Aftershow News: June 24, 2018

23 June 2018.
Billy Idol + The Professionals live at Brixton Academy.
After-show party from 10.45pm to 11.30pm.
Around 70 or 80 guests are here in the backstage bar.
It is a pay bar here.
All The Professionals are here.
Sex Pistols/Professionals drummer Paul Cook told me they were driving straight down to
Isle of Wight Festival after as they were due on stage Sunday afternoon.
Also here was Tony James who was in Generation X with Billy Idol.
Billy Idol & band were doing meet & greet stuff in the dressing rooms area so not sure
if they made it sore throat & chesty cough were playing up so headed off home...

Psychedelic Furs live at The Royal Festival Hall, London.
10.30pm to 11.20pm.
Afterparty for around 80 guests in one of the many bars here at this venue.
It is a pay bar but all the band turn up after they have towelled themselves down.
No sign of Meltdown curator Robert Smith so perhaps he is only going to certain shows.
Jordan was here .She is an English model and actress noted for her work with Vivienne Westwood and the SEX boutique in the Kings Road area of London in the mid-1970s, and for being a fixture at many of the early Sex Pistols performances.
She also was in the punk film ' Jubilee ' that came out in 1978.
She went AWOL by the seaside for 30 years but since the 40th anniversary of punk in 2016 she
has been going to loads of gigs again.
Singer Richard Butler left at 11.15pm and i left a few minutes after him.

23 March 2018.
Stiff Little Fingers live at The Forum, London.
11.10pm to 12pm.
After-party in the balcony bar for around 50 or 60 guests.
It is a pay bar.
The SLF band members eventually turn up.
It was still in full swing when i departed the building.

04 Jan 2018.
Black Country Communion live at Hammersmith Apollo.
After-party in the balcony bar of the venue.
I was there from 10.15pm to 11.30pm but the event was due to finish at midnight.
Around 100 guests are here with a nice buzzy's a pay bar...
All the band turned up,with Joe Bonamassa the first to arrive and Glenn Hughes the last to arrive.
Joe was a lot more chattier and friendlier than i expected.
Glenn was the one that posed for the most photos here.
Also here was Gerry O'Connor from The Dubliners who had joined them on stage earlier.
Had a chat with me old mucker Gary from top KISS tribute band Dressed to Kill.
I saw them play many great shows...he has just left the hand after 27 years...
Also here was Dante from Spinefarm Records and BCC pr Peter Noble.
Also the usual suspects from Classic Rock and Metal Talk.
All four band members were still here when i departed.
When I left the venue there was still 20 fans outside waiting for autographs etc.
A good party.

08 Sept 2017....11.15pm to 1am....
Dave Stewart & Friends at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.
There was an afterparty in the Level 1 bar which was really good.
Much better than most of the parties held here which are a bit tame and average.
Around 100 guests here and very buzzy and lively.
All the guests from the concert were here including Bob Geldof , Clem Burke, Martin Chambers,
Jon Stevens and Dave Stewart arrived with a big cake and the choir singing 'Happy Birthday' to him.
Top celebrity photographer Richard Young was here (I spoke to him the evening before at The
Dylan Jones book launch) for all the evening taking photos.
Other guests included rugby legend Lawrence Dallaglio.
The Appleton sisters from All Saints.(One of whom was married to Liam Gallagher).
Also Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell.
It was a pay bar but there was lots of Chinese food on trays being handed out.
A great party.

03 May 2017...10.20pm to 11.45pm
Blondie live at The Roundhouse,London.
Aftershow party in the balcony bar.
A big crowd of over 100 guests i bar...
Did not see Debbie Harry or Chris Stein here as they probably stayed backstage.
Drummer Clem Burke and other band members were here.
Other folks here included John Giddings (Blondie booking agent) ,Alan Edwards (Blondie pr),
Steve English (security at The Roundhouse in the 1970s punk heyday ),Patti Palladin, Brix Smith, Jenni Cook (wife of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook),
Mark Jones ( Wall of Sound records),guitarist James Stevenson,Jen(singer with The Priscilla's).
Also here was fashionista Daniel Lismore who the previous night was at an event in London
and got Jo Wood to write the word "C***" on his arm and then got a photo taken with politician
Nigel Farage with his arm and fingers pointing at him...see the picture in Wednesdays Standard paper...

10 April 2017...10.15pm to 12pm...
The Pretenders at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
Around 150 guests in the venue downstairs bar.
Chrissie Hynde,Martin Chambers and the rest of the band are here.Also Jeff Beck,Sex Pistol Glen Matlock,
Patti Palladin (recorded a great album with Johnny Thunders in 1988 called Copy Cats) and punky reggae dj Don Letts.
It is a pay bar but I brought a couple of bottles of wine from my hospitality box here which came in very handy.
Great to see a lot of friends here.

