560Shed 7 Astoria , London 03.03.20018,51pm show for Japanese TV . they did a good 60 mins set that had a few hit singles in there.
3561B.C. Sweet + Usual SuspectsStandard Pub , London E1710.03.20019,25They did a really good 55 mins set of Sweet classics then we stuck into the glam rock disco after.
3562Soft Cell + Add N To XOcean , Hackney , London15.03.20019,25first ever show at this new venue . this was an invite only show the day before the 2 official Soft Cell shows at this venue in East London . Tonight was an hour set which was a bit shorter than the official shows . Bedsitter + Tainted Love + Say Hello were all played tonight .Free drinks during and after the show for all.
3563Dee Dee RamoneGarage , London16.03.20019great to hear so many classic Ramones tunes again even though Dee Dee is not much of a singer and the set was a messy stop start 65 mins.
3564Kylie Minogue + DimestarsHammersmith Apollo , London17.03.20019,751st of a 6 night run for Kylie at Apollo . Reviewed this show for the local paper . Kylie as always looked amazing.
3565Kylie Minogue + DimestarsHammersmith Apollo , London18.03.20019,75A stunning huge production with loads of costume changes and 8 dancers . This 1 hour 45 mins set really was a total visual treat.Lots of great tunes.
3566Bootleg Beatles + Counterfeit Stones + Fabba + Tribute To Elvis+DJ Tony Blackburn .Royal Albert Hall , London05.04.20019all this tribute acts did a 40 mins set each but I would say the best tonight was The Counterfeit Stones.
3567Badly Drawn Boy Royal Albert Hall , London06.04.20019,25voted NME fave solo artist .he played for an amazing 3 hours . loads of amusing stories between songs big gig for BDB but a total success.
3568Black CrowesScala , Kings Cross , London09.04.20019invite only secret secret club show . an hour set of mainly new material . neat video footage displaying all the mag front covers they have had and sales of 18m + albums. Noel Gallagher came on for 1 song.
3569Livewire ( AC/DC Tribute )Spotted Dog , Willesden, London12.04.20019,25really loud and they look and sound great .Fantastic 1 hour 45 mins set feat loads of early Bon Scott songs that the real AC/DC have not played for 20 years.
3570TelevisionShepherds Bush Empire,London15.04.200191 hour 40 mins of pure New York cool . Marquee Moon songs still get the big cheers of the night.
3571The Blockheads with Suggs and Robbie Williams + Starsailor +Goldfrapp + Stereo MCs + Blind Boys Of Alabama Later With Jools Holland TV Show .BBC Studios , London W12 18.04.20019each band did 2 or 3 songs for this great mix of musical styles . Best song played was Starsailor Good Souls
3572Van Morrison + Chris Farlowe .Royal Albert Hall , London19.04.200191st of 3 Van shows at Royal Albert Hall. support did a good set . Van did a 90 mins set with all his best songs played.
3573Five + Hearsay + A1Ocean , Hackney , London21.04.20018I won some tickets (honest) for this via Time Out mag so brought the kids.Five did an ok 50 mins set . Hearsay did an ok 20 mins set A1 did a dreadful 30 mins set.
3574AshVirgin Megastore , London W1 22.04.20018,5invite only gig for Ash new cd release . 40 mins set full of great tunes . record store gigs are never as good as proper gigs in a proper venue.
3575Tom Tom ClubElectric Ballroom , London23.04.20019,25only UK show and their first show here for over 10 years . 90 mins set of lively , funky pop that got everyone moving with great versions of Wordy, Genius Of Love,Take Me To The River
3576R.E.M .+ The Corrs + Atomic Kitten + Labi Siffre + Dave Stewart +Ladysmith Black Mambazo + Beverley Knight + Hugh Masakela + speech by Nelson Mandela Trafalgar Square , London29.04.20019,25invite only show for 17,000 to celebrate South Africa Day.A cold and rainy day. Each act did 1 to 3 songs apart from REM who did a good 6 song 30 mins set but highlight of the day for me was Labi Siffre singing Something Inside So Strong which was just stunning .
3577Paul Carrack 50th Birthday Show with friends Nick Lowe +Barry McGuigan + Chris Difford + Glen Tilbrook + BA Robertson + Rod Argent .Royal Albert Hall , London04.05.20019nice to have your birthday party at The Royal Albert Hall I must say . 2 hours 15 mins set of his solo material mixed in with duets from his friends/bands inc 3 Squeeze hits , 4 Mike And The Mechanics hits and finally How Long
3578Lionel RichieWembley Arena , London07.05.20019,75Lionel Richie returns to London and he is simple mega .So many classic songs and you can hear every word sung.
3579Manic Street Preachers + Nick Cave + Neil Finn + Shaggy + Sunshine Anderson + Spek . Later With Jools Holland BBC 2 TVBBC Studios , London W1208.05.20019,25Manics did 4 great songs . Spek single is just superb . Met everyone in hospitality room after.
3580Lionel Richie Wembley Arena , London09.05.20019,75Both Lionel shows I had great seats down the front .2 hours 15 mins set each night .All the oldies played.
3581Cliff Richard Royal Albert Hall , London13.05.20019,25this was the 2nd of 12 Cliff Richard shows at The Royal Albert Hall.
3582James + Nelly Furtado + Buju Banton + Matthew Jay Later With Jools Holland BBC 2 TV ShowBBC Studios , London W1215.05.20019James did 3 really good songs . Nelly Furtados new single is superb. As usual a great mix of bands.
3583Cliff RichardRoyal Albert Hall , London16.05.20019,25Each night he did 2 sets lasting a total of 2 hours 15 mins .Lots of good songs and he looks great for his age /60/
3584Deacon BlueRoyal Albert Hall , London17.05.20019reformed for a sell out RAH show as part of their first UK tour for a few years. The crowd loved the 1 hour 50 mins set esp the few really big hit singles.
3585Alice Cooper + Dio Wembley Arena , London18.05.20019,5mega classic rock double bill . Dio did a really good hour set . Alice Cooper did a great 1 hour 50 mins show full of fun and theatre.
3586Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel Shepherds Bush Empire,London20.05.20019no support . 2 hour show . a great mix of old and new songs with some nice story telling between tunes.
3587Mark B and BladeVirgin Megastore , London W1 21.05.20018,5enjoyable 40 mins set from these UK hip hop newcomers.
3588Echo And The BunnymenShepherds Bush Empire,London22.05.20019Macca is still so cool . 90 mins set of 1980s classics and tracks off their new album.
3589Motorhead Kentish Town Forum , London23.05.20019,5totally rocking 90 mins set from Lemmy and the gang . The real deal.
3590Motorhead + Backyard Babies Kentish Town Forum , London25.05.20019,5They played Sex Pistols GSTQ and my fave the mega Killed By Death Support did a good 30 mins set .
3591Black Sabbath + Slipknot + Tool + Disturbed + Amen + Mudvayne OZZFEST 2001 The Bowl , Milton Keynes 26.05.20019,75lovely sunny day for this big rock event . around 50,000 must have been here . Black Sabbath did a superb 90 mins set of all their classic tunes . All supports did good sets but today belonged to Black Sabbath.
3592Mark Knopfler Royal Albert Hall , London04.06.20019,252nd of 3 sold out MK shows at RAH . Mark and band did 2 hours 10 mins.
3593Mark Knopfler Royal Albert Hall , London05.06.20019,25His band were superb and he played loads of Dire Straits classics.
3594Limp BizkitWembley Arena , London07.06.20019,25full blown rock show production with lasers , fireworks , fire cannons and the loudest explosive bangs I have heard for ages . The floor was a huge moshpit for the first 50 yards and quite a sight . Fred Durst milked the crowd a bit too much but overall a really good gig.
3595AC/DC + Offspring + Queens Of The Stone Age The Bowl , Milton Keynes08.06.200110only UK show this year . QOTSA did a 45 mins set that had a couple of good tunes but they did too much guitar twaddle . Offspring did a good 65 mins set that started slowly but got much better . AC/DC as always did a 2 hour set of great fiff laden rock anthems with a great stage show
3596Radiohead, Later With Jools Holland BBC 2 TV Special BBC Studios , London W12 09.06.20019,75this gig was so much better than the recent Royal Festival Hall show . for the tv it was an hour special but the band actually played for 1 hour 40 mins and they really treated it like a big gig . We also went to the aftershow party.
3597Anatasia Shepherds Bush Empire,London10.06.20019,25sold out show .only on stage for 75 mins but she loves the stage and has a great voice . Played tracks from her big selling album and 3 cover versions.
3598Matchbox 20 Hammersmith Apollo, London12.06.20018nothing special 90 mins set .Hard Rock Caf? event. We all went to the big aftershow party with free drinks for 300.
3599EaglesEarls Court Arena , London13.06.20019,25last of 4 Eagles shows at Earls Court . ticket prices were steep for these gigs. they played 2 sets lasting a total of 2 hours 40 mins of great songs . band includes Don Henley ,Glen Fry and Joe Walsh (he did 2 of his own Rocky Mountain Way + Lifes Been Good which were superb) Great harmonies and they sound fab.
3600Rocket From The CryptElectric Ballroom , London14.06.20019,25They are a real rockin live band . 75 mins of high tempo rock n roll . the singer is a great front man.
3601Judas PriestAstoria , London15.06.20019,25new singer used to be in a Judas Priest tribute band so he did sound like him and it was great to hear lots of old JD rockers in the 1 hour 40 mins set.
3602Neil Young And Crazy Horse + Waterboys + Gary Moore + Starsailor Finsbury Park , London16.06.20019,5We had free alchohol all day from The Ballygowan tent which was fun . Starsailor did a good 40 mins set in non stop pouring rain .Gary Moore is still a great guitar player .Waterboys did a good irish tinged 60 mins set . Neil Young did a 2 hours 15 mins set of acoustic and electric songs . Loads of cool guitar distortion.
