Gig List for 1996

3042 Tina Turner  Wembley Arena , London 19.12.1996 9,75 same great show as last month but tonight I was much nearer the front so enjoyed it even more . 
3043 Tony Hadley Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 23.12.1996 9,5 as always a really enjoyable show with a great mix of Spandau hits , solo material and covers that tonight inc Tom Pettys Freefalling and RHCP Under The Bridge 
3040 Godfathers  Powerhaus , London 14.12.1996 9,5 65 mins set full of loads of great Godfathers rock anthems . 
3041 Corduroy Jazz Cafe, Camden , London 18.12.1996 8,5 90 mins set by these trendy acid jazz boys . 
3039 Bjorn Again Shepherds Bush Empire, London 12.12.1996 9,5 90 mins ABBA tribute which had a great xmas party atmosphere with loads of classic songs and costume changes . 
3038 Sting + Paul Carrack Royal Albert Hall , London 11.12.1996 9,75 last night of 6 RAH sold out Sting gigs Paul Carrack did a good set . Stunning 1 hour 50 mins set feat mega songs from The Police and solo career .His band were superb with Dominic on guitar just outstanding . 
3037 Roy Ayers Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 09.12.1996 really good 2 hour show by this jazz funk vibes supremo . 
3036 The Who with Billy Idol in Quadrophenia  Earls Court Arena , London 06.12.1996 9,5 First part was 75 mins of Quadrophenia with Billy Idol outstanding as The Face .Second part was 30 mins of Who hits which were all really great to hear again. 
3034 Specials  Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 04.12.1996 9,25 really good 75 mins set of ska tunes that the crowd really loved .Sadly Terry Hall is still not there . 
3035 Billy Bragg Kentish Town Forum , London 05.12.1996 9,25 90 mins set full of humour and some political banter with those great lyrics . 
3033 Suede + Reef + Ray Davies + Alexander O Neal + Beth Orton BBC Studios , London W12  03.12.1996 TV recording for Jools Holland Later .Each band did 2 songs each and it was a nice change from normal gig set up . 
3031 Christy Moore Kentish Town Forum, London 28.11.1996 9,5 Mad for it Irish crowd created a great atmosphere for the 1hour 45 mins set full of humour and great stories . 
3032 Alishas Attic Subterania , London 02.12.1996 55 mins set from this female duo from Essex . The 2 hit singles were good but the other songs were pretty average . 
3029 Def Leppard Wembley Arena , London 26.11.1996 9,75 Both nights i had great seats .Brilliant 1 hour 45 mins set . 
3030 Def Leppard Wembley Arena , London 27.11.1996 9,75 Scaled down stage show compared to lasers and lights on last tour .Loads of great catchy rock songs . 
3026 KISS Nynex Arena , Manchester  21.11.1996 10 "another 2 hour visual treat from my favourite american rock band .so many great songs with full pyros and stunning encore of ""Detroit Rock City"" and ""Rock And Roll All Nite """ 
3027 Skakalites + Laurel Aitken Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 22.11.1996 7,5 this ska themed show should have been a lot better . 
3028 KISS Wembley Arena , London 25.11.1996 10 The KISS world tour for 1996 was the NO 1 biggest grossing tour that year .Got down to near the front for great view You Wanted The Best ,You Got The Best , The Hottest Band In The World KISS .Totally amazing 3 UK shows .Everyone should see a KISS concert . 
3024 Tina Turner  Wembley Arena , London 19.11.1996 9,5 Fantastic 1 hour 45 mins set that would have been even better if I had not been near the back with crap seats . 
3025 KISS NEC Arena , Birmingham 20.11.1996 10 Wow what a great night . KISS bring their entire Donnington production to the UK for 3 indoor arena shows .2 hour set of their classic early songs with full costumes and full make up . 
3022 Vernon Reid Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 11.11.1996 8,5 ex member of Livin Color did a 90 mins set of uptempo guitar songs but some were a bit too jazzy . 
3023 Holly Cole Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 13.11.1996 Trendy crowd and good lyrics but nothing special in the 80 mins set . 
3021 Slade 2 + Mud + compere Suzi Quatro Borderline , London 10.11.1996 9,5 Great 1970s glam rock double bill .Slade 2 sadly have no Noddy Holder but his replacement has a great voice. Dave Hill and Don Powell are still there and they did a 50 mins greatest hits set Mud feat Les Gray did a really good 40 mins of their hits . 
