News and Reviews: October 26, 2017

Wednesday 25 October 2017...I went to two events tonight...
6.30pm to 8.15pm
BAFTA BREAKTHROUGH BRITS - reception - Burberry Store , 121 Regent Street, London W1.
Over 300 guests here in the huge impressive ground floor space at the Burberry flagship store.
I saw Kaiser Chiefs play at a launch event here a couple of years ago.
Victoria star Jenna Coleman stepped out in head to toe Burberry as a juror for this year's BAFTA Breakthrough Brits ceremony, sponsored by the luxury fashion brand. Presenter of the moment Maya Jama was on hosting duties, sharing the stage with British actors Vicky McClure, Suranne Jones and Joe Dempsie as they announced the latest selection of up and coming UK talent featured in this year's list. Chewing Gum star Susan Wokoma, Three Girls actress Molly Windsor, The Last Post star Jessie Buckley and both director (Francis Lee) and star (Josh O'Connor) of acclaimed film God's Own Country were among those in the 2017 list to celebrate at Burberry's flagship store, alongside some Breakthrough Brits from previous years including Florence Pugh, Nell Hudson, Clara Paget, Malachi Kirby, Ray Panthaki and Greta Bellamacina.
Most of the 20 actors and actresses tipped for bigger things on the list are paraded on the stage.
Complimentary Nyetimber English sparkling wines, beers, mini burgers, mini fish n chips and canapés.
www.bafta.orgVisit the BAFTA website here for more info and the full list of Breakthrough Brits.
8.30pm to 10pm
NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM - Christmas Ice Rink - launch party, London SW7.
Over 300 guests here at one of the many ice rinks that open up in London for Christmas.
We had a quick skate for 15 mins...good fun even though I am a novice.
We had a couple of goes on the carousel (usually £3.50 a go).
Complimentary prosecco, wines,beers and canapés in their restaurant & bar area.
It's on until 07 Jan 2018.

Wednesday 25 October 2017.
Sad news of the passing of another music legend.
FATS DOMINO, Rock and Roll Pioneer, Dead at 89.
Genial singer behind "Blueberry Hill" and "Ain't That a Shame" helped popularise early rock and roll.
I saw him play Hammersmith Odeon twice in 1981.

Tuesday 24 October 2017.
METALLICA live at The 02 Arena, London.
Back again here to see heavy metal overlords Metallica second show at this venue.
Some shows are soooo good you have too see it at least twice if you can.
It could be years before Metallica play London indoor arenas again instead of far away stadiums.
Like Sunday , tonight is totally rammed sold out to the rafters.
Again there is a massive gap between the end of the support act and Metallica's arrival on stage.
I have a perfect view as i am stalls standing just a few yards from a microphone.
METALLICA arrive on stage at 9pm and play for around 2 hours 20 mins.
This was five minutes longer than the Sunday show as there was a couple of songs setlist change.
Again they arrived by walking through the floor standing area like boxers.
Their heavy, heavy guitar riffing sound is just fantastic.
Great to see Lars Ulrich pound the drums relentlessly from different angles.
The band rotate themselves around the stage so everyone sees them all up close.
They all work their nuts off so no wonder they always have a rest day after gigs these days.
The 'in the round' stage production definitely made the evening a more special event.
The 50 mini drones stunt hovering over the band for 'Moth Into Flame' was again spellbinding.
The use of the 50 odd video cubes displaying images above the band were also pretty amazing.
Again i will see over 100 gigs this year but this show will be one of the best.
A stunning show.
Full Metallica setlist played tonight...
Tape intro - The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone song)
Tape intro - Hardwired Intro
Atlas, Rise!
Seek & Destroy
Leper Messiah
Fade to Black
Now That We're Dead (with extended middle drum solo with all members of the band)
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Halo on Fire (followed by Kirk and Rob's solos incl. Phantom of the Opera, Ace of Spades, and Anesthesia)
Last Caress (Misfits cover)
Creeping Death
Moth Into Flame
Sad but True
Master of Puppets
Spit Out the Bone (live debut)
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman (with 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity' outro)
Again the band stayed behind for five minutes milking the applause and throwing loads of guitar plectrums.
Funny being up close as Metallica fans are pushing, scrambling and trampling over each other for them.
By the time they left it was approaching 11.30pm which is far too late for fans with travel connections.

Tuesday 24 October 2017.
Happy Birthday to ex Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman who is 81 today.

