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Gig List: 1977

# Band(s) Venue Date Rating Comments
220HookerFulham Greyhound Pub ,London09.01.19777
221Hammersmith GorillazNashville Pub, London13.01.19777.5
222James Brown Hammersmith Odeon, London14.01.19778
223Rod StewartKesington Olympia, London15.01.19779.5
224Damned,BoysRoxy Club. London17.01.19779.5first gig I went to at this punk club
225Rory Gallagher Hammersmith Odeon, London19.01.19778
226Hammersmith GorillazNashville Pub, London20.01.19777
227ChicagoHammersmith Odeon, London26.01.19778
228John Miles ( BBC TV Special at Golders Green )Hippodrome , London27.01.19778.5
229MotorheadMarquee Club, London28.01.19778
230Lynyrd Skynyrd,CloverRainbow Theatre, London29.01.19779.5
231Damned,RejectsRoxy Club. London31.01.19779.5first of 5 Damned mondays at roxy club
232Todd RundgrenNew Victoria Theatre, London01.02.10778
233Manhatten Transfer (BBC TV Special)Shepherds Bush Empire, London07.02.19778
234Bryan Ferry AllstarsRoyal Albert Hall, London08.02.19779chris spedding on guitar
235Frank ZappaHammersmith Odeon, London10.02.19777
236Abba Royal Albert Hall, London14.02.10779
237Eddie And The Hot Rods,Ultravox Rainbow Theatre, London19.02.19779
238Damned,Johnny MopedRoxy Club. London21.02.19779
239Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex)Marquee Club, London23.02.19778
240Gallagher And Lyle (BBC TV Special at Golders Green)Hippodrome , London24.02.19777
241Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,Siouxsie And The BansheesRoxy Club. London02.03.19779
242Cherry Vanillas Police,ChelseaRoxy Club. London03.03.19778
243Ted Nugent,Steve Gibbons Band Hammersmith Odeon, London05.03.19779.5
244Ted Nugent,Steve Gibbons Band Hammersmith Odeon, London06.03.19779.5
245Iggy Pop,VibratorsRainbow Theatre, London07.03.19779david bowie was on keyboards
246AC/DC,Jenny DarrenRainbow Theatre, London11.03.19779.5
247Black Sabbath,Nutz Hammersmith Odeon, London12.03.19779.75fantastic 3 nights of black sabbath
248Black Sabbath,Nutz Hammersmith Odeon, London13.03.19779.75
249Black Sabbath,Nutz Hammersmith Odeon, London15.03.19779.75
250Pink FloydWembley Arena , London16.03.19777.5they played 5 shows at wembley
251T.Rex,DamnedRainbow Theatre, London18.03.19779.5fantastic double bill of glam,punk
252Golden Earring,Widowmaker Rainbow Theatre, London25.03.19779
253Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers Marquee Club, London28.03.19779.25
254Generation X,Gloria MundiMarquee Club, London31.03.19779
255Sex Pistols,Slits (Screen On The Green Cinema )Islington.London03.04.197710secret gig with sid playing bass
256NutzMarquee Club, London12.04.19778
257Damned,Motorhead,Adverts Roundhouse. London24.04.19779.5roundhouse Sunday gigs were great
258Peter Gabriel,Lew LewisHammersmith Odeon, London25.04.19778.5
259Lou ReedNew Victoria Theatre, London27.04.19778
260Small Faces Rainbow Theatre, London28.04.19778.5
261Detroit Spinners,Brass Construction Hammersmith Odeon, London29.04.19777
262Elton JohnRainbow Theatre, London06.05.19778.5
263Clash,Jam,BuzzcocksRainbow Theatre, London09.05.19779.75all the seats at the front got smashed
264Slade,LiarRainbow Theatre, London12.05.19779.75
265Nils Lofgren,Tom Petty And The HeartbreakersHammersmith Odeon, London15.05.19779
266Clash,Buzzcocks,Slits St Albans City Hall21.05.19779.75superb 3 band punk package
267Judas Priest,Magnum New Victoria Theatre, London22.05.19779
268Television,Blondie Hammersmith Odeon, London28.05.19779punk double bill from new york
269Rush,Stray Hammersmith Odeon, London04.06.19779.25
270Ramones,Talking Heads,SaintsRoundhouse. London05.06.19779.5fantastic triple band package
271Ramones,Talking Heads,SaintsRoundhouse. London06.06.19779.5met sid vicious at this show
272QueenEarls Court Arena, London07.06.19779tried to get on Sex Pistols Boat Gig
273Eddie And The Hot Rods,Radio StarsRainbow Theatre, London09.06.19779