3603Dave Gilmour + SparklehorseRoyal Festival Hall , London22.06.20019First solo show for 15 years .sold out . support did a good 40 mins set . The Floyd fans loved this 80 mins show as he played Crazy Diamond and Wish You Were Here
3604Roxy MusicWembley Arena , London23.06.20019,75First gigs as Roxy Music for 15 years . Got into the aftershow tonight ,met all the band , free drinks etc .superb.
3605Roxy MusicWembley Arena , London24.06.20019,5last of 3 Roxy Wembley Arena shows . Fantastic 1 hour 40 mins set each night with loads of early classic Roxy songs . Chris Spedding was on lead guitar.
3606Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock ( Sex Pistols ) + Mike Peters ( The Alarm) + Pete Wylie (Mighty Wah) + Kirk Brandon ( Spear Of Destiny )Camden Dingwalls , London25.06.20019,5first time I saw this really interesting supergroup. 1 hour 50 mins acoustic set with each singing about 5 each of own songs with a great Pretty Vacant reviewed it for www.sex-pistols.net
3607Elvis CostelloRoyal Festival Hall , London26.06.200193 sets lasting a total of over 2 hours . 1.solo with Steve Nieve 2.with Brodsky Quartet . 3.then with The Attractions . started a bit slow but got better.
3608Lieber And Stoller Tribute show featuring Tom Jones+ Ben E King +Dave Gilmour + Bob Geldof + Leo Sayer + Paul Carrack + Steve Harley + Heather Small + Jimmy Tarbuck + Elkie BrooksHammersmith Apollo , London29.06.20019,25they wrote a lot of famous tunes inc lots of Elvis Presley hit singles so the guests did covers of their songs . really entertaining show and we had free drinks at the aftershow party.
3609David ByrneKentish Town Forum , London01.07.20018,51 hour 45 mins set that should have been a lot better .Only 2 Talking Heads songs and new material did not stand out and finished with a bizarre encore of I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston .
3610MadonnaEarls Court Arena , London04.07.20019,5opening night of Madonna 6 nights . no support . 1 hour 45 mins set . Madonna has 20 dancers , 6 costume changes and a huge stage production with ticket prices to match.
3611BB King Royal Albert Hall , London05.07.20018,5BB King is now 74 years old and still playing some cool blues guitar.
3612Madonna Earls Court Arena , London09.07.20019,75The songs she played came mainly from last 3 albums and I think a lot of the crowd wanted more of the old hits but thatís Madonna for you I suppose . First night I was halfway back but I was very near to the stage tonight . Madonna really worked hard tonight.
3613Suzi Quatro Roadhouse,Cov Garden,London14.07.20019,25Suzi still looks so great and she did a superb 70 mins set feat all her big hits.
3614Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros HMV, Oxford Street , London16.07.20019,25invite only gig to launch their 2nd album Global A Go Go which Joe kindly signed for me after they did their set . They did a 40 mins 8 songs all from the new album that sounded really good .
3615Black CrowesBrixton Academy , London20.07.20019,25They they a 2 hours 10 mins set of great and very average retro rock Great atmosphere and Noel Gallagher came on for the last two songs . Got some free drinks at the party after.
3616Run DMC + Mis-teeq + Phi Lite Cypher Finsbury Park , London Anti Racism Festival 21.07.20019Phi Lite Cypher did a great 30 mins set of UK hip hop . Mis-teeq did a mega 15 mins as their backing tapes failed they had to sing their 3 songs acapella which was just magical . Run DMC did a great 45 mins of old skool hip hop.
3617Status Quo + Beach Boys Hyde Park Arena , London22.07.20019,5a great double bill out in the sunshine . Beach Boys did a really good 75 mins set of their pop classics .Everyone just had a really great time headbanging to Quo as they played a mainly 90 mins greatest hits set . Lovely evening.
3618Patti Smith Band Ocean , Hackney , London23.07.20019no support . 2 hour show . she may be age 54 but there is still plenty of punk rock spirit in there . the first hour was pretty average but the second hour was vintage material.
3619Tom Jones + Supersister Hyde Park Arena , London26.07.20019,5support did a 6 song set of pop girlie tosh .1 hour 50 mins set from this total showman .Great voice and great tunes.
3620Sting + Jeff Beck Hyde Park Arena , London28.07.20019,57pm show start Jeff Beck is a great guitar player but its all instrumentals . last shows of 18 month Sting world tour. Sting and his great backing band did a really good 1 hour 50 mins set.
362153rd and 3rd ( Ramones Tribute)Goldsmith Tavern , London SE New Cross 28.07.20018,5midnight show start they did a messy 40 mins set of Ramones songs that was great fun.
3622Stereo MCsSound , London WC1 30.07.20019,25invite only show for XFM radio. superb sound quality for this 70 mins set with full on funky rock beats.
3623Tom Robinson Band Olympia Beer Festival , London01.08.20019,252 sets lasting 1 hour 45 mins with Tom selling loads of his own cds during the interval .Loads of old and new songs played along with great stage banter.
3624Pulp + Alabama 3 Guildford Festival , Surrey03.08.20019,5Alabama 3 did a super 50 mins set . Pulp did a great 80 mins set of old and new material . Jarvis is our leader.
3625James + Cast + Saw Doctors + Chumbawumba + Chameleons + Bjorn AgainGuildford Festival , Surrey04.08.20019,5all the support bands did enjoyable sets but James did a superb 85 mins set of big indie rock anthems.
3626Dead Men Walking + Roland Gift + The Blockheads + Eddie And The Hot Rods + Mull Historial SocietyGuildford Festival , Surrey 05.08.20019,5Eddie And The Hot Rods did a great 45 mins set with a fab Do Anything You Wanna Do Roland Gift did his first live show for ages .Dead Men Walking did a non stop 70 mins set of top tunes.
3627Achtung Baby ( U2 Tribute )Swan Pub , Stockwell, London17.08.20019they did a really good 90 mins of U2 anthems that acted as a neat warm up for the real thing tomorrow night.
3628U2Earls Court Arena , London18.08.200110the first of four U2 shows at Earls Court Arena that were a real hot ticket . I reviewed it for the local paper . sadly I did not get into the heart area at the front of the stage but it was still an awesome show .So many high points but Bonos voice and Edge guitar still sends a shiver down my spine .Mega.
3629Amen Camden Underworld , London21.08.20019,25fast and messy 60 mins rock set that was really good . Casey Choas still keeping it real.
3630D12 with Eminem Astoria , London23.08.20019,25D12 played for 50 mins and Eminem was on stage for 40 mins of it . Really good shouty hip hup show.
3631Travis + Green Day + PJ Harvey + Iggy Pop + Eels + Run DMC + The Strokes + The Donnas + The Parkinsons Reading Festival , Berks 24.08.20019,75Iggy Pop was the best act today . He did a wild show with mega songs . Parkinsons are the bastard sons of Iggy The Strokes were moved to the big stage and were just out of their depth . Eels were very boring this afternoon.
3632Manic Street Preachers + Fun Loving Criminals + Supergrass + Feeder + Rancid + Dropkick Murphys + Dirty Harry Reading Festival , Berks25.08.20019,75All the support bands did really good sets . The Manics did a great set . Supergrass were full of hit singles . FLC playing ""Scooby Snacks"" always makes the crowd go mental . Feeder are always good live .
3633Eminem + Marilyn Manson + Queens Of The Stone Age + Cult + Papa Roach + Fear Factory + Seafood + System Of A DownReading Festival , Berks26.08.20019,75Eminem was really good but used too many video clips .Marilyn Manson did his mega full theatrical stage production Nice to see The Cult back again with some great rock songs .Some of the supports were too thrashy for me.
3634CultBrixton Academy , London27.08.20019,5They did a full 90 mins set that totally rocked out . Loads of old classics and we got into the aftershow party as well.
3635Steps + Bond + Swing Out Sister Brixton Academy , London03.09.20018freebie gig for japanese tv programme . they all did short 25 mins sets but all the backing was taped and only the vocals were acually live on the night.
3636Ocean Colour Scene + Faithless + Paul Weller + Alabama 3 + Shea Segar + GeneBrixton Academy , London04.09.20019,25freebie gig for japanese tv programme . each band did 20 to 30 mins set but they all played live .Gene were boring . Paul Weller and Alabama 3 did good sets . Faithless did a great set .OCS did a perfect 30 mins greatest hits set.
3637Papa Roach + Therapy + Feeder + Embrace + Elbow + Gay Dad Brixton Academy , London05.09.20019,25freebie gig for japanese tv programme . most played short sets under 30 mins . Gay Dad did a good indie rock set . Elbow and Therapy were boring . Feeder are always good live . Papa Roach did a full on 50 mins set that really rocked out.
3638Bangles Shepherds Bush Empire ,London06.09.20019reunited again after splitting up a few years ago . Still one of the best all girl bands who can actually play live . some great songs in the 90 mins set.
3639Crazy Jay And The Part Timers Ace Caf? , Park Royal , London07.09.20019opening party to celebrate this bikers caf? reopening on the original site . really good hour set from the 1960s themed rock n roll band.
3640StereophonicsScala , Kings Cross , London11.09.20019short 55 mins greatest hits set . the band did not appear to be totally into it tonight as this was the day the planes flew into world trade twin towers.
3641ResidentsRoyal Festival Hall , London14.09.20018arty san fransisco combo with mad video displays and odd head gear but nothing that exciting song wise for me.