3020 Hue And Cry Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 07.11.1996 good 90 mins set . Newer songs have more of a jazz feel with lots of sax . 
3019 Joe Louis Walker Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 04.11.1996 Really good blues rock set lasting nearly 2 hours . 
3018 Social Distortion Garage , London 02.11.1996 9,25 feat Mike Ness on vocals .sold out .really impressive 75 mins set from these California punk rockers . 
3016 Joe Cocker Shepherds Bush Empire,London 31.10.1996 a great set but too short at 80 mins as he left out 3 or 4 big songs . 
3017 Rolf Harris Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 01.11.1996 9,5 what a surprisingly great show . The crowd were like a Gary Glitter mob shouting Leader ,Leader and he dida fun filled 75 mins set with loads of hits and some dodgy cover versions . 
3015 Muttonbirds Splash Club , London WC1 30.10.1996 OK 70 mins set from New Zealand . 
3013 Holy Barbarians  Garage , London 18.10.1996 9,25 "feat Ian Astbury from The Cult on vocals with a few Cult tunes thrown inc a great encore of The Cults "" Wild Flower"" " 
3014 Midnight Oil Kentish Town Forum , London 29.10.1996 9,25 one off UK show .mad for it aussie crowd made this 1 hour 40 mins show 
3012 Trextasy  Redback Tavern , Acton , London 17.10.1996 9,75 Fantastic 85 mins set from easily the best tribute band out there . 
3011 Donovan Dingwalls , London 16.10.1996 9,25 one off UK show .Sold out crowd loved it Just Donovan and acoustic guitar for a 70 mins set of old and new material . 
3010 Metallica Earls Court Arena , London 12.10.1996 9,25 in the round with lots of pyros .sound quality could have been better .good 2 hours 15 mins set but not as good as shows a few years back. 
3008 Christie Hennessy Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 08.10.1996 8,5 Gentle Irish songs with lots of humour in this 1 hour 40 mins set . 
3009 Rocket From The Crypt + Gallon Drunk Garage , London 09.10.1996 9,25 support did ok 30 mins set uptempo garage rock that was really rockin in places .80 mins set . 
3007 Mike Flowers Pops Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 04.10.1996 Huge 13 piece band doing a really good set of cover versions in their MOR style 
3006 Peter Perrett Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 27.09.1996 8,5 The 70 mins set was under rehearsed .5 Only Ones tracks were really good but the other stuff was a bit messy . 
3005 Neurotic Outsiders + Stimulator Astoria 2 , London 26.09.1996 9,75 "support did an ok 30 mins show .N Outsiders are a rock supergroup feat Steve Jones (Sex Pistols ) John Taylor (Duran Duran ) Duff and Matt (Guns And Roses ) This was a stunning 80 mins set .They played most of the tracks from their excellent debut album plus 2 DD tracks and "" Silly Thing "" and ""BlackLeather "" with a fantastic encore of Sex Pistols ""Bodies"" and finale of The Damneds ""New Rose "" with Simon LeBon on vocals . Brilliant stuff ." 
3004 Emmylou Harris Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 25.09.1996 8,5 American country blue grass queen . 
3003 Amanda Marshall Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 23.09.1996 9,25 Another Canadian rock chick with a great voice . Really good 70 mins set . 
3002 Alison Limerick Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 19.09.1996 8,5 Enjoyable 65 mins set from this UK soul talent . 
3001 Powerstation  Hanover Grand , London 17.09.1996 9,5 feat Robert Palmer on vocals and Andy Taylor on guitar .Debut UK show .Brilliant 50 mins set of their best songs The overall sound was perfect . 
3000 Trextasy  Standard Pub , London E17 15.09.1996 9,5 Fantastic 90 mins set to celebrate Marc Bolans anniversary . 
2998 Steely Dan Wembley Arena , London 10.09.1996 9,25 feat original members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in their first London shows for over 20 years .2 hour set .Very mature crowd and the band had a slick and stylish soft soul sound 
2999 Deep Blue Something Garage , London 13.09.1996 8,5 "ok 70 mins set with the mega hit ""Breakfast At Tiffanys "" ." 
2997 Billy Bragg Roundhouse , London 09.09.1996 after being closed for years they are starting to have events again at this famous 1970s venue .Billy Bragg still an angry young man . 1 hour 50 mins . 
2996 Courtney Pine + Lewis Taylor Kentish Town Forum , London 06.09.1996 support did a good set . Courtney did a set of jazz trumpet playing that was good but not very exciting . 
