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Tuesday 23 May 2023.

Tuesday 23 May 2023. A TRIBUTE TO JEFF BECK live at The Royal Albert Hall. I am back again to see the second of these two special nights here. Legendary live music booking agent Rod MacSween (KISS , Aerosmith , Guns n Roses etc) is here. Lots of Americans in the crowd again tonight. The show was pretty much the same as the first night, as the same 26 tracks were performed. Imelda May and Joss Stone both wore the same glamourous outfits , and sung fantastic. A barefoot Joss Stone singing 'I Put A Spell On You' was mesmerising. Rod and Ronnie and Eric did the same four songs together. Rod wearing some very sparkly designer shoes. Tonight Rod sat in a side seat during one song with his arms around a man, and watched the guitar playing. Ronnie looks a bit old and frail these days, compared to Rod and Eric. So many great guitarists and highlights on the stage throughout the evening. The crowd knew when the end of the main set came, so they rushed down the front for the encore. Yesterday's video on my Facebook page was Rod Stewart singing 'Infatuation' and tonight's video on Facebook is Rod Stewart , Gary Clark Jnr, Ronnie Wood and EC & Band play 'People Get Ready'. Another excellent show. Full setlist played tonight.... 01. Blue Rainbow – Eric Clapton, EC Band 02. Shapes Of Things – Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall, EC Band 03. Heart Full Of Soul – Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall, EC Band 04. Wee Wee Baby- Eric Clapton, EC Band 05. Little Brown Bird – Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, EC Band 06. Done Somebody Wrong – Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, EC Band 07. The Sky Is Crying – Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, EC Band 08. Beck’s Bolero – Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall, Ronnie Wood, EC Band 09. Elegy For Dunkirk – Olivia Safe, Robert Randolph, Jeff Beck Band 10. Isolation – Johnny Depp (vocals), Kirk Hammett, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck Band 11. Walkin’ In The Sand – Johnny Depp, Imelda May (vocals), Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck Band 12. Goodbye Porkpie Hat – Derek Trucks, Chris Stainton, Jeff Beck Band 13. You Know You Know – John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck Band 14. Stratus – John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck Band 15. Rough Boy – Billy Gibbons (vocals), Jeff Beck Band 16. Rice Pudding – Billy Gibbons, Ronnie Wood, Chris Stainton, Jeff Beck Band 17. Train Kept A Rollin’ – Johnny Depp, Kirk Hammett, Ronnie Wood, Billy Gibbons, Imelda May (vocals) Jeff Beck Band – Intermission – 18. Freeway Jam – Eric Clapton, Robert Randolph, Doyle Bramhall, EC Band 19. I Put A Spell On You – Eric Clapton, Joss Stone (vocals), Robert Randolph, EC Band 20. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers – Eric Clapton, Gary Clark, Jr., EC Band 21. Let Me Love You – Eric Clapton, Gary Clark, Jr., EC Band 22. Infatuation – Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart (vocals), Ronnie Wood, EC Band 23. Rock My Plimsoul (Rock Me Baby) – Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart (vocals),, Ronnie Wood, EC Band 24. I Ain’t Superstitious – Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart (vocals), Gary Clark, Jr., EC Band 25. People Get Ready – Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart (vocals),Gary Clark, Jr., EC Band 26. Going Down – Everyone On the big screen - 'Moon River' cartoon video feat Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Eric Clapton Band – First and Third Set Eric Clapton Nathan East Chris Stainton Doyle Bramhall Sonny Emory Jeff Beck Band – Second Set Rhonda Smith Anika Nilles Robert Stevenson Surplus income from the two concerts on May 22 and 23 will be donated to the Folly Wildlife Rescue based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Thanks to the Eric Clapton fan website www.whereseric.com for the full setlist and who played on each track for the two nights. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Monday 22 May 2023. A TRIBUTE TO JEFF BECK live at The Royal Albert Hall. Sandra Beck and Eric Clapton have announced two nights of concerts with rock legend colleagues and friends to honour the memory and artistry of the late Jeff Beck. Both shows sold out pronto, even though seαt tickets are £200, £175, £125 and gallery standing is £70 plus booking fees..Lots of expensive hospitality packages too...but all profits go to charity. Guests on stage tonight are Doyle Bramhall, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood, Gary Clark Jr, Johnny Depp, Billy Gibbons, Imelda May, John McLaughlin, Robert Randolph, Rod Stewart, Joss Stone, Susan Tedeschi , Derek Trucks, Kirk Hammett. It was just 12 months ago in May 2022 where i saw Jeff Beck play his last London show at this same venue, and Johnny Depp came on stage with him for several numbers. Joe Perry pulled out a week ago so was not here. Jimmy Page was not billed to appear, but you wonder why he was not here tonight. Jeff Beck collected eight Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice - once with the Yardbirds in 1992 and again as a solo artist in 2009. --------- The venue is totally rammed solid sold out tonight, with a mainly older crowd. I spotted TERRY GILLIAM and that Rod Stewart lookalike who sold Pimlico Plumbers for millions. A friend spotted SIR BOB GELDOF there. It runs for exactly for the planned 3 hours 5 mins. The first set was 7.30pm to 9.30pm....and the second set was 9.55pm to 11pm... There is a nice big screen showing live footage , and a bit of pre-recorded stuff. At 7.30pm Eric Clapton & his band played several tracks with some of the guests. Then Jeff Becks band backed all the other musicians here for the rest of the first half. A Jeff Beck show was full of guitar instrumentals, so there were plenty of them tonight. Hard to keep a track of all the musicians coming and going, but it was pretty much all Jeff Beck related tracks from The Yardbirds onwards. Billy Gibbons sung a great 'Rough Boy' , which is a ZZ Top song. ZZ Top and Jeff Beck did a couple of North American tours together. During the interval they had Jeff Beck interviews and videos on the big screen. Look out for a great clip of Jeff Beck laughing at a Spinal Tap character that was based on him. Eric Claptons stage rug was brought back on stage, as his band provided the backing in the second half. The second half of the show had the best vocal of the night from Joss Stone. Imelda May also sung well in the first half....both had performed with Jeff Beck in the past. Also Gary Clark Jnr in the second half was one of the main guitar highlights. Things livened up and got more looser when Rod Stewart arrived on stage for the finale. Rod and Ronnie and Eric on stage together for four songs was a real treat. First track a Rod Stewart hit from 1984 'Infatuation' , which Jeff Beck played on. Also a stunning 'People Get Ready' with some sweet guitar licks from Gary Clark Jnr. All artists on stage for the encore of Jeff Beck Group track 'Going Down'. Don't rush out after the end, as a very emotional video is shown on the big screen. Eric Clapton & band and a couple of others stay behind to stare up at the big screen. It is a cartoon image of Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton as their version of 'Moon River' is played. They walk down the neck of a guitar with their guitar cases in hand, and play down by the river. An excellent evening.