Monday 23 October 2017.
PLACEBO live at Brixton Academy, London.
First of two shows at Brixton for Placebo on their 20th anniversary UK tour.
I have seen Placebo over a dozen times since 1997 when they were support act to Prodigy.
Most records these days I forget where I bought them but I always remember where I bought
Placebo debut album when it came out some 20 years ago.....Acton car boot sale for £3.
Placebo utilise androgynous images and lyrical content.To date, they have released seven studio albums, all of which have reached the top 20 in the United Kingdom, and have sold around 11 million records worldwide.
Lots of folks here tonight from mainland Europe countries where Placebo are very popular.
At 8.40pm...Video intro of Every You Every Me ("Early Cut") and Placebo video history montage.
PLACEBO arrive on stage at 8.45pm and play for 95 mins.
Placebo were initially a trio, but today there are just two original members, Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal,
alongside four other musicians which creates a heavier sound.
A massive big screen which superbly mixes live footage and pre-recorded images.
A full light show and a great overall sound.
They open with one of their many great songs 'Pure Morning'.
Brian said his voice was not 100% so the middle section of the show was not as lively.
The term 'transgender' is everywhere these days but Placebo were there many years before.
Gems like 'Special Needs' , 'Special K' and 'The Bitter End' were played from their 20 year career.
For the encore the band returned with Olsdal carrying a rainbow coloured guitar and they launch into' Nancy Boy' , an acknowledgement to Placebo's roots with the LGBT community. As they play' Infra-red' images of Donald Trump on a cigarette packet appear with the caption 'seriously hurts you and others around you', showing the band still have relevance and mean a lot to alternative communities today.
A great show.
Full Placebo setlist played tonight...
Pure Morning
Loud Like Love
Jesus' Son
Special Needs
Too Many Friends
Twenty Years
I Know
Devil in the Details
Exit Wounds
Protect Me from What I Want
Without You I'm Nothing (with video featuring Placebo playing with David Bowie)
For What It's Worth
Slave to the Wage
Special K
Song to Say Goodbye
The Bitter End
Nancy Boy

Sunday 22 October 2017.
METALLICA live at The 02 Arena, London.
Metallica play five sold out UK shows as part of their European Tour.
This was the first of two London shows at this venue.
I have seen Metallica over a dozen times since 1986 when they played Hammersmith Odeon.
That concert for the classic album 'Master of Puppets' tour has been released by Metallica as a live album.
They will be promoting their recent album 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct' that was released Nov 2016.
The last times I saw Metallica it was indoors in London 2008 and 2009.
This tour is their first indoor UK tour since then.
Since then they have played huge outdoor gigs including Glastonbury, Download,Reading/Leeds Festivals.
Metallica are still one of the biggest live rock acts in the world.
Seeing Metallica outdoors is great but seeing them play indoors is just totally mega.
METALLICA arrived on stage around 8.15pm and played a stunning 2 hours 15 mins show.
I have a perfect seat in Level 1 dead in line with one of the corners of the stage.
The show is 'in the round' with the band playing in the middle of floor standing area.
Several years ago was similar with a rectangle stage and tonight is more of a squared one.
There are eight microphones as the band use them all as they move positions.
A superb stage production with 50 cubes hovering up and down above the stage showing great images and live footage.
We had some flames and pyros on a few songs.
Singer James Hetfield says "we are gonna play a bunch of new stuff and a bunch of old stuff".
Drummer Lars is in the middle and rotates his drum kit every few songs.
Lars talked about coming to play in London at The Marquee Club for the first time in 1984.
They dedicated 'Moth Into Flame' to Amy Winehouse.
For 'Moth Into Flame' we had an amazing visual treat as 50 mini drones (moths) hovered over the stage.
Loads of older colossal rock anthems played in the second half.
A stunning show.
Full Metallica setlist played tonight...
Tape intro - The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone song)
Tape intro - Hardwired intro
Atlas, Rise!
Seek & Destroy
Through the Never
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Now That We're Dead (with extended middle drum solo with all members of the band)
Dream No More
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Halo on Fire (followed by Kirk & Rob's solos incl. London Calling, Immigrant Song and Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth))
Die, Die My Darling (Misfits cover)
Moth Into Flame
Sad but True
Master of Puppets
Damage, Inc.
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman (with 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity' outro)
After the show finished the band spent five minutes milking the applause and throwing out
hundreds of guitar plectrums to the crowd.

Sunday 22 October 2017.
Another sad death to report.
AC/DC producer and Easybeats guitarist George Young has died at the age of 70.
Young, who was the brother of AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus Young, found fame as a member of 1960s group
The Easybeats.
George co-produced AC/DC's early albums, including "TNT", "Dirty Deeds Done Cheap" and "Let There Be Rock". He started his own production company when THE EASYBEATS split in 1970 and was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame in 1988 and again as a member of THE EASYBEATS in 2005. He returned to co-produce AC/DC's 1988 album "Blow Up Your Video" and 2000's "Stiff Upper Lip".

Saturday 21 October 2017.
I am always being asked when are The Sex Pistols playing live again?
To celebrate 40 years of the NMTB album this year would be perfect but it ain't happening.
You can never say never but it looks increasingly unlikely.
This is what guitarist Steve Jones told NME a couple of days ago.
Steve recently said that Sex Pistols would only get back together if they were offered Rolling Stones’ amount of money.
When asked...What else could sway you? Would you want to headline Glastonbury, for example?
“To be honest with you, I wouldn’t even do it for Rolling Stones’ money at this point. I just can’t be bothered. I’m over it, you know? Doing them songs again – yeah, it’d be great to get a bunch of money but it’s just knackered, you know what I mean?”