09 April 2017...10.45pm to 12.30pm
Sting at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Around 70 or 80 guests are in the balcony bar.
Sting and all his band turn up here.
Also here was Trudie Styler,Bob Geldof ,Jimmy Nail
and London Major Sadiq Khan and Stings booking
agent John Giddings.
Both the support acts Joe Sumner and The Lost Bandoleros were here.
Most band after-parties i don't even mention anymore as they are so lousy but this was one of the really good ones.
We had a quick chat with Sting and mentioned about both how his son and his guitarist Dominic son are both on stage with them and he joked
"family members are cheaper'.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan was again very friendly.
We joked to him asking him ' have you got a body double?" as he has been at many gigs yet still fitting in his heavy workload.
He said "The Police were his fave ever band ".
Sting's (and many other big names) agent John Giddings
told us some great stories about bands he has worked with but I was sworn to secrecy.
A full complimentary bar so we had some Jack Daniels
and cokes .Also lots of yummy hot food.
As I know that this venue has no proper catering i asked the waitress "where did the food come from ?"
She replied 'Stings personal on tour chef did the food".
A great party.

16 December 2015...11.15pm to 12pm.
Bernard Fowlers Allstars at The Scala,London.
Around 100 folks here at the aftershow upstairs.
Most of them are the younger crowd.
The dj is playing the tunes loudly and it's lively.
It is a pay bar.
Most of the band members are here but no sign of
Ronnie Wood or Bernard Fowler.
Folks here included Glen Matlock,Mick Taylor whose
autograph i sneaked,Jo Wood,Leah Wood,Tyrone Wood,
Georgia May Jagger,Brix Smith-Start and Jamie Laing from Made In Chelsea.

18 February 2015...12pm to 2.30am...
NME Awards 2015 afterparty at Cuckoo Club,Swallow Street,London W1.
Around 200 here over the two floors.
It is a full free bar except champers which creates a lively atmosphere and plenty of folks are dancing.
I expected quite a few faces from the awards but only Royal Blood,La Roux and magician Dynamo are here.
A good party though.

13 February 2015...10.45pm to 11.45pm...
Kaiser Chiefs live at The 02 Arena,London.
A big crowd of around 200 folks in one of the big rooms on
the ground floor.
There are tunes playing in the background.
The band turn turn up but no other faces.
A pay bar and pretty tame overall.
It was on until 1am but I left 11.45pm to get the tube
back to West London.

21 December 2014...11.20pm to 12.30pm...
The Cure live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Over 100 folks here in the balcony bar.
There are dj sounds in the background.
Despite three sold out shows at this venue it is still a pay bar.
Members of The Cure turn up here but Robert Smith stayed in the dressing room area while I was there.
A nice party atmosphere vibe as we had a few celebs here
including Professor Brian Cox who presents those BBC Science programmes.He had his own show here on Dec 18 and 19 and The Cure played four songs each night.
Also here was Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran.
Celeb make-up artist and mascara supporter Charlotte Tilbury who owns
Also a couple of comedy folks who were Dom Joly from
tv programme Trigger Happy and Karl Pilkington who had that tv series with his mate Ricky Gervais.
A decent party that was due to finish at 1am but I departed
at 12.30pm.

13 December 2014...11.15pm to 12pm.
Public Image Limited live at Indigo at The 02 complex,
Around 100 folks in the VIP bar upstairs.
Quite a few are John Lydon's mates from North London including Reggie who PiL wrote the
track 'Reggie Song' about.
Lu (PiL guitarist) and Bruce (PiL drummer) are here but John Lydon stayed in the dressing room area
while I was there.
A pay bar and i departed at midnight even though it was a 1am finish as i had to get the last tube back to civilisation.
If it was a great event I would have stayed but it was pretty average to be honest.

09 November 2014...11.10pm to 12.30pm...
Billy Idol live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Afterparty in the circle bar for around 50 or 60 people.
A sold out show but it's still a pay bar.
Guests here included Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and his family,Tony James(played with Billy Idol in Generation X ) ,Rusty Egan ( was drummer in The Rich Kids and Visage ) and photographer Dennis Morris who took great photos of Sex Pistols and Bob Marley in the 1970s.
Billy Idols band members turned up then eventually Billy Idol turned up with his mum and other members of his family.You could say they were The Bromley

19 October 2014...10.40pm to 11.30pm...
Tony Hadley live at The Theatre Royal,Drury Lane,
London WC2.
Spandau Ballet singer has a party on the final night of his UK tour for around 70 people who are friends and family.
No other members of Spandau Ballet are here.
It was pay bar and bit of a weird one as the bar actually closed at 11pm due to their Sunday curfew and we were all out at 11.30pm.
Tony Hadley turned up and was friendly and chatty to all.
When I left by the stage door there were still 30 mainly women fans waiting for him.