2993 Nowaysis Kentish Town Forum , London 30.08.1996 short 50 mins set of Oasis covers . 
2994 Big Country  Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 31.08.1996 9,25 Still with all original members .Lots of great oldies and a few covers .1 hour 45 mins set . 
2995 Black Uhuru Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 02.09.1996 Reggae stars of late 1970s did a lively and colourful 2 hour set 
2992 Billy Cobham Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 28.08.1996 great venue to see this drumming legend up close .2 hour instrumentals set with a great band playing with him. 
2991 Gene + Divine Comedy Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 22.08.1996 Reading Festival warm up double bill .Divine Comedy were a bit of a let down.Gene have really improved since I saw them a year ago . 
2990 Weezer + The Driven Garage , London 21.08.1996 70 mins set of pop grunge material .some songs were brilliant but others a bit average but a good club show . 
2989 Judie Tzuke Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 20.08.1996 nice to see this singer from the 1970s playing live again .nice gentle vocals . 
2988 KISS + Ozzy Osborne  Donnington Race Track , UK 17.08.1996 10 What a great year for live gigs 1996 was First of all the original members of The Sex Pistols do a tour and now all the original members of KISS reform with full costumes and full make up .Ozzy did a crazed 1 hour 45 mins set of Black Sabbath and solo material which was really good but that could not compete with a fully blown KISS show .Stunning stage show with a 1 hour mins set feat all their classic material pre 1980 with fireworks , blood spitting,full costumes and full make up .Wow . 
2987 Biohazard + Fear Factory Garage , London 16.08.1996 8,5 warm up show for Donnington Festival where both bands are on the bill .FF did an ok 40 mins thrash set .Biohazard did a good 55 mins set of thrash with a funk feel . 
2986 Patti Smith Group Shepherds Bush Empire,London 08.08.1996 9,25 "First London shows for over 15 years .This was 2nd of 2 sold out SBE shows Band included Lenny Kaye and Tom Verlaine .2 hours 15 mins set of songs and poetry .Still has plenty of and venom in her voice . She did a verypassion dodgy cover of "" Smoke On The Water""" 
2985 Cowboy Junkies Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 07.08.1996 8,5 sold out show .90 mins set .Female singer looked and sounded great . 
2984 Bryan Adams + Del Amitri Wembley Stadium , London 27.07.1996 9,75 Del Amitri did a good mix of old + new Bryan Adams did a 2 hours 30 mins set full of stadium rock anthems .They also played 20 mins set in the middle of the stadium on a tiny little stage .Superb. 
2983 The Pharcyde Kentish Town Forum , London 24.07.1996 sold out show from these west coast rappers but it was a bit samey . 
2982 Sex Pistols + Terrorvision + Echobelly Phoenix Festival , Stratford ,UK 21.07.1996 10 Echobelly and Terrorvision did ok sets .Sex Pistols did another stunning 75 mins set .Although it was a huge gig like Finsbury Park there was more space down the front to jump around as this was not a hardcore Pistols crowd. 
2981 Bjork + Massive Attack + Nowaysis  Phoenix Festival , Stratford ,UK 20.07.1996 9,25 heat was unbearable so we stayed in comedy tent and watched celeb 5 aside football in the afternoon .Bjork did a 60 mins set that was full of fireworks exploding and Massive Attack did a good 60 mins dance set . 
2980 Neil Young + Alanis Morissette + Manic Street Preachers + Dodgy Phoenix Festival , Stratford ,UK 19.07.1996 9,5 we missed the first night of this major festival feat David Bowie and Prodigy as along with thousands of others we got stuck in a 10 hour traffic gridlock which was the worst day I have ever spent in a car . There was no festival at Glastonbury this year and the sun came out and the venue could not cope.The Manics did a really good set.Alanis did a good 50 mins set .Neil Young did a really good 90 mins 
2979 Sex Pistols + A Shepherds Bush Empire ,London 17.07.1996 10 Alan McGee took out a full page ad in NME after seeing this saying it was the greatest rock show he had ever seen .The perfect venue of 2,000 in the back yard of where Steve ,Paul and Glen grew up and went to school .They were fully rehearsed , the sound was perfect .John teased the crowd and it is easily up there in my all time top 5 gigs of all time .Fantastic .Support band A here a long time before they had any hit singles . 
