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Wednesday 08 December 2021.

Tuesday 07 December 2021. DAVE GAHAN & SOULSAVERS live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Extra London show added as the first concert at London Coliseum (Sun 05 Dec) sold out instantly. Depeche Mode singer is promoting his new solo album, which is his fave cover versions. This show is a test event for something new from the promoters called "dynamic pricing". Some lame excuse for charging silly prices, so as to put off the touts making any money. Stalls seat tickets in the first five rows will be 300 each plus booking fees...yes 300 quid plus... Level 1 seat tickets in the first three rows are 200 each plus booking fees. Rear stalls seat tickets are cheaper at 75 each plus booking fees. In the week before the show , they have released REAR stalls STANDING by the bar for only 35. I have seen Depeche Mode around 15 times since 1981 when they were a support act. Pretty amazing how Depeche Mode started off as a simple synth pop act then they became this goliath that can headline arenas and stadiums worldwide. ------------------ It is stalls seated tonight so maybe 1000 fans are here. Half the crowd seem to be made up of folks with overeas accents. As his solo album is pretty laid back , the stalls seating creates a strange atmosphere before the show as no support act or DJ , just very forgettable background songs before Dave Gahan arrives on stage, then the atmosphere totally changes as everyone is standing from the start and fans rush the aisles. DAVE GAHAN and band and backing singers arrived on stage at 9pm for a 85 mins set. Dave is in full rock star mode, and the middle aged women are swooning over him. The hardcore Depeche Mode fans down the front are transfixed on Dave's slim lean frame. Dave bends his knees, his bum stuck out like Marty Feldman impersonating Mick Jagger, he flapped his elbows like a funky chicken, and he shimmied about the stage. The songs on the album are totally opposite to the Depeche Mode sound. The songs Dave and Soulsavers have chosen are a diverse and intriguing bunch, and you can hear what they mean to Dave in his delivery of each of them. He is an underrated vocalist and has a far broader range than he is given credit for. He fully embraces each song on this album, giving each a distinct feel and offering a unique take on the song. This isn't an album of cover versions done just for the sake of doing them; there is a meaning and a purpose behind each song, which gives the album a warmth many other cover versions lack.There is a free programme handed out at the merch stating how Dave came to love each song. The encore had dozens of hands reaching out to Dave, but he would not touch any of them. A stunning version of "Personal Jesus" sent the crowd wild. A great show. DAVE GAHAN & SOULSAVERS full setlist played tonight... The Dark End of the Street (Dan Penn cover) Strange Religion (Mark Lanegan cover) Lilac Wine (Eartha Kitt cover) I Held My Baby Last Night (Elmore James cover) A Man Needs a Maid (Neil Young cover) Metal Heart (Cat Power cover) Shut Me Down (Rowland S. Howard cover) Where My Love Lies Asleep (Gene Clark cover) Smile (Nat King Cole cover) The Desperate Kingdom of Love (PJ Harvey cover) Not Dark Yet (Bob Dylan cover) Always on My Mind (Gwen McCrae cover) Encore: Revival Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover) Shine John the Revelator (Depeche Mode cover) Take Me Back Home --------------- I bumped into RUSTY EGAN here (The Rich Kids / Visage / DJ ) at the end.