3642One Way System + Warriors + Only Alternative + Argy Bargy100 Club , London18.09.20017,53 day punk festival at The 100 Club to celebrate 25 years since the original 2 day punk festival in Sept 1976 . sadly headliners UK Subs and Menace pulled out so tonight was not much.
3643999 + The Troggs + Spizz Energi + Tenpole Tudor + TV Smith100 Club , London 19.09.20019,5this is more like it with 5 name bands doing good sets .The Troggs went down really well and 999 did a really good set of catchy punk rock.
3644Chelsea + Alternative TV + Emergency 100 Club , London20.09.20019,5still trying to figure out why glamour model Jo Guest has been here all 3 nights yet I never see her at any other gigs .She looks lovely though . a couple of bands pulled out tonight but Chelsea did an extended hour set with a few punk covers at the end.
3645Lamont Dozier And Friends Roachford + Mis-Teeq + Damage + Jmelia Royal Festival Hall , London22.09.20019he was co writer of over 50 Motown hits so we had a few acts doing covers with Mis-Teeq doing a great Supremes 3 song tribute which was my fave.
3646Gary NumanShepherds Bush Empire, London23.09.20019still has all those great loyal fans . 90 mins set that started off with the newer goth metal stuff before the last 30 mins had a few of the old hits.
3647LA GunsCamden Underworld , London25.09.20019First UK shows for 10 years .Yet another 1980s rock band to reform . Singer Phil Lewis still looks the part . Good solid live 85 mins set.
3648Roxy MusicHammersmith Apollo , London01.10.20019,5these were last shows of world tour . great 1 hour 45 mins set similar to Wembley but this was a better venue.
3649Roxy MusicHammersmith Apollo , London02.10.20019,75this show was filmed for xmas DVD and was better than yesterdays with everyone up and dancing for the cameras .I reviewed the show for the local paper and met the band at the aftershow but Bryan was not there.
3650Micheal McDonald Royal Albert Hall , London03.10.20018,5pleasant 1 hour 45 mins set but some of the new album was pretty boring but the old classics were great and it was nice to see Petula Clark come on and sing 2 songs for the encore.
3651Saw Doctors O Neills Pub , Soho , London04.10.20019invite only megabash to celebrate the opening of this new super pub with free drinks and food all night . Saw Doctors did 2 sets of an hour each and everyone jigged along happily.
3652Oasis Shepherds Bush Empire, London07.10.20019,5First of 2 London small venue shows as part of the 10 Years Of Noise And Confusion Tour .The only way to get tickets was to camp out for them but luckily I got to review it for local paper and got a guest ticket .Fantastic atmosphere for the 1 hour 50 mins set . Avoiding a greatest hits set they played a few lesser known songs and tonight Paul Weller came on for a stunning Champagne Supernova .
3653New Order Brixton Academy , London10.10.20019,5First of 3 sell out Brixton shows . Fantastic 90 mins set feat lots of New Order classics , a couple of newies and a few stunning Joy Division songs . Hooky is still a mega bass player.
3654SpiritualizedHammersmith Apollo , London11.10.2001713 band members on stage for the first of their 2 shows at Hammersmith . trendy and critically loved but I thought their 2 hour show was the most boring event I have seen for months.
3655SaxonMean Fiddler LA2 , London 13.10.20019a 1 hour 45 mins set . They look a bit dated but they did a really good set of old and new material.
3656Lulu + Marc Almond + Graham Norton + Julian Clary + othersRoyal Albert Hall , London14.10.20018,5Stonewall Equality Show . About 15 acts in all but my faves were Lulu and Marc Almond who both did a few songs each.
3657Baaba MaalRoyal Festival Hall , London16.10.20018,5Fantastic colourful costumes and lots of dancing to the african beats . 2 hours 15 mins set.
3658Brian Setzer 68 Special Shepherds Bush Empire ,London18.10.20019,5Stray Cat singer still looks so cool as a 1950s rocker . Loads of Stray Cats classics in this great 85 mins set.
3659AirRoyal Albert Hall , London19.10.20018,5One of the coolest bands ever to come out of France .Their 90 mins set of soft dance music was ok but only got good with the 3 hit singles encore.
3660FeederWater Rats ,Kings Cross,London22.10.20019,25invite only secret club show . 50 mins set full of brilliant rockin tunes. last month they were voted best UK live rock act by Kerrang mag.
3661Corrs Royal Albert Hall , London25.10.20019,25show for Princes Trust with Prince Charles up in the Royal box .All the girls in the band look great as usual . Pleasing 95 mins of Irish folk,pop,rock.
3662Dressed To Kill ( KISS Tribute )Cartoon Club , Croydon, Surrey 26.10.20019,75What an amazing show this was . This was the best gig I had ever seen by ANY tribute band . Stunning 1 hour 45 mins set with full KISS costumes, fireworks , explosions ,firebreathing and best of all loads of classic KISS tunes . Well worth the 2 houe trek each way to get to this venue from West London .
3663Errol Brown + Oliver DarleyRoyal Festival Hall , London29.10.20019,25support did an ok 30 mins covers set . Errol is still a winner with the ladies . Smooth pop soul 85 mins set with lots of those great 1970s hit singles.
3664Soft Cell Brixton Academy , London31.10.20019Soft Cell did a 90 mins set of new material and older classics .Started slow but got better and better.
3665Nancy Griffith And The Blue Moon OrchestraRoyal Albert Hall , London01.11.200181 hour 40 mins set of country folk . lots of great stories between songs . tight band and it was enjoyable.
3666Neil SedakaRoyal Festival Hall , London02.11.20018just Neil and his piano doing 2 sets of 50 mins each with some great songs.
3667Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonThe Stables , Milton Keynes03.11.20019,5they did 2 sets of 45 mins and 50 mins in this lovely seated venue . They each play about 4 or 5 songs each from their own collection of songs and end with a superb Pistols Pretty Vacant and Alarm 68 Guns Really good .
3668StingBBC Radio Theatre , London W105.11.20019,75invite only show for Radio 2 .This great venue only seats 400 people . Sting and his great band did a superb 75 mins set of Police and solo hits.
3669Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonThe Swan , High Wycombe 06.11.20019,5The same set as the show 3 days ago but it was still a brilliant evening . Rich Kids Ghosts Of Princes was my fave track tonight .
3670Ocean Colour SceneShepherds Bush Empire , London08.11.20019,25better than expected 1 hour 45 mins set as they stuck to greatest hits as it was recorded for a future live DVD.
3671UB40 + Pretenders Wembley Arena , London09.11.20019,75Great double bill who first toured together over 20 years ago . Pretenders did a brilliant 55 mins set wth a stunning I ll Stand By You Chrissy Hynde still looks so cool . UB40 did a really good 1 hour 40 mins set that got everyone up and dancing .
3672Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonCivic Hall , Guildford , Surrey 11.11.20019,5the songs are still the same but they are really top quality classics that I just never get tired of hearing live.
3673Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonTown Hall , Reading , Berks 12.11.20019,5lovely old venue with great acoustics . Glen sings Pistols , Rich Kids and solo material , Mike Peters does Alarm and solo material , Pete Wylie does some Mighty Wah stuff and Kirk Brandon does Spear Of Destiny , all really good.
3674Paul Young + Kim Wilde + Curiosity + Heaven 17 + Go West + Nick Heywood + Carol Decker Wembley Arena , London15.11.20019,5really good idea where each of these 1980s acts do a short greatest hits set. Paul Young and Kim Wilde both seem to have lost their voices a bit but there were enough good songs to keep things going . For the encore Micheal Aspel came on with his red book to surprise Paul Young.
3675Stereophonics + Feeder Wembley Arena , London18.11.20019second of two Wembley shows . Feeder did a great 45 mins set . Stereophonics did a mostly good set but there were a few dull bits in there.
3676Midge Ure Shepherds Bush Empire, London22.11.20019,25This was his first London show for a good few years .Not many here tonight . Nice idea to have a 30 mins video of his career highlights .He played lots of Ultravox hits and it was really good.
3677Slaughter And The Dogs + Dickies Astoria , London24.11.20019,56pm show Dickies did their 30 mins comic punk . Slaughter And The Dogs did a superb 55 mins set of old and new material.
3678Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Brixton Academy , London 24.11.20019,59pm show I left the Astoria early to catch the Strummer show which meant missing Stiff Little Fingers at Astoria . Joe and band did a 1 hour 50 mins set of Clash anthems and solo material . Great sold out atmosphere and we got into the aftershow party as well.
3679Jools Holland And His Orchestra with Marc Almond + Suggs + Sam BrownRoyal Albert Hall , London25.11.20019enjoyable 1 hour 45 mins set . guest vocalists were a great idea.
3680Australian Pink Floyd Royal Albert Hall , London26.11.20018they did 2 sets of 40 mins and 80 mins good light show and some good songs.
3681David Essex Royal Albert Hall , London27.11.20019the ladies still love him thatís for sure. simple pop songs feat new material and loads of those 1970s hit singles . 90 mins set that was enjoyable.
3682Pulp + Fat Truckers Brixton Academy , London28.11.20019,25First of 3 sold out Brixton Pulp shows . They avoided a greatest hits set by playing material mainly from the last 2 albums . Jarvis is a pure star
3683Bootleg BeatlesRoyal Albert Hall , London01.12.20019they did 2 sets of 45 mins and 85 mins. amazing how much they look like the Beatles .Loads of great costumes . Very emotional evening as it was just 2 days after death of George Harrison.
3684RammsteinBrixton Academy , London02.12.20019,75What an amazing show this was . All their lyrics are in German but the stage show was out of this world . I never seen so much fire used at a rock show ever . Every song rocked along to fireworks ,explosions and fire. 90 mins of pure entertainment.
