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Tuesday 12 April 2022.

Tuesday 12 April 2022. 3pm to 8pm ICE LONDON 2022 at Excel, East London. Bringing together solutions providers and Gaming professionals across all sectors of the global industry (12-14 April 2022), ICE London is your complete platform to explore the future of Gaming and drive revenues through invaluable meetings and networking opportunities. ICE London is the Global Gaming Hub for all B2B industry experts. ICE London continues to be unrivalled as the leading gaming technology event for business growth, development and networking. All forms of gaming are covered at ICE London, whether land-based or online. So if you are a decision maker within gaming looking for solutions, you can register your interest for ICE London 2022. -------- Gaming companies from around the world are here, and there must be 5000 visitors a day at least. All the big names from the Internet and the high street are here. IMGARENA are here, putting the sport in sport betting. PRONET GAMING are here - trusted - tailored - delivered. Giants like CLARION GAMING and PLAYTECH are here. DELASPORT - global igaming...Their amabassador is snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan. PRAGMATICPLAY had a very impressive area. BET365 had a small area , compared to how big there are. The buzzy crowd are mainly male, and there are lots of promotions girls on many of the stands. Many machines and games are interactive, and there is lots of colour and noise. I can remember a few years ago when DEE SNIDER from TWISTED SISTER was on one of the stands promoting a new game. Many of the stands have their own full bar set up , with bar staff etc and a DJ. Complimentary cocktails, different spirits, wines, lagers, Guinness, coffee all over the place. Always worth making the trek here, from West London. then 8.45pm to 12pm ICE LONDON BABY PARTY at National History Museum, Kensington, London SW7. This was a massive party as around 800 guests from earlier are here under the dinosaurs. The main sponsors for the event were BETCONSTRUCT and DIGITAIN. Complimentary Blue Margaritas (the colour of DIGITAIN logo), different spirits include JD & cokes, wines, beers, bowl food and canapés....a DJ was playing tunes at one end. We left at midnight ,when it was still very lively.....it was a 1am finish. I overdid it a bit tonight, so was not really in the mood to do a review the following day. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Monday 11 April 2022. DEAD CAN DANCE live at Hammersmith Apollo. Dead Can Dance play the second of two shows at this venue on their European Tour. Eclectic classical/world music goth act who released records on 4AD throughout the 1980s. They have released nine studio albums since 1984. Should be interesting to see, as i have never seen them live before. ----------------- Stalls seats tonight, but only 800 tix overall have been sold, and my security chum told me the day before show on Sunday only sold 1600....still half empty. The promoters should have only booked the one show, rather than two. My security chum also mentioned the ERIC CANTONA interview /QnA a few years ago at this venue when only 400 attended. Bearing in mind this venue nearly holds 4000 when all seated. I missed the support act and their 30 mins set. DEAD CAN DANCE arrived on stage at 9pm and played for 1 hour 45 mins. Most of the crowd look very arty looking. Frontwoman Lisa Gerrard is the high priestess of global gothdom, her extraordinary alto resonating somewhere between opera diva and monastic mantras with her own vocal style.Her musical partner Brendan Perry is a more conventionally emotive vocalist with a plaintive baritone croon. They were joined by Shetland singer/songwriter Astrid Williamson on keyboards and backing vocals and a number of impressively bearded gents on an orchestral array of percussion and woodwind. Even with this multi-instrumental line-up, such was the scope of their cultural references that some of their pan-global sound palette was sampled and played through synthesizers. Their music has been used a lot in tv and film soundtracks, and you can see why. I did have a funny feeling I wouldn't enjoy the show that much, as they are an aquired taste. The crowd loved it , but overall it wasn't really my cup of tea.