10 October 2014....10.45pm to 12.30pm...
Hans Zimmer Revealed And Friends live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
A big crowd here in the venues balcony bar with over 200 folks here because there were over 70 people on stage and most of them are here.
Promoter Harvey Goldsmith is here and is well happy that
the shows have both sold out so he has laid on a full free drinks and buffet for all in celebration of that.
I have a few Jack Daniels n cokes and some grub.
I did not see Hans Zimmer himself or Johnny Marr who joined him on stage earlier but I could have missed them as there were so many people here.
A dj is playing some tunes in the background.
The only other face I spotted was Darius Danesh.
It was on until 1am but I left at 12.30pm.
A nice party.

23 September 2014...10.20pm to 11pm...
Placebo live at The Roundhouse,London.
Around 50 people in one of the venue balcony bars.
The band do not show while i was there as they stayed in their dressing room area.
A pay bar and no other faces from other bands.
The band may or may not have have turned up after I left at 11pm.

09 September 2014...10.30pm to 11.30pm...
Ray Davies live at The Royal Festival Hall,London.
Around 50 people in one of the rooms in the maze that is the backstage area of this venue with
endless rooms,corridors,stairs,lifts etc.We had a bit of a Spinal Tap moment when trying to exit the building.
Marc Almond was here and Ray Davies eventually turned up looking a bit frail these days.
A pay bar.
Thanks to my old mucker Pat Gilbert from Mojo
magazine for getting me in to the afterparty with him.

06 August 2014...11pm to 11.30pm...
Blink 182 live at Brixton Academy,London.
Around 50 or 60 folks in the VIP bar backstage.
No faces here from other bands and Blink 182 stay in the dressing room area while I was there so not sure if they eventually came out here.
It was good watching the army of roadies taking down the stage show through the windows of the bar here.
A pay bar and as expected pretty tame here.
I only stayed for 30 mins as had to get the tube back to
West London and lots of Blink 182 fans waiting for the band as I left via the backstage door.

11 May 2014...10.10pm to 11pm...
Courtney Love live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.
Around 40 folks in the Level 1 bar.
An early start for the afterparty as the gig finished at 10pm.It was a pay bar.
All her backing band turn up but Courtney stays in the dressing room area.
Ginger Wildheart was here as I think he was in her band.
I left at 11pm and it was due to finish at midnight.
Pretty average really.

12 April 2014...11pm to 12pm...
Manic Street Preachers live at Brixton Academy,London.
Over 100 people in the backstage bar.
A dj is playing some cool tunes.
The band are not here as they stayed in the dressing room area but may have come in here after I left as it was due to finish at 1am.No other faces here.
A pay bar and pretty tame overall really.
When I left via the backstage door around 50 Manics fans were still there waiting for autographs.

11 April 2014...10.15pm to 12pm...
Dave Davies live at The Barbican,London.
Around 50 or 60 folks in the huge backstage area of this
venue with complimentary beers and wines for all.
Dave and the band are all here being chatty and friendly.
Also here are the couple from the support act Laura & Pixi who were in high spirits.
Only downside was the lack of other faces here as no sign of brother Ray or any other musicians despite it being his first UK show for 13 years.
A nice party though.

26 March 2014...11pm to 12.15am...
Steel Panther live at Brixton Academy,London.
Aftershow party in the backstage bar for around 100 folks.
Despite it being the end of a long European Tour it is still a pay bar.
Some of the girls who danced earlier on stage with the band were given wristbands by roadies for the party so they brought a bit of colour to the event...and exposed flesh.
While we there only the lead singer came out to say hello.
It was on to 1am so other band members may have come out after we departed but overall it was pretty tame.

16 March 2014...11pm to 12pm...
Mike And The Mechanics live at Hammersmith Apollo,
Over 100 folks here in the balcony bar.
All the band members turned up and others here were
Nick Mason(Pink Floyd drummer)
Neil Murray(ex Whitesnake bassist and other bands)
John Giddings(the bands booking agent and well as loads of other acts)
David Emanuel(fashion designer who made Princess Diana's wedding dress)
Tony Smith(the manager of Genesis and Mike Rutherford who I presume was the bloke with his trademark long beard).
We had a nice chat with Mike Rutherford and got a photo with him.

25 Feb 2014.Wilko Johnson featuring Roger Daltrey live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.
I was here 10.30pm to 12.15am.
Around 100 folks in the Level 1 bar at the venue and promoters AEG have provided a full free bar which is nice.
Wilko and all his band turn up along with Roger Daltrey and tonight's keyboard player Mick Talbot.
A good number of faces here including Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook,his daughter Hollie who is recording her second album,Blondie drummer Clem Burke,
Bob Geldof,Zak Starkey,Jeremy Clarkson and blues guitarist Stephen Dale Petit who has a great new album out.Also NME 1970s journo Charles Shaar Murray.
Some industry folks here too including booking agent Rod MacSween who told me KISS unlikely to play the UK in 2014 as they are about to announce a massive three month North America tour with some very special guests who I cannot say until the official announcement.
Also Rob Hallet from AEG.Richard England from Cadiz Music who look after Wilko Johnson.
The Who manager Bill Curbishley and the folks from Outside pr.
An excellent aftershow party.