2977 Sex Pistols + The Sultans  Le Zenith , Paris , France  04.07.1996 10 a great venue holding about 5,000 and similar to Londons Brixton Academy .The Sultans did an ok 30 mins set .The Sex Pistols did another great set with all the crowd going mental at front 
2978 Sex Pistols + Slayer + Bad Religion Aquatica , Milan , Italy  11.07.1996 10 open air festival and it was very hot .venue held about 15,000 and was a mix of musical styles with even Massive Attack doing a midnight set Slayer and Bad Religion did ok sets but Sex Pistols again were great even though the band walked off halfway through when a couple of bottles were thrown on stage but thankfully they came back to play a full set . Funny sight was seeing John Lydon dancing on stage with one of his friends kids.Blagged the backstage area and had a great meet up with all the band . 
2976 Fred Schneider Garage , London 02.07.1996 9,25 debut London show as a solo artist .The B52s singer did not play any B52s songs but he did a really good 55 mins set of solo album tracks and covers . 
2975 Jose Feliciano Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 01.07.1996 Legendary blind acoustic guitarist .Did a good set of his own material and some varied cover versions . 
2974 Eric Clapton + The Who with Quadrophenia + Bob Dylan +Alanis Morissette Hyde Park , London 29.09.1996 Too many of this huge 100,000+ crowd treated the day like a big picnic and not bothered about the bands that much so a lot of atmosphere was just lost.Alanis did an ok set and Bob Dylan did 60 mins but did not reach further than his hardcore fans down the front .Quadrophenia lasted 90 mins but it mostly went over the heads of this lot.Eric Clapton did an ok 90 mins set . 
2972 Tom Robinson Band Borderline , London 27.06.1996 9,25 really good 90 mins set of old and new and Toms stories / rants are great . 
2973 Saw Doctors Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 28.06.1996 9,25 2 hours 10 mins of Irish themed songs for this sold out show which had most of the crowd dancing madly . 
2971 Sex Pistols + Iggy Pop + Wildhearts + Buzzcocks  Finsbury Park , London 23.06.1996 10 "Pistols first UK show since Dec 1977 .This is part of the Filthy Lucre world tour spread over the next 6 months .The return of the greatest band of all time .Could they cut it ? Opening track ""Bodies "" confirmed they were back to claim their crown .A superb 75 mins set that included some of the greatest songs ever written. Iggy was superb as well with a 70 mins greatest hits set .There were other bands here but today it was all about The Sex Pistols ." 
2970 AC/DC Wembley Arena , London 22.06.1996 10 5 years since Donnington headliner .stage set is a gothic castle Totally fantastic 2 hour set with one rock classic after another . 
2969 The Band Kentish Town Forum , London 20.06.1996 7,5 pretty boring 90 mins set . 
2968 Elvis Costello And The Attractions with The Brodsky Quartet  BBC Studios , London W12  18.06.1996 9,5 invite only TV recording special .2 hours 30 mins set feat all areas of his 20 years career in music. 
2966 War Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 13.06.1996 8,5 a 2 hour set with most songs lasting 10 mins of tight funk . 
2967 ZZ Top Brixton Academy , London 14.06.1996 9,25 first half of the show was poor due to a dodgy PA sound then it all came together for all the big songs . 
2965 Ricky Ross Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 11.06.1996 8,5 "debut London show as a solo artist .60 mins set with only 2 Deacon Blue songs . Great encores of ""Roadrunner"" and ""Shake Some Action""" 
2964 Lloyd Cole Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 10.06.1996 last show of 77 date world tour .sprinkling of hit singles with some great lyrics to songs . 
2962 Nancy Boy Powerhaus , London 06.06.1996 trendy new yorkers with Donovans son on vocals and Mike Nesbitts son on guitar. 50 mins of catchy glam pop . 
2963 Paul Carrack Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 09.06.1996 8,5 80 mins set that started off a bit slow but got better halfway through . 
2961 Fugees + De La Soul Kentish Town Forum , London 05.06.1996 9,25 really good hip hop double bill .really great atmosphere . 
2960 Cure Earls Court Arena , London 31.05.1996 9,25 a massive stage and light display .no support . 2 hours 30 mins show .lots of old hits and even the new songs sounded pretty good . 
2959 Manic Street Preachers + Gorkys Zygotic Mynci Kentish Town Forum , London 29.05.1996 9,5 "stunning 75 mins set with great finale of ""A Design For Life ""+ ""You Love Us """ 
2958 Manic Street Preachers + Gorkys Zygotic Mynci Kentish Town Forum , London 28.05.1996 9,5 richie has not been seen for 15 months Keyboard based support were ok 
2955 Average White Band Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 23.05.1996 9,25 Really tight funky groove sound for their 90 mins set 
2956 Ash + Bis Kentish Town Forum , London 24.05.1996 8,5 support did an average 30 mins set and Ash did a good 65 mins set . 
