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Tuesday 12 July 2022.

Tuesday 12 July 2022...7pm to 10pm... My band GUN CONTROL (with me on drums ) had a rehearsal in North Acton. It will be the first of three in the run up to our gig in Shepherds Bush on Sat 13 August. Our singer cannot make that date, so we have a temp singer in for that gig. We pretty much went through our eleven songs, three times each. Our temp singer did a great job, for the rehearsal here. Move over The Rolling Stones, Gun Control are back in town. ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ Monday 11 July 2022. MARC REBILLET live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Marc Rebillet plays the first of three sold out shows at this venue, on his European Tour. Marc Rebillet is an American electronic musician and YouTuber from Dallas, Texas, currently based in New York City. He is known for improvising electronic songs that feature comical lyrics. -------------------- MAYA DELILAH & band arrived on stage at 8pm for their 30 mins set. Singer-songwriter performed a decent set of pop with a jazz hint. MARC REBILLET arrived on stage at 9pm for his 95 mins set. I am always keen to look out for new and interestingly talent. Three nights sold out at Shepherds Bush Empire...this guy must be worth checking out, right? Many of the crowd have come in their kimonos as the artist is known to wear them. To call him a DJ is a bit restrictive. He uses a loop station to make music, but that’s where the relationship to other DJs ends. Rebillet also employs a piano, his impressive vocals and myriad other instruments to create catchy, improvised songs. His opening words to the crowd are "You Pieces of Shit", and there is plenty of rudeness after. He said most of the set is improvising full songs from scratch. No two performances are the same. The tone is set with Rebillet strutting onto the stage in a ‘Loop Daddy’ silk dressing gown and a pair of shiny Brown brogues. He milks the applause as he interacts and greets the crowd as he starts with his show. The venue filled with energy and his enthusiasm is contagious and spreads from the stage, turning the venue into one big dance party straight off. It is not long before he de-robes and performs the second half of the set in his underpants. There is crowd participation as he goes into the pit to banter with the crowd and he crowd surfs. There are fireworks and smoke plumes to help with the basic DJ console on stage. The crowd loved it, but it to me it was just mildly entertaining.