3685Nitin SawhneyRoyal Albert Hall , London04.12.20018,5Nitan takes his music seriously for his 1 hour 45 mins set that feat rapper JC0001 , Courtney Pine and a great encore with guitar legend Jeff Beck.
3686White Stripes + Von BondiesKentish Town Forum , London06.12.20019,5ok support did a 30 mins set . White Stripes dressed in red and white looked fantastic and their 65 mins set of punk rock blues was superb and all done with just the two of them.
3687999 + Girls On Top Camden Underworld , London09.12.20019,25support did a good set . 999 did a great 60 mins set of their catchy punk rock tunes.
3688JamesWembley Arena , London10.12.20019,5last tour with Tim Booth as singer . James did a mainly greatest hits set lasting nearly 2 hours . Always a great live band so I will miss them.
3689Ronnie Wood Band with Slash + Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesShepherds Bush Empire, London11.12.20019,5really good double bill UK rock legends. Glens band did a 30 mins set that went down well with Ronnies fans . Ronnies band did a 1 hour 45 mins set of solo material mixed in with a few Rolling Stones and Faces classics . Slash was on stage playing guitar for the last 30 minutes.
3690Paul WellerRoyal Albert Hall , London12.12.20019,25solo acoustic show .Paul Weller still has a really strong set of loyal fans . 1 hour 40 mins set of mainly solo stuff with a couple of Jam and Style Council hits . Noel from Oasis came on for the Beatles cover version.
3691Ronnie Wood Band ( 1 song played live) + 10 mins interview.BBC Studios , London W1213.12.20019Ronnie was on great form and really funny but just the one song . For Jonathan Ross BBC1 TV show.
3692Status Quo Wembley Arena , London14.12.20019,25sadly they are not the classic rock band live that they were in the 1970s but when they played their older songs in this 1 hour 40 mins set Wembley really did bounce along to it.
3693Sus-sex Pistols(Sex Pistols Tribute)+ Mamones(Ramones Tribute)Cartoon Club , Croydon , Surrey15.12.20019,25Mamones did an ok 40 mins set . Sus-sex Pistols did a really good 55 mins of Sex Pistols anthems.Singer is best with plenty of stinging one liners to wind up the crowd.The others could look a bit more like The Pistols but the overall sound was great.
3694 Hives + International Noise ConspiracyAstoria , London16.12.20019,25swedens top 2 garage rock bands . support did a really good 40 mins set . The Hives did a really fast rockin 40 mins set of 3 minute anthems . all dressed sharply in black and white with a cool mouthy singer.
3695 HivesVirgin Megastore , London W1 17.12.20019,257pm show . 20 mins set that feat the 2 best songs Main Offender and Hate To Say I Told You So only about 200 people here tonight .
3696 TubesAstoria , London17.12.20019,58pm show . The Tubes did a mega 2 hour set . Not the force they once were but Fee Waybill puts so much effort and theatre into the stage show with numerous costume changes and 2 very sexy female dancers .Finale of a 10 mins White Punks On Dope was superb.
3697Slade 2Roadhouse,Cov Garden,London22.12.20019,25one of those bands that are great to see at xmas time because of that mega Merry Xmas Everybody single . Really good 65 mins set . Dave Hill and Don Powell are still in the band and they have a new singer with a great throaty rock voice .Great atmosphere .
3698TrextasyHalf Moon , Putney,London31.12.20019,25special show as this venue is less than a mile away from Marcs fatal car crash. 2 sets of 45 mins each that was great . Lovely new year party atmosphere .
3699Tom RobinsonRutlish School , London SW1906.01.20029fan club only show .Tom did 2 sets of 50 mins each with most of his best songs played and lots of great stories and rants as usual .
3700Glen Matlock (Acoustic Show)Cockpit Theatre , London NW912.01.20029good but short 30 mins acoustic set .first play of a new song tonight .
3701Dave Gilmour Band + GhostlandRoyal Festival Hall , London16.01.20029,25support band were pretty boring .first of 3 sell out shows .his backing band are superb .
3702Dave Gilmour Band + GhostlandRoyal Festival Hall , London17.01.20029,25half the set was Pink Floyd classics .90 mins set was longer and better than the show at RFH 6 months ago .
3703Dave Gilmour Band + GhostlandRoyal Festival Hall , London18.01.20029,25"special guest each night to sing Comfortably Numb were Wed 16 = Robert Wyatt Thur 17 = Bob Geldof Fri 18 = Kate Bush
3704Alanis Morissette Kings College,Strand,London23.01.20029,5invite only show for 400 fans .really good 75 mins set with a great band and a few classics from that classic first album .Arms waving as usual but shes a great performer .
3705Dream Theatre Hammersmith Apollo , London26.01.20029no support . 2 hours 30 mins set .got into second row for a great view .lots of 10 mins prog rock songs but they have a fantastic drummer and they do the music they want to play .
3706Brian WilsonRoyal Festival Hall , London27.01.20029,75very rare shows from the main member of The Beach Boys .all 4 shows are all sold out .
3707Brian WilsonRoyal Festival Hall , London28.01.20029,75after all Brian has been through no one expected these shows to be as superb as they were .
3708Brian WilsonRoyal Festival Hall , London29.01.20029,75his backing band were fantastic .2 sets lasting 60 mins and 70 mins .so many great songs with the second set starting off with all of Pet Sounds album in track order . Stunning .
3709Brian WilsonRoyal Festival Hall , London30.01.20029,75tonight I blagged the aftershow party which included Eric Clapton , Roger Daltry , Elvis Costello , Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook from Squeeze ,Glen Matlock .
3710Embrace + WitnessRoyal Albert Hall , London01.02.20029support band were pretty boring .Embrace did a set lasting nearly 2 hours for their student following .They have about 6 hit singles and other good tunes .
3711Echo And The BunnymenRoyal Festival Hall , London03.02.20028Loads of great songs but a totally crap lightshow ruined the gig for me .
3712Travis + Starsailor + Ryan Adams Astoria , London04.02.20029Ryan Adams did stop start 45 mins of mainly new songs . Starsailor did a good 45 mins set . Travis did a 65 mins set of greatest hits .
3713Marti Pellow With Friends + Belinda Carlisle Royal Albert Hall , London05.02.20028,5First of 5 shows at Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust Charity .support did a good 30 mins set .Marti still has his loyal female fans .Lots of duets tonight with Emma Bunton Sam Brown ,Dina Carroll , Lesley Garrett ,Betty Boo . Enjoyable show .
3714Oasis + Richard AshcroftRoyal Albert Hall , London06.02.20029,5Richard Ashcroft did a 3 song acoustic set .Missed other support BRMC .1hour 40 mins set that was pretty much the same as Bush Empire a few months ago. Amazing to see them in this respected venue .Great atmosphere .
3715Who Royal Albert Hall , London07.02.20029,5Both nights they did a mainly greatest hits set lasting 2 hours 15 mins .What a great rock n roll band they are .
3716WhoRoyal Albert Hall , London08.02.20029,75Tonight was even better as we were nearer the stage and we blagged the aftershow party as well . Superb .
3717Paul Weller + Robert Plant Band + Gary Moore BandRoyal Albert Hall , London09.02.20029,25Gary Moore band did a 25 mins set with some great lead guitar playing . Robert Plant Band did a 45 mins set .Robert sings and looks fantastic .Paul Weller did a good set with duets with Noel Gallagher + Roger Daltry +Kelly Jones and Carleen Anderson .Encore had Jimmy Page coming on with Paul Wellers Bang for a mega Dazed And Confused complete with violin solo but no Robert Plant .
3718Andrew WK + Lost Prophets Astoria , London10.02.20029,25support did a good 40 mins set .Andrew WK did a brilliant 50 mins set of uptempo catchy pop rock songs .Young , loud and snotty and great fun.
3719Charlatans + Cooper Temple Clause Astoria , London11.02.20029support did a boring 30 mins set .Charlatans did a 70 mins set that had some good songs .
3720Jools Holland And His Orchestra with Mick Hucknall +Atomic Kitten + Eddie Jordan And Daman Hill Allstars +Ronnie Wood + Marc Almond + Edwin Starr Royal Albert Hall , London12.02.20029,25A night of guitars and rock stars to launch the new Grand Prix season .2 sets of 70 mins and 90 mins set .each guest doing 1 or 2 songs each .really enjoyable evening .
3721Slipknot + One Minute Silence Brighton Centre , Brighton 18.02.20029,25could not get to the Docklands Arena show a couple of days before this one .support did an ok 40 mins set .Slipknot did an 80 mins set .This was a full on mega stageshow with fire columns, fireworks , bangs and a full tilting drum kit . Amazing .Shame that the music is so rubbish .
3722BRIT AWARDS 2002 Sting + Dido + Ali G with Shaggy + Kylie Minogue + Strokes +The Gorillaz + Mis-Teeq + So Solid Crew + Jay K with Anatasia Earls Court Arena , London20.02.20029,75we watched it from the front row .each act really pulled out the stops .we blagged the aftershow party which was really good and had a great time .
3723Cyclefly + CortizoneGarage , London21.02.20029,25support did ok 40 mins set .Cyclefly did a great but short 50 mins set to promote their second album .Their first album is a rock classic .
3724LouiseCatford Theatre , London26.02.20028,5first proper solo tour ( I think ) from this lovely female pop singer Only 2 costume changes in the 85 mins set.Simple catchy pop songs .
3725Glen Matlock + Topper HeadonStudio Club , London W1 27.02.20029,25Opening party night of this new club .Glen did a really good 10 song 40 mins acoustic set .Topper Headon who was Clash drummer in their best line up did his first show for years as drummer for 30 mins of blues instrumentals .Mick Jones( Clash) was here to see it .