2957 Nowaysis Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 25.05.1996 8,5 full house for this Oasis tribute band .55 mins set with no encore .pretty good . The crowd loved it . 
2954 Dr Robert Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 20.05.1996 7,5 Pretty boring show tonight . 
2952 Buzzcocks Kentish Town Forum , London 18.05.1996 9,25 really good 90 mins set of old and new but the vocals were too low in the mix . 
2953 Ice T Subterania , London 19.05.1996 9,75 one off UK club show by the OG .Totally stunning 90 mins rap set .Great tunes with great lyrics .Boxer Lennox Lewis was there . 
2951 Tony Rich Project + Nu Colors  Clapham Grand , London 16.05.1996 support did a really good acapella 4 song 20 mins set .Tony Rich had a great band with some really strong songs . 
2950 Lighthouse Family  Kentish Town Forum , London 14.05.1996 "a lot of tracks were a bit bland but the 2 hit singles ""Lifted "" and ""Ocean Drive"" were simply excellent ." 
2949 Wayne Kramer Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 10.05.1996 only UK show . 75 mins set . 
2948 Roger Chapman Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 08.05.1996 8,5 Great white bluesy vocals in this a bit too long 2 hour set 
2946 Meat Loaf Wembley Arena , London 30.04.1996 9,75 same set and same venue as show only a fortnight ago but still mega . 
2947 Jonathan Richman Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 01.05.1996 new wave star who was there at the start of East Coast scene in mid 70s .quirky lyrics and amusing stories made it a very enjoyable evening . 
2944 Marillion Kentish Town Forum , London 28.04.1996 no Fish era songs tonight I think apart from Market Square Heroes .good 1 hour 50 mins set . 
2945 Rose Royce Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 29.04.1996 played about 6 hit singles from her 1970s disco era in 75 mins set . 
2943 Trextasy Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 27.04.1996 9,5 another great set from this mega Bolan tribute band but sadly it looks like the Gloria Jones lookalike has left the band 
2942 The Sultans Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 26.04.1996 8,5 small crowd but a good trashy 50 mins set with a great singer who is cross between Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker . 
2941 James Taylor Quartet  Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 25.04.1996 8,5 4th of 6 JTQ shows at The Jazz Cafe .most songs based around Hammond organ with a couple of tv themes as well 
2938 Sonic Youth Kentish Town Forum , London 19.04.1996 loads of guitar feedback from these trendy new yorkers . 
2939 Lloyd Cole + Trash Can Sinatras Kentish Town Forum , London 22.04.1996 some great songs in this 85 mins set . 
2940 Cypress Hill + Group Home + The Brotherhood Kentish Town Forum , London 23.04.1996 8,5 both supports did 30 mins sets .lots of jumping around for Cypress Hill 70 mins set 
2935 Herbie Hancock Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 16.04.1996 2 hours of jazz instumentals was just too boring for me . 
2936 Meat Loaf Wembley Arena , London 17.04.1996 9,75 no support . 2 hours 30 mins show . good seats down the front to watch this show full of big rock songs and stage theatrics .great live show . 
2937 Mike And The Mechanics Royal Albert Hall , London 18.04.1996 9,5 really good 95 mins set of very catchy pop rock songs with great vocals . 
2934 Bad Manners Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 13.04.1996 9,25 still great fun with a few hits in this good time ska gig . 
2933 Gary Numan Hammersmith Apollo , London 07.04.1996 9,25 Garys loyal fans again turn up in force. 4 hits played with a lot of newer material but overall a really good show . 
2930 Cocteau Twins Subterania , London 25.03.1996 pretty boring 60 mins set to celebrate 20th anniversary of Rough Trade . 
2932 Terrorvision + Love Nut Kentish Town Forum , London 03.04.1996 9,25 really good and bouncy 75 mins set 
2931 Marianne Faithfull Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 27.03.1996 she still has that swagger with some great stories in between the songs . 
2928 Moloko Subterania , London 21.03.1996 great sold out buzz for this show .great vocals from the wiry female singer 
2929 Specials Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 23.03.1996 9,5 reunited again with 4 original members but sadly no Terry Hall but it was still a fantastic 90 mins of ska madness . 