Friday 20 October 2017.
Suzi Quatro + David Essex + The Osmonds + Hot Chocolate live at Wembley Arena.
Four big name acts from the 1970s play a massive arena show.
There is no way they can fill this 12,500 capacity venue so expect i it to be around 50% sold.
I saw all four of them in their 1970s heyday.
Hot Chocolate had 14 Top 10 hits including a number one.
The Osmonds had 5 Top 10 hits including a number one.
David Essex had 10 Top 10 hits including two number ones.
Suzi Quatro had 5 Top 10 hits including two number ones.
The Osmonds will not have Donny with them on this tour.
Hot Chocolate singer Errol Brown sadly died in May 2015 so they have a lookalike in place.
Lots of unsold tickets tonight but there is still a respectable 6,000 plus folks here at £50 a pop.
All four acts play shorter than usual sets so plenty of hit singles played.
A great evening remembering the fab pop music of the 1970s.
HOT CHOCOLATE arrive on stage at 7.30pm and play for 30 mins.
Their singer really does look and sound like Errol Brown.
Nice to hear their hits again.
Full Hot Chocolate setlist played tonight...
Every 1's a Winner
No Doubt About It
You Could've Been a Lady
So You Win Again
It Started With a Kiss
You Sexy Thing
THE OSMONDS arrive on stage at 8.10pm and play for 30 mins.
Three of the brothers are on stage tonight including Jimmy along with a backing band.
They open with their mega track 'Crazy Horses'.
They are the only act to make use of the big screen by showing excellent 70s video clips.
Full Osmonds setlist played tonight...
Crazy Horses
Down by the Lazy River
The Proud One
Let Me In
One Bad Apple
Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (Jimmy Osmond song)
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (Kelly Gordon cover)
Love Me for a Reason
Goin' Home
DAVID ESSEX arrives on stage at 9.05pm and plays for 40 mins.
In the early 70s boys wanted to be David Essex and the girls wanted to be with him.
Now aged 70, he is going a bit bald and grey these days but the girls are still swooning over him.
I would actually say he is more popular than Suzi Quatro judging by tonight.
His solo tours are much bigger than anything Suzi Quatro does.
Great simple lyrics than everyone can easily sing along to in a very enjoyable set.
Full David Essex setlist played tonight...
Beautiful Day
Hold Me Close
If I Could
Imperial Wizard
Rock On
A Winter's Tale
Oh What a Circus
Gonna Make You a Star
Silver Dream Machine
SUZI QUATRO arrives on stage at 10pm and plays for 50 mins.
Now aged 67 she still looks great in her trademark black jumpsuit.
This image of Suzi certainly made an impression on this 14 year old back in 1973.
Suzi is more livelier than David Essex on stage which is maybe why she headlines.
Full Suzi Quatro setlist played tonight...
The Wild One
Mama's Boy
Tear Me Apart
Stumblin' In
48 Crash
Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young cover)
She's in Love With You
Can the Can
Devil Gate Drive (Suzi on drums for intro )
If You Can't Give Me Love

Thursday 19 October 2017...I went to two events tonight...
6.15pm to 8.45pm
REIGN LONDON - showcase - 217 Piccadilly, London W1.
Reign Club London is the exclusive members nightclub that arrived in London in mid September 2017. It features exquisite interior design built to impress and is located at Piccadilly Circus. In an era where crowds are demanding more from high end nightclubs, Reign guestlist and Reign table booking club fits the bill with a unique premise of being London’s first ‘Showclub’. Reign London was founded by the team behind other successful London high end nightclubs Cirque Le Soir and Drama.
Reign is situated off Piccadilly Circus – the former site of Rah Rah Room, Werewolf and The Pigalle Club.
The venue has been completely revamped and redesigned to fit the ‘Showclub’ description.
Around 200 folks here so there is a nice busy buzzy vibe.
We manage to get seats with a table and a good view of the stage.
The best thing about the refurb is they used to have the stage hidden in a corner but now it's at the far end.
There are a lot of things going on the stage tonight.
We have a four girl burlesque troupe, aerial acts, dancers, fire artists, acrobats and a singer.
There is complimentary presecco, spirits with mixers including JD n cokes,wines, beers and canapés.
The idea was to leave after an hour to catch all of The Corrs show but it was too good to leave early.
THE CORRS live at The Royal Albert Hall, London.
The Corrs play a special one off show to launch their upcoming album.
'Jupiter Calling' is the upcoming seventh album by The Corrs, set to be released on 10 November 2017 by East West Records. It is their first new material in two years, following White Light (2015).
It was produced by T Bone Burnett and recorded at RAK Studios in London.
The Corrs are an Irish band that combine pop rock with traditional Irish themes within their music. The group consists of the Corr siblings, Andrea (lead vocals, tin whistle); Sharon (violin, vocals); Caroline (drums, percussion, piano, bodhrán, vocals) and Jim (guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals). They are from Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland.
They have sold over 40 million albums worldwide in their 25 odd years together.
They have had six Top 10 singles in the UK including a number one with 'Breathless' in 2000.
I have seen them four times before including a charity show at this venue in 2001
with Prince Charles attending.
THE CORRS were on stage for two hours over two sets of 70 mins and 50 mins.
I missed the first set as i was the venue showcase earlier so I just saw the second set.
The three sisters are all looking good in sparkly outfits and full of Irish sweetness.
Singer Andrea Corr is skipping and twirling around the stage.
The set was a mix of older hits and a few tracks off the new album.
The crowd were all up and dancing for the last 30 mins.
An enjoyable show.
Full setlist played tonight...
Bulletproof Love
Forgiven, Not Forgotten
What Can I Do
Road to Eden
Bring On The Night
Son of Solomon
Little Wing (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
Lough Erin Shore
Summer Sunshine
Ellis Island
Dear Life
Joy of Life
Butter Flutter
Only When I Sleep
Queen of Hollywood
White Light
So Young
I Never Loved You Anyway
Encore :
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Toss the Feathers ([traditional Irish folk song instrumental cover)

