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News and Reviews: 18th October 2004

17 Oct 2004 Scissor Sisters + Le Tigre , Royal Albert Hall , London. Support Le Tigre are a trio from New York who are promoting their album "This Island " but their shouty synth pop was more novelty than anything fairly decent. Scissor Sisters have had an amazing past 9 months in this country where they have risen to be the trendiest party band around with a debut album selling over 500,000 and topping the charts over here and being virtually unknown back home in New York. This is mainly due to their huge gay following and other fans willing to get dressed up and have a good time and a band who clearly like to have fun on stage . First song was a superb version of hit "Laura " . With only one album out they made the set last 80 mins with lots of chat before each song. Other highlights were "Mary " and their mad disco cover of "Confortably Numb" complete with mirror balls (i wonder what Pink Floyd fans would hink of that ?). Their very gay and camp singer changed into another shiny outfit for the mental encores of F.F. "Take Me Out" and their own anthem "Take Your Mama Out" with a dozen fancy dress bods dancing on stage with them. Very enjoyable and they return to play 4 more London shows at Brixton at the end of Oct. See the aftershow page for news of the big party after. 15 and 16 Oct 2004 ,Siouxsie And Budgie With Orchestra ,Royal Festival Hall ,London. Siouxsie story is quite amazing . In 1976 she was the girl at The Sex Pistols tv interview that Bill Grundy asked on air to "meet him for drinks after the show" .The Pistols laid into him with a volley of swear words and overnight punk rock outrage was born. So here we are 28 years later and we here as she gets some well overdue proper recognition. Friday show was 2 sets of 60 mins each . Sat show was 2 sets of 60 mins and 90 mins . Gary Numan was paying his respects at the Sat show. (long set as DVD cameras where there for this show) . Nearly all the 100 Club songs were here amd more. There were 22 people on stage due to the orchestra set up here .There were a few too many of the Creatures songs and more recent stuff like "Godzilla" that sounded great but were a bit samey. A few oldies got the crowd dancing down the front like "Dear Prudence " "Kiss Them For Me " "Happy House" "Face To Face " and great encores of "Cities In Dust " and "Spellbound " . The extra songs played on the Sat night inc " Christine " and "Peek A Boo" .Both nights Siouxsie complained about how cold it was on stage and started getting pretty vexed about it . On this big stage she had to dance more than usual but she is a complete natural at doing that . Easily one of my fave female singers she has sadly been overlooked by all the main music awards . A well deserved standing ovation on both nights. Sadly no " Hong Kong Garden " at either night 13 Oct 2004 Rod Stewart With Orchestra ,Royal Albert Hall ,London. Amazing that this was Rods first ever show at this venue .A massive stage with a grand staircase and neon lights production that will look great when its shown on BBC TV in a couple of weeks .From the start the whole crowd sings loudly along to each song. There are a few of them dressed in tartan too. He did two sets of 65 mins each and was introduced by Dame Edna for both of them . The first set had plenty of great songs "You Wear It Well " "Handbags And Gladrags" "First Cut Is The Deepest " "Youre In My Heart" "Hot Legs " were some of the hits performed . Ronnie Wood came on for "Stay With Me " .For the second set Rod came on dressed in a posh tux with a 60 piece orchestra to sing tracks from his "American Song Book" albums like "Blue Moon " and "What A Wonderful World " .Chrissy Hynde came on for "As Time Goes By " and Dame Edna even joined him for " Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered". Amy Bell from Glasgow joined him for one as well. Ronnie Wood came back on for " Maggie May " and for the finale of "Sailing " The London Community Gospel Choir came on. Rod looked great and his voice is still fantastic . Down the front tickets are 125 so the crowd were up for a good time.As usual he kicked out a dozen or so signed footballs to the crowd .A very enjoyable show . Still going strong after more than 30 years. Amazing to see Formula 1 Racing Driver David Coulthard in the