2927 Stiff Little Fingers + China Drum Kentish Town Forum , London 15.03.1996 9,5 The crowd went mental for SLF tonight .75 mins set with two thirds old material 
2926 Joe Ely Garage , London 14.03.1996 8,5 country rock from Texas who has played with The Clash and Springsteen over the years .Goo set . 
2925 Ben Harper  Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 11.03.1996 not as rocky as Lenny Kravitz but lots of guitar in 1 hour 45 mins set . 
2924 Bootleg Beatles Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 08.03.1996 9,25 Bealtles cover band did an 85 mins set with a great Sgt Pepper segment 
2923 Boo Hewerdine Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 04.03.1996 8,5 nice voice and lyrics from ex singer of The Bible .Superb version of Graceland 
2922 Pulp + Edwyn Collins + Denim Wembley Arena , London 02.03.1996 9,75 really good sets by all 3 bands .Denim did a really good 30 mins set of their 1970s inspired songs .Edwyn Collins had Sex Pistols Paul Cook on drums which was great .Jarvis confirmed what a natural star he is by his funny dancing and poses .Fantastic I hour 40 mins of britpop . 
2920 Wedding Present Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 28.02.1996 sold out 65 mins set that all the indie kids really loved . 
2918 Damned + Sham 69 + ATV + 999 + Chelsea Kentish Town Forum ,London 24.02.1996 9,5 Fantastic punk / new wave evening .Damned line up was Vanium ,Scabies Sensible but their set ended promptly after 30 mins when bass player Paul Gray got a direct hit in the face from a hard plastic glass .Sham 69 did an excellent 50 mins set Chelsea and 999 were good but ATV should have been a lot better . 
2921 Goldie Kentish Town Forum , London 29.02.1996 ok but not really my cup of tea . 
2919 Paul Brady Jazz Cafe ,Camden , London 26.02.1996 Pretty good 75 mins set . 
2917 Gwar Kentish Town Forum , London 22.02.1996 9,25 really good live show with bizarre costumes and loads of fake blood spitting but the music was too thrashy 
2916 Mike Flowers Pops Clapham Grand , London 20.02.1996 9,25 very entertaining 90 mins set of easy listening cover versions . 
2915 Joan Osborne Shepherds Bush Empire ,London 18.02.1996 8,5 "90 mins set of cool laid back rock with great version of hit "" One Of Us """ 
2914 Katrina And The Waves  Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 17.02.1996 80 mins set that was pretty average apart from the 2 hit singles . 
2912 Raw Stylus Jazz Cafe ,Camden , London 12.02.1996 Funked up brassy 75 mins set with a nice dance bass feel . 
2913 Godfathers + Changingman Astoria 2 , London 14.02.1996 9,5 Fantastic 90 mins set from this great band who always deliver live . 
2911 Maria McKee Garage , London 08.02.1996 nice lyrics in the 75 mins set but it lacked something atmosphere wise . 
2908 Anthrax Kentish Town Forum , London 25.01.1996 8,5 They now have a new singer who did some great stage diving off the amps . 
2909 Gregory Issacs Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 02.02.1996 8,5 nice to see a reggae legend in this venue . Short 60 mins set and really it should have been much better . 
2910 Jazz Passengers feat Deborah Harry Jazz Cafe ,Camden , London 06.02.1996 first of five nights at Jazz Cafe .really great to see Deborah Harry again .a bit older (age 50 ) but shes still got it mainly jazz tinged songs with a couple of Blondie songs jazzed/reggaed up . 
2907 CIV Garage , London 24.01.1996 9,25 really energetic 50 mins set from these shaven headed pop punk rockers . 
2906 Blues Band Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 19.01.1996 8,5 white blues outfit with some nice mouth organ and bottleneck guitar . 
2904 Trextasy Mean Fiddler,Harlesden,London 12.01.1996 9,5 a great 80 mins set of Bolan classics Danialz on vocals looks , acts and sounds really like Marc Bolan . 
2905 Percy Sledge Jazz Cafe, Camden , London 17.01.1996 8,5 soul legend with a crowd pleasing 80 mins set of covers and his own stuff . 
2901 Geno Washington Jazz Cafe , Camden , London 03.01.1996 ok 75 mins set of mainly blues covers 
2902 Coolio with LV Clapham Grand , London 04.01.1996 "1 hour 40 mins rap set that started very slowly but got better with a great version of worldwide hit "" Gangsters Paradise""" 
2903 Henry Rollins ( spoken word) Kentish Town Forum , London 05.01.1996 9,5 no support for this well sold out show set lasted for 2 hours 30 mins . great rock n roll stories and experiences .