Wednesday 18 Oct 2017....5pm to 11pm...
THE Q AWARDS 2017 live at The Roundhouse,London.
Stormzy, Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher lead this year’s 2017 Q Awards nominations with three nods each.
All three are up for Best Solo Act, while Liam and Ed will go up against each other in the Best Track category, while Stormzy will face Liam, along with The Killers, Lorde, and Radiohead for Best Live Act.
Kiwi pop queen Lorde, punk-hop heroes Sleaford Mods and rap phenomenon Kendrick Lamar are also up for two awards each, and this year’s ceremony will be Kendrick’s first year nominated.
We arrived at the venue at 5pm just as the 500 guests were finishing their one course main meal.
We join the 50 or so press folks standing at the rear stalls of the venue.
We start on the complimentary 808 Whiskey Cocktails and Red Stripe Lager which flowed all night.
The two big names here tonight are Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher.
From 5.30pm to 6.30pm were the awards...hosted by Absolute Radio dj Christian O'Connell.
All the winners turned up unless stated...
The full list of 2017 Q Award winners...
Breakthrough Act – Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.....presented by Paloma Faith
Best Track – “You’re In Love With A Psycho” – Kasabian.....presented by Biffy Clyro
Best Album – Humanz – Gorillaz.....presented by Benjamin Clementine
Best Live Act – Liam Gallagher.....presented by Richard Ashcroft
Best Solo Artist – Stormzy.....presented by
Best Act In The World Today – Ed Sheeran.....presented by Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones)
Best Film – Bunch Of Kunst (Sleaford Mods).....presented by Tim Burgess (The Charlatans)
Maverick – Viv Albertine (The Slits) (daughter picked it up due to illness).....presented by Don Letts
Innovation in Sound – Wiley.....presented by James Lavelle
Icon – Liam Gallagher...presented by Skepta
Gibson Les Paul Award – Kelley Deal (The Breeders).....presented by The Horrors
Inspiration – Manic Street Preachers.....presented by Welsh actor Michael Sheen.
A nice well deserved full standing ovation for The Manics
Tonight proved that grime really is the new punk rock as both Wiley and Skepta won awards.
Other guests hanging out included Example, George Ezra, Shane Richie and Joshua Kane.
A few folks here I know...I had a quick chat with Don Letts as I have not seen Mick Jones for a while.
Don said 'he is fine but is a bit of a recluse these days by staying in his house'.
Then a big gap as the tables are cleared and taken away as they let folks in to see the gig.
Guests go up to the vip area left side of the balcony for more beers and 808 Whiskey Cocktails.
None of the artists were here as they headed to the press room or left the building.
Dj playing tunes 7pm to 9pm
SLEAFORD MODS arrived on stage at 9pm and played for 30 mins.
Q Magazine and NME have been talking a lot about this band so good to see them for the first time.
Sleaford Mods are an English electronic punk music duo formed in 2007 in Nottingham. The band features vocalist Jason Williamson and, since 2012, musician Andrew Fearn.They are known for their abrasive, minimalist musical style and embittered explorations of austerity-era Britain, culture, and working class life, delivered in Williamson's thick East Midlands accent. The duo have released several albums to critical praise.
They were mildly interesting and a bit different but not really my cup of tea.
MANIC STREET PREACHERS arrived on stage at 9.45pm and played for 75 mins.
The Manics are joined by two extra musicians and a third on some songs.
Each song has a different slogan in big letters on the big screen behind them.
Loads of classic Manic tunes played in a great set.
Full Manics setlist played tonight...
Motorcycle Emptiness
Everything Must Go
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
Walk Me to the Bridge
Kevin Carter
You Stole the Sun From My Heart
A Song for Departure
No Surface All Feeling
Little Baby Nothing (with The Anchoress)
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (streamers fired over the audience)
Faster (Acoustic, First Performance since 2015)
You Love Us
Ocean Spray
Show Me the Wonder
A Design for Life (ticker-tape fired over the audience)

