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Thursday 19 October 2023.

Thursday 19 October 2023 THE ROCK ORCHESTRA BY MOONLIGHT live at Shepherds Bush Empire. Eleven classical musicians, breathing beautifully dark energy into legendary Rock & Metal tracks. Bathed in a sea of candles, skeletal players with rhinestone masks effortlessly switch between sublime melodies & powerful walls of sound. Crooked lurching towers, floating lanterns & giant headbanging puppets set the stage for an otherworldly musical experience. This UK tour is followed by a North American tour. Classic rock tracks from these artists will be played... Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Black Sabbath,System of A Down, Led Zeppelin, Evanescence, Guns N Roses, Muse, Queens of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Rammstein,AC/DC & Motorhead. ----------- Not sold out tonight, but maybe 1200 tickets sold. THE ROCK ORCHESTRA were on stage for 90 mins, which was over two sets of 50 mins and 40 mins. Visually the stage looks fantastic. The orchestra, clad in skeletal clothing and masks and performing on a candlelit stage, entertained the crowd with classical twists on tracks. Violin riffs took the place of Slash’s immortal opening to ' Sweet Child O' Mine ' and the iconic lick that kick’s off AC/DC’s ' Thunderstruck'. 18 songs performed in total, 12 were instrumental and 6 had vocals. Some tracks were more suited than others to this style, but the overall sound was perfect, and the string section sounded fantastic. A very enjoyable show. Full ROCK ORCHESTRA setlist played tonight... FIRST SET Thunderstruck (AC/DC cover) Seven Nation Army ( The White Stripes cover) Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) White Wedding ( Billy Idol cover) Sweet Child o' Mine ( Guns N’ Roses cover) No One Knows (Queens of the Stone Age cover) Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin cover) Uprising (Muse cover) Zombie ( The Cranberries cover) SECOND SET Bring Me to Life (Evanescence cover) Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover) Tainted Love (Gloria Jones cover) Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover) Chop Suey! (System of a Down cover) The Pretender (Foo Fighters cover) Killing in the Name ( Rage Against the Machine cover) Encore: Du Hast ( Rammstein cover) Enter Sandman (Metallica cover) ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Wednesday 18 October 2023. GAVIN DeGRAW plays Shepherds Bush Empire. Gavin DeGraw (aged 46 ) is an American country-pop singer-songwriter. He is on a World Tour to promote his seventh studio album 'Face the River'. He has sold multi-millions of albums back home in America as four of his seven studio albums have gone Top 20 over there. ---------- There is no sold out sign, but the venue looks full. This country music crowd arrive early to catch the support act LISA McHUGH who performed a 30 mins set featuring some songs from her album , with a acoustic guitarist. She is Glasgow born, but now lives in Ireland. GAVIN DeGRAW and hand arrived on stage at 9pm for their 95 mins set. Lots of stage chat from Gavin during the show. Tracks like ' Chariot' and '' I Don't Wanna Be' were highlights. A couple of cover versions were good but seemed an odd choice for a country music act. The first three songs of the encore were just Gavin and his keyboards. A good show Full GAVIN DeGRAW setlist played tonight. Sweeter Chariot Greatest Of All Time Summertime Soldier Freedom (Johnny's Song) You Make My Heart Sing Louder Jealous Guy (John Lennon cover) Ford Where You Are In Love With a Girl Not Over You Encore: More Than Anyone Follow Through Belief We Are the Champions (Queen cover) I Don't Wanna Be