01 Feb 2014.Family live at The Shepherds Bush Empire,London.
I was there from 11pm to 12pm in the Level 1 bar although it was planned to finish at 1am.
All the band pop in here at some point.
It's a pay bar and a surprise sighting was violinist Nigel Kennedy.

18 Dec 2013.Starz live at The Garage,London.
First ever UK show by American rockers Starz whose debut album came out in 1976.
After the show finished the band were in the main venue for 15 mins signing stuff and posing for photos then from 11pm to 12pm was the aftershow party in a room near the main stage.About 40 or 50 here.
All the band are super nice and friendly
but sad to hear like so many bands of the 1960s and 1970s that they were ripped off by poor management and record companies not paying royalties etc.

28 Oct 2013.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Around 70 or 80 people in the circle bar.
A dj playing some good tunes including a couple of Lou Reed tracks which was nice to hear.
Nick Cave has a cool looking crowd here.All types of trendy/funny beards etc.Nick and all the band turn to say hello to all.Only other face i notice is Nick Lowe.A pay bar here.
I was there 11pm to 11.45pm but it was due to finish at 1am.

14 Oct 2013.Wilko Johnson live at Koko,London.
Around 50 folks are here in the upstairs bar.
Wilko is here with Norman Watt-Roy.
Also members of the support act Ruts DC.
Also here is Richard England who owns CADIZ MUSIC who are currently the label Wilko is on and CADIZ celebrate 10 years in business this month.
Also here were Chris Musto (ex Johnny Thunders Band,ex Glen Matlock Band and now current Bermondsey Joyrider) and Gary Lammin(ex Cock Sparrer and now current Bermondsey Joyrider).Also here was comedian and presenter Phil Jupitus.
I was there 11pm to 1145pm.A pay bar here.

12 Oct 2013.Kate Nash live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.
A massive amount of friends and family squeezed into the Level 1 bar.Kate Nash is here along with the support bands but i did not see any other faces.
Her launch party for her recent album 'Girl Talk' was an excellent event at the posh St Martins Lane Hotel with lots of free booze and food but tonight it was a pay bar for all.
I stayed for just 30 mins 11pm to 11.30pm but it was due to finish at 1am.

29 June 2013.'Viva Forever!' at The Piccadilly Theatre,London W1.
This was the closing night of this musical based around the songs of The Spice Girls.
Although most of the team involved with this production expected it to run for two or three years including producer Judy Craymer(Judy is also the producer of the mega hit Abba musical Mamma Mia) it was very nice to make the last night a special celebration event.
From 6.30pm to 7.30pm in a small bar by the stage are around 25 folks including Melanie C and her mum.Melanie says hello to all and shake hands and chats.She has to be my fave Spice Girl for sure.
Also here is David Sinclair from The Times who brought out a great book on The Spice Girls called 'Wannabee - How The Spice Girls Reinvented Pop Fame'(the second edition with a different cover is called 'Spice Girls-Revisited'}.He also wrote the notes in the programme of the show.He told me he went to see Led Zep all girl tribute band Lez Zeppelin at The Garage a week or so ago and that Jimmy Page was there and raving about how good they were so will have to catch them next time.
Producer Judy Craymer is here.A complimentary full bar including champers and this was the same folks during the interval.We got given a free programme too.
From 10.15pm to 11.30pm was an afterparty in a bigger room upstairs where producer Judy Craymer and Spice Girls Melanie C and Emma Bunton and all of the cast attended.
Complimentary presecco,beers,wines and canapes for around 100 folks here.A really good party.

09 June 2013.John Cooper Clarke live at The Palladium,London.
Lots of acts on stage and lots of guests in the crowd so lots of well known faces here in the lower ground bar at this venue after the show.
We had Mick Jones and Paul Simonon from punk legends The Clash.Johnny Green is here as he is John Cooper Clarke's current tour manager as well as being tour manager for The Clash in the old days.John Cooper Clarke is here of course.
We had comedian Micky Flanagan whose UK arena tour coming up includes The 02 Arena and Wembley Arena.We had rock n roll jeweller Stephen Webster.
Fashion designers Sir Tom Baker and Pam Hogg.
TV presenter Terry Christian and my old mucker Gosport Steve who made the trek up from the south coast.
Also here were the support acts from earlier Viv Albertine,Thea Gilmore,I Am Kloot,Barry Cryer,Simon Day,John Shuttleworth and Mark Thomas.
I was there 11pm to 12pm.A pay bar for drinks but a good bash.

04 May 2013...10.15pm to 11.45pm.
Michael Ball live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Around 100 people including Sir Tim Rice in the circle bar.For nine out of ten bands that play here the aftershow event is a pay bar but tonight it is a full free bar so respect to Michael Ball for doing that.
Michael Ball was chatty and friendly to all.
We had canapes here too.I bailed out at 11.45pm but it was due to finish at 1am.
A good one.

