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Tuesday 28 February 2023.

Tuesday 28 February 2023. JESSIE J live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Back again to see Jessie J at this venue. Another totally rammed sold out show. This was my SIXTH show in SIX days ( five different headline acts) at this venue. JESSIE J was again on stage for the same 2 hours 30 mins...8.30pm to 11pm... Again all the crowd are in the venue early by 8pm, eagerly waiting. Jessie is wearing the same black outfit that shows off her very pregnant tummy. Her hair was loose last night, but tonight was tightly tied. Again, all the hits were played, but I think a couple different songs were played tonight including, Claude Kelly staying on stage to sing a second song as Jessie nipped off to the toilet. Again ,she had a fan sing a song with her, who had a great voice....tonight the song was 'Queen'. Again, the first and last songs performed in the Level 1 seats were top notch. She sang Happy Birthday to a fan, and freestyled a track about the venue being cold on stage. Again, there were three film cameras filming the show. She was signing stuff and posing for photos, and again eating snacks on stage between songs. Again , lots of jokey chat with the crowd, including a conversation with a chap up in Level 2. Tonight there are several pregnant females allowed to sit in the photographers pit at the front. Near the end Jessie said " I have no management these days, I do it all myself". In Level 1 seats was BRENDA EDWARDS (singer and Loose Woman tv and mother to JAMAL R.I.P). Another great show, lots of chat again, but she does that all so entertainingly good. ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Monday 27 February 2023. JESSIE J live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Jessie J plays the first of two exclusive London shows at this venue. At smallish venue for her, as she headlined The 02 Arena a few years ago. I have seen her once before...in 2011 at a Blackberry Collection Launch Party at Sketch, Mayfair. Jessie J has been a bit quiet since her big breakthrough success around a decade ago. For a couple of years Jessie had health issues and writers block. She has recently had a stint of living and working in North America. She had two number ones in the UK that were released in 2011...'Price Tag' and 'Domino'. Looks like these shows will be in acoustic mode. -------- The crowd all turn up early , and the venue is totally rammed solid sold out tonight. Jessie J still has plenty of loyal female fans, and during her set Jessie would ask who down the front queued outside the venue from during the night...several hands went up. JESSIE J arrived on stage and played a lengthy 2 hours 30 mins. It is an acoustic show as Jessie is backed by acoustic guitar and a piano player. She is performing in front of a huge ruffled curtain. You may think 2 hours 30 mins on stage is an error but yes it's true. Jessie was chatting soooooo much between songs. I would certainly say A THIRD OF THE ENTIRE SHOW was Jessie casually chatting to the crowd between every song. It is a 75% female crowd who hang on to her every word. She has a lovely connection with her fans, but it was a bit too much overall. Amazingly the start and end of the show was held in Level 1 as Jessie sang the first song from up there , and for the encore a choir of three females on each side of Level 1 VIP side seats stood up as the conductor in the centre of Level 1 guided them through the gospel tinged song. That was a pretty amazing ending to the show. Her mega hit 'Price Tag' was played early on, with all the crowd singing loudly along. Jessie still has that great powerful voice, and she proudly showed off her baby bump. 'Domino' was also very good , and Jessie got a fan with a great voice on stage to sing 'Flashlight'. A few new songs were performed for the first time. Jessie asked how many pregnant women were in the crowd, and several hands went up. Two women down the front were brought into the photographers pit to sit down there. Jessie was genuinely concerned for the welfare of all her fans throughout the show. Great versions of 'Masterpiece' and 'Bang Bang' were performed later in the set. Overall a great show, even though some of the chat should be cut out. Full Jessie J setlist played tonight.... I Don't Care (Live debut) (Jessie sang it from Level 1 seats) Do It Like a Dude Price Tag Nobody's Perfect Who You Are Domino Flashlight Sunflower (Live debut) Wild I Miss Her (Live debut) Thunder Living My Best Life Masterpiece Burnin' Up Bang Bang Heaven Bound (Live debut) ( with co-writer Claude Kelly) Queen Not My Ex I Want Love Encore : The Award Goes To (Live debut) ( with a six strong female choir singing from Level 1 seats)