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Thursday 15 June 2023.

Thursday 15 June 2023...I went to two events tonight... 6.15pm to 9.30pm. SUMMER GARDEN PARTY , Mount Street Gardens, Mayfair, London W1. Around 500 Mayfair residents and their guests are in this lovely open space. It is hidden behind all the houses and shops, with many benches to sit on. I have been a few times before as many of the top notch five star hotels, restaurants and bars in Mayfair have stands giving out complimentary drinks and food. There is a stage that hosts a children's choir, then a male singer , then a jazzy covers band. We have an auction and raffle between their sets...and there is fun roulette. Lots of folks here that i know. Complimentary champers, Pimms, different cocktails, wines, beers, different foods including cheeseburgers, Indian , oysters, scotch eggs , ice-creams, desserts and much more. Always an excellent event. then 10.15pm to 12pm. The Crucible, beginning previews at the Gielgud Theatre on 7 June, with an opening night on 15 June, and performances to 2 September. Set during the 17th-century Salem witch trials, The Crucible follows a small-town community as constant accusations of witchcraft and deceitful behaviour change the town's dynamics. As hysteria builds, a climate of fear spreads.....Brian Gleeson will play John Proctor. Afterparty for this was at The Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire Hotel, Leicester Square, London WC2. Around 150 guests are here. BRIAN GLEESON is here and tonight is joined by his dad BRENDAN GLEESON, who is that great Irish actor who was in that recent excellent film 'The Banshees of Inisherin'. Complimentary prosecco, wines, beers, bowl food and canapes for all the guests. ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Wednesday 14 June 2023. 6pm to 9pm. BARDO - showcase - 4 Suffolk Place, St James's, London SW1. This venue used to be the Indian restaurant Mint Leaf. It was popular for theatre after- parties due to its 300 capacity. It closed during Covid and never re-opened, and now Bardo has replaced it. While London is filled with pizza and pasta offerings, Bardo feels experiential. Indeed, with evocative language and a rich, red colour palette, the venue transports diners back to Italy’s famed Dolce Vita era, a time known for glamour and sensuality. In person, this concept comes to life with fabulous service, dramatic interiors and live music. They have knocked out a couple of walls, so the main floor is more open plan to see the stage. We have a swing/jazz band perform two sets of 20 mins. The venue has a nice supper club vibe. Must be over 200 guests here, with many faces i know, we are on time so get a good table near the stage. Nice to see the 71 year old PHILIP SALLON dancing around the stage when the band performed. Philip was part of The Bromley Contingent group of punk fans in 1975/1976 and was part of The Blitz Kids New Romantic Movement in the late 70s/early 80s. Complimentary vodka cocktails, gin cocktails, prosecco, wines, Peroni beers, bowl food , canapes, desserts. www.bardostjames.com - Visit their website here. -------- then... IDIOTS ASSEMBLE : SPITTING IMAGE THE MUSICAL at The Phoenix Theatre, London WC1. PRESS NIGHT - Needless to say , these famous puppeteers have got plenty of material to work from. 10pm to 12pm The afterparty for this was held at BUNGA BUNGA, 167 Drury Lane, London WC1. A big crowd , as must be around 300 guests here. AL MURRAY (The Pub Landlord) was here as he is one of the writers on the show. They have made a real effort to make it an event, rather than just the usual drinks and food. The name and choice of venue was perfect of course. As you entered we went through the BUNGA BUNGA corridor where fake money is everywhere. There is another section devoted to the immigrant boat crossings , with Dover signs and life jackets. There are a male and female police officers giving out fun fixed penalty notices. There is a guy in head to toe black rubber parading around , along with a couple of centurions. The drinks menu is all named after those dodgy politicians during covid times. There are vaccine drink shots in needles. A DJ got folks on the dance floor. Complimentary drinks and food included three different cocktails, wines, shots, and Moretti beers. Never seen so much pizza as was here, as it was non-stop throughout the evening. An excellent party.