3726Princess SuperstarFabric , London EC1 01.03.20028white female rapper did a good 50 mins set inc great single Babysitter
3727StranglersShepherds Bush Empire,London02.03.20029no support .they did 2 sets .the first 30 mins was a pretty boring acoustic session before they got stuck into the classics we love . JJ still has that great big dirty bass sound.
3728Jamiroquai Wembley Arena , London03.03.20029,25They did a 1 hour 45 mins set with a full blown mega production stageshow which was spread over 3 levels .Jay is still such a funky mover .A great sold out dance atmosphere .
3729Bryan AdamsWembley Arena , London10.03.20029,5Fantastic 2 hour set of catchy pop rock songs .
3730Suzanne VegaShepherds Bush Empire,London13.03.20028,5Nice 1 hour 45 mins set with some great story telling between songs .
3731Pop Idol with Gareth Gates , Will Young , Darius Dinesh and othersWembley Arena , London16.03.20028,52pm show start.Won 2 tickets to this .All 10 finalists did 3 songs each .The stage was a copy of tv show set .Show lasted 2 sets of an hour each.Comeback king Darius was the best .
3732Nickleback + Vega 4 Shepherds Bush Empire,London16.03.20028,58pm show start. support were pretty boring .Nickleback did an 80 mins set .2 or 3 really good songs but all the rest were a bit blurry .
3733Mike Fab Gear + Trextasy Cambridge Palace , London W117.03.20029Trextasy sadly only did 5 songs. Mike Fab Gear did an enjoyable 90 mins of disco and rock covers .
3734Iron MaidenBrixton Academy , London19.03.20029,753 benefit shows for original drummer .these gigs were just like those classic Hammy Odeon shows of the 1980s .
3735Iron MaidenBrixton Academy , London20.03.20029,75each night Maiden did a fantastic show lasting nearly 2 hours . these were their only shows in 2002 .
3736Iron MaidenBrixton Academy , London21.03.20029,75this proved to the new rock crowd that old skool rock like Maiden still rocked .Got into the aftershow where all the band chatted and mingled with fans .
3737Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonLomax , Liverpool22.03.20029,75Tonight in Pete Wylies home city it was his birthday so tonight was my fave show of the bunch .each night 2 sets of 40 mins+ 60 mins .
3738Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonCentral Station , Wrexham23.03.20029,5Where as the first DMW tour was acoustic they have a proper drummer for this tour which really moves all the songs up a gear or two .
3739Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonCamden Underworld , London26.03.20029,5so many great songs each night .it works out that they each sing 5 songs per night with the other 3 joining in on backing guitar and vocals.
3740Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk BrandonZodiac Club , Oxford27.03.20029,5it would be cool for the next tour if they could write 1 or 2 songs as DMW .
3741Four Tops + TemptationsRoyal Albert Hall , London28.03.20029motown double bill special . Temptations had 1 original member .Four Tops had 2 original members .just a huge karoke night for middle aged white folk but enjoyable anyway .
3742Mis-Teeq + Cassius HenryShepherds Bush Empire,London30.03.20029support did an ok set .Mis-teeq did a 55 mins with loads of quality British r n b vocals .
3743Liza Minnelli + Graham Norton Royal Albert Hall , London02.04.20029,5opening night of 5 RAH shows by Liza .Graham did a 15 mins comedy set .Liza has a large loyal gay following .
3744Liza Minnelli + Graham NortonRoyal Albert Hall , London04.04.20029,52 sets of an hour each . this time last year she was in a wheel chair but she is looking great .
3745Liza Minnelli + Graham NortonRoyal Albert Hall , London07.04.20029,5this was a proper old skool event that was full of big names who turned up to see her inc Joan Collins , Tony Bennett,Pet Shop Boys , Jonathan Ross ,Cliff Richard , Vanessa Redgrave ,Andrew Lloyd Webber ,Frank Skinner .
3746Atomic KittenHammersmith Apollo , London08.04.20028not really my cup of tea but my friend had a couple of guest tickets .3 or 4 ok tunes but they look great .
3747Spencer Davis Group + Troggs + YardbirdsRoyal Albert Hall , London10.04.20028,5Good 3 band line up from 1960s .Yardbirds did a good 40 mins set .Troggs were really good and Reg Presley has really good stage banter .Spencer Davis did a 50 mins set that included a few hits .
3748David CassidyHammersmith Apollo , London12.04.20028,5after the success of pop idol on tv, here is one of the original 1970s pop idols back for his still loyal fans .He did 2 sets of an hour each .Today was Davids 52nd birthday and a huge cake was brought on stage .He still looks great and it was fun to hear some of those old tunes again .
3749Elvis Costello with band Astoria , London16.04.20028,5this should have been a lot better .he did a 90 mins set that was good in parts but some was so boring .
3750Bootleg Beatles + Fabba Girls + Elvis TributeRoyal Albert Hall , London18.04.20028,5Elvis tribute was pretty average .Bootleg Beatles did an enjoyable 80 mins set of classic Beatles tunes .
3751Counterfeit Stones + Fabba Girls + Elvis TributeRoyal Albert Hall , London19.04.20029Fabba girls looked pretty and did a fun 40 mins set each night .C . Stones are always great live and they did a 75 mins set .
3752Teenage Fan Club with Jad Fair + Arab Strap Barbican , London22.04.20027,5both bands did boring sets and the stuffy seated venue made it worse .TFC did not do their normal set .best moment of the evening was when a wag shouted out Is This A Joke?
3753Alarm + Spear Of Destiny + Mighty WahGarage , London24.04.20029,5great three band 1980s tour package .Spear Of Destiny + Mighty Wah both did good 45 mins sets .The Alarm did a fantastic 60 mins set full of their biggest anthems .
3754Spandau Ballet + ABC + Belinda Carlisle + Go West +Howard Jones + Toyah + China Crisis Wembley Arena , London25.04.20029,5really good 1980s tour package .all the bands did really good short greatest hits set with ABC and
3755Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesArts Centre , Norwich 29.04.20029,5I will see 7 shows by Glen and his band over the next 10 days . 60 mins set that was very loud tonight .
3756Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesFibbers , York30.04.20029,5a really nice little venue .same 60 mins set as yesterday .nice mix of solo ,Rich Kids n Pistols .
3757Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesSpringhead Pub , Hull 01.05.20029,75this was the best show so far on tour .They played a couple of extra songs tonight as there was a really good vibe.glens last album Open Mind just gets better and better .
3758Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesTrillions , Newcastle 02.05.20029,5the venue was a proper rock venue with a nice loud jukebox .a lot of driving but its all been well worth it .
3759Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesBar Cuba , Macclesfield 03.05.20029,25not the best atmosphere tonight in the venue but the band still did a really good full set .
3760Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesCavern , Liverpool 05.05.20029,75another really great city and venue . spent the afternoon in Cavern watching Beatles tribute acts . Glen and the band really seemed to enjoy it tonight .
3761Lambchop + Vic Chestnut + St ThomasRoyal Albert Hall , London07.05.20028,5St Thomas did a funny set full of pop humour from Norway .Vic Chestnut did a set from his wheelchair .Lambchop won album of year 2000 in Uncut mag by playing low fi country music with some great vocals .
3762Glen Matlock And The PhilistinesMarrs Bar , Worcester 10.05.20029,5tonight was the only time they did not play Pretty Vacant but it was still a superb collection of songs .
3763Enrique Inglesis Royal Albert Hall , London14.05.20029,25no support . Sold over 20m records .the girls and women of all ages tonight are screaming their heads off
3764Enrique Inglesis Royal Albert Hall , London15.05.20029,25much better show than expected .90 mins set of Latin rock pop .
3765Sex Pistols Press Conference Cobden Club , London16.05.200210John Lydon on his own to confirm details to the press of The Sex Pistols C.Palace event on 27 July 2002 .John gives as good as he gets over 3 sessions lasting over 2 hours . Superb .
3766Blue Oyster Cult + Carl Palmer Band Astoria , London17.05.20029Carl Palmer did some drumming that was pretty boring .BOC did a 1 hour 45 mins set but they have mellowed out a bit since the last visit .
3767Moody BluesRoyal Albert Hall , London19.05.20028no support . 2 sets of 65 mins each .second set had all the best songs including Nights In White Satin
3768Neil YoungBrixton Academy , London21.05.20029,25sadly missed support BMRC. Neil Young did a long set lasting 2 hours 15 mins of cool guitar and great vocals with a nice mix of old and new .
3769Kylie MinogueWembley Arena , London24.05.20029,54 sold out Wembley shows for Kylie .always has been a fantastic stage performer and this was the usual mix of costume changes and dancers .2 hour set with a huge production .
3770Sus-sex PistolsThe Thames , London29.05.20029,5invite only boat trip for pr company .surprised how much the band have improved since I last saw them 65 mins set of Sex Pistols classics with loads of free drinks as well .
3771Glen Matlock And The Philistines + Imperial Vipers 100 Club , London30.05.20029,5London show of the tour in the same week Pistols God Save The Queen is re-released .Great to see this band in the club the Pistols made famous.70 mins set of solo , Rich Kids,Pistols and Small Faces material .
3772Joe Cocker Shepherds Bush Empire,London05.06.20029,5Fantastic 90 mins set from this great vocalist and his great band . The sound overall was just perfect . Excellent .
3773Ted NugentAstoria , London06.06.20029,75His first UK show for over 15 years .1 hour 50 mins of pure classic rock .he still has that motor mouth that is so funny when he starts to rant .Great guitar , great vocals and we missed you so come back soon Ted .
