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Monday 30 December 2019.
I went to an incredible 172 live music events & gigs in 2019.
This makes the grand total of 7054 gigs seen by me since 1973.
Loads of great gigs not on this list but here are my stand out Top 20 gigs of 2019...
There are are various reasons why a show can be great , it's just my personal choice.
Gun Control - The Rocket Pub, Acton - Gun Control with me on drums played two great gigs in 2019.
People dancing and enjoying our original songs is always pretty special.
Gold Medal...
Best live band of the year - KISS - Birmingham Arena 09 July and 02 Arena 11 July.
Silver Medal runners-up were...
Stranglers + Rich Kids + Suzi Quatro + Barrie Masters + Glen Matlock --- Islington Academy, 27 March.
Sting with Shaggy --- Roundhouse, 19 May.
Lenny Kravitz --- Wembley Arena , 10 June.
Metallica + Ghost --- Twickenham Stadium , 20 June.
The Who + Eddie Vedder + Kaiser Chiefs --- Wembley Stadium, 06 July.
Alice Cooper + Stranglers --- 02 Arena , 10 October.
Bronze Medal...
Tina Turner - The Musical --- Aldwych Theatre, 04 Feb.
Mott The Hoople --- Shepherds Bush Empire, 26/27 April.
Liam Gallagher --- Round Chapel, Hackney, 05 June.
Fleetwood Mac + Pretenders --- Wembley Stadium, 16 June.
Bon Jovi + Manic Street Preachers --- Wembley Stadium , 21 June.
Eagles + Sheryl Crow --- Wembley Stadium , 23 June.
Pink --- Wembley Stadium ,29/30 June. (Pink flying around Wembley Stadium on a zip-wire was the best visual of the year)
Nile Rodgers & Chic --- Royal Festival Hall, 04 August.
Prophets Of Rage --- Shepherds Bush Empire , 11 August.
Psychedelic Furs --- Roundhouse, 12 October.
The Damned --- Palladium , 28 October.
Suede + Pretenders --- Shepherds Bush Empire, 20 Nov.
Ronnie Wood Band --- Shepherds Bush Empire , 21 Nov.
Madness --- Roundhouse, 15 Dec/17 Dec.

I went to an incredible 148 live music events & gigs in 2018.
This makes the grand total of 6880 gigs seen by me since 1973.
Here are the stand out Top dozen gigs of 2018 for me...
Gun Control - The Rocket Pub, Acton - 10 Nov 2018.
Gun Control with me on drums played our first gig in 36 years.
Rolling Stones - London Stadium - 22/25 May 2018.
The four main members have a combined age of nearly 300 years but are still fantastic live.
U2 - 02 Arena - 23 Oct 2018...a totally mega stage production from these Irish legends.
Paul McCartney - 02 Arena - 16 Dec 2018...a stunning three hour show from this Beatles legend...
Foo Fighters - London Stadium - 22 June 2018...The Foo's played a perfect stadium show.
Def Leppard + Cheap Trick - 02 Arena 06 Dec 2018 and Wembley Arena 18 Dec 2018.
This pairing of classic rock bands was the best double bill of the year.
Steven Tyler - Forum - 07 Aug 2018...debut UK solo show that was a short but very sweet 80 mins.
Queen with Adam Lambert - 02 Arena - 02 July 2018...Queen are still amazing even without Freddie.
Iron Maiden - 02 Arena - 10 Aug 2018...British Rock Legends still on top form.
Kylie Minogue -02 Arena - 27 Sept 2018 - a dazzling show by this Aussie pop Princess.
Nile Rodgers & Chic - Serpentine Gallery Summer Party - 19 June 2019 - front row dance party.
Roger Waters - Hyde Park - 06 July 2018 - Pink Floyd legend with a visual treat.

I went to an incredible 178 live music events & gigs in 2017.
This makes the grand total of 6731 gigs seen by me since 1973.
Best gig of 2017 for me was...
I am a bit biased but KISS at The 02 Arena on 31 May 2017 was the perfect live music day.
First i was one of just 100 guests at 5pm to see the band play a 30 mins semi-acoustic set without make-up
in the backstage area of The 02 Arena and later on it was the full bells & whistles of their superb stage show.