Tuesday 17 October 2017...I went to two events tonight...
JOSS STONE with Live Orchestra live at The Royal Festival Hall, London.
Joss seems to have been around for ages but is still only 30 years old.
Joss Stone rose to fame when she was only 16 with her multi-platinum debut album ‘The Soul Sessions’.
She has sold over 14 million albums worldwide, including five million copies for 'The Soul Sessions'.
Stone never quite reached those heights again. Over the past decade she has engaged herself in a lot of charity events and activities and at some point even considered a career as a midwife.
This was an early start early finish show as Joss was on stage 7.40pm to 9.20pm for 1 hour 40 mins.
Stone performed in a glamorous long navy (Princess Diana type) gown and barefooted.
Joss still has that great voice of hers.
Her show was personal and intimate and she connected well with the older respectable sold out crowd.
Around 25 musicians on stage when you add up orchestra , band and two female backing vocalists.
Joss performed with Burt Bacharach at this venue the last time around and there were a few of his songs
in the set played along with other covers that suited being played with an orchestra.
Joss handed out sunflowers to the crowd at the end.
A very enjoyable show.
Full setlist played tonight...
Walk on By (Burt Bacharach cover)
Close to You (Burt Bacharach cover)
Who's Loving You (The Jackson 5 cover)
The Look of Love (Burt Bacharach cover)
In Between the Heartaches (Burt Bacharach cover)
This Ain't Love
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (Burt Bacharach cover)
Young Hearts Run Free (Candi Staton cover)
Medley - Midnight train to Georgia / I Say a Little Prayer / It's a Man's Man's Man's World
Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' on Me?), Part 1 (Billy "Sugar Billy" Garner cover)
Don't Cha Wanna Ride
You Got the Love (Candi Staton cover)
Dirty Men (Acapella Snippet)
Bruised but Not Broken
Right To Be Wrong
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Carole King cover)
9.45pm to 11.30pm
LARSSON & JENNINGS - 5th anniversary party , Somerset House, Strand, London WC2.
Founded in 2012, Larsson and Jennings is a Swiss Made watch brand reimagining classic design through contemporary craftsmanship and style, creating harmony between art and precision.
Some djs are playing a stint each in this cool edgy basement space with its old exposed brickwork.
MURA MASA was the main dj name here...he had his debut album released in July 2017.
We got here late but there are still 100 guests here.
We were easily the two eldest here but we were one of the last to leave.
Complimentary Smirnoff Vodka & Cokes, Tanqueray Gin & Tonics and snacks for all guests.
www.larssonandjennings.comVisit their website here for more info.

Monday 16 October 2017...I went to two events tonight...
6.30pm to 7.30pm
'Taste : The Secret Meaning Of Things' - book launch party - Christie's ,King Street, St James's, London SW1.
Design-guru Stephen Bayley approaches the thorny and sometimes elitist topic of 'taste' with typical wit,
drawing on his expertise in a number of fields from fashion to food.
A new edition of a classic book, brought into the new millennia by Bayley's concise critique of modern design
How do we define taste? The only certainty is that it shifts and changes - sometimes abruptly. With the explosion of vulgar consumerism in the mid-nineteenth century, the Victorians seized upon the notion of 'good taste' as a way of codifying middle-class mores. A century later, to talk about taste had become almost taboo, since judgments made about dress, manners, food and art can often be painfully revealing. And today?
When this classic text was first published in 1991, Stephen Bayley illuminated the nuances and niceties of our mercurial understanding of taste. In this new edition, he ranges far and wide to bring us exquisitely up to date.
A lot of big name interior designers are here including David Linley (2nd Earl of Snowdon ) and Nicky Haslam.
Sir John Tusa was here ( formerly managing director of the BBC World Service and the Barbican Arts Centre).
The author gave a speech then we had a bit of a random happening as a burlesque dancer did her thing.
Complimentary red & white wines for all guests.
7.45pm to 10pm
THE TRAFALGAR HOTEL - press re-launch party - Spring Gardens ,Trafalgar Square, London SW1..
This four star hotel prides itself on being the only hotel actually on Trafalgar Square.
Welcome to The Trafalgar St. James London, Curio Collection by Hilton.
This luxury hotel blends innovative bold designs and thoughtful service with excellent dining and nightlife, entertaining both international visitors and Londoners under the same roof. The Trafalgar St. James is a true sanctuary to work, rest and play.
Trafalgar guest rooms are chic urban spaces with high ceilings and triple-pane windows for a quiet retreat in the city. Each room is generously sized with a range of amenities to add that something special to your stay, including an LED TV, a tablet for news/information, a Nespresso® coffeemaker, and books and décor that are distinctly London. Upgrade for more space, a seating area with sofa, and superior views over Trafalgar Square, or book one of our signature suites with truly iconic views of the square.
The event was held on the sixth floor where The Rooftop Bar is , open-air but with canopy's and heaters.
Great views of The Trafalgar Square area and further.
We had a couple of speeches and a dj was playing tunes at the far end.
Complimentary Taittinger champers, a choice of three cocktails, wines, beers , bowl food and canapés.
www.curiocollection3.hilton.comVisit their website here for more info.