3774Sus-sex Pistols + MaronesThe Thames , London08.06.20029,75special afternoon event to celebrate 25 years since the original Pistols trip and we are using the same boat too .100+ hardcore Pistols who really did have a fantastic day . Went passed the Houses Of Parliament and had a police boat come up alongside the boat.May have been that huge yellow NMTB banner at the front of the boat .Thanks to Fred and the band who were great .
3775Pogues + Joe Strummer And The MescalerosFinsbury Park , London Fleadh Festival08.06.20029,257pm onwards after Pistols boat trip .Joe Strummer and band did a really good 60 mins set of solo and Clash .Shane and The Pogues did a good but messy 80 mins set .
3776Brian WilsonRoyal Festival Hall , London09.06.20029,5back again after the success of his shows here at RFH in Jan 2002 .no support .2 sets of 60 mins each .
3777Brian WilsonRoyal Festival Hall , London10.06.20029,5the same great set as before with Pet Sounds in full but the buzz was not as big as the last shows .
3778Lenny KravitzWembley Arena , London17.06.20029,5good and proper rock show from Lenny.First UK show for 3 years .1 hour 45 mins set that was full of all his best songs .Really good .
3779Destinys ChildWembley Arena , London19.06.20029massive stage production with loads of fire columns and costume changes.90 mins set . Great atmosphere .
3780Primal ScreamShepherds Bush Empire,London20.06.2002980 mins set of indie dance based indie rock but why so many strobes? great encore of Born To Loose
3781Terry Edwards Band + Langley Schools ProectRoyal Festival Hall , London21.06.20028,56pm show in RFH foyer .Terry Edwards did some ska Bowie and the school kids did some Beatles and Beach Boys . Both enjoyable .
3782Fischerspooner + GonzalesRoyal Festival Hall , London21.06.20029,25Gonzales did a 60 mins set of hip hop .Fischerspooner have been mega hyped.Used backing tapes for all of the 70 mins but at least it was lavish , mad and messy but all good fun .
3783Suede + PeachesRoyal Festival Hall , London23.06.20029,25Raunchy female rapper support was fun.First London Suede show for 2 years .Suede did a 90 mins set with lots of new album material and old classics .Brett sounds and looks really great .
3784AhaRoyal Albert Hall , London25.06.2002890 mins set that was very average apart from the 3 hit singles at the end .
3785Roger WatersWembley Arena , London26.06.20029no support . 2 sets of 80 mins and 70 mins .First tour for a few years .Great band and a great back drop .Half the set was classic Floyd and the other half was pretty good .
3786Supergrass + Bobby Conn +Yeah Yeah YeahsRoyal Festival Hall , London28.06.20029Bobby Conn was rubbish but Yeah Yeah Yeahs were really good with a singer with a Siouxsie style voice .Supergrass did a 60 mins greatest hits set that was really good .
3787David Bowie + Dandy WarholsRoyal Festival Hall , London29.06.20029,75one off London Meltdown show for David Bowie that sold out in 2 hours .Dandy Warhols were too laid back .David Bowie and his great band did a stunning 2 hours 20 mins show which mainly featured tracks from his new album Heathen and Low allbum.with a 5 song hits encore . Superb .
3788NERD + Kelis + DJ WestwoodShepherds Bush Empire,London01.07.20029Great atmosphere for one of Americas biggest hip hop production teams .NERD fused rap , rock and funk .
3789Andy Williams Royal Albert Hall , London02.07.20028,5no support .2 sets of 50 mins each .one of the kings of easy listening .he sung some great songs with some great stories and lovely footage of him from the 1950s and 1960s .
3790Rod Stewart Wembley Arena , London03.07.20029,752nd of 4 Rod shows at Wembley Arena.2 sets of 60 mins and 70 mins .he still has that great voice and he still looks great . So many good songs were played tonight .Nearly every song was a massive singalong .
3791Tony BennettRoyal Albert Hall , London04.07.20028good while it lasted but after 45 mins it was cancelled after a fire broke out in the sound area at back of the hall .
3792Oasis + CharlatansFinsbury Park , London05.07.20029,5First of 3 sold out open air shows at Finsbury Park by Oasis .Charlatans did an ok 60 mins set .Oasis did a great 95 mins set of their anthems to a pretty wet crowd .
3793Culture ClubRoyal Albert Hall , London07.07.20028,5Nice to see Boy back with Culture Club.The 1 hour 40 mins set was ok but I did not feel any real passion on stage .
3794John Lydon (Sex Pistols)TV Centre , London SE1 Graham Norton Show .09.07.200210this was a great evening . I supplied some Sex Pistols items for the show so the producers gave me a couple of tickets for the show and for the drinks reception after where we chatted to John and his mate John Rambo for a cool 30 mins . Great evening .
3795Siouxsie And The Banshees + Ex Girl Shepherds Bush Empire, London10.07.20029,5Their first UK tour for 7 years .Wacky 3 girl Japanese support were good fun . Siouxsie still sings great and for age 45 looks amazing .Really good 1 hour 40 mins set of old and new material but no HK Garden .Paul Cook (Sex Pistols ) was there .
3796Rod Stewart Wembley Arena , London11.07.20029,5Last of 4 Rod at Wembley shows .Same set as last week so I knew what was to happen but still really good fun .
3797Sex Pistols Rehearsals, North London12.07.200210had to pinch myself this did happen .2pm to 4pm The Sex Pistols playing most of the songs that would form the setlist of 27 July 2002 London show.
3798Damned + Brian James GangShepherds Bush Empire,London12.07.20029,5Brian James should have been better .The Damned did a great 90 mins set Stage was designed with a hula hula tropical Hawaii theme to it . First half of set was mainly Grave Disorder material then it was 45 mins of some of the greatesrt punk rock songs ever .
3799Iggy Pop + Pitchshifter Brixton Academy , London13.07.20029,5Pitchshifter did a crap 40 mins set .Iggy Pop was as mental as ever .He did a 70 mins set full of great solo and Stooges songs . A girl stripped naked ,jumped on the stage and danced around Iggy for a few seconds .
3800SuedeElectric Ballroom , London16.07.20029,5invite only show for fan club .Suede did a stunning near 2 hour set .The first 45 min was new album then the rest was greatest hits chosen via the spin the wheel on the stage .much better than recent RFH show .
3801Green Day Wembley Arena , London17.07.20028,590 mins set from these comic book punk rockers .The very young crowd really loved it .Short catchy songs .Best but was when they got 3 kids on stage to take over their playing for 1 song .
3802IdlewildHanover Grand , London18.07.20028invite only gig for XFM radio .short 50 mins set with 3 or 4 good songs but the muffled vocals made it drag a bit .
3803Bryan Adams Hyde Park Arena , London20.07.20029,52 hour set that for the first 30 mins started a bit slow then it was one great pop rock song after another .
3804Mark Knopfler And Friends Shepherds Bush Empire,London23.07.20029no support . 1st of 3 bush empire gigs .he did a 2 hour set .First 50 mins set was Notting Hillbillies songs then it was non stop Dire Straits.
3805Meat LoafHyde Park Arena , London24.07.20029,25got a great view near the front .he did a 2 hours 15 mins set .he is still a great showman .loads of big rock songs played tonight .
3806Mark Knopfler And FriendsShepherds Bush Empire,London25.07.20029,5Mark is still a great guitar player .Jimmy Nail sung on a couple of songs .great party after the show with loads of free drinks and food for 200 people which was really good .
3807Pork Dukes Castle Tavern,Tooting,London26.07.20028,5these cheeky punk rockers did a good 60 mins set of their naughty songs .
3808Sex Pistols + RaptureSports Arena,C.Palace,London27.07.200210Their first show since 1996 Filthy Lucre tour .The Pistols at The Palace .What a great day on what was the hottest weekend of the year so far .I got to C Palace area at noon and did not get back home until after 5am .Sadly missed all the support bands apart from Rapture who were ok .I had backstage passes so was there before and after the band did their 90 mins stunning set feat songs they had never played live before .I watched them from the front .Anarchy In The Uk,God Save The Queen and Pretty Vacant are the 3 greatest singles of all time .After there was a great party at the venue then on to another party for the band at a venue in SW London . What a mega day .
3809PsychodramaShabeen , Acton, London01.08.20028went along to see one of mates bands .they did a good 60 mins set with a couple of Ramones and Iggy covers .
3810Pretenders + Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + 3 Colours Red Bulldog Bikers Bash ,Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford09.08.20029,5First time I have been to this event .Arrived in typical pouring rain conditions 3 Colours Red did a good set .BRMC did a really good 55 mins set .Chrissie and the Pretenders were just fantastic .So many great songs and she is such a cool rock chick and singer.
3811Gary Moore + Wildhearts + One Minute Silence + Spear Of DestinyBulldog Bikers Bash ,Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford10.08.20029Kirk and SOD did a good 30 mins .One Minute Silence did a lively set .Wildhearts were good and poor Danny was being sick on stage after nearly every song . Not sure why .Gary Moore is still a great guitarist .
3812Reef + Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster Virgin Megastore , London W120.08.20028,5Record shop appearences are never the best place to see a band live .support did a great messy 30 mins garage rock n roll set . Reef did a really good 40 mins set of old and new .
3813Strokes + Pulp + Janes Addiction + Vines + White StripesReading Festival , Berks23.08.20029,75Great atmosphere as usual .Sadly missed Mercury Rev set .My fave 3 bands of the day were 1st Pulp 2nd White Stripes 3rd Vines generally good weather over the weekend with just odd rain bursts .
3814Foo Fighters + Muse + Ash + Sum 41 + Hives + A +Libertines + Andrew WK + Sahara Hotnights Reading Festival , Berks24.08.20029,75Every day had loads of quality acts .My fave 3 bands of the day were 1st Foo Fighters did a stunning set .2nd Hives are always great live .3rd Andrew WK . Good time r n roll .Libertines did a nightmare set where their equipment kept breaking down .