06 March 2013.Give It Up For Comic Relief live at Wembley Arena,London.
11.15pm to 12.30am.Around 150 here in the backstage bar area,A full free bar along with cangapes and cupcakes.Oddly we had half a dozen music acts play tonight but none are here.
We do have some of the comedians from tonight's show.Russell Brand is Hollywood A list these days so he knows a lot of people here.His personal security guy keeping one eye on him.
Noel Fielding uses the same guy sometimes.
Also here was Noel Fielding,John Bishop,Jason Manford,Jack Whitehall and a comedian i like who was not on tonight's bill Lee Mack.
A good one.

20 Feb 2013.BRIT Awards official afterparty
within The 02 Arena complex 10.30pm to 1.15am.
This is always a massive party as at least 1000 here.It is more for the hospitalilty folks rather than any artists who head for their respective record company parties back in Central London.
Always a fun vibe here as again it is a funfair theme so we have dodgem cars,skittles,tarot reader,oxygen bar,a sweet factory for treats,
a covers band, a dj,some circus type acts including two bendy females that got totally naked at the end of the night.
Lots of free booze of unopened bottles of wine and beers left on the tables from the dinner guests earlier which was handy as a pay bar here.An enjoyable party.

04 Jan 2013."Fuerzabruta" live at The Roundhouse,London.
Tonight was the second of two press nights here for this Argentine based theatre company.
This was the aftershow party for the 7pm show.
From 8.30pm to 10pm around 75 people here in the upstairs bar for freebie wines,beers and canapes.
A couple of faces here including ex Pussycat Doll
Kimberly Wyatt who is a judge on the new series of
"Got To Dance" which returns on Sunday 06 Jan on Sky1.
Also Terry Gilliam film director, actor and member of the Monty Python comedy troupe.
The director of the Roundhouse introduced all the cast to big cheers and kindly invited anyone that wanted to stay on to watch the 10pm show as our wristbands would be valid so we stayed on and it was good to see the show again from a different angle.

21 Dec 2012.The Hit Factory Live at The 02 Arena,London.
11pm to 1am.This was held in a newly built function room at this venue so that means they now have a choice of half a dozen areas to host an aftershow.
Over a dozen acts on the bill so a good chance some will turn up here so we get Pete Waterman,Steps,Dead Or Alive,Sonia,Princess and some other lesser known acts.Over 200 people but it is a pay bar.
Dj playing some decent tunes.
Some of the bigger names like Kylie Minogue,Jason Donovan,Rick Astley and Bananarama did not attend.
A lively atmosphere as lots of the shows dancers were messing about.

25 Nov 2012.11pm to 1am.The Rolling Stones live at The 02 Arena,London.
For massive shows like this there is always three or four different aftershow parties.
The one i was at was for hospitality events company Mark Butler.Rolling Stones band members or other celebs would NOT show their faces here.
Around 500 folks here within the 02 complex who have paid around 1000 each for the day.They had a three course dinner and drinks before The Stones.
After the show we have a full free bar including Perrier Jouet champers and lots of bowl food and a dj and dancefloor with Rolling Stones classics being played non-stop and folks having a boogie.
A good lively party but sadly no band members.

18 Nov 2012.Rufus Wainwright live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.Aftershow in the circle bar.
No freebie booze here....Jonathan Ross was at the gig but not at the aftershow.
Folks here include actress Helena Bonham Carter,
Mark Ronson,songwriter Guy Chambers,the singer with The Feeling and support act Adam Cohen.
Rufus was friendly and chatty to all.
His well respected pr woman Barbara Charone was also here.
I had a nice chat with Adam Cohens manager who told me a couple of good stories when Adam Cohen supported Bob Dylan recently.

12 Oct 2012.10pm to 1am.The UK premiere of Led Zeppelin DVD "Celebration Day" at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
This was a proper party for sure as Led Zep have invited a huge crowd of 300 or 400 folks to the circle bar at this venue.A full free bar except champers and they have brought in two cocktail bars with their own staff from outside caterers.
I got stuck in to the cocktails and JD n cokes.
Huge Led Zeppelin logos behind the bars.
Some snacks too.A dj playing a perfect mix of 1960s and 1970s gems to get some folks dancing.
Most of the guests from the show turn up except Paul McCartney.So we get Julian Lennon,Serge from Kasabian,Bobby Gillespie and other Primal Scream members,John Squire from The Stone Roses,djs Bob Harris and Mark Ellen,photographer Ross Halfin,Nick Mason and Paulo Nutini.
All three members of Led Zep turn up.Robert and Jimmy have their personal security guys so John Paul Jones is a bit more friendly so i got a photo with him(thanks to Iggy for taking it).
Robert and Jimmy very wary of signing stuff these days as they think it will all end up on ebay.
They all stayed for at least an hour.
It really was a great night.