274Eater Fulham Greyhound Pub ,London01.07.19778.5
275Bad Company,Racing Cars Earls Court Arena, London03.07.19779
276Damned,Johnny MopedMarquee Club, London04.07.197792nd of 4 sold out marquee shows
277999,SwordsNashville Pub, London18.07.19779.5
278Average White Band,Ben E KingHammersmith Odeon, London22.07.19778
279Jam,Saints,BoysHammersmith Odeon, London24.07.19779
280Adverts,Johnny Moped,RezillosCrackers Club, London25.07.19779
281VibratorsMarquee Club, London31.07.19778.5
282Buzzcocks, WireMarquee Club, London04.08.19779
283RadiostarsMarquee Club, London05.08.19778.5
284Boys Marquee Club, London08.08.19778.5
285Slits,PrefectsVortex Club, London15.08.19778
286Ted Nugent Hammersmith Odeon, London16.08.19779.5
287Damned,Adverts (now called LA2 Mean Fiddler)Sundown Club, London17.08.19779.25
288Damned,Adverts (now called LA2 Mean Fiddler)Sundown Club, London18.08.19779.25
289Slits,Sham 69Other Cinema, London W1 21.08.19778
290Eddie And The Hot RodsMarquee Club, London22.08.197792nd of 5 sold out shows at marquee
291Thin Lizzy,Graham Parker,Aerosmith,John Miles,UltravoxReading Festival27.08.19779.5 12 years until Aerosmith next UK gig
292Generation X Marquee Club, London06.09.19778.5
293Penetration,New HeartsVortex Club, London12.09.19778
294XTC Red Cow Pub, London15.09.19777bikers cut the wires on my motorbike
295Jonathan RichmanHammersmith Odeon, London18.09.19778.75
296Subway Sect,SlitsCamden Music Machine, London22.09.19778
297Small Faces Hammersmith Odeon, London25.09.19778
298Generation X Marquee Club, London27.09.19778.5
299Iggy Pop,AdvertsRainbow Theatre, London01.10.19779
300Brothers JohnsonHammersmith Odeon, London04.10.19778.5
301Hawkwind,BethnalHammersmith Odeon, London05.10.19778
302Ultravox,Radio StarsRoundhouse. London09.10.19778.5
303Dr Feelgood,Mink De VilleHammersmith Odeon, London15.10.19778.75
304Vibrators,999Roundhouse. London16.10.19779
305Slaughter And The DogsCamden Music Machine, London18.11.19779
306Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,Siouxsie And The BansheesRainbow Theatre, London20.11.19779.5all sex pistols went to see this show
307Bob Seger Band,Meal TicketHammersmith Odeon, London21.11.19779
308AC/DC Hammersmith Odeon, London25.11.19779.5
309Saints,Sore ThroatMarquee Club, London31.11.19778
310Stranglers,Dictators Roundhouse. London02.11.19779.5first of 5 sold out shows
311Boys,LurkersMarquee Club, London03.11.10779.5
312Chris Spedding BandLyceum Theatre, London04.11.19779members of sex pistols were there
313Stranglers,Dictators Roundhouse. London06.11.19779.25last of 5 sold out shows
314ShowaddywaddyHammersmith Odeon, London09.11.19778
315RainbowRainbow Theatre, London12.11.19778.5
316Runaways,999Hammersmith Odeon, London13.11.19779.5
317Slaughter And The DogsVortex Club, London14.11.19779.25
318Blondie,XTCRainbow Theatre, London15.11.19778
319Tubes,WireHammersmith Odeon, London16.11.19779
320Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers,DepressionsVortex Club, London21.11.19779.5
321Buzzcocks,FallMarquee Club, London22.11.19778.5
322Damned,Dead BoysRoundhouse. London25.11.19779.752 great live punk bands
323Damned,Dead BoysRoundhouse. London27.11.19779.75
324999Hope And Anchor Pub, London29.11.19779.25
325Uriah HeepHammersmith Odeon, London02.12.19778
326Nazareth,MarseillesRainbow Theatre, London04.12.19779
327Tom Robinson Band,No DiceLyceum Theatre, London06.12.19779.5
328Thin Lizzy,RadiatorsHammersmith Odeon, London11.12.19779.5
329Clash,Sham 69Rainbow Theatre, London13.12.19779.5
330Clash,Sham 69Rainbow Theatre, London14.12.19779.5
331Status Quo,British LionsHammersmith Odeon, London15.12.19779
332Boomtown Rats,YachtsHammersmith Odeon, London17.12.19778
333Jam,New HeartsHammersmith Odeon, London18.12.19778.5
334999Red Cow Pub, London23.12.19779
335X Ray SpexMarquee Club, London30.12.19779
336Ramones,Generation X,RezillosRainbow Theatre, London31.12.19779.75fantastic 3 band party night