3815Prodigy + Offspring + Slipknot + Incubus + NOFX + Puddle Of Mudd + Hundred Reasons + AmenReading Festival , Berks 25.08.20029,75Third day and I am feeling dirty .My fave 3 bands of the day were 1st Prodigy do a fantastic set which was their first UK shows for 4 years .The whole place was going mental .2nd Hundred Reasons . At last the UK produce a really good young rock band.3rd NOFX were really good because they just were so much fun and just had a laugh .
3816Guns And Roses Docklands Arena , London26.08.20029,75First UK shows for 8 years here at Docklands and at Leeds Festival .Guns And Roses did a great 2 hour set with 75% classic older tunes .Huge stage show with fire columns and explosions and I blagged the aftershow.
3817Kerrang Rock Music Awards Hilton Hotel , London W1 27.08.200210fantastic dinner and drinks with 500 seated and 100 standing guests from 7pm to 2am . Loads of rockers here tonight Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen , members of Puddle Of Mud , Foo Fighters , Stereophonics ,Amen , Hundred Reasons ,Gary Numan Offspring , Placebo , Muse , A , Hives and others . Really great watching all the suits checking in to their nice posh 5 star hotel with all these rockers stumbling around pissed up everywhere.
3818AshOcean , Hackney , London30.08.200298am show .XFM Radio , London breakfast show with free drinks and Ash did 5 songs in their short set.
3819Foo FightersUniversity Of London,London30.08.20029,758pm invite only show for XFM Radio for about 600 people in this small venue.Foo Fighters did a stunning 80 mins set that really was superb . Lots of older songs and a few off new album.
3820Primal Scream Marquee Club, London05.09.20029The opening of this legendary club now set in an Islington shopping mall ?? The venue has a large floor area that holds about 800 downstairs and 200 upstairs.Primal Scream did a good 90 mins set but seemed vexed that the invite crowd were more interested in the all night free drinks being offered .
3821Deep Purple + PlanetsHammersmith Apollo , London06.09.20029,5Support group were a bit odd .Deep Purple did a 1 hour 40 mins set each night and they were the best I have seen them for years .
3822Deep Purple + Planets Hammersmith Apollo , London07.09.20029,5Don Airy played keyboards for the first 30 mins of each show then the lights went down and surprise surprise Jon Lord was standing there and played for the next 30 mins and then they both were up there together . Nice one .
3823Sex Pistols + Offspring + Social Distortion + Bad Religion +Buzzcocks + Blink 182 + New Found Glory + X + Damned Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion,Devore , California , USA 14.09.200210What an amazing location to see The Sex Pistols . Sold out 65,000 venue set in the desert of the Californian mountains in 100 degrees midday sun.It was great to see The Damned and The Buzzcocks here after they had missed out on the C Palace show .Bands like Social Distortion and Offspring are huge in California. In fact punk rock is now huge over here .Sex Pistols did a 65 mins greatest hits set that was just amazing . Johnny was on great form as usual and those punk classics came fast and furious .
3824Who + Counting Crows Greek Theatre , Hollywood ,Los Angeles , USA 17.09.20029,75Amazing outdoor venue in the Hollywood Hills that holds about 6000 seats and is surrounded by trees .Counting Crows should have been better to be honest .The Who did a fantastic 2 hour greatest hits set with new bass player as John Entwistle died recently .The had a nice video montage of John near the end .
3825Purple Reign (Prince Tribute)Boardwalk Casino And Hotel ,Las Vegas , USA 19.09.20029,53 sets lasting 2 hours in total .He looked perfect and he had a very sexy female singer with him.His brother came on to do 3 Morris Day songs .Great mix of old and new stuff .
3826Purple Reign (Prince Tribute)Boardwalk Casino And Hotel ,Las Vegas , USA 20.09.20029,5This was so good I had to come back for a second night .Total quality .
3827MobyAstoria , London27.09.20029,25special show for Radio 1 and warm up for the European Arena tour .Moby did a really good 95 mins set .This was the full arena show in a small venue so it looked great .Loads of energy and good songs . Encore of Ramones Blitzkreig Bop . Like The Prodigy he has done a great job of mixing rock with dance music .
3828OrbOcean , Hackney , London28.09.20027Really boring 85 mins set of knob twidling that just was not my scene.
3829MOBO Music Awards LL Cool J + Ashanti + Ja Rule + Chaka Khan + Jimmy Cliff + Sugarbabes + Mis-teeq + Ms Dynamite + Craig David Docklands Arena , London01.10.20029,5The main black music event in the UK .Got tickets for the VIP area which meant free booze and entry to one of the aftershow parties . Good one .
3830David Bowie Hammersmith Apollo , London02.10.200210All tickets sold out in 3 hours .Bowie and his fantastic band did a stunning 2 hour 45 mins set .We got near the front to hear so many great classics and material from his new album "" Heathen"" .Encores included Ziggy Stardust and the rarely played Bewley Brothers
3831PrinceHammersmith Apollo , London03.10.20029,75This show lasted 2 hours 30 mins .Amazing set that went from jazz to pop to funk to rock as he felt like it .
3832PrinceHammersmith Apollo , London04.10.20029,75This show lasted 2 hours 15 mins .Prince has got a great voice and he moves and dances so cool .
3833PrinceHammersmith Apollo , London05.10.20029,75This show lasted 2 hours 30 mins .First and Third shows included a 15 mins jam session encore .All the front 15 rows each night were fan club members so there was a great atmosphere to these sold out shows .
3834Bryan Ferry + Rosie Thomas Royal Albert Hall , London07.10.20029,25support did a boring 30 mins set .Bryan did a good mix of solo and Roxy.Ferry and his band did a really good 1 hour 35 mins set .Started with the slower songs then shifted up a gear to the uptempo Roxy Music material .Featured Chris Spedding on guitar and Paul Thomson on drums .
3835Bryan Ferry + Rosie Thomas Royal Albert Hall , London08.10.20029,5after watching his hardcore fans run down the front last night we were ready to follow them tonight which worked perfectly .Brian Ferry had left his wife in the summer to be with one of his backing singers on this tour .
3836Johnny Thunders Tribute Fusilier And Firkin , Camden ,London11.10.20029,5band members inc Chris Musto from Glen Matlock Band who has played with Johnny Thunders and Victor from The Parkinsons .Chaotic and messy energy filled 60 mins set .To hear all those great Thunders and NY Dolls songs live was just fantastic .
3837JJ72 Virgin Megastore , London W114.10.20028,5sadly it was only a quick 30 mins set .the singer has a great voice that seems to go from boy like to girl like .
3838Roger Waters + Jon Lord + others Countryside Alliance Charity Concert Royal Albert Hall , London16.10.20029Roger Waters appearance here was kept very low key .He played with his full touring band for 3 songs -20 mins .1. Wish You Were Here .2. Flickering Flame = a new song .3. Comfortably Numb .Jon Lord played piano on 2 songs that I had never heard before .
3839SparksRoyal Festival Hall , London19.10.20029,25one off UK show .Sparks played 2 sets . The first set was debut of the whole of new album Little Beethoven which was average .The second set was greatest hits that everybody loved and danced to .
3840ColdplayWembley Arena , London20.10.20029,25Missed support who were Idlewild .Coldplay have taken off worldwide and this is their first UK arena tour .Really good 90 mins set with great use of large video screens and lasers .
3841Q Magazine Music Awards one live song by Polyphonic Spree Old Saatchi Gallery,London NW821.10.200210Wow this was a great day out that started at noon and finished at midnight.we sat at a table with Casey Spooner and all his PR people .Champagne reception and free food and booze for the next 12 hours .Celebs at tables inc Tom Jones , Radiohead , Sparks ,Coldplay , Tori Amos , The Hives ,Sugarbabes , Moby , Jimmy Cliff , Depeche Mode .At 5pm everyone was put in limos to the aftershow party in Shepherds Bush.
3842Glen Matlock And The Philistines + Blender100 Club , London25.10.20029,5like a big reunion party as everyone that I had met at Sex Pistols show in California in Sept was here tonight .great atmosphere for this 70 mins set .he did not play Pretty Vacant
3843Bruce Springsteen And The E Street BandWembley Arena , London27.10.200210one off UK show .tickets sold out in an hour .The band did a fantastic 2 hour 40 mins set of old and new tunes but the best bit was we got into the reserved front pit and watched it from 10 yards back .My fave 3 songs tonight were Born To Run + Badlands + Born In The USA
3844Alison MoyetRoyal Festival Hall , London28.10.20029First UK tour for a few years .Alison still has a great voice and is so down to earth on stage .The first 10 songs were slow and mournful then the hits all kicked in but sadly she did not play Invisible in the 90 mins set .
3845Supergrass + LibertinesShepherds Bush Empire,London29.10.20029,25second of three sold out Bush shows .Libertines look cool but they still need a couple more really good tunes .The first 30 mins of the Supergrass set started a bit slow then it was full tilt with all their best known songs .
3846Robert PlantHammersmith Apollo , London30.10.20029,5Robert Plant and his stunning band did a great 2 hour set .He still looks fab and that blues rock voice is still there .He played 3 Led Zep classics .1. Going To California .2.. Ramble On.3. Whole Lotta Love .
3847Level 42 Royal Albert Hall , London31.10.20029First shows as Level 42 since 1994 .Mark King is only original member .He still has that fantastic bass style .90 mins set of white disco funk of the 1980s with the last 30 mins of big hits.