Sunday 15 October 2017.
Nearly a fortnight ago we got the shock news of Tom Petty's death.
Go on YouTube and check out the following 12 mins plus video of magic.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers halftime show at Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Arizona in 2008.

Saturday 14 October 2017.
THE WEDDING PRESENT + CINERAMA + THE MEMBRANES live at Cadogan Hall, Chelsea,London.
Vocalist and guitarist David Gedge hosted this evening.
He performed with both his bands.....The Wedding Present and Cinerama.
The Wedding Present performs its latest, ninth studio release,' Going, Going…'
I have seen them three or four times with the first time in 1996.
They are best known for their debut album 'George Best ' from 1987 and for releasing twelve 7" singles
for each month in 1992.
Each single had a limited pressing of 10,000 copies which all reached the Top 30 in the U.K. chart, equalling
Elvis Presley's record for the most U.K. Top 30 hits in one year.
As it was a special evening all three bands played with a 12 piece choir and the two headliners
also had a five member string choir and each had films on the big screen throughout their set.
They all sounded great when choir and string section were at full tilt.
THE MEMBRANES played for 50 mins.
They are a post punk band formed by punk rock journo John Robb who has his trademark Mohawk hair.
They split up in 1990 but reformed a few years ago.
A good set that featured their highlight track 'Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder'.
CINERAMA played for 30 mins.
Cinerama originally formed in 1998 while David Gedge was on a break from The Wedding Present.
A good set played including the tracks 'Get Up and Go' and 'Health & Efficiency' .
THE WEDDING PRESENT played for 95 mins.
They play all 20 tracks off their new album 'Going, Going...' and finished with two older tracks.
The new album lyrics and the big screen images came from a road trip across North America.
I preferred the louder songs to the more laid back ones.
It was all filmed for future use.
The band signed CD's in the foyer straight after the show.
A good show
Full setlist played tonight...
Two Bridges
Little Silver
Kill Devil Hills
Broken Bow
Ten Sleep
Santa Monica
Perfect Blue

Friday 13 October 2017.
MARILLION live at The Royal Albert Hall, London....this show sold out months ago...
Marillion play the Royal Albert Hall for the first time, following the release of their 18th studio album.
I saw Marilion many times in the 1980s at Hammersmith Odeon when Fish was their great vocalist.
Fish was the singer with progressive rock band Marillion from 1981 until 1988 then he went solo.
He was replaced by Steve Hogarth who I have seen perform a couple of times with them before
and who still fronts them.
Extra London show added at The Palladium - Tuesday 7th November...and UK tour in 2018.
The venue is totally rammed sold out tonight and there are flags from many different countries.
A major gig by Marillion and the fans know it.
MARILLION are on stage for around a nice long 2 hours 40 mins over two sets of 75 mins and 85 mins.
There is a big screen showing great pre-recorded images and the light show is really good.
There are several film cameras here covering the show and the crowd cheers the intro to every song
and many give a standing ovation to each song at the end.
The first set was their recent album 'F.E.A.R.' and the second set was older material.
Singer Steve Hogarth is engaging with the crowd well.
The guitarist definitely has been influenced by David Gilmore's style of playing.
The crowd were given LED finger lights to use for a couple of songs in the second set.
Not quite as mega when Coldplay did it , but still very impressive visually.
A ticker-tape finale ended a very enjoyable show.
The DVD will look great when it comes out.
All 17 tracks from their recent album 'F.E.A.R.' played.
SECOND SET with six classical musicians on stage with them.
The Space...
Afraid of Sunlight
The Great Escape
Man of a Thousand Faces
Waiting to Happen
The Leavers: V. One Tonight

Friday 13 October 2917.
As expected LIAM GALLAGHER has topped the Official Album Charts with his debut album, As You Were.
The former Oasis front man rose the the top spot with ease, outselling the rest of the Top 10 combined,
and gaining the biggest one-week vinyl sales in over 20 years.
An extensive pr campaign in the build up to its release with Liam seemingly everywhere.
Tv , radio, newspapers , magazines , online, twitter etc.

