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Monday 13 February 2023.

Monday 13 February 2023. JAACKMAATE : Happy Hour Live - The Round Sheep Tour live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Happy Hour is the most popular British podcast on Spotify. The show will feature plenty of shenanigans and a Q & A session. From his home in Norwich, Jack Dean has been able to leave his job , due to the success of his podcast. It is their debut UK tour. Pretty amazing how popular some of these podcasts are. ----------- It is stalls seated again tonight, maybe 800 or 900 folks here tonight. The music over the pa before the show started was a bit of an odd choice, or maybe it's one of their 'in' jokes. It featured lots of Michael Jackson, along with Gary Glitter, R Kelly and Rolf Harris. All of course...are child molesters. The show was on for two sets of 40 mins and 60 mins. Just the three of them , with microphones, sat behind a desk. They have another mate Alfie , who appears halfway through the first set by walking through the crowd, and jokes about not being invited on the tour. The sound was nice and clear, and the blokes chatted rubbish and folks laughed. The first set was mildly entertaining for me. The interval was quite funny , as they said we are just normal blokes so you can what we get up to during the interval...so we had video footage off them backstage...probably pre-recorded. Showed their big yellow tour bus with their faces on, and in the dressing room they are joined by two scantily clad females and start drinking champers and snorting cocaine. The show’s second half centred on a large box, placed in the foyer ahead of showtime for attendees to write down their ‘confessions’ and drop them in. Some of these were read out by the presenters, with no apparent filter for vulgarity. For pretty much all the confessions they got the person to stand up in the audience and allowed us to put a face to the confession. The Q & A session also got some good laughs, due to the ad-libs etc. The show finished with all the crowd standing and singing along to 'The Stevie White Wank Song' (I think that was the title) as the ticker-tape came down over the stalls. We left the venue and over 100 folks are waiting to meet them by the side of the venue. ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Sunday 12 February 2023. LOVE & COMEDY live at Shepherds Bush Empire. COMEDY WAREHOUSE present their annual Valentines comedy evening. Six black (4 male & 2 female ) performers will be performing....and a white guy. I have seen this very enjoyable show a couple of times before. The audience is around 75% black as expected. Stalls seated, but all levels full, so maybe 1000 folks here. A 2 hour 45 mins show.....Two sets of 85 mins and 80 mins. Again the host for the evening is black comedian KANE BROWN , who is always top notch. He actually has the most time on stage , as he performs between each act. His act is mainly about interacting with the audience , with some hilarious results. The other six acts have around 20 mins each on stage. The only other act i knew was actor & comedian RICHARD BLACKWOOD. He said he reached the age of 50 last year, but looks the same good condition as ever. Lots of funny moments throughout the evening, but KANE BROWN was the best for me. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Saturday 11 February 2023. DAVID O'DOHERTY live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Irish comedian plays a London show on his UK tour. It is stalls seated and level 3 is closed so maybe 800 folks are here. David was on stage for 1 hour 40 mins over two sets of 40 mins and 60 mins. The most basic of stage sets , with just a chair, microphone and his cheap laptop keyboard. His is wearing his green (for Ireland) baseball cap, and there are lots of Irish folks here in the crowd. The shows mixes stand up comedy,with his comedy tunes on the keyboard. David likes portraying himself as more of a ‘hapless idiot’ and is hilariously self-deprecating about his career that kicked off well around 20 years ago , and has accepted his current level of success. He talked about accepting every gig offered , and describing some of the odd ones , when the covid rules were relaxed. Plenty of routines about Ireland and his parents. Like most live comedy , some of it was funny, and some of it was pretty average. Overall an enjoyable show.