3848ZZ Top + HeadwayHammrsmith Apollo , London01.11.20029pretty boring young support group.1 hour 40 mins set that chugged a bit with too many slow blues boogies .they left the 4 big songs to the end which were really great .
3849VinesShepherds Bush Empire,London03.11.20029,252nd of 3 Bush Empire sell out shows for one of the most hyped bands of the year .
3850VinesShepherds Bush Empire,London04.11.20029,25they are a really great live act with a 65 mins set full of great guitar and some crazy vocals .The singer needs to push over the equipment as often as he can for some reason .
3851Morrissey + LibertinesBrixton Academy , London05.11.20029,25support comes from Londons latest cool band who are being produced by Mick Jones of The Clash .some good songs in the 30 mins set Morrissey is without a record deal but he has a fantastic loyal fanbase who lapped up his 80 mins set .A good mix of old and new with some great chat between all the songs .Earlier in the year The Smiths had been voted NME mag most important band .
3852Sinead O ConnorShepherds Bush Empire,London09.11.20028,5her first London show for years was well sold out in advance .Great vocals and great band but not much real excitement in the 90 mins set .
3853Bryan Adams with Brian May + Joe Strummer And The MescalerosRoyal Opera House , Covent Garden , London10.11.20029,75benefit concert for Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund .This was the first ever proper rock concert at the amazing venue .There were a few famous actors who made speeches between the acts . The first set included 3 songs by the lovely looking and sounding Opera Babes then Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros did a great 5 song set which were 3 Mescaleros tunes + Rudie Dont Fail and a stunning White Riot . To see and hear it in this venue as unreal .Afterwards Joe Strummer said to me Well it had to be done In the second half of the show Bryan Adams did a 10 song 45 mins set and was joined by Brian May for the last 5 tunes with a mega finale of Queens Crazy Little Thing Called Love.the sound for the whole event was just crystal clear and the aftershow in The Vilar Flora Hall was very 5 star with free champagne and drinks for 500 guests for a couple of hours .Superb.
3854Ryan Adams Royal Festival , London11.11.20028,5solo show by Ryan with just a piano .Ryan did a 1 hour 45 mins set which had some great lyrics but I prefer him with a full band .He had some quirky chat between songs and played covers of Brown Sugar and Wonderwall.
3855Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Acton Town Hall , London15.11.20029,75This was a low key benefit show for the striking fireman in a venue that has not been used for rock shows for years .Fantastic atmosphere as a fair amount of the 600 here were firemen and the rest were hardcore Strummer fans .Andy Gilchrist the firemens union leader made a rousing speech .Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros did a really great 75 mins set but the 3 song encore was unreal as Mick Jones came on stage to play with Joe on stage for the first time in over 15 years for Clash anthems Bankrobber +White Riot + Londons Burning an amazing night but sadly less than 6 weeks later Joe Strummer died of a heart attack aged only 50 .
3856Foo Fighters + Cave InWembley Arena , London22.11.20029,75First ever UK arena tour by The Foos .Support band were pretty average .Both nights Foos did a fantastic 1 hour 40 mins set that really rocked .
3857Foo Fighters + Cave In Wembley Arena , London23.11.20029,75The Foos now have so many great rock n roll songs After the Sat show we went backstage for the aftershow which the band did not attend as I found out that they were going to the trendy Met Bar for their party . We blagged our way into the Met Bar and the band were there for an hour .
3858Glen Matlock And Ian McLaganRecord Fair , Wembley 01.12.20029,251pm one off acoustic set from these 2 rock n roll legends . 45 mins set with guitar and piano and great songs by Glen , Small Faces , Ronnie Lane and a great finale of Pretty Vacant
3859Elton John With Full Orchestra Royal Opera House , Covent Garden , London01.12.20029,257pm Elton played 2 sets of 45 mins and 75 mins but there were a few too many slow songs in the first set .Second set had loads of great uptempo songs and was joined by members of his band as well as the orchestra .The aftershow was a pure 5 star treat with Elton , Lulu , Glen Hoddle and 500 guests being served free drinks and food for a couple of hours
3860Bob Geldof + Rosie WilbyBloomsbury Theatre , London05.12.20029This was Bobs first London show in 10 years at this 500 seated venue .support was not much cop really .Bobs band were really good and were very irish sounding with lots of violin and accordian in the 2 hours 15 mins set .Some pleasant solo songs with a few Boomtown Rats hits such as RatTrap and "" I Dont Like Monday .
3861Manic Street Preachers + Ian Brown Wembley Arena , London07.12.20029,5Tour for recent Greatests Hits release.Ian Brown has a bit of a gob on him but he has a couple of good tunes .Manics had great big screen videos .Had drinks and food at the aftershow .
3862Manic Street Preachers + KinesisBrixton Academy , London08.12.20029,5Both nights the Manics did a 1 hour 45 mins set with no encores .They a reat live band withso many good songs over the last 10 years .
3863CranberriesHammersmith Apollo , London10.12.20028,5never really a big fan but it is great they can still sell out Hammersmith .there seems to be more fans from mainland Europe than British fans here tonight .They did a 90 mins set but their sound seems a bit dated although there were 3 or 4 really good songs Good aftershow as well where all the band turned up and were friendly .
3864Oasis + Electric Soft ParadeBrighton Centre , Brighton11.12.20029,5not many bands would get me out of London on a cold December day but Oasis are one of them . Not many seem interested in support even though they come from Brighton .Oasis did a really good 90 mins set of songs even though it is clear that Noel and Liam are not really enjoying it for whatever reason .Noel stopped Wonderwall after 2 lines because he did not want any fans singing along to it which is asking for the impossibe really . The band held a party for 200 at the venue after that was pretty good as well .
3865Slade 2 + BC SweetBlackheath Hall , London13.12.20029,25Christmas for me just would not be the same without at least one glam rock event so here we are in SE London .BC Sweet did a good hour set but they have no original members now but it was great to hear those Sweet gems .Slade 2 still feature originals Dave Hill on guitar and Don Hill on drums . They did a glam rockin 70 mins set that had everyone dancing .Loads of great hits and finale with Merry Xmas Everybody with a fun glam rock disco after as well .
3866Status Quo Wembley Arena , London14.12.20029,25Quo are on a mammoth 6 week tour of the UK and as always there is a great Quo atmosphere .This is the Heavy Traffic tour .Really good 1 hour 50 mins set even though a couple of the cover versions they play are rubbish but there are still plenty of 1970s Quo classics in there .
3867Elton John Shepherds Bush Empire,London16.12.20029,5Two small shows for Aids charities.The venue holds only 2000 and reminds me of those great Hammersmith Odeon Xmas shows Elton did in the mid 1970s.
3868Elton JohnShepherds Bush Empire,London17.12.20029,5Elton and his superb band did a 2 hour 15 mins set that was non stop great songs of his from his 30 year career .His band still feature 2 members from those magical 1970s concerts . Davey Johnson on guitar and Nigel Ollson on the drums .
3869Blondie + INXSWembley Arena , London18.12.20029,25For INXS it is their first UK tour since the sad death of Micheal Hutchence .The new singer does a decent job as the band go through a 75 mins hits set but it was nice to hear 2 new songs .Blondie do a great set but they are simply not an arena band and should stick to Brixton or Bush Empire as there are a lot of empty seats tonight .Blondie still have 4 original members with Debbie looking great for age 58 and Clem Burke just stunning on drums .They do a really good 80 mins set .Aftershow was really good as well .
3870Roy Wood ArmyRoadhouse ,Cov Garden ,London21.12.20029,25Another slice of 1970s glam rock with Roy Wood of Wizzard fame and his 10 piece band doing a really good set Lots of Wizzard hits and guest singer.Carl Wayne who was in The Move with Roy in the 1960s came on to play 3 classic Move songs Blackberry Way,I Can See The Grass Grow ,Flowers In The Rain . Another really good glam rock xmas evening .
3871Madness Docklands Arena , London22.12.20029,25Second of 2 sell out shows by Madness at The Docklands Arena with an Oasis type atmosphere in the venue with lots of groups of men all beered up .Still have all 7 original members here .90 mins of pop and ska based tunes.although there was a bit of a sound problem halfway through that held the show up for 10 mins they got right back into it with to yet another killer tune
3872Ellis Hooks Dingwalls , London01.01.20039featured Glen Matlock from The Sex Pistols on bass . This show was being broadcast live on Radio 3 .Really good 50 mins set .Ellis is a 28 year old from Alabama with a great soul voice and he looks great as well .
3873Tom Robinson + TV SmithFircroft School , London SW1712.01.20039Afternoon show for Toms email list . Tom did 2 sets lasting nearly 2 hours feat great banter and songs like ; Days That Shook The World and Yuppie Scum .TV Smith did 4 songs inc a frantic ; One Chord Wonders
3874Arthur Lee And Love Royal Festival Hall , London15.01.20039This legendary 1960s psychedelic rock singer back on stage after spending 5 years in jail for firearms offences . He looks super cool for a 58 year old . Tonight features his 1967 classic album; Forever Changes and this Mojo crowd lap up every minute of it . 2 hour set that was really good . Encore featured ex Blur guitarist Graham Coxon on guitar .
3876Supergrass + Datsuns + Polyphonic Spree Wembley Arena , London25.01.20039Great collection of bands tonight . Only saw 20 mins of Poly Spree 40 mins set but they were joyous pop . Datsuns did a good 40 mins of garage rock n roll . Supergrass did a good 90 mins set from their 10 year career.
3877SaxonAstoria, London26.01.20039,25one-off UK show as part of a short european tour that was full up inside . They have had better days but this was a great show that lasted over 2 hours and featured all their best 1980s rock anthems and they dusted off their giant eagle has landed stage prop .