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Saturday. 18 February 2023.

Friday 17 February 2023. GLEN MATLOCK & HEAVY FRIENDS live at Nells, West Kensington. I have seen Glen many times as a solo artist and many times with The Sex Pistols along with his stints with The Rich Kids, The Faces and Blondie. This 370 capacity venue is just up the road from The Nashville , where Glen played with The Sex Pistols nearly 50 years ago in 1976. I have been here three times before to see.... Van Morrison - Sept 2017 The Tearaways feat Clem Burke - Aug 2018 The Hollywood Brats - Aug 2019 Glens new single "Head On A Stick" is released on 27 Jan 2023. Glens new solo album 'Consequences Coming' is released on 28 April 2023 on Cooking Vinyl. Consequences Coming will be made available in Digital and specially packaged CD format. The vinyl format is being made available with a limited edition signed artprint via www.glenmatlock.com Glen says.... “The album was written and recorded in Britain over the last 18 months or so with a posse of seasoned but on point performers.” says Matlock. “All done during the debacle that is Brexit and the rise and fall of the turgid Trump episode in the US. These songs reflect my take on the whole sorry mess that has ensued.” Matlock elaborates on the album, “Now the wheels of the music business can sometimes move at a lugubrious, glacial pace, and sometimes the moment might be lost but seeing no break in the clouds or clear light at the end of the tunnel, surely the only demand on people’s lips should be that there are ‘Consequences Coming’ for the fat headed oafs who have foisted their asinine warped sensibilities on us.” “The tunes are pretty catchy too…” 'Consequences Coming' Album Track Listing: Head On A Stick ( this track released as a single on 27 Jan 2023) Consequences Coming Magic Carpet Ride Speaking In Tongues Shine Off Your Shoes Constant Craving (KD Lang cover) Step In The Right Direction Something ‘Bout The Weekend This Empty Heart Face In A Crowd Tried To Tell You Can’t Be Myself With You This Ship ------------ Nice to see so many folks here I know, but the venue is so full that it becomes tricky to get over to some of them to say hello, but i get a good view on the front floor with a trio of chums who have driven from Bristol to be here. A few faces here including.....Martin Chambers ( The Pretenders), JC Carroll (The Members) and James Stevenson (various bands) and legendary owner of the venue VINCE POWER. GLEN MATLOCK & HEAVY FRIENDS arrived stage on 9.15pm and played for 75 mins. The band open the set with a cracking version of 'Rattle Your Cage'. The band sound great, and the keyboards certainly add to the overall sound. The usual mix of mainly solo material, and a few cover versions. A few new songs from the upcoming album were played , including a cover of the fab KD Lang track 'Constant Craving'. The main set finishing with the gems 'Born Running' and the new single 'Head On A Stick' before the singalong encores of two anthems 'Pretty Vacant' and 'All or Nothing'. A great show, even though Glen didn't play any Rich Kids songs tonight. Hopefully more shows will be played when the album comes out at the end of April. Full Glen Matlock setlist played tonight... Rattle Your Cage Won't Put The Brakes on Me Keep On Pushing Who's Side Are You On ? Hook In You Montague Terrace (in Blue) (Scott Walker cover) Constant Craving (KD Lang cover) Magic Carpet Ride Consequences Coming On Something Couldn't Give A Damn Born Running Head On A Stick Encore: Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols song) All or Nothing (Small Faces cover)