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Wednesday 10 April 2024.

Wednesday 10 April 2024. I went to two events tonight. 6.15pm to 8pm . THE HOUSE OF FINE ART - private view - 11 Bruton Street , Mayfair, London W1. HOFA Gallery and Fellowship AI platform daily.xyz announce the launch of "New Beginnings", a pioneering London exhibition that documents the evolution of AI artistry, weaving together the realities of AI, art and the human experience. In partnership with AI art curation and research experts, Crysalis, the exhibition will run from 11 - 30 April 2024...free entry... This ground-breaking showcase will present 14 globally renowned AI artists, including Niceaunties, Sougwen Chung, Emily Xie and Elman Mansimov, who explore the profound implications of AI on art and human interaction. As well as other artists Kevin Abosch, Ivona Tau, Agoria, Gordon Cheung, Roope Rainisto, Crosslucid, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Legio X, Sheldrick and Noper. Elio D’Anna, Co-founder of HOFA Gallery, elaborates, “With the emergence of new AI models and techniques, a profound technological evolution occurred in 2023. "New Beginnings" captures the first major works conceived and produced in the post-transition period, juxtaposing them with early era AI creations of immense significance. It effectively narrates the evolution of AI-generated artistry while simultaneously redefining contemporary perceptions of art in the digital age.” Over 100 guests here and a nice buzzy atmosphere. Complimentary Charles de Fere champers for all. then JAMES BLUNT live at The Royal Albert Hall. James plays the second of two sold out Royal Albert Hall shows on his UK tour. He has released seven albums since 2004 and has sold over 20 million records worldwide. A couple of years ago he bought a pub in Chelsea. ------- The venue is totally rammed sold out. A mixture , mainly of females and couples. JAMES BLUNT and band arrived on stage at 9.10pm for their 95 mins set. A nice stage production with big screens , mixing live footage and pre-recorded images, along with several huge lampshades.All the other shows on this tour are bigger arenas. This was never meant to happen to James Blunt. The butt of music industry jokes following the release of his winsomely mushy and inescapable ballad You’re Beautiful in 2005, Blunt was destined to have – at best – a three-album career. But here he is, two decades and seven albums in, playing two long-sold out shows at London’s flagship Royal Albert Hall as part of the biggest-selling tour of his career, a tour that has taken in 15,000-capacity arenas across the UK and will visit similar-sized venues until it wraps in Australia in November. James certainly knows how to work the crowd , as he thanks them after every song , and even ran through the crowd to the back of the venue and also got them to do a Mexico wave all through one of his songs. The upbeat songs got the crowd dancing, and the ballads got them to sit down. Plenty of radio friendly singalong tracks and hits. A nice surprise to see him play a Slade cover . A good show. Full JAMES BLUNT setlist played tonight... Beside You Saving a Life Wisemen Carry You Home All the Love That I Ever Needed Dark Thought Goodbye My Lover The Girl That Never Was High Love Under Pressure Postcards I Won't Die With You Coz I Luv You ( Slade cover) You're Beautiful Same Mistake Stay the Night OK (Robin Schulz cover) Encore: Monsters Bonfire Heart 1973 ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Tuesday 09 April 2024. ENRICO BRIGNANO live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Enrico Brignano (now aged 57) is an Italian actor, playwright, comedian, presenter and writer. -------- It is stalls seated tonight ,so 1200 capacity sold out. It is all the Italian community here . ENRICO BRIGNANO was on stage for an incredible 2 hours 45 mins set ...8.35pm to 11.20pm. There is an 11pm curfew at this venue , but he must playing to the midnight curfew time in Italy. There is a nice light production and piano , but the piano was only used a couple of times, as it was all comedy in Italian. A couple of Italian girls i spoke to said " he was like a milder version of Ricky Gervais". Enrico was talking and joking away non-stop. The crowd loved it , but i was hoping for more musical numbers in the show.