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Wednesday 28 February 2024.

Wednesday 28 February 2024. FIZZ live at Shepherds Bush Empire. London act Fizz , not to be confused with Pop act Bucks Fizz. The band's musical style has been described as psychedelic, maximalist, and theatrical, often drawing inspiration from influential artists of previous eras. Their debut studio album, released Oct 2023 ' The Secret to Life' , reached number 31 in the UK charts, offers a diverse range of genres to “create a giddy, freewheeling pop sound”.The track "The Grand Finale" has been compared to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody,"while the track "You, Me, Lonely," has been compared to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. They certainly are on the rise, as they formed in early 2023, then released a debut album later that year , and that got in the charts , and now they can headline Shepherds Bush Empire....all in the space of a year. Second last date on their UK tour, before heading to Brighton. ----------- Level 3 is closed tonight , but all the other three levels are full , so must be around 1500 folks here. One of those shoes with over 100 on the guest list. Lots of the LGBT+ community are here. MAYA DELILAH and band arrived on stage at 8pm for 30 mins. MAYA Delilah is a 23 year old singer - songwriter. This is the third time I have seen her as a support act, as I have also seen her in 2022 and 2023. MAYA in a black dress , and three band members all in white. She plays some nifty finger pickin' guitar during her good set. FIZZ arrived on stage at 9pm for their 75 mins set The main four (three females and one male) are at the front, and the bass and drums are behind them. A very nice stage presentation with a huge countryside image on the big screen and props around the stage including giant mushrooms, and several vertical lighting poles . The three girls take in turn for the vocals, and they join together for some nice harmonies. They dance and bounce around the stage , quirky and fun. The crowd sang along to all the songs, with highlights at the end with a cover of Lily Allens ' Smile'....and they rocked out to ' The Grand Finale' and encore ' The Secret to Life' got all the seated folks up an dancing. A very enjoyable show. ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Tuesday 27 February 2024. YUNG GRAVY live at Shepherds Bush Empire. 27 year old American white singer -songwriter / rapper. His 2022 single, "Betty (Get Money)" marked his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 30 and likewise received platinum certification. In 2023 Rick Astley and rapper Yung Gravy reached a settlement in a lawsuit over the use of Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” — also known as the Rickroll song — in a 2022 Yung Gravy track. Astley sued Yung Gravy, whose legal name is Matthew Hauri, for “deliberate theft” of Astley’s voice on the rapper’s hit single “Betty (Get Money),” which includes a rerecording of the 1980s song. The suit also named the song’s producers, Nick Seeley (who goes by Popnick), David Wilson (dwilly) and Dillon Francis, and record label Republic Records. ------------- Level 3 is closed , but all the other levels are full. Must be at least 1500 mainly white folks under 30 here. ARTAN arrived on stage at 8.20pm for his 25 mins set. The UK rapper is backed by a DJ playing backing tracks. The American DJ in the cool hat is playing 60 second snippets in the interval of tracks including ' Sweet Caroline' , which has all the crowd singing loudly along , to create a nice party vibe. YUNG GRAVY arrived on stage at 9pm for his 85 mins set. The females here are soon screaming , as his good looks soon gets a few bras and panties thrown on stage. The DJ from earlier is on the backing tracks console behind . Yung Gravy is lazily dressed in a t-shirt and trainers. The combination of older retro samples with new, modern production is a time-honored tradition in hip hop. The issue is that these samples do not feel as organically melded as some of the best examples from the genre. It feels like very watery comedy rap at times. A couple of tracks were good, but too many felt flat. Oddly his track with the snippet of Rick Astley was a highlight as everyone knows the words to Ricks classic. The support act joined him for a track. For the encore he oddly did 10 press ups....cue more screams. The finale was the DJ playing Spandau Ballet 'True' and Yung Gravy handing out a dozen roses. An underwhelming show overall.