Loads of other great bands and gigs seen but these were the other mega stand out gigs of 2017 for me...
Black Sabbath - 02 Arena - 29 Jan 2017.
The Who - Royal Albert Hall - 30 March and 01 April 2017.
Sting - Hammersmith Apollo - 09 April 2017.
Guns N Roses - London Stadium - 16 June 2017.
U2 - Twickenham Stadium - 08 July 2017.
Metallica - 02 Arena - 22 Oct and 24 Oct 2017.
U2 - Trafalgar Square - 11 November 2017.
And following close behind , these great shows made up my Top 20 gigs of 2017.
Stiff Little Fingers - The Forum - 10 March 2017.
The Alarm - Electric Ballroom - 20 May 2017.
Phil Collins - Royal Albert Hall - 04/05 June and 26/27 November 2017.
Green Day - Hyde Park - 01 July 2017.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Hyde Park - 09 July (Tom's last ever show in Europe)
Robert Plant & The Sensational Shape Shifters - BBC Maida Vale Studios - 06 October 2017.
Prophets of Rage - The Forum - 13 November 2017.
Alice Cooper / The Tubes - Wembley Arena - 16 Nov 2017.(Alice band members from 70s joined him)
Deep Purple / Europe - 02 Arena - 23 November 2017.
Kasabian - 02 Arena - 02 December 2017.
Queen + Adam Lambert - 02 Arena - 12 December 2017.
Prodigy - Brixton Academy - 21 December 2017.

This gig was my 6800th live show seen since 1973....
Sunday 24 June 2018.
The Cure live at The Royal Festival Hall, London.
The Cure played a special show to celebrate the end of
Robert Smith as curator for The Meltdown Festival.
A very nice 2 hours 30 mins set.

In October 2016 The Roundhouse in London celebrated it's 50th anniversary.
They will launch a special website to celebrate their history.
I did an audio interview with them in September talking mainly around the 20 plus gigs I saw there
from 1976 to 1978 before it closed down for over 15 years.
These gigs included the first UK shows by Patti Smith and The Ramones in 1976.
Also meeting Sid Vicious at a Ramones gig who told me about The Pistols Jubilee Boat gig in June 1977.
There is a photo of my diary covering 5/6/7 June 1977.
Enter Roundhouse in my venues search menu to get the full list.
UPDATE on 18 Oct 2016.
The 23 mins interview is now up on their website within the 'Birth of Punk' section...6500 gigs and counting,..
Also drill down in the biography to see my recent picture taken with Lionel Richie.
50.roundhouse.org.ukVisit The Roundhouse CELEBRATING 50 YEARS website here.

2013 was the 40th anniversary of my first ever gig in 1973.
1.Slade Geordie Suzi Quatro (Pop Party) Brands Hatch Racetrack,Kent 12.08.1973 No singing just personal appearance. I can remember picking up all these Chris Jagger singles that the promo girl threw out the window.
This was a Radio Luxembourg Fun Day Out.
Slade were massive at this time and it was the first public appearance by drummer Don Powell after up his near fatal car accident.
Geordie had Brian Johnson on vocals before he went on join AC/DC when Bon Scott died.
2.Wizzard + Raymond Froggart Hammersmith Palais, London 11.09.1973 First ever proper live concert. We met the band upstairs in the circle after the show for autographs.
3.Mott The Hoople + Queen Hammersmith Odeon, London 14.12.1973
My first of over 2000 shows at this venue.
Whatever happened to the support band?

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30 December 2016.
My fave Gigs & Events summary of 2016.
I went to 149 gigs in 2016 which brings the grand total to 6552 gigs seen by me since 1973.
Too many great gigs seen by me this year but I will mention 21 that stood out.
1.The best gig of 2016 was Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band live at Wembley Stadium on June 04.
A stunning 3 hours 30 mins on stage with a great view in the gold circle front of stage area.
2.David Gilmour live at The Royal Albert Hall.
I went to three of his shows with the one on 24 April an incredible front row centre seat.
3.AC/DC with Axl Rose live at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on June 05.
AC/DC have had a turbulent year but Axl Rose did a brilliant job on those classic songs.
4.Iggy Pop live at The Royal Albert Hall on 13 May.
4.The Who live at Wembley Arena on 13 Feb.