box next to us as he was in Japan only a couple of days ago racing around at the Grand Prix there .Must have a private jet. 10 Oct 2004 Nazareth ,Camden Underworld ,London. Great to see these 1970s Scottish rockers on stage again. Now feat 2 original members Pete on bass and Dan on vocals who still has that amazing rock n roll voice. Great mix of old and new tracks inc "Miss Misery" "Bad Bad Boy ""Razamanaz" "Turn On Your Reciever ""This Flight Tonight" "Love Hurts" "Hair Of The Dog " and great encore of their first hit single "Broken Down Angel" .Really good 85 mins of classic rock. 09 Oct 2004 Stiff Little Fingers + Youth Of Britain + Neck ,The Ocean , Hackney ,London. First band up Neck did a good set of Pogues type fiddly diddly which was much more fun that the racket made by next band on Youth Of Britain. Stiff Little Fingers are still promoting last album " Guitar And Drum " and tonight is being recorded for a live DVD . This was the last date in a two month tour of USA and the UK so the band were really tight .Lots of fast and sharp songs bursting with energy .The moshing crowd down the front are loving it. Plenty of the old classics like "Nobodys Heroes" "Barbed Wire Love" "Fly The Flag" "Tin Soldier" "Wasted Life " "Suspect Device " and the final song a stunning "Alternative Ulster" .A great live band and well worth the trek over to East London. 07 Oct 2004 Siouxsie With Budgie ,100 Club , London.This was the last of her 3 gigs here at this famous club on Oxford Street before her shows next week at Royal Festival Hall Oct 15+16. She last played here in Sept 1976 as part of the Punk Rock Festival headlined by The Sex Pistols and The Clash (i was there by the way).She is now 47 but looks great as she enters wearing a kimono and feathers in her hair .The band include a kodo drummer and a couple of backing singers . Funny how recently the 100 club has put in some air conditioning as part of its refurbishment but Siouxsie has asked for it to be turned off because it makes her voice " go funny" so for the 300 or so here its a sweat box again. Budgie is fantastic on drums with his extensive use of tom toms .There is a great mix of old and new . " Dear Prudence " a rarely heard but totally stunning version of their 1978 debut single "Hong Kong Garden" and the brilliant "Kiss Them For Me " and " Happy House" .On stage Siouxsie is mesmeric as she glides across the stage .No barriers down the front so its a close up "in your face " show that was superb. Even after all these years still trying new ideas and reworking versions of older songs. Speaking to some die hard fans after the show who said tonight was easily the best of the 3 nights as only tonight did we get the full 90 mins set inc encores as on other nights it was a short set with no encore and no "Hong Kong Garden" . Wed was a great night as i went to 2 events on the same evening related to my fave band The Sex Pistols . 06 Oct 2004 6pm to 8pm "Punk - A True And Dirty Tale " The Hospital Gallery ,Covent Garden . This was the drinks reception preview of an amazing collection of Sex Pistols t shirts ,posters ,clothing and other rare items that is worth thousands of pounds . It is a must see for any Sex Pistols fan . If you can get past the fact that The Hospital is a very trendy upmarket gallery totally opposite to what punk rock originally stood for its well worth a visit and as a bonus you can also see my face on the "Dance To The Sex Pistols " Pretty Vacant poster they have on display . 06 Oct 2004 9pm Glen Matlock And The Philistines , Metro Club , London. The was the launch show for Glens great new album out this week called "On Something" on EMI .A lot of the crowd from the exibition earlier are here so the venue is packed and its great to see Glens Sex Pistol chum Paul Cook here . The band do a great 50 mins set of Glens solo material .Again i think most of the crowd would have liked :Steppin Stone " and "Pretty Vacant " at the end but really tonight was all about the new album. 05 Oct 2004 Lionel Richie ,Wembley Arena ,London. Back again to see this MOR legend for his second of 3 wembley arena shows(he returns here on 6 Nov). Every seat is sold even those dodgy side view blocks in the top corners. Another really good 2 hour show . Highlights again included "Three Times A Lady " with all the crowd singing every word out loud . Plenty of mega ballads and hits from 1980s and his time with The Commodores in the 1970s . Well Monday was quite an amazing day where i went to the Q Awards in the afternoon and Lionel Richie at Wembley Arena in the evening so read on for full review of the day . 