19 July 2012.The European Premiere of Ice-Ts documentary film "Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap" (15) at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Aftershow was in the venues circle bar.A big crowd of over 200 here.A dj playing sounds.
Three of four different wristbands valid to get in here but only gold gets free drinks so i was sorted for free drinks and nibbles.I was here an hour from 10.45pm to 11.45pm and it was still lively when i left although none of the acts had turned up yet.There were a few faces here including Pixie Lott,Wretch 32,Simon Webbe and RJ Gibb(Robin Gibbs son).
A good party.

15 July 2012.Hard Rock Calling afterparty to celebrate the end of the three shows.
First it was like the night before as i had an hour in the Hard Rock Cafe marquee hospitality right of the main stage.Free drinks and desserts still going.
Last night they gave out HRC pin badges but tonight they give out some nice t-shirts of the event with all the acts on the back so got some of them ...then...
11.30pm to 2am was a few minutes walk up the road to The Hard Rock Cafe itself for the main afterparty for staff and other workers from the event.Legendary booking agent John Giddings(Sex Pistols,Iggy Pop and many big names)is here and James Walsh from Starsailor is here as he played in the afternoon at the gig.
Loads of free booze inc champers and full range of their yummy cocktails and HRC food.
A rock dj in the basement and a band on ground level who were Fun Lovin' Criminals who played a really good 65 mins set.Singer Huey is in full party mode.
Highlights were "King Of New York","Love Unlimited","The Fun Lovin' Criminal" and a mega version of "Scooby Snacks" that got the boozed up crowd jumping.
The Hard Rock Cafe always put on a great event and their staff really are the best.

11 July 2012.Queen with Adam Lambert live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
I was here in the circle bar from 10.45pm for 90 mins.
Around 150 folks here but as usual it is a pay bar.
There are a few faces here.Nice to see Black Sabbath guitar legend Tony Iommi,also Bob Geldof and Matt Lucas.They only stay for a few mins as Brian May's personal security guy takes them backstage.After some 30 mins Brian May,Roger Taylor and band members like Spike Edney all turn up.Also here is Brian's other half Anita Dobson and Freddie Mercury's sister.I have a few words with Brian May who really is a diamond geezer.
He is always so friendly when you talk to him.
Roger Taylor also has a personal security guy with him.
Oddly no sign of Adam Lambert here.
I must mention a nice chat i had with a Queen fan from Argentina who has come over to London just to see these three shows.He also had a ticket for the Poland show a few days ago but his train was delayed in Prague so missed the gig.
Respect to the hardcore gig goers.
A nice party.

04 July 2012.KISS live at The Forum,Kentish Town,London.
The afterparty was held back in Central London at The Playboy Club.I was there from midnight to 2.30am.
At last a band makes a bit of effort with their aftershow.Around 200 folks here.Mainly from the UK rock press and a few KISS fans.
Some of the gang from promoters Live Nation are here.
From previous history i know Paul and Gene never attend aftershow events as they stick to meet and greet pre show stuff but we can only hope i suppose.
Freebie wines and beers for all and the best dj and sound system i have heard for ages as its non stop classic rock and hair metal anthems that gets many on the floor.
Actress Gail Porter is here then members of KISS and their inner sanctum start turning up.
They all stay for around 30 mins to say hellos.
We have guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer,
KISS manger Doc McGhee,their UK security guy from Muswell Hill who said tonight is his last night with the band as he has had a film script been picked up and a couple of other road crew members.
The venue was decked out with KISS posters and actual covers of the KISS "Monster" book but not the insides.
I get a couple of nice pictures with me and Tommy Thayer and get a couple of good ones of Tommy with the Playboy Bunnies who are handing out the drinks and being very friendly with the crowd posing for photos and dancing on the floor with them.
Gene and Paul did not turn up and also not here was their UK booking agent Rod MacSween.
It was a great party.

30 June 2012.Ronnie Wood And Friends live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
The afterparty was held in The VIP bar here and not in the balcony bar.Maybe 50 people in each of the two rooms.When i first go in it looks a bit tame.The folks with the 150 premium tickets at the gig are here as are some other guests but not much is going on.Then all in one go pretty much everyone on stage at the gig turns up so we have Ronnie Wood with minder,Bill Wyman,
Mick Taylor,Sharleen Spiteri and James McCartney.
All are signing stuff and posing for photos.Ronnie only stays for 15 mins as there is not much free space.
It was a pay bar.I stay for an hour to midnight and Bill Wyman and James McCartney were still there.
I got a couple of photos of Ronnie Wood and had a nice chat with James McCartney about his future gigs.He said this year he is doing a few more festivals.
A decent afterparty.