4.Muse live at The 02 Arena on 12 April.
4.Brian Wilson live at The Palladium on 22 May.
4.Alice Cooper live at The 02 Arena on 18 June.
4.Rich Kids + The Professionals live at The Islington
Academy on 23 June.
4.Whitesnake + Thin Lizzy + Europe live at The Ramblin' Man Festival,Maidstone on 23 July.
4.Elton John + Madness + Status Quo live at Hyde Park on 02 Sept.
4.Paul Simon live at The Royal Albert Hall.
Both shows seen on 07 and 08 Nov.
4.Kylie Minogue live at The Royal Albert Hall.
Both shows seen on 09 Dec and 10 Dec.
14.Bill Wyman 80th Birthday Gala Concert live at Indigo.
Loads of guest singers including three songs by Robert Plant,three by Van Morrison,three by Mark Knopfler.
14.Chic feat Nile Rogers live at Hammersmith Apollo on
23 Dec.
14.Cure live at Wembley Arena 02 Dec.
14.Rod Stewart live at The 02 Arena on 12 Dec.
14.Placebo live at Wembley Arena on 15 Dec.
14.Lionel Richie live at The 02 Arena on 02 July.
14.Bryan Adams live at The 02 Arena on 07 May.
14.The Damned live at The Royal Albert Hall on 20 May.
The Damned played their longest ever show to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Also over 100 non live music events attended by me in 2016 including product launches,restaurant launches,bar launches,store launches, summer parties,
gallery private views,fashion shows,theatre first nights,awards shows etc.


My best gigs and events in 2015...
Another great year as London was totally buzzing.
I went to 146 gigs in 2015 bringing my total to 6403 gigs seen by me since 1973.
On top of the gigs there was even more product launches,restaurant launches,bar launches,store launches,
gallery private views,fashion shows,theatre first nights,awards shows etc.
I will highlight a few of my faves here which could be for a variety of reasons...
My Top 20 gigs of 2015
1.Paul McCartney live at The 02 Arena on May 23 and 24.
Macca was my gig of the year with a lengthy setlist played each night with loads of Beatles classics played.
2.Prince live at Koko on 02 Feb.
A Prince secret gig.I was in balcony box vip area with freebie champers all night.
3.U2 live at The 02 Arena on Oct 29,Oct 30 and Nov 03.
Three mega shows with a stunning stage production and loads of great tunes.
4.KISS + Motley Crue + Slash + Billy Idol live at Download Festival on June 04.
The best bill of the year even though the big outdoor venue was not to my liking.
5.AC/DC live at Wembley Stadium on July 04.
A mega show by AC/DC even though the big outdoor venue not to my liking.
6.The Who live at the 02 Arena March 22 and The Royal Albert Hall on March 26.
Two brilliant shows but the Hyde Park show on June 26 not as good as outdoors.
7.David Gilmour live at The Royal Albert Hall on Sept 23 and 25 and Oct 03.
Three superb shows by DG with half the setlist Pink Floyd classics.
8.Rod Stewart & The Faces live in Surrey Sept 05 and Rod Stewart live at Hyde Park Sept 13.
Rod plays his first proper show with The Faces for over 30 years.
9.Motley Crue + Alice Cooper live at Wembley Arena on Nov 06.
Motley Crue play their last ever UK show with a stunning stage show and great support act.
10.Def Leppard + Whitesnake + Black Star Riders live at Wembley Arena on Dec18.
A fantastic three band classic rock package.
11.Queen with Adam Lambert live at Wembley Arena on Feb 24.
11.Sham 69 live at The 100 Club on Feb 27.
11.Fleetwood Mac live at The 02 Arena on June 27.
11.Lionel Richie live at The Henley Festival on July 09.
11.Scorpions + Saxon + Blue Oyster Cult live at Mote Park,Maidstone on July 25.
11.Jeff Lynne's ELO live at Porchester Hall on June 09.
11.Simple Minds + Stranglers live at The 02 Arena on Nov 26.
11.Judas Priest + Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock live at Brixton Academy on Dec 01.
11.Prodigy + Public Enemy live at Wembley Arena on Dec 05.
11.Kylie Minogue live at The Royal Albert Hall on Dec 11.
Special mention to all these bands i saw who played their first shows in London for over 30 years.