04 Oct 2004 Noon to 5pm Q Awards at The Grosvenor House Hotel ,Park Lane ,London. Very impressive turn out of rock stars in this lovely plush 5 star hotel .There are about 500 people here with 45 tables of 10 and we are part of the 50 or so with standing tickets .Plenty of booze and food too. Here today were all of U2 ,Elton John,Elvis Costello , Mick Jones (The Clash ), Shane McGowan , Pet Shop Boys ,Human League , Razorlight , Keane , Nancy Sinatra ,Roger Daltrey ,Gary Numan ,Feeder , Bernard Sumner (New Order) ,Kasabian ,Sugarbabes, Roxy Music ,Amy Winehouse (who looked stunning), Emma Bunton, Don Letts ,Goldie Lookin Chain, Jamelia ,Muse and a few others . Host was Jonathan Ross who was excellent with his usual piss takes and one liners in between the 12 awards . Best moments were Elton John slagging off Madonna for being nominated for best live act when she mimes half her show (there were 3 or 4 songs mimed at least when i saw here ). To be honest Madonna live in concert is still much better than Elton John is Bryan Ferry was a bit of a plonker as he picked up the Roxy Music award and dedicated it to his brave ??? son Otis (recently involved in the pro hunting lobby) which resulted in a lot of boos from the crowd. Also the legend that is Shane McGowan who picked up his award from Bono mumbled a few words got a standing avation stumbled off and was unsurprisingly the last celeb to leave . Others here included well known DJs and comedians and musiz biz legends like John Giddings and Harvey Goldsmith . An excellent afternoon .We could have used our invites for the aftershow booze fest at The Rouge club but to be honest we had already had enough and very few of the celebs would bother with that so we went over to Wembley . 04 Oct 2004 8pm Lionel Richie ,Wembley Arena , London. This was his first show in this country since news of that massive divorce case was confirmed . There is a real affection for him from the UK crowd . Lionel has sold over 90 million albums .Incredible . The poor bloke sweats so much on stage its unreal. The 2 hour show was very enjoyalble . The tracks from new album "Just For You " were pretty bland but thankfully there are plenty of golden oldies like "Running With The Night " ,"Easy ","Three Times A Lady" ,"Sail On ","Dancing On The Ceiling" "Hello" , "Brickhouse " and encores inc "Still " and "All Night Long" .Just one of those feel good shows i suppose. 30 Sept 2004 MOBO Awards ,Royal Albert Hall ,London. Even though its the UKs top awards show for Black Music the organisers of this event have had a nightmare as half a dozen names have pulled out with american acts like Kanye West ,Kelis and NERD deciding to stay away and British acts like Dizzie Rascal ,Beverley Knight and Mis-teeq doing other things as they see the event as "too americanised:" Outside the venue there are least 200 police and security with barriers and metal detectors everywhere . There are also 100 protesters who are here to complain about MOBOS banning of reggae artists with homophobic lyrics . Inside its very nice with most blinged up and we have kindly been given a couple of seats with free booze and food. In the row in front of us is Myleene Klass (ex Hearsay) in a totally stunning dress and sitting a couple of seats away in the same row is the lovely Natasha Kaplinski from BBC News and Come Dancing fame who also looks amazing . The show started off in the worst way possible with the winners of The Dutch MOBO s and was hit and miss for the next 2 hours. The star of the night was Jamelia who won 3 awards and sung a song and Kenye West also won 3 awards. Brandy did a good track but there were a few rubbish acts of 3rd raters in between. There were some big names Mary J Blige and Jay Sean did a song each . Newcomer Estelle got a lot of cheers for her award and song. Nice to see Janet Jackson ,Anita Baker and Bebel Gilberto all here to collect their awards. Most of the other guests went over to the main aftershow event at The Ministry Of Sound but we just got trashed at the venue until midnight . Overall a good night but way down compared to something like The BRIT Awards.