01 June 2012.Guns And Roses live at The 02 Arena,London.
Aftershow party for Axl Rose at Scotch Of St James,Masons Yard,London SW1.
This was a bit of a crazy event for sure.
We are told Axl will be turning up here at 5am.A mad time but bearing in mind by the late time the gig finished and we got to the car and back into the West End it was after 3am anyway.At 3.15am we had a coffee and snack first.
We were at the club from 4am to 5.30am.A tiny private members club that has plenty of history over the years.
It is situated just off Jermyn Street.
It is tiny with maybe space for 50 on ground level and another 50 in the basement dancefloor area.
Bearing in mind i saw Guns And Roses play a secret gig a few years ago that started at 4.15am anything can happen at their aftershow events.
More than half the folks here are the clubs regulars so its not exclusive for Axl.We are easily the two oldest
and before we know it everyone are asking us "is Axl on his way" or "is Izzy gonna be coming with Dizzy".We now start behaving as part of Axls team for a bit of fun and it works a treat.We are told there is a vip area called "The Jimi Hendrix room".You can only get into via the cloakroom and past a security guy.We explain we are with Axl and want a peek.There is a dozen folks in there who have booked it but they agree to let us in.Everyone is smoking and there are a couple of guitars in the corner.Interesting.We have a drink then pop out into the main area.The place is now pretty packed.The dj is playing rock and pop and disco.
At 4.50am Axl still in cowboy hat turns up wih a couple of guys and half a dozen female model types.He goes to his table downstairs then sips a drink and then he leaves with his posse following him out just ten minutes later.Axl has left the building.
We stay for another 30 mins and when we leave the club it is daylight.Like i said it was a bit of a mad one.
The Scotch of St James club was a popular meeting place for musicians and bands in the 1960s. Paul McCartney frequently visited it, as well as bands like The Moody Blues.
The Club was also the first place where Jimi Hendrix played in England on September 24, 1966, when he joined for some blues standards with the house formula 7 band. On 19 October, 1966 the Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first UK gig as a private showcase at Scotch of St James. The Beatles (and many other rock stars) hung out here and had their own table.

26 May 2012.11pm to 1am.Judas Priest live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Aftershow was in the circle bar for maybe 70 people.As it was the last night of the year long world tour you would think Sony or Live Nation would splash the cash but nope its a pay bar.
We have a dj here.Eventually we get three members of Judas Priest but not Rob Halford who stays in the dressing room area.We get two members from the support band Saxon including Biff Byford.
It was pretty tame here.Should have been better.

14 May 2012.10th Anniversary show of The Queen musical "We Will Rock You" at The Dominion Theatre,London.
The afterparty was held in the venue from 10.45pm to 2am.Loads of well known faces here and a big event as over 500 here at the party that is held in four different parts of the venue.We get in to the main basement VIP bar for an hour of freebie champers and cocktails.Only 50 people here but half are well known faces.This bar closes after an hour and we are moved into the general party area upstairs for freebie beers and wines and lots of nice bowl food including Green Thai Chicken Curry and Paella.
There was a covers band in one room and a dj in another.No sign of Robert Di Nero9he was on stage earlier as he is one of the producers) but there was Brian May,Roger Taylor,Ben Elton,Freddie Mercurys mum,Jim Beach(Queen manager),Anita Dobson,Sam Fox,Jilly Johnson,Nick Mason,Mike Rutherford,Nancy Dell'Olio,Chris Tarrant,Lenny Henry,Bill Oddie,Neil Murray,Pat Cash,Martin Kemp,Arlene Phillips,Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber,David Baddiel,Emma Thompson,Russell Kane,Roger Powell with his wife Babs who was in Pans People,Tim Minchin,Aldo Zilli,Rufus Hound,Kerry Ellis and no doubt a few more.
A couple of rare surprises too as i had a nice chat with the very hot new street artist Stik.
Check out his website
Also Mark Shaw from Then Jerico was here.They had a couple of great singles over 20 years ago.
Overall a totally excellent evening.

28 April 2012.10.45pm to 11.45pm.Placebo live at Indigo,London.
There was actually two aftershows for this gig.None had free booze though.
First was in the balcony bar of the venue.
Legendary booking agent Rod MacSween was here.He told me a couple of exclusive gig news info
but cannot mention them until they come out officially.
Needless to say keep your eyes peeled over the next week or two.
We were only here for 30 mins then the bar closed.
We then moved over the road to the Alphabet Bar.
A bigger crowd here as some had gone here straight after the gig.
I had a nice chat with Placebo's drummer Steve Forrest but not sure if
Brian Molko or Stefan turned up later as i had to leave for my last tube connections back to West London.

03 April 2012.10.40pm to midnight.Kylie Minogue live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Afterparty upstairs in the vip bar and the circle bar.A bit odd that as usually it is one or the other and not both.Maybe it is because there is over 200 people here with maybe 50 in the vip bar and 150 in the bigger bar.
Pete Waterman,Boy George and Will Young are here.All of Kylies band and backing singers are here.
No free drinks here.A bit of a surprise it is a pay bar but even Kylie has to watch the pennies i suppose.The gig tickets were 79 so i would have thought there was enough cash made on the gig for a free bar.Kylie appears in the vip room and stays for around 10 mins saying quick hellos before going back to the dressing room area.