Rod Stewart & The Faces live at Hurtwood Park Polo Club,Surrey on Sept 05.
The Professionals live at The 100 Club on Oct 19.
Cherie Currie live at The Underworld,Camden on Nov 18.
Bay City Rollers live at Hammersmith Apollo on Dec 30.
Other great live bands just outside the Top 20 included 999,Slipknot,Jefferson Starship,Elbow ,Kaiser Chiefs,
Spandau Ballet,Stereophonics,Placebo,Korn,Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds,Saxon,UDO,Michael Monroe,
System Of A Down,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Status Quo - Aquostic,Nick Cave,Mike + The Mechanics,Eric Clapton,
Mark Knopfler,Toto,Glen Matlock,Beach Boys,The Professionals,Cherie Currie,Tony Bennett with Lady Gaga,
FFS,Richie Ramone,Morrissey,Public Image Limited,Leo Sayer,Mercury Rev,Tom Jones,Squeeze,
Bob Dylan and his band - 2 shows,Sunshine Of Your Love- Jack Bruce tribute evening,Godfathers,
ZZ Top,Thunder,Pet Shop Boys,Chaka Khan,Pete Townshend Quadrophenia Live,Nazareth,Monkees,
New Order,Bryan Ferry,Ronnie Spector,Waterboys,Duran Duran,Bay City Rollers, Bryan Adams,
Bernard Fowlers Allstars feat Glen Matlock,Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor,
Ronnie Wood book launch and QnA,an evening with Al Pacino,Joe Strummer Foundation event with
Jools Holland,Glen Matlock,Mick Jones,Chrissie Hynde,Suggs and others.
Also NME Awards,Warner Music Brit Awards afterparty,Q Awards,BMI Awards,
Top 6 other events that were not gigs...
1.Tom Ford 'Noir' fragrance launch party at The Chiltern Firehouse,Marylebone on 12 Jan...10.30pm to 2.30am..
A mega party at this celebrity haunt with a full open bar and great food and lots of celebs and nice goodie bag.
Celebs included Graham Norton,Paloma Faith,Lily Allen,Dermot O'Leary and Alexa Chung.
2.Harvey Weinstein BAFTA afterparty at Rosewood Hotel,Holborn on Feb 08...11.45pm to 4.30am...
A-list film producer hosts a massive party for 500 guests with a full open bar including champers and lots of great food.
Celebs included many actors plus Noel Gallagher,Kasabian,Nick Cave and others.
3.Mademoiselle Prive x Chanel exhibition preview at Saatchi Gallery,Chelsea on Oct 12...7.45pm to 12.30 pm...
A much bigger event than expected with 500 guests with a full open bar including champers and nice food.
The djs were Lily Allen and Jarvis Cocker.
Guests included Karl Lagerfeld,Rita Ora,Vanessa Paradis and Lily Rose Depp.
Cara Delevingne and St Vincent sung a few songs.
4.Sushisamba 3rd birthday at Sushisamba,Bishopsgate,London EC2 on Nov 10...9pm to 12.30pm...
A massive party for over 700 folks over floors 38,39 and 40 of this skyscraper by Liverpool Street station.
A full open bar including champers and lots of nice food and Grace Jones sung four songs.
5.Sunday Times Style Magazine Party at Tramp,Jermyn Street,London W1 on Dec 09...9pm to 2am...
Like last year this was a very lively party for over 300 folks at this famous club.
A full open bar including champers and lots of nice food.
Lots of dancing and a few celebs here including Graham Norton and Erin O'Connor.
6.Lanesborough Hotel re-launch party,Knightsbridge,London SW1 on Nov 25...6.15pm to 10.30pm...
Which is London's poshest hotel? The Ritz,The Dorchester,Claridge's...or maybe it's The Lanesborough.
Where as the other hotels hold events The Lanesborough rarely gets involved.
It it is super posh in here with an army of staff fussing over
the 300 folks here.
A full open bar including champers and lots of lovely food in this amazing hotel.
Best new bar opening of 2015
Drake & Morgan , 6 Pancras Square,London N1.
Location is by St Pancras/Kings Cross.
A huge bar with a great vibe, great drinks ,great food,great staff,a dance floor and alfresco area.