Friday 13 October 2017.
Happy Birthday to Paul Simon who is 76 today.

Thursday 12 October 2017...I went to two events today...
4.30pm to 6pm
ESQUIRE TOWNHOUSE with DIOR - 10 - 11 Carlton Park Terrace, London SW1.
With striking period features, Carlton House Terrace was designed by architect John Nash.
Once the former residence of Prime Minister William Gladstone and overlooking St James’s Park, Whitehall and the Mall.
Esquire, the luxury men’s magazine brand, announces the return of Esquire Townhouse, with Dior confirmed as headline sponsor for the second consecutive year.
Taking place from 12-15 October, the four-day luxury brand experience will once again take over London’s 10-11 Carlton Terrace with a curation of live talks, interviews and masterclasses showcasing the very best in the world of style, sport, TV, technology, travel, food and film.
Activity planned for the event includes a talk with Russell Brand, an audience with Sir Geoff Hurst, an evening with Steven Knight and Cillian Murphy, an interview with Paul Smith, a ‘What I’ve Learned’ session with Mark Cavendish and a ‘My Life in Books’ talk with Alan Hollinghurst. The Townhouse will also host a series of wine tastings, supper clubs and fitness classes with leading trainers from Equinox, Third Space, Barry’s Bootcamp, F45, BXR and Triyoga. In addition to offering ticketed events, the Townhouse will be the ultimate pop-up members club for the Esquire audience.
LEXUS are showcasing half a dozen luxury cars outside the venue.
DOIR SAUVAGE have a stand showing their fragrances.
LEON are handing out complimentary coffees and chocs.
The highlight for me was RUFFIANS top notch barbers who are here offering a quality complimentary trim cut.
They are highly rated by Esquire and you can see why.
TOMMY did a great trim on me and offered friendly and knowledgable advice.
They have five branches in prime locations...
Shoreditch - 46/48 Rivington Street, London EC2.
Marylebone - 63 Wigmore Street, London W1.
Covent Garden - 27 Maiden Lane, London WC2.
Liberty Store - London W1.
Edinburgh - 23 Queensferry Street , Edinburgh. the Ruffians website here for more info. the Esquire website here for more and to get tickets.
6.30pm to 12pm
THE BOTANIST - re-opening party - 7 Sloane Square , Chelsea, London SW1.
Very popular bar near Sloane Square tube station re-opens after a 10 week refurbishment by owners ETM.
Russell Sage Studio, the designers behind ETM’s Aviary, Greenwood and Botanist Broadgate Circle, as well as the Zetter Townhouse, Savoy Grill and Social Eating House, will create a new design featuring a focal 45-seater bar with an expansive brass overhead display.
A colour palette of navy, green and rose has been introduced, while the site’s heritage is acknowledged through prints and bespoke botanical tiles inspired by physician, naturalist and collector Sir Hans Sloane, whose collection providing the foundation for the British Museum.
Tom Martin, director at ETM Group, said: “The Botanist was one of our first ETM venues and is a much-loved piece of the Sloane Square landscape. As we enter our 10th year of trading, we feel it is a great time to revitalise one of our most successful venues, ensuring it continues to thrive by providing our loyal customers with a current and engaging offer.”
Around 150 guests here who I presume are regulars including a couple of Made In Chelsea girls.
There were stilt-walkers outside the bar as you came in and a dj was playing tunes.
We got here on time and like yesterday grabbed a nice table for four as friends came and went.
It was very lively and buzzy with a full complimentary bar of anything you wanted.
There was champers , four of their own cocktails, Jack Daniels n coke, whiskey sours, espresso cocktails etc
and lots of tasty food with my fave being the fried chicken.
Just two minutes from The Cadogan Hall so perfect to pop in here before or after a show there.
We left at midnight and it was still going strong as it was a 1am finish.
A great party. The Botanist website here for full info.

Thursday 12 October 2017.
Happy Birthday to Dave Vanium from The Damned who is 61 today.

Wednesday 11 October 2017...6.30pm to 11.30pm...
CANTINA LAREDO - re-opening launch party - at 10 Upper St Martins Lane, London WC2.
Mexican restaurant and bar near Stringfellow's opens after a refurbishment.
Traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist, with signature choice of eight different guacamoles.
Along with a variety of Tequila cocktails.
We got there as it opened so grabbed a table opposite the dj corner.
Around 200 folks here and it was pretty amazing how it stayed a full on buzzy party vibe all night.
Guests here included Cleo Rocos (from The Kenny Everett show who fronts her own Tequila brand),
Jo Wood, Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud), Una Healy (The Saturdays), Lottie Moss and Tallia Storm.
Also Professor Green, Jamie Winstone , Alistair Guy and model Winnie Harlow were here.
Daisy Lowe turned up at 10pm...probably after attending another event.
Folks chatting loudly over the four djs playing an hour set each of tunes.
At 9.15pm fashion designer Pam Hogg took over the dj duties for an hour.
She played a few Blondie tracks as she is good mates with Debbie Harry.
Lots of complimentary drinks and food as a choice of six tequila cocktails, wines,
Mexican beers and a full range of Mexican food.
A great party. their website here for more info.

Wednesday 11 October 2017.
Happy Birthday to football legend Sir Bobby Charlton who is 80 today.
Happy Birthday to QPR football legend Rodney Marsh who is 73 today.
Happy Birthday to actress Dawn French who is 60 today.

Tuesday 10 October 2017...I went to three events tonight...
6.45pm to 9pm
THE FRAGRANCE FOUNDATION - 25th anniversary party - RSM, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1.
We are at The Royal Society of Medicine building.
The Fragrance Foundation UK is a non-profit making educational organisation setting standards of
excellence for the fragrance industry in the UK.
Their Mission: To expand the appreciation, enjoyment, use and sale of fragrances amongst all people.
Around 200 folks here with maybe 75% females as expected.
Complimentary Harrods champers,wines, beers and canapés before and after the speeches and videos.
All guests got a small goodie bag. the Fragrance Foundation website here for more info.
9.45pm to 11pm
YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - opening night party - The Crypt, Trafalgar Square, London WC2.
The main event was held earlier at The Garrick Theatre.
Young Frankenstein is a 1974 American comedy horror film directed by Mel Brooks and starring Gene Wilder as the title character, a descendant of the infamous Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
It is now on stage in The West End and the legend that is MEL BROOKS age 91...yes 91
is here on the opening night as he has been overseeing rehearsals.
Over 300 guests here in this basement venue.
Leslie Joseph (looking great for 71) and Ross Noble are here as they star in this stage version.
Both Leslie Joseph's 'Birds Of A Feather' pals are here - Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke.
As expected there are lots of celebrity faces here including Dame Joan Collins ,Elaine Paige, Tim Michin,
Paul Merton,Katherine Ryan,Debbie McGee,Don Black, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Alan Yentob,
Maureen Lipman,Christopher Biggins, Anita Dobson, Kate Garraway and a few others.
Complimentary prosecco, wines,beers and canapés for all guests.
11.10pm to 12.10pm
8 Northumberland Avenue , London WC2.
Around 200 guests are here at the after party downstairs but all the celeb faces have departed.
The celebs want their photos taken by the many photographers waiting outside the venue.
Celebs including host Rylan Clark-Neal and Spencer Matthews were leaving as we were arriving.
Others that were here earlier at the dinner included Twiggy, Vogue Williams, Joel Dommett, Lisa Snowdon, Nadine Coyle, Prue Leith, Martin Kemp and his son Roman. The event was not without drama as Rylan Clarke-Neal and Chris Hughes fell out after Hughes's girlfriend and Love Island co-star Olivia Attwood called the presenter 'Katie Price's lap dog'.
There was a dj and it was lively as guests were dancing.
A complimentary bar so I had a couple of rum and cokes...also desserts and ice-cream were here.
A nice goodie bag with half a dozen items including a seven pack set of socks from designer JEFF BANKS.

Tuesday 10 October 2017.
Happy Birthday to Midge Ure who is 64 today.
He is currently on a massive month long UK tour.

Monday 09 October 2017...7.15pm to 12pm...
BMI LONDON AWARDS live at The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London W1.
BMI LONDON AWARDS: Annual London ceremony which recognises European songwriters and publishers of top songs played on US radio and TV in the past year. Legendary songwriter and lead singer of Jamiroquai, Jay Kay will receive the President’s Award in recognition of his profound influence on songwriting within the music industry.
I have been to this awards event a few times with past President's Award winners including
John Lydon, Yoko Ono and last year was Sting.
Arrived at 7.15pm for an hour of complimentary Laurent Perrier champers reception at this five star hotel.
TITO JACKSON was here as he is in the UK to promote his new solo album and he picked up an award later.
I had a nice chat with him and got a photo with him.
FOALS are here as they picked up an award later.
JAY KAY arrived late with two personal security guys staying close all through the night.
Not sure why security stayed so close when it was an invite only private music industry event.
I got my photo taken with him.
From 8.15pm to 10pm was the three course dinner for the 300 guests.
We were part of the 20 or 30 press folks standing at the back and just outside the main room with champers.
At 10pm some 30 awards are handed out quickly to songwriters and publishers.
Ed Sheeran won two but sent a video message from Nashville.
At 10.40pm there was a 10 mins video highlights of Jamiroquai's career.
Jamiroquai have sold 27 million albums worldwide.
Jay Kay then gave a thank you speech.
At 10.50pm Jamiroquai played a two song semi-acoustic set with the full band.
'Love Foolosophy' and 'Space Cowboy'.
From 11pm was the post show party with full complimentary bar including Jack Daniels and Baileys.
An excellent event.