02 April 2012.Buddy Rich 25th Anniversary Memorial Concert At The Palladium,London.
Aftershow party in the ground floor bar for around 100 people for an hour after the show.
Freebie beers and wines for all here.
The hosts actor/comedian John Thompson and Cathy Rich are here.As are all of The Buddy Rich Big Band and drummers like Clem Cattini(top UK session drummer),John Blackwell(Prince),Gavin Harrison(Porcupine Tree) and Dave Wecki(top American session drummer) who all played tonight.
Sadly the main three i wanted to see here from the tonights show Bruce Dickinson,Ginger Baker and Ian Paice did not attend here.

21 Feb 2012.10.30pm to 1am.BRIT Awards Official Afterparty at The 02 Arena,London.
Wristband required for the big crowd of over 2000 here in this supertent within the venues complex.Very crowded for the first hour as usual.The theme is "All The Fun Of The Fair" so i had a go on the dodgems before it got busy.There was a big slide,trapeze acts,dancefloor and various sideshows like "The Performing Flea Circus" which was good fun and the "Rest In Peace" wagon where they took a photo of you lying dead in a coffin.
One of my wristbands was valid for the free booze in the corner but for most of the crowd it was a pay bar.They were giving out free crepes too.None of the artists turn up here as they would get pestered too much so they head into one of the record company afterparties back in Central London.Overall an enjoyable night.

12 Dec 2011.Duran Duran live at The 02 Arena,London.
Duran Duran always have a decent afterparty when they play their London show.
The afterparty for this gig was at Alphabet from 11.15pm to 1.30am.Alphabet is one of the venues within the 02 complex that is being used more and more for band aftershow parties.A big crowd here of over 300 made up of those that paid for hospitality packages and guests of the band.A choice of four freebie different cocktails going along with beers.Dj keeping it lively.All the band turn up one by one.I always mention Neurotic Outsiders to John Taylor when i chat to him(a band he was in with Sex Pistol Steve Jones who made one great album and only played a few shows way back in 1996).
"any chance of a second album " i ask.John says "I kinda doubt it but the first one was good fun to make".Mark Ronson also turned up.
Also rock n roll jeweller Stephen Webster and BBC tv science expert Brian Cox.Also here was top chef Heston Blumenthal who was in the news over the weekend as this mad item came out.
His 14.99 Waitrose Orange Filled Christmas Puddings have all sold out and they are going for up to 200 on ebay.
A great party.

23 Nov 2011.11.30pm to 1.45am was the afterparty for The Prince's Trust "Rock Gala" at The Baglioni Hotel, Kensington,London SW7.The venue was just a few mins walk from the Royal Albert Hall where the gig was held.
A big crowd of some 250 people with a mix of those who paid for the hospitality package and others who were part or guests of the event.Lots of freebie champers,cocktails,beers and wines flowing all night as well as hot and cold food.Dj played all 80s hits for an hour then played current club tunes.Those here included Mark King and Joss Stone who both are really enjoying it mingling and chatting with everyone until the very end.Julian Lennon is here.I ask "why the lack of live UK shows over the last decade?".He says "I am focusing on photography these days".Others here included Nik Kershaw,Midge Ure,Tim Minchin and The Feeling.Also Kenney Jones was here.A great party.

12 Oct 2011.Stiff Little Fingers live at Sub 89,Reading.Unless it is a hometown show aftershow events are usually a lot quieter in the shows outside London.
So here we are just a dozen of us in the SLF dressing room for a couple of beers after the show.The band are super friendly as usual.Three of them still live in America.

03 Oct 2011.9.30pm to 11pm.Tony Bennett live at The London Palladium.
Just like The Royal Albert show i saw a few years ago the gig is all over at 9.30pm so the afterparty in the ground floor bar starts early.A great mix of folks here inc my old chums Noel Fielding and Michael Fielding from The Mighty Boosh.Also Adam Ant,Mitch Winehouse,Sir Peter Blake,Christopher Biggins,Moira Stuart and Edwina Currie.
Tony Bennett arrived in the room to a huge round of applause and shook some hands.
Free lagers and wines for all.A good party.

18 Sept 2011.Brian Wilson live at The Royal Festival Hall,London.Aftershow party upstairs in the 5th floor function room.About 100 people here with a mix of invited guests and those who paid for a meet and greet hospitality package.Brian and all the band very friendly signing stuff and posing for photos.Free beer and wine for all.

12 Sept 2011.Lenny Kravitz live at The Box,Soho,London.
The comp winners were ushered out of the building and the vips and guests went to the upstairs bar area.Free cocktails and a dj giving it a lively feel.Lenny Kravitz turned up for ten mins with Gwyneth Paltrow.A good one.