28 December 2014...Top 20 gigs of 2014...
Another great year for live music as I went to 153 gigs as
well as loads of other good events.
My gig total is now 6256 since 1973.
Remember it is just my personal view of the gig which could be for many reasons including mega stage production,I was near the front,one of my fave artists etc.
1.Prince live at The Roundhouse on 04 June.
Two shows of two hours each with slightly different setlists
by Prince on the same night has to be the gig of the year plus his shows I saw at Shepherds Bush Empire and Birmingham Arena were also mega.
2.Kylie Minogue live at The 02 Arena 29 Sept.
A mega production and party atmosphere for this stunning show.Also the up close gig at The Grosvenor House Hotel on 15 May was also top notch.
Lots of costume changes and a totally visually mega show.
3.Lady Gaga live at The 02 Arena on 25 Oct.
A massive stage production with walkways over the floor standing areas that were used throughout the show.
Like Kylie a full on party atmosphere with loads of costume changes and the wow factor.
4.Black Sabbath + Soundgarden live at Hyde Park 04 July.
Mega anthems from the rock legends.
5.Aerosmith + Joe Bonamassa + Richie Sambora + Thunder live at Clapham Common 28 June.
Steven Tyler and co played the perfect show.
6.Peter Gabriel live at Wembley Arena on 03 Dec.
An incredible show of top quality.
7.Foo Fighters + Kaiser Chiefs live at Invictus Games Closing Ceremony at The Queen Elizabeth Park on
14 Sept.Foo Fighters are always mega live plus support from Kaiser Chiefs was a great double bill.
Amazing atmosphere here with disabled athletes everywhere who had competed in the games itself.
8.Kate Bush live at Hammersmith Apollo on 20 Sept.
Without doubt it was the hottest gig ticket of the year.
It was incredible to see her play live again as I saw here at the same venue in 1979 on her last tour.
It was a quality show but she left out a few of her main songs that I would have preferred her to play.
9.Rod Stewart live at The Hilton Hotel,Park Lane,London
on 09 July.One of those shows were I got very close to the stage ending up just a few feet from Rod playing a great hour of classic hits.
10.Kaiser Chiefs live at The Hard Rock Cafe,London on
14 May.Another in yer face gig as just 150 folks here with a very lively set by the band and free booze and food all night for this invite only gig for a radio station.
11.Those just outside the Top 10 included Depeche Mode,
Wilko Johnson with Roger Daltrey,Blondie,Sex Pistols Experience,Steel Panther,Suede,Status Quo(Frantic Four original line up),Deep Purple,Manic Street Preachers,
Foreigner,Europe,Elbow,Chas and Dave,Courtney Love,
Arcade Fire,The Eagles,Stevie Wonder,Coldplay,
Libertines,Neil Young And Crazy Horse,Franz Ferdinand,
Blink 182,Matlock-Phantom-Slick,Janes Addiction,
Ray Davies,Placebo,Lenny Kravitz,Buzzcocks,
Yusuf-Cat Stevens,Boomtown Rats,Damned,Billy Idol,
Damon Albarn & The Heavy Seas,Jack White,Bryan Adams,Slash,Public Image Limited,The Cure.
Special mention to The Cure for playing the longest shows of the year.Their Royal Albert Hall Show was
a mental 3 hour 33 mins and the two shows at Hammersmith Apollo were both over three hours.
Also AC/DC video shoot on 04 Oct was a good one.
It was for the track 'Rock or Bust' at Black Island Studios in West London.
Loads of other great shows were not in my main list.
There were plenty of new restaurants and bars opening in 2014 along with other good regular events.
Without doubt the venue of the year was The Chiltern Firehouse Restaurant and Bar in Marylebone.
Since it opened at the start of 2014 it has wiped the floor with the competition and has been a regular celeb haunt and place to be seen at and pretty impossible to get a reservation for dinner with a waiting list of a few months.
Unless if course you have celeb credentials.
The dj booth at The Chiltern Firehouse has an old school record player so only vinyl gets played.
The Chiltern Firehouse hosted the best party of 2014.
Here are the best parties I went to...
1.Mario Testino 60th birthday party at The Chiltern Firehouse....see the full review I did of it below...
2.Harvey Weinstein BAFTA party at The Rosewood Hotel
featuring The Rolling Stones backing singer Lisa Fischer
playing live and freebie booze and food.
Loads of celebs including Leonardo DiCaprio ,Oprah Winfrey,Naomi Campbell,Noel Gallagher and more.
3.Warner Music BRIT Awards afterparty at The Savoy Hotel featuring Nile Rodgers playing live.
Loads of celebs and freebie booze and food.
4.Sepentine Gallery Summer Party featuring Pharrell
Williams playing live.
Loads of celebs and freebie booze and food.
5.Pradasphere launch party at Harrods in the evening then the afterparty at The Chiltern Firehouse.
Loads of celebs and freebie booze and food.
11.45pm to 6am...29 Oct 2014...
Mario Testino - 60th birthday party at Chiltern Firehouse, 1 Chiltern Street, London, W1.
This was a mega bash for sure as one of the worlds top photographers has hired out
the number one most coolest and most talked about venue in London for his 60th birthday.
He has taken over all of the venue so 300 folks here.
A full complimentary bar including champers until 6am---and yes we stayed until the end.
Lots of nice food from the kitchen too.
Mario Testino held court in a white tux, surrounded by fashionable friends including Kate Moss,Naomi Campbell,Jade Jagger,Valentino, Nicky Haslam, Hugh Grant, Tom Parker Bowles and Stella McCartney. Sienna Miller, Rita Ora and Poppy Delevingne got into the Cuban theme donning Hispanic red dresses, while Keira Knightley, Suki Waterhouse, Eva Herzigova and Clara Paget added even more glamour to the evening. Stylish couples Mark Ronson and Josephine De La Baume and David Walliams and Lara Stone were also among A list revellers.
Nick Rhodes looked great in a gangster suit.
The event was a 10pm start and I got there at 11.45pm but missed Kylie Minogue coming
out of a cake to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Mario.I think Kylie left early as I did not see her at all.
I got my photo taken with Noel Gallagher and had a nice chat to Yasmin Le Bon who said she was 50 today.
She still looks fantastic.
At 2am I noticed the bar tab had risen past 27,000.
Pictures of Mario from all stages of his life on the walls in the basement area.
There was a dj in one room all night and at 1am a fun 30 mins drag show was in another room.
I think Noel Gallagher left around 3am.
At 4am folks sang 'Happy Birthday' to Mario as he cut the cake with Naomi Campbell,Jade Jagger,
Yasmin Le Bon and Rita Ora all nearby.
Some stayed later than others.Mario Testino and Philip Treacy were here until 6am like us with 30 others.
Some celebs were staying here as it is also a hotel.
A totally mega party.

29 December 2013....Top 10 gigs of 2013....
Another really great year for live music as i attended 181 live music events.
My gig total now reads 6102 since 1973.
1.Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band,Millenium Stadium,Cardiff and their amazing 3 hours 30 mins show on 23 July with the roof closed and the stage moved forward for a more intimate setting was the best gig of the year for me.Even better than the London show i went to.
2.Rolling Stones live at Hyde Park.
I went to both shows on 06 July and 13
July.Both were just fantastic.
The Stones really lived up to the hype.
The dvd of the shows is a must buy.
3.Black Sabbath live at The 02 Arena 10 Dec.The metal legends on top form.
4.Bon Jovi live at Hyde Park 05 July.
So many great catchy singalong gems in their mammoth 2 hours 55 mins on stage.
I also saw their Isle Of Wight Fest gig.
5.The Killers live at Hammersmith Apollo
06 Nov.A lethal greatest hits set from The Killers in this small for them gig.
I also saw them headline Wembley Stadium and Isle Of Wight Festival.
6.Status Quo live at Hammersmith Apollo 15 and 16 March.Quo back with the original Frantic Four members were just mega.
The Wembley Arena show 17 March was good but The Hammersmith shows were the best.
7.The Who live at Wembley Arena 08 July.
A superb show from these rock legends.
8.Roger Waters live at Wembley Stadium 14 Sept.A totally mega production.
9.Stone Roses + Public Image Limited + Johnny Marr live at Finsbury Park 08 June.A mega trio of bands.I also saw Stone Roses at The Isle Of Wight Fest.
10.Muse